Chapter 219 is worth commemorating

    Lu Chen’s previous works, folk songs and light rock and roll songs, mostly nostalgic and bloody.

    But he will not stereotype one's own style, this year will be developed towards more and more types, this is the preferred "Love is you" on Valentine's Day, which is the typical Love Song.

    In the popular Music, Love Song has the largest audience and is one of the most popular types. For decades, there have been countless classics in Foreign countries, and there has never been a decline.

    Because of Love is one of the most beautiful emotions of mankind!

    This "I love you" melody lyrics is catchy, there is not much complicated performance, Lu Chen sings, soothing, affectionate as a lover's whisper, let people listen to the ears, sweet to the heart.

    "I have always wanted to say to you, you give me the happiness I can't think of, like the oasis gave the desert…"

    "Say, you will always be with me, be my root, my wings, let me fly, and have the nest back…"

    "I am willing to really, willing to pay, and protect you…"

    "Oh ~ together, time continues to go, please remember how much I love you…"

    "Oh~ just love you, love you, don't give up, don't care how much wind and rain all the way…"

    "I love you, love you, put it in your palm, and give you all the bright happiness…"

    "Oh~ just love you, love you, I am willing…"

    "I love you, love you, want us together!"

    At this moment, the couples on People's Square looked at them and they all smiled. They looked at each other and felt the temperature of each other in this cold night. They remembered the bitter love in the song of Lu Chen.

    Time flies and ruthless, or one day in the future, feelings are consumed by time, and those who love each other part ways, but I believe that no one will forget the beauty and touches that have experienced in such a crowd in such a night!

    "I love you, love you, want us together!"

    This is the best blessing for Valentine's Day!

    When Lu Chen’s deep feelings sang “I love you”, the audience applauded, especially the couples clapping their hands.

    Lu Chen put down the guitar and thanked the Nirvana band.

    "Thank you all, I hope that there will be lovers in the world!"

    The applause is even louder!

    Suddenly there was Xiaoxiao's commotion under the stage. Soon, I saw a little girl in a white veil holding a bouquet of roses and going to the stage, and came to Lu Chen.

    The little girl is at most five or six years old. Yu Xue is cute like a doll. She tries to raise her toes and gives flowers to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised and quickly took down the flowers to receive the flowers: "Thank you, what is your name?"

    He remembered that the evening ceremony did not arrange for the flower delivery. It should be an accidental situation.

    The little girl said with a milky voice: "My name is 丫丫, Lu Chen brother, Happy Valentine's Day!"

    Lu Chen sighed and said: "Lu Chen brother has no lover, what should I do?"

    The little girl frowned and thought about it, and then said very happily: "That's your sister who sent you, she is very greedy, and always grabs me…"

    The audience at the scene burst into laughter – the little girl is so cute!

    Lu Chen smiled and reached out and hugged the little girl and took her to the stage.

    Of course, the little girl has family members, and it is still a family, sisters and sisters!

    Back in front of the microphone, Lu Chen said with a smile: "Thank you, thank you for the flowers she sent, and my sister…"

    Everyone couldn't help but laugh again. Lu Chen continued: "The second song below, I want to invite a viewer to go on stage, let her sing with me. I think you should be familiar with this song. It is…"

    "your eyes!"

    I didn’t wait for Lu Chen to say the name of the song, and the fans at the stage helped him to make up.

    "Your Eyes" is the theme song of "Blue Life and Death", Love Song by Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    As the Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" climbed, this song has become a popular pop song, becoming a must-see for many male and female friends to enter KTV.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes, it is "your eyes", who would like to go to stage and sing with me?"

    His voice just fell, and the arm was raised under the stage, and many girls even jumped up and excitedly shouted: "I, I!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "So many people want to sing? Then if I choose one, I will choose you…"

    Under his finger: "This is the audience wearing red down jacket, thank you!"

    The surprise of the girl who was spotted by Lu Chen, the other fans around her all cast envious eyes on her, and also gave her a way out.

    "Hello, what is your name?"

    Lu Chen kindly asked the girls who had just went to stage, the age of the other 20 years old, looks pretty.

    The girl blushes and says: "My name is Lin Yu, I am your fan."

    In the evening, she came out to play with her classmates. After passing the People’s Square to see the advertisement screen, she knew that Lu Chen was going to perform here, so she left to see the scene. I didn’t expect to be selected by Lu Chen to go on stage to sing Love Song.

    Just like dreaming!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let's sing this "Your Eyes" together!"

    Music rings again.

    "Your Eyes" is a well-known work. The singing of this song is not difficult. However, the performance of this girl named Lin Yu is quite good. Except for the beginning of a little panic, I can’t keep up with the rhythm. It’s remarkable, and it’s quite good with Lu Chen.

    “…There are too many tears to keep going, I am distressed by the hardships of your every step of love, the dream of suffering is especially true! ”

    After a song was sung by a love song, the audience still gave warm applause.

    "Thank you Lin Yu!"

    Lu Chen sent the female fan down, and the staff gave her a beautiful gift.

    After two Singings, Lu Chen’s performance time is over. At night, it is the opening ceremony of the Senqi flagship store. It’s not his personal MusicLive. There are still a lot of programs behind!

    So he and the Nirvana band together to say goodbye to everyone.

    At this time, the fans at the scene did not agree, and did not know who was the head. Everyone shouted together: "Sing another song! Come again! ”

    Their voices soon formed a huge sound, stirred in the People’s Square, rushing to the cold of the winter night, making people feel bloodless.

    Lu Chen stood on the stage with his guitar, full of emotion and warmth.

    Although there is no company of lovers, the Valentine's Day of 2016 is memorable for him!

    Because so many people like him, need him!


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