Chapter 294 Finale

    A subway station is firmly docked on the platform of Dongyan Station.

    The passengers crowded in the carriages came down, but the gaps left by them were filled in by the new passengers in the blink of an eye, and then the subway train rumbling into the dark tunnel.

    In Beijing, a super-large city with a population of more than 30 million people, the subway system extending in all directions is the first way people travel. Every day, countless citizens take the subway to work, and the latest route has been extended to the seven-ring that is still under planning.

    Lin Yu and her companions followed the crowd and took the escalator to the exit.

    Holding a huge cartoon plush rabbit in her arms, she has become the focus of many people's attention, but the girl does not care about the strange eyes of others, and there is still an exciting blush on the delicate face.

    Today is February 14th Valentine's Day, very special day, Lin Yu does not have a boyfriend, originally wanted to hide in the dormitory to go online to spend this night should be a very romantic night, can not stand the female companions ran to the city center to see lively.

    Now she is very grateful to her companions around me. Without their persistence, one's own will not have the opportunity to see Lu Chen personally, but also go to stage and sing a Love Song with Lu Chen.

    Recalling the scene at the time, Lin Yu’s heart is like a deer jumping!

    She is because the drama series of "Blue Life and Death" likes to go to Luchen, although it is not crazy, but in all the favorite Celebrity, Lu Chen is firmly located at top three.

    Now is the first!

    "Let's hurry…"

    A female companion urged: "The finale of the blue life and death is about to begin!"

    The other two female companions could not help but speed up their pace. One of them said: "Xiao Yu's luck is very good. At that time, I also raised my hand. Why didn't I choose me?"

    The former female companion smiled and said: "On your scorpion, you are also slammed down!"

    "Well, you dare to laugh at me, watch this move!"

    Two female companions were playing on the road, and the silver bell-like laughter was far and far on the street.

    Lin Yu couldn't help but smile, and held the cartoon rabbit in her arms tighter.

    Lin Yu is a Jiangcheng native. She chose to stay here after finishing her studies in Beijing. She is currently a clerk in a company. The three female companions in the company are her colleagues and live in an apartment outside the Fifth Ring Road. .

    As an introverted girl, Lin Yu doesn't have much hobbies. She spends most of her break time on Literal, Music and film, especially watching various drama series.

    Unlike most peers who are obsessed with the Internet, Lin Yu prefers to watch Programs on TV.

    To this end, she used one's own to earn the first month's salary, bought an LCD TV in the apartment's small living room, it turned out to be one person's own look, and later the female companions who lived with her were affected, also Follow it together.

    Everyone watched TV together, and laughed and screamed at the plot together, and the feelings became exceptionally good.

    This is an experience that you can't get from using your own computer!

    Now, the four women who like and pursue the most are the "Blue Life and Death Love" starring Lu Chen.

    Tonight is the finale of "Blue Life and Death"!

    The pedestrians hurriedly and quickly returned to the apartment building near the subway station.

    When I got to the place where I rented, I opened the door and rushed into the room. Everyone slammed on the sofa together.

    The TV is turned on at the first time!

    "Get started, start!"

    "What started, still advertised, and finally caught up."

    "I am so tired of running, who is with me?"

    "Look at five dollars."

    "Go to death!"

    Lin Yu was sitting on the sofa with her big rabbit. She took her chin into the soft plush, her eyes staring at the TV without hesitation, thinking about the ending of the story to be played tonight.

    In order to ensure the Viewership Ratings on the day of the Valentine's Day, Haijin Satellite TV deliberately delayed the broadcast of the last episode to 9:30 in the evening.

    Lin Yu and her companions are not too late.

    After a five-minute announcement, the familiar opening sounds in Xiaoxiao's living room.

    The 20th episode of "Blue Life and Death" begins.

    In order to spend the happiness of Era with Junxi, Enxi often endures pain.

    And this makes Jun Xi sad.

    Enxi began to vomit blood, and her condition deteriorated day by day. She began taking pictures and quietly preparing for her later events.

    Enxi accidentally found in Junxi's room that Junxi quietly prepared a bottle for one's own, and understood Junxi's thoughts and thoughts. She forced Junxi to promise not to die for one's own.

    Junxi agreed with tears.

    The last two people came to the seaside where they used to play. Enxi listened to Junxi’s story about childhood…

    When I saw it here, the living room was quiet and terrible, and all four women were white.

    Although their hearts are very clear, the ending of "Blue Life and Death" is likely to be a tragedy, but everyone is lucky, thinking that there may be a reversal in the end, and the hero and heroine will eventually be happy together.

    When the scene of life and death actually appeared, they all shed tears.

    Lin Yu’s tears, a heart slammed to the extreme, she tried not to let one’s own cry, and looked at Enxi’s back on Junxi’s back, watching the latter carrying a life’s favorite woman on the beach. Go ahead…

    Then the tears burst in an instant!

    "Why it came out like this?"

    A female companion whispered, and kept rubbing the tears in her eyes with a paper towel.

    Lin Yu also wants to ask this question, she feels that Lu Chen is really cruel!

    Why do you want the two people to be separated by yin and yang? Why can't the two people who really love each other be together?

    The story on TV is not over yet.

    Enxi quietly finished her life. After finishing the incident, Junxi entrusted Taixi to sprinkle the ashes of Enxi into the sea. One's own alone came to the country road where he walked with Enxi.

    When the scene of childhood and Enxi game came to the forefront, a loading and unloading car drove fast on the road. When Junxi stepped forward and rushed toward the front of the car, he remembered one's own promise to Enxi. And continue to live bravely.

    Seeing all the audience here did not know that the original "Blue Life and Death Love" ending in Lu Chenmeng's world was Junxi's suicide and Enxi reunited in heaven, but his lyrics were too selfish and violated the commitment to Enxi.

    Therefore, Lu Chen has undergone changing, and many times it takes a lot of courage to live!

    This is the end of the story, the theme song "Your Eyes" sounds, and the drama series is marked with a sad ending!

    After reading it, Lin Yu and her companions have been speechless for a long time.

    Lin Yu returned to the room of one's own, but did not have a little sleepy, she could not help but open the computer to log on to the network.

    The internet has been blown up!

    As the champion of Domestic drama series Viewership Ratings in late 2015 and early 2016, "Blue Life and Death" already has a large number of fans, drama series related bloggers V, post bars and forums. These blue fans discuss the plot and drama. The position of the character.

    When the finale of "Blue Life and Death" was released, these positions seemed to be bombarded by blockbusters. It was a sorrow.

    "Is it so good to see such a sad ending on Valentine's Day?"

    "My eyes are all swollen. When I look in the room, my mom thinks I have something wrong!"

    "Don't mention it, at least one or two weeks of depression!"

    "Strong protest, still my grace!"

    "Although I have long thought of the end, it is not unexpected, it is very uncomfortable."

    "I am a man, I also cried."

    "Look at cry +1!"

    On the Inspur blog, Lu Chen’s blog was almost smashed, and it’s rare for him to be embarrassed by many people.

    Too cruel, too sad!

    Even many entertainers in the Entertainment Circle also posted a blog post, indicating that they were stunned by the outcome of the drama series.

    Whether they are real blue fans or a car, it is enough to show that "Blue Life and Death" is currently influential in the circle.

    Now that this drama series has finally come to a close, perhaps is a great thing for competitors, but for thousands of viewers, there are really too many nostalgia and regrets.

    At 11 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen received a call from Chen Feier.

    "You have to pay for me!"

    On the phone, Chen Feier’s Voice was slightly hoarse and lost the kind of sweetness.

    Lu Chen screamed: "What are you paying for?"

    Chen Feier said: "I saw the finale and streamed a lot of tears, which made me so sad, don't pay?"

    Lu Chen laughed at all: "Did you have seen it already?"

    In addition to his one's own, Chen Feier was the first to know the ending, and she also saw the unedited original film after the filming, there was not much sadness at the time.

    And she is one's own is the heroine!

    “It’s really different to see it this evening, it’s like one’s own is really going through this tragedy…”

    Chen Feier gently spoke on the phone about the sadness of one's own.

    Lu Chen was a little funny and very moved: "Then I will come over with you now!"

    "no need…"

    After confiding, Chen Feier’s mood seemed to be much better: “It’s too late, you should rest early…”

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and said: “Take ten minutes, look at my blog.”


    Chen Feier was surprised: "What do you want to say?"

    Lu Chenxiao: "You will know after ten minutes."

    "Pretending to be mysterious!"

    Chen Feier said with a sigh: "Then I will wait ten minutes to see what tricks you play!"

    Ending the call with Chen Feier, Lu Chen opened the computer and boarded one of her own wave blog accounts.

    He quickly browsed through the comment section of the latest blog post and couldn't help but smile.

    Haijin Satellite TV is also engaged in the election of "Blue Life and Death Love" finale today. They are earning enough Viewership Ratings and topicality, but they have pushed one's own into the fire pit!

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen opened the blog editor page and knocked out nine words in the title bar.

    The longest distance in the world!


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