Chapter 295 Help

    Rome was not built in one day, and the studio was not able to get it in one day.

    Not to mention the studio moving, although Beijing is very big, it is not easy to find a suitable venue.

    Of course, Lu Chen still patted his chest to guarantee Wang Hui, let him first choose the equipment with ease.

    In fact, for Lu Chen, the most important thing at the moment is neither to sell the copyright of "Blue Life and Death", nor to build a recording studio, or to build a charity foundation, but to be held on February 18th. 】Awards ceremony.

    [Asia Chinese Songs] was founded by CCTV, Yangguang and the national TV stations and radio stations. It has been held for 15 times so far. It is one of the most influential and authoritative popular Music Awards of Domestic.

    Most importantly, it has been confirmed that this year's [Asia Chinese Songs] is the last one, and it will be merged with [Chinese original Music list] and upgraded to [Global Chinese Original Gold List].

    The new [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List] will surely become the premier popular Music Festival of Domestic, and it will easily crush Shonan Satellite TV's [Chinese Music List] and become the popular benchmark for the popular Musical World!

    As for the last session of the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody], it has also received extensive attention outside the circle. A large number of well-known Singer, entertainers, Musicians and related industry figures have been invited. The list of guests is printed out. The meter is long.

    Lu Chen is also among the invited guests, and he also won four important nominations for the best newcomer, best composition, best lyrics and best album.

    The best newcomer in the 2015 Chinese Songs List (nomination), the best composer "I Love You China" (nomination), the best lyrics "I Love You China", the best album "You at the same table" (nomination)!

    The judiciary group of [Asia Chinese Gold Songs] is composed of professionals. There are members of the concerts in the judges, well-known Seniors in the circle, professors in the Music Academy, famous sound critics, etc. The total number of members is over one hundred.

    There is no easy vote for the audience to vote for cheating, and the organizer is an authoritative organization, so the [Asia Chinese Gold Melody] has a large amount of gold, and the nomination list for 21 awards has also attracted attention.

    Lu Chen was able to win these four important nominations. His coffee position in the circle immediately improved, and he was instantly defeated in the Shonan Satellite TV [Chinese Music List]. Clean, and in turn pumped the latter.

    However, Chen Feier analyzed Lu Chen, he is most likely to win the best newcomer award, the most hopeless is the best album award, as for the best composition and lyrics…

    The phenomenon of the seniority of the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] has always existed.

    Lu Chen is still too young.

    There is no anger in this morning, Lissed off, his second year is over, knowing that there has never been a real fair in the world, and the members of the judges group of the Asian Chinese Gold List are not robots.

    As long as there are people with flesh and blood, there is always a one's own selfish distraction and perception.

    Can win the best newcomer award, Lu Chen is satisfied.

    After processing the backlog, he called Li Mubai and asked him where he was going.

    Li Mubai is actually in the upstairs Mu Chen company.

    This made Lu Chen feel very surprised, because according to the habit, most of the private companies officially went to work on the eighth day of the first month. Li Mubai actually appeared in the company on the first day of work, which is hard work.

    Did not ask, Lu Chen went straight upstairs to find Li San Shao.

    After selling most of the shares of Mu Chen Crowdfunding to Li Mushi, he rarely appeared in the company, and basically did not participate in the company's business affairs, belonging to the invisible founding shareholders.

    Li Mubai has not seen it for a while.

    "Oh, no wonder I heard the magpies on the branches in the morning…"

    When I saw Lu Chen, Li Mubai twitched and said: "Sure enough, there is a happy event, superstar is coming, it really makes me a small place to shine!"

    There was a time without seeing it, and the big and the young did not change.

    Lu Chen sat down opposite him and smiled: "Don't pull it, find you have something to do."

    Li Mubai smiled and sat up and asked, "What is it?"

    Lu Chen said straightforwardly: "I want to register a charity foundation and ask for your help."

    In the early years, Domestic's charity foundation or similar organizations organized quite a lot, and a lot of things happened, which caused a considerable negative impact. Therefore, the relevant government departments strengthened management, especially in the approval process. Strict management and control, the application process cycle is also very long.

    So after Lu Chen made up his mind, the first person who wanted to find help was Li Mubai.

    It is true that some people in the DPRK are doing a good job. If the Li family comes forward, it will become much simpler.

    Lu Chen has no spiritual and moral cleanliness, and all he has to do is to do good deeds. The charity foundation can be established one day earlier, and maybe it will save several patients who need help.

    He understood the character of Li Mubai and knew that if he was polite with the other party, he would hurt his feelings.

    According to the words of the Li Jiasan, the politeness is not a true brother!

    Li Mubai really eats this set and promises without hesitation: "Your business is my business. I will first ask the older brother to ask what procedures I need to tell you. If you are in trouble, I will help you out!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, please drink for two days."

    "Drinking is OK, but I also have something…"

    Li Mubai rarely showed a sad look: "You need help."

    Lu Chen curious: "What? Write a song? That is very simple. ”

    Li Mubai is also a fan of popular Music, and there is also a band that plays quite well.

    Lu Chen had sent two works to Li Mubai before. It used to be a long time. He thought that Li Mubai would like a few more new songs from entertainment, or an album?

    I didn't expect Li Mubai to shake his head and explain: "It's Fanny. She likes the drama series that you took. If you take a new drama, can you arrange a role for her?"


    Lu Chen remembered, isn't that the girl that Li Mubai has been pursuing?

    He remembers that one's own has been seen by Fanny, very beautiful and very temperament, I heard that it is still a returnee.

    Li Mubai undoubtedly wants to use this to please each other.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile: "No problem!"

    Isn't that a role? That is nothing at all.

    But Li Mubai also asked: "The character can't have a bed, and the kiss can't be done. It's best not to hold hands…"

    Lu Chen served.


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