The 298th chapter has a wife who forgot her sister.

    Entertainment Circle is a big circle that accommodates countless people, but the people in this circle often have inextricably linked relationships with each other. The completely independent individual does not exist at all.

    Some people hold, some are black, some are blowing, some are spraying…The grotesque is intricate.

    The only belief is the benefit!

    Lu Chen launched the leukemia charity fund on the Inspur blog. Chen Feier's support for him does not need to be said.

    Tan Hong, Liao Jia and Li Jie are friends. It is normal for friends in the circle to join each other, but those who know or don't know take the initiative to join them. The purpose is mostly not simple.

    But no matter what their purpose, the so-called firewood is high, and the momentum on the Internet has risen sharply.

    Lu Chen really didn't want to play so big!

    He quickly posted a new blog post on one's own blog, expressing gratitude to all supporters, indicating that the Foundation's registration will be completed in the fastest time.

    According to Domestic regulations, individual individuals are not allowed to conduct charity fundraising activities, and the charity Foundation's approval registration is very strict and requires high qualifications to be passed.

    However, since Lu Chen made a decision, his will will not be shaken.

    In addition to his own efforts, the status, reputation and money he has now are the memories of the world of dreams.

    Lu Chen never thought about spending his life by squandering this rich memory of memory. He thanked God for his gift and would like to benefit this gift to many people who need help.

    The establishment of the charity foundation is the first step for Lu Chen to go out.

    How far a person can go depends on how broad his mind is!

    Chen Feier asked: "Who are you going to manage this foundation? Managers are very important. ”

    Domestic's charity foundations are numerous, and there have always been mixed problems. Some foundations have a bad reputation. The reason is that management is chaotic and disorderly, and it is a tool for collecting money.

    A Celebrity artist like Lu Chen, one's own certainly has no time and energy to manage a charity foundation, but the foundation's reputation and credit are closely related to his reputation.

    If there are management problems or other scandals, the impact on Lu Chen will be great.

    So the foundation's managers are crucial!

    Lu Chen scratched his head: "Sister."

    The person he trusts the most, of course, is one's own relatives, so that Lu Xilai can certainly be assured.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Lu Xijie does not have three heads and six arms. You let her manage so many things, are you busy?"


    Lu Chen seems to have seen one's own being sprayed by her sister.

    As he became more and more famous, Lu Xi, who is the manager and manager of Lu Chen, is getting more and more busy. She used to say that she had a dream of studying in Beijing. Now she has no time to review her homework. .

    Studying further? Hehe.

    If you put the burden of the charity foundation up again…

    Lu Chen wiped the cold sweat: "Do you have any good suggestions, or do you recommend them?"

    Chen Feier said: "If I want to recommend it, then I would recommend Li Jie, there is no more suitable candidate."

    "Li Jie?"

    Lu Chen suddenly brightened his eyes: "Is she willing?"

    Lizhi in the circle is legendary, and happy to charity, just on the blog to Lu Chen charity project donated 500,000, the most important thing is that she is shrewd and capable, outside the circle of the network is very wide.

    This is very crucial. In contrast, Lu Xi is too far away.

If there is a sister from the overseeing foundation, then Lu Chen really has nothing to worry about.

    The problem is that Li Jie has a one's own career, and her Manager Corporation has always been very hot, and usually very busy.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I will ask first, it should be a small problem."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but hold her in her arms and praised: "What should I do without you?"

    Others can hear the fleshy words of the goose bumps, let Chen Feier's pretty face faintly shy, she charmingly white Lu Lu, and said: "The mouth is slippery! I have to go back, and Auntie came to the news. ”

    Lu Chen looked at time: "Oh, let's go have lunch together."

    Unconsciously it was 1 o'clock.

    Chen Feier said: "It's too late, I have a notice in the afternoon, you can't own one."

    She comfortably kissed Lu Chen: "Auntie is downstairs, you don't have to send me."

    The wonderful time always went too fast, and Lu Chen reluctantly sent Chen Feier wearing a mask sunglasses to the door.

    He thinks that it is necessary to buy a new house. It is really inconvenient to continue to live here.

    After Chen Feier left, Lu Chen did not stay in the apartment for a long time. He rushed to the studio if he had something to eat.

    As soon as he arrived in the studio, he was called by his sister in the room and could not lift his head!

    The phone calls of Lu Xi and Studio have been blown up. Some important things must be made by Lu Chen. As a result, his phone has been shut down. If it wasn’t for Lu Chen’s contact in the morning, he thought he was missing!

    "And you don't talk to me about the big things of the charity foundation…"

    Lu Xi said: "I have no energy and no ability to help you!"

    Lu Chen explained: "I have discussed this matter with Mayfair. She recommended Li Jie to me."

    Lu Xi stunned, stunned: "You are with Fairchild this morning? It's no wonder that the cell phone is off. ”

    She said sourly: "Now you really have a wife who forgot my sister!"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly – life has been so difficult, why do some things need to be dismantled?

    Lu Xi did not want to care for him: "The latest work and business are on my computer, you are one's own looking at the treatment, I am going to the hospital now."

    Lu Chen suddenly groaned: "What are you going to the hospital?"

    Lu Xi said: "I went to see Manager Wang. You brought the studios of others to you. How do you have to visit?" You don't have to go, I will be enough to be a condolence. ”

    Lu Chen couldn't help but be red.

    All members of Nirvana Studio are now recruited by one of his own owners. Wang Changsheng has long known about hospitalization, but he was too busy to visit the hospital these two days.

    Still my sister is careful, although it is a small matter, she can also take care of Wang Jing and Wang Hui.

    Seeing that Lu Xi is about to leave, Lu Chen quickly called out: "Sister…"

    Lu Xi stopped at the door of the room and turned his head: "What?"

    Lu Chen said with sincerity: "Thank you."

    Lu Xi snorted and his eyes softened a lot.

    After her sister left, Lu Chen sat in her position and opened the working documents on the computer.

    The first is the publication of the "Blue Life and Death" novel edition. Because this drama series Viewership Ratings has set a record in recent years, plus the front section time Lu Chen's serial update on the blog, the novel version is very popular.

    There are more than a dozen publishers who contact by phone or directly send people to seek cooperation. The most powerful ones are Shanhai Publishing House, Qunwen Publishing House and Jingdi Publishing House.

    So far, the private mountain Shanhai Publishing House has given the most attractive conditions, 15% royalty + 500,000 guaranteed!

    The domestic writer's royalty is usually between 8% and 12%, the newcomer is even as low as 5%, and a 150,000-word novel with a price of 20 yuan can only get a dollar of income, and the first print is also one or two thousand. .

    In the field of Literature publishing, Lu Chen is definitely a newcomer. He did not have any published works before.

    However, the influence of "Blue Life and Death" makes it impossible for any publishing house to treat him as a new person. Even so, the price code given by Shanhai Publishing House is far beyond the normal range.

    15% of the royalties are completely treated by top-level experts, and the 500,000 guaranteed prints are even more bloody. As long as Lu Chen signs the contract, the 1.5 million manuscript will be immediately credited to the studio account!

    If you sell more later, there is still a further improvement in the royalty.

    Such conditions are not available to the state-run Qunwen Publishing House and Jingdi Publishing House.

    Therefore, Lu Xi’s suggestion was to sign Shanhai Publishing House.

    Lu Chen has no objection to this. Whoever sells more money will have no hesitation.

    In addition, the Manhua copyright of "Blue Life and Death" has also been eye-catching. The last quotation given by the previously-applied color impression Manhua is 1.2 million.

    Lu Chen also gave the approval of the agreement.

    Then there is a clothing company that wants to get the "Blue Life and Death" brand license, the two film companies want to cooperate with Studio to adapt the film…

    Lu Chen swept down, and the content related to the IP copyright of "Blue Life and Death" turned out to be more than a dozen. If all the authorizations go out, at least it can bring nearly 10 million profits to the studio!

    This makes Lu Chen have to sigh the power of IP, the value of a popular IP is really incalculable.

    The entire copyright of "Blue Life and Death" has always been firmly in the hands of Lu Chen, and Chen Feier and Gande Films only get the revenue share of the drama series.

    Lu Chen has the feeling of counting the amount of money to cramps, but think about Chen Feier's house is about 30 million, and feel that one's own is almost the same as the poor – buying a suite is not enough!

    despair! despair!

    He was thinking about the problem of money, and the door of the room was squeaky.

    Lu Chen coughed and said: "Please come in."

    Wang Hui came to Lu Chen. He asked a little crampedly: "Lu Chen, I want to ask, when do we build a recording studio?"

    Lu Chen surprised: "Do not let you do the budget first?" 5 million is chosen by you. ”

    Wang Hui asked with a bitter face: "But where is the recording studio ready to build?" The place here is too small. ”

    Lu Chen thinks that this is really a problem.

    Originally he engaged in studio to rent it, and did not consider the need to build a studio. Now the nibble studio merges in, the scale has to be greatly expanded, and the current scene is really too small.

    Want to make studio bigger and stronger, moving is already imperative!

    The new local area must be at least three or four times more reasonable, which is a high investment.

    Lu Chen is already seriously considering selling things to Chen Feier.


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