Chapter 292 debut

    People's Square is strategically located, surrounded by bustling commercial districts. In addition to the bad weather of wind and rain, there are many people walking in the evening.

    Today is Valentine's Day, couples in pairs in the streets and alleys are going to flash single dogs. People's Square has naturally become a good place for lovers. After eating a warm and romantic dinner, come out and let go here. The aggregated popularity is getting stronger and stronger.

    The opening ceremony of the Senqi flagship store naturally attracted the attention of a large number of passers-by.

    In particular, the video content in the nearby large LED advertisementment card has made many young men and women feel at ease and have gathered around to see the excitement.

    "Blue Life and Death" national average 2% + Viewership Ratings, this drama series has become a phenomenal level, has countless fans, know that the actor is about to appear here, even if not fans want to see a lively.

    Time Advance to 6:30, the ceremony of the opening ceremony officially began.

    As usual, Host first came on the scene, let's talk about a bunch of words, and then quickly entered the model catwalk, wearing a couple of handsome guys walking step by step, showing the new spring clothing of the Senqi brand.

    The crowds on the crowd were getting denser and denser. Many fans held up fluorescent cards and shouted Lu Chen’s name.

    They are not looking at the opening of the flagship store, nor do they like the model show, or come for Lu Chen!

    The most important thing is that this evening there is the finale of "Blue Life and Death". Even if the broadcast time is wisely delayed by Haijin Satellite to 9:30, everyone hopes to see the Luchen scene early. Go home to watch TV or live broadcast.

    The voice is getting stronger and stronger, so the host that goes to the stage again after the catwalk is over can't stand it.

    Seeing that the situation couldn’t be controlled, the host was in a hurry and laughed and said loudly: “It seems that everyone likes our spokesperson Mr. Lu Chen very much. That’s good, let’s count down and welcome him to go on Stage is performing for us all, are you saying yes?"

    "it is good!"

    The screams came one after another, and the girls fans jumped up and shouted loudly.

    Host said: "Then I will start counting down, 10, 9, 8…"

    There was no such link in the original ceremony arrangement. Lu Chen had to wait half an hour before he appeared, but no one could say that the Host’s autonomy was wrong, but he praised his alertness.

    The organizers still underestimated Lu Chen's popularity and influence. The crowds gathered around the stage could not see the end of the black pressure. Hundreds of swinging fluorescent cards showed the number of his fans.

    To know that Lu Chen studio has never hired professional fans, these fans are really hardcore!

    If the delay continues to cause confusion, the organizers will have to eat and walk.

    Now counting down, the fans’ anxious emotions were immediately smoothed and they shouted with Host: “5,4,3,2,1!”

    The spotlight was instantly hit on the stage of the stage, and Lu Chen smiled and walked up.

    He is behind the temporary stage, but now it is just go on stage.

    Just after the appearance, the fans at the scene suddenly gave a shout and screaming: "Lu Chen…"

    "I love you!"

    Also called "Jun Xi", it is a blue fan.

    Lu Chen today wore a set of Senqi custom casual clothes and sneakers. The guitar is not only handsome, but also full of vitality, coupled with a hearty smile and free and easy, instantly fascinated a large female rice.

    "Ahhhhhh! So handsome! ”

    "Lu Chen has always been so handsome, but today is very handsome!"

    "Valentine's Day, Lu Chen is also single, single and glorious, single long live!"

    "I really want to go to the scene, but Beijing is too far away."

    "Haha, I am at the scene, there are too many people in People's Square!"

    "I don't know what Lu Chen sang tonight…"

    Lu Chen’s endorsement at the opening ceremony of the Senqi flagship store was also live broadcast in [Whale TV].

    He has long been the first anchor in the live broadcast platform, although the live broadcast time is greatly shortened, and most of them are not pro-autonomous broadcasts, but the popularity is always maintained at a very high position.

    On Valentine's Day night, Lu Chen live broadcast more than 2 million online, even if it is predicted in advance, people still have to sigh the power of the single dog group!

    Responsible for live broadcast or Li Feiyu, but live live broadcast equipment has long been shotguns, coupled with a professional recording system, coupled with high-speed 4G+ network, so that fans sitting in front of the computer can see the clearest picture.

    I saw Lu Chen standing in front of the microphone and said with a smile: "Good evening everyone, I am Lu Chen."

    After that, he was deeply embarrassed to the audience.

    The screams on the scene were instantly raised a lot, and it was about to break through the clouds!

    Straight up, Lu Chen continued: "Today is a very special day. Seeing that all of you are loving and loving each other, I really feel that one's own has suffered tons of damage, you are so cruel!"

    He intentionally reveals an exaggerated sad expression.

    The same picture is not only transmitted to the cyberspace in real time, but also appears on the giant LED screen of People's Square, so that thousands of people present can see Lu Chen and hear his Voice!

    For the opening ceremony of this flagship store, Senqi spent a lot of money on the scene, and the effect on the scene was really good.

    Laughter and applause sounded at the same time.

    Although Ming knows that Lu Chen is joking, the couples present still have the feeling of gloating.

    Ah, superstar is also a single dog!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I originally wanted to sing the first single Love Song, and gave it to all single people, including me one's own, but I didn't expect so many couples on the spot, then the minority obeyed the majority. ”

    "The first song is the first new song, which I wrote for you!"

    The lame applause exploded in an instant.

    Knowing Lu Chen, who doesn't know his talent in Music's creation, can hear his new work, no doubt it is a big surprise tonight, really happy the fans.

    Especially in the recent time, Lu Chen was busy with the shooting of the drama series, and nothing happened.

    Lu Chen measured and said: "In addition, I also recommend a band here, its name is Nirvana, Nirvana of Phoenix Nirvana, and also my personal live band!"

    “The first introduction to everyone is the guitarist of Nirvana, Wang Jing!”

    The Nirvana band has been on the stage for a long time. The accompaniment of the previous model show, Music, was played by them. Everyone did not expect that this team was actually a personal band of Lu Chen, and they all gave warm applause.

    Wang Jing, who was named, quickly got up and thanked the audience. The camera's scene followed.

    "Wow! Beauty guitarist! ”

    "Wang Jing? This name is very familiar! ”

    "Yes, yeah, I have an impression."

    "I will tell you, Wang Jing is the album of "You at the same table", I remember very clearly!"


    "Lu Chen has finally had a band, and rewards support!"

    "Oh, it’s a shame not to go to the scene!"

    Compared to the scene of People's Square, the atmosphere in the live broadcast of the Internet is really a lot of fun.

    The live band's compulsion, comparable to the higher with the accompaniment, with a personal band, is also a symbol of Singer's strength and status!

    Many people were worried that Lu Chen would not focus on film and television dramas in the future. Now this kind of worry is gone – the formation of the band will definitely not give up Music.

    In a time live broadcast, the fish ball is like a rain, and the aircraft carrier passes through a ship.

    "Bass hand Ouyang He!"Keyboard hand Wen Yuan! ""Drummer Yang Xiaoyi! "…

    Lu Chen introduced the members of the Nirvana band to everyone.

    This is the first appearance of the new Nirvana band in the public, and certainly not the last time. If there is no accident, this band will accompany his Music career!

    Thousands of people cheered and cheered, and Ouyang He and others all showed excitement and excitement.

    After introducing the Nirvana band, Lu Chen put down the guitar and said: "Now I am giving you a few numbers. Would you please help me out?" Thank you! ”

    He I'm free open his hands and fingers, only the left thumb bends against the palm of his hand: "What is this?"

    Many viewers did not respond, they were all embarrassed, but some fans immediately shouted: "9!"

    Lu Chen smiled and left his left hand and retracted to the right hand of one's own.

    Everyone shouted in unison: "4!"

    Then Lu Chen retracted his left hand and lifted his right hand again, extending his index finger and middle finger.


    The next moment, his middle finger retracted, raising his right hand high and his index finger pointing to the sky.


    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes, then please connect these four figures together and read it again!"


    The wise man reacted instantly: "I love you!"

    Everyone suddenly realized, and shouted loudly: "I love you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The name of the new song below is called "I love you". I hope everyone likes it!"

    His voice just fell, and the Nirvana band played a prelude.

    All the applause, laughter, cheers, and shouts quickly subsided, and everyone stared intently at Lu Chen, who was standing on the stage, listening to his new song.

    Only the fluorescent cards are still swaying, and the residual light and shadow are drawn in the crowd.

    "I have always wanted to say to you, you give me the happiness I can't think of, like the oasis gave the desert…"

    "Say, you will always be with me, be my root, my wings, let me fly and have a nest back…"

    "I am willing, I can, I will give everything, it will not be a pity…"

    "Just together, watch the passage of time, remember the way we love each other…"

    "I love you, love you, have sorrows and joys, have you, and plainness has meaning…"

    "I love you, love you, sweet and peace of mind, that feeling is you!"


Note: "I love you" lyrics: doll / composition: Tao Wei

PS: The first one is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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