Chapter 296, stealing a half-day leisure

    early morning.

    The stubborn biological clock, let Lu Chen wake up from sleep in time.

    He had a good night's dream.

    When I woke up, I felt that there was a great difference between peace and peace. A fragrant and graceful female body was quietly curled up in his arms, and it fits snugly in the warm bed.

    This experience of ecstasy and bones makes Lu Chen’s desires come true again.

    The beautiful woman in her arms felt the oppression from him, turned her head and snorted and opened her eyes.

    "good Morning…"

    Lu Chen smiled and greeted his girlfriend.

    A touch of fat-stained twilight appeared on Chen Fei's pretty face, and the lazy and charming character was simply maddening.

    Unlike many female actresses, they must be carefully dressed before they can see people. The songs in Lu Chen’s arms are truly natural, and they are still bright and beautiful.

    Lu Chen's strength is getting worse and worse, and she is still not fully awake, and she is directly pressed under her body.

    Chen Feier greeted with enthusiasm and made the atmosphere in the bedroom more and more embarrassing.

    But at the most critical time, Lu Chen suddenly stopped moving.

    Chen Feier laughed and ate a comfortably on his face and said: "In the future…Have the opportunity. ”

    Last night, when she saw Lu Chen’s "The Farthest Distance in the World" on her blog, she was instantly impressed by this poem, and she could not suppress the raging fire of the heart and ran to the apartment where Lu Chen rented.

    Everything should have happened naturally, but Chen Feier happened to be a relative, and the result was that Lu Chen couldn’t make it. Later, Chen Fei’s unfamiliarly used a small means to help him solve it.

    Lu Chen kissed her two couples and sat up with great perseverance: "Would you like me to send you back?"

    Yesterday evening, Auntie sent Chen Feier. After being sent to the destination, Chen Feier let the one's own bodyguard go back first, staying in Lu Chen's single apartment for the first time.

    Chen Feier shook her head and said: "I told the aunt, she will come here to pick me up after noon."

    That is to stay here for another half day time, Lu Chen suddenly rejoiced: "Then I will buy breakfast."

    Celebrity like Chen Feier, it is really not easy to accompany him for a long time, especially now in the first month, it should be the busiest time, all kinds of endorsement notices fly up.

    Chen Feier held him and asked: "Do you have any ingredients here? It is enough to make breakfast. ”

    Lu Chen ordered: "There are some in the kitchen and the refrigerator."

    He rented in this single apartment, and his sister Lu Xi will come over to help him clean up the house, fill the refrigerator with the ingredients, so that he can usually eat one's own.

    "That's it, breakfast, I'm done…"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "You go out to exercise, don't delay because of me, so come back to eat breakfast."

    She knows that Lu Chen insists on martial arts exercise every day, so he will be so good.

    This good habit must be maintained!

    Lu Chen has something to say, full of sweet taste, kiss Chen Feier to run out of morning exercise.

    When he ran out of the circle, Chen Feier had already prepared the breakfast.

    A pot of white rice porridge, served with golden fried dumplings, accompanied by refreshing mustard and spicy fermented bean curd, placed on the table to let Lu Chen look at the appetite!

    "I am back!"

    He shouted and couldn't wait to pick up a fried dumpling with his hand and stuff it into his mouth and chew it up.

    Unexpectedly, the frozen dumplings can be made so delicious!

    What is even more unexpected is that Chen Feier can still cook and have a good craft.


    Lu Chen ate his eyes and smiled.

    Chen Feier came out from the kitchen and saw Lu Chen stealing fried dumplings. He suddenly said: "How do you take it by hand? Not much clean! Go wash your hands, wash and eat. ”


    Lu Chen swallowed the dumplings in his mouth and squeezed directly into Xiaoxiao's kitchen, holding Chen Fei's willow waist.

    The queen didn't know where to find the apron to wear on his body, and he took up the long hair and held the vegetable shovel. It was exactly the appearance of a small housewife at home, and Lu Chen was very hot.

    This is the real life. He lowered his head and placed his chin on Chen Fei's shoulder. He greedily sniffed the fragrance of the latter. He was happy and peaceful, only wishing Era to freeze at this moment forever.

    It is a pity that Chen Feier did not cooperate. He stepped on his foot with a heel and said: "Don't make trouble, the fried eggs are burnt!"

    Lu Chen smiled and reluctantly let go of the beautiful woman and washed his hands in the sink.

    When he sat back at the table, Chen Feier put the fried poached egg out.

    This breakfast is very warm.

    However, Chen Feier had a little opinion: "This house is too small, the kitchen can't turn around, you still have to change the big house, just buy a set in Beijing."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do you have any good recommendations?"

    He is currently renting a single apartment, the kitchen is complete but the area is very compact, the advantage is very close to the studio, it is very convenient to go to work.

    But now Lu Chen is no more than before, his reputation is getting bigger and bigger, it is not very suitable to continue to live here.

    Even Lu Xi mentioned this to him.

    Therefore, even if Chen Feier does not say, buying a house is also within Lu Chen’s scheduled plan.

    After more than half a year ago, Lu Chen, who was still working on the grass, didn't dare to think about such a thing. Beijing's housing prices have risen particularly fiercely in recent years. The houses outside the five rings must be two or three thousand flats. The house of the high-end District in the center is more than 100,000, which is not affordable for ordinary people.

    Even now, if it is not the "Blue Life and Death" fever, relying on this IP can make a large profit, Lu Lu, who just paid off the debts of the family and redeemed the villa not long ago, still can't get out in Beijing. The money to buy a property – really too expensive!

    Of course, he must buy a good house.

    "I am right to ask me!"

    Chen Feier proudly lifted her chin and said: "I have a set of properties in Zichengyuan, three hundred square meters, five rooms, two halls and three bathrooms, and the girl can sell it to you cheaper."

    "Purple City Court?"

    Lu Chen groaned and asked: "Your house? Where is the location? ”

    Zichengyuan is an Advanced District located in the Second Ring Road of Beijing's Third Ring Road. It was launched in 2007 and is a high-end boutique in 2009. Its opener is the famous capital Bandung.

    Chen Feier’s house was booked in 2007, and the 17-18 floor leaps are very good. However, they have never lived since they bought it, and they have not rented it to others. They are waiting to add value. .

    When she set up studio from Manager Corporation one's own, most of the money she earned was used to invest in apartments and shops. This purple city house is one of her properties.

    In the circle, Chen Feier likes to buy a property with a very famous character. Even some openers actively promote her industry, and use her fame to enhance her strength.

    And this single investment method has also turned her assets several times in a few years, which is a real rich woman!

    "In 2007, I bought this house with a fine decoration and spent only six million…"

    Chen Feier is very proud to say: "Now can sell at least 30 million!"

    Lu Chen only has a big "service" word: "You are amazing, but I can't afford it!"

    Chen Feier smirked and said: "If you can't afford it, you should owe it first. Anyway, you are going to buy a house. It is cheaper for others to be cheaper than others. Allowing you to pay back slowly, you can pay off one day."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Allow you to pay your debts?"


    Chen Feier was not afraid of his teasing. On the spot, she said: "First sign the deed, then you will give me a job, and you will be given a hundred pieces of pocket money every day. How about?"

    Lu Chen exclaimed: "The conditions are really good. I think it is very heart-warming, but is there a hundred pieces?"

    Chen Feier couldn't help but smile and smiled at him.

    The two sweet Mimi, tired of eating breakfast, are more than nine in the morning.

    Lu Chen called his sister, and then shut down the cell phone. He didn't care about his career and work. He and Chen Feier enjoyed a rare relationship with Era in the apartment. They sat on the sofa and said no. End of love.

    At noon, Lu Chen opened the computer and landed the official website of the new line of sight.

    Last night, "Blue Life and Death" broadcasted the last episode in Haijin Satellite TV. He and Chen Feier wanted to see how the Viewership Ratings of this episode.

    The Viewership Ratings ranking on the home page of the new line of sight is updated on time at 12 o'clock.

    "Blue Life and Death", 3.04%!

    Broken 3!

    Although there have been predictions in the past, I have expected in my heart. When the Viewership Ratings of the finale of "Blue Life and Death" really came out, both of them felt extremely happy.

    If you remember correctly, in recent years, Domestic's drama series Viewership Ratings has never exceeded 3%. "Blue Life and Death" has undoubtedly created a miracle.

    Small and medium-sized investment + newcomer lineup + second and third stream production company + non-mainstream theme…

    Superpheno-level Viewership Ratings!

    This is not a miracle, what else can you count?

    Chen Feier couldn't help but kiss her on Lu Chen's face: "Great!"

    This Viewership Ratings record not only represents honor and fame, but also means real benefits.

    Lu Chen Studio, Chen Feier Studio and Gande Brothers Films have signed a gambling agreement with Haijin Satellite TV. The “Domestic Average Viewership Ratings” of “Blue Life and Death” is only 0.25%, each increase of 0.10%, 1 set of buyouts Pay the price plus 100,000!

    Now the total average Viewership Ratings of 20 episodes is no problem, and Haijin Satellite TV will pay 30-40% more!

    With this achievement as the basis, the benefits of the drama series in the second half of the morning are simple, and those who want to invest in shares can definitely break the threshold.

    Chen Feier opened her eyes and smiled: "Let's take a look at the blog."

    Lu Chen also landed on the Inspur blog, and I saw that Haijin Satellite TV released a congratulatory message to the successful conclusion of "Blue Life and Death" and Viewership Ratings breaking 3%, and at the same time one's own and Chen Feier!


First, send it, request subscription support! ! !

    PS: Thanks to the peak ~ ~ brother friends 10,000 coins, thank you! (To be continued~^~)

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