Chapter 295 The farthest distance in the world

    The farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death.

    But I am standing in front of you, but you don't know that I love you.

    The farthest distance in the world, I am not standing in front of you, but you do not know that I love you.

    But love is obsessed, but can't say that I love you.

    The farthest distance in the world, not that I can't say that I love you.

    It is because you want to suffer from your heart and soul, but you can only bury your heart in your heart.

    The farthest distance in the world, not that I can't say I miss you.

    But they love each other, but they can't be together.

    The farthest distance in the world, not loving each other, but not being together.

    But they clearly love each other, but pretend not to care.


    The furthest distance in the world is the distance of The Flying Bird and Fish.

a soaring sky,

One is diving deep into the sea!


    February 14, 2016, Valentine's Day, 11:17 pm.

    Lu Chen wrote a poem on one's own blog, the poem "The Farth Distance in the World."

    At the end of this blog post, he wrote: I would like to use this poem to give all the fans of "Blue Life and Death", wishing that all lovers in the world will become genus, true love will not be separated by distance!

    Due to the finale of "Blue Life and Death", Lu Chen's blog became the focus of countless people that night, so when he published this poem, he immediately attracted a lot of clicks, comments and forwarding.

    To this day, Lu Chen’s talent in Music is unquestionable. He not only sings, but also composes lyrics. All his works come from one's own hand and never borrow others.

    A "Blue Life and Death Love" has let everyone see his strength in the creation and performance of Literature. As a rising star in the circle, Lu Chen's rise is really convincing.

    But critics are always there. Whether it’s a jealousy or a jealousy, or with ulterior motives, there is no shortage of criticism on Lu’s blog, and the main firepower hits his serialized “Blue Life and Death Love” novel.

    What kind of dog blood, feelings, pretending to be lyrical…There are so-called literati dismissive of Lu Chen's novels.

    Lu Chen never responded to these doubtful criticisms of the Voice.

    People are not much, if he has been obscured, then there will be no one to spray, since entering the Entertainment Circle, want everyone to like it is undoubtedly an idiot!

    He is serious about doing one's own business and working hard to run one's own business.

    This "The Farthest Distance in the World" is also the first real poetry work of Lu Chen.

    In his dream world, this poem has many stories. The original creators have different opinions, and then spread a lot of versions after being spread on the Internet, becoming a classic that many people are familiar with.

    Lu Chenlai used this song to complete the final publicity of "Blue Life and Death", which is a memorial and a memorial.

    There is a farther distance in the world than life and death. It is not the time between ancient and modern, nor the space that covers the universe. It is the most difficult distance to cross, the distance between the heart and the heart.

    Life and death are a kind of distance that can never be merged, but the closeness is the farther distance between the heart of the single-sex and the loved one.

    Love can't get along with each other, and it's a pity that a lover can't be a genus.

    The distance between lovers is clearly loved but not placed on the heart. It is contradictory and painful, and it is a distance from the true heart. A farther distance than this is the indifference of the heart, the contempt for love, the face of the one who loves one's own, and dig a trench that cannot be crossed, and rejects love far away from the farthest distance in the world.

    The distance can be beautiful, but the farthest distance in the world is painful.

    Lu Chen wants this drama series to let people know how precious and rare it is to be in love and love each other. If you cherish it, then you will not regret it after losing.

    He wants this Valentine's Day to have a different meaning because of the existence of one's own!

    The reputation of a good poem is that it takes time to ferment, but for fans, especially real people, this "the farthest distance in the world" undoubtedly gave them the most special feeling, hitting it instantly. Their hearts.

    Especially after just watching the finale of "Blue Life and Death".

    The feeling is particularly profound.

    "The farthest distance in the world is that I am standing in front of you, but you don't know that I love you!"

    "Xiaolan, I love you!"

    "I really want to cry, Lu Chen is too big for you, why is it like this!"

    "This is the saddest Valentine's Day I have ever spent."

    "I think the meaning of this blog in the blog is to let us cherish the people around us, knowing the truth is hard to find."

    "Good poetry does not explain."

    A lot of fans, under the poem of Lu Chen, commented, praised and forwarded several times.

    Some people who don’t listen to Lu Chen’s songs and have not seen the bloggers of “Blue Life and Death Love” are deeply impressed when they see the “The Farthest Distance in the World” forwarded by others.

    In today's times, poets are very different kinds of existence, even objects that are being mocked.

    Especially modern poetry, in the eyes of many people, belongs to the kind of special and boring things. It belongs to the self-entertainment of a small literati, so that some people say that they can write poems if they know how to knock back.

    The era of poetry has long since gone, and the rich and rich entertainment has filled the lives of modern people. Their spiritual needs no longer need to be satisfied through poetry.

    And the really good poetry, the poetry that can touch the soul, will also disappear!

    Lu Chen’s “The Farthest Distance in the World” will undoubtedly make people’s eyes shine, and read them carefully and profoundly. For those who understand poetry, it is simply shocking.

    However, good poetry needs, so in addition to Lu Chen's fans, other people's evaluation is still in the making, but the influence has already been generated, and passed on with an amazing Speed.

    After publishing this poem, Lu Chen did not continue to pay attention to one's own blog. He shut down the computer, one's own cooked it for a little night, and then went to the bathroom to take a hot bath.

    Let's go on Valentine's Day 2016.

    Snapped! Snapped!

    Just as he was preparing to rest in bed, the door of the room was suddenly ringed.

    Who is this late?

    Lu Chen did not think about it and went straight to open the door.

    The next moment, a delicate figure slammed into his arms, and the familiar fragrance rushed into his nose.

    Lu Chen instinctively hugged the uninvited guest, only to hear the whisper of the intoxicating whisper in his ear.

    "I love you!"

    When I heard this Voice, Lu Chen felt that one's own seemed to have the whole world.

    nothing else needed.


Note: The original creator of "The Farthest Distance in the World" is Tagore, one is Zhang Xiaoxian, the latter is a documentary work, and Cheng Dongwu's adaptation. This article selects one version.

    PS: The chapter name in the previous chapter scared many people, coughing, the author is guilty, but the author can tell you that the eunuch is impossible, because the book has a high order of 9000+, and it is hopeful, so in Here, I ask for the VIP first chapter subscription. Once the high order is broken, I will send you a big red envelope! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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