Chapter 221 Audition

    "You are too kind!"

    Lu Chen just picked up the cell phone, and Chen Jianhao’s angry snoring came immediately inside the microphone.

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    He hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and he was sprayed with a look of stunned. He asked: "Jian Hao Ge, what's the matter?"

    "what's wrong? What are you talking about? ”

    Chen Jianhao said with anger: "I brought Chen Feier to forget the grass last night, and I didn't even inform me!"

    "You said that you are kind and not kind?"

    When Chen Chen and Chen Feier went to the bar last night, Chen Jianhao was not there.

    When he got the news and rushed over, don't say Chen Feier, even Lu Chen has left and emptied!

    The boss of Chen Da’s heart is uncomfortable, especially listening to the old customers saying that Chen Fei’s new song has more than many nice, and his heart is like a nest of wild cats scratching, and it’s uncomfortable to the extreme.

    Chen Jianhao is the fan of Chen Feier, although it is not iron powder, crazy powder, brainless fan, it can be regarded as real powder.

    In the drawer of his room, all the CD albums of Chen Feier are kept.

    Missing such an opportunity, really let him smash his chest!

    At that time, I called Lu Chen. As a result, Lu Chen shut down, so I called again this morning.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are really jealous of me, Jianhao. Last night, it was the Philippine sister who decided to forget the grass. Even if I called you, you couldn’t get there."

    "If there is a chance in the future, I will invite the Philippine sister to come and sit down."

    Of course, Chen Jianhao is not really pissed off. What he wants is Lu Chen’s words. He suddenly smiled: "Your boy is getting more and more promising now. Even Chen Tianhou is looking at you differently, you two…Keke! ”

    He wants to say if it is really hooked together, but feels that this is too much, it is hard to swallow it back.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "We are friends, sister."

    Chen Jianhao said: "Sister and sister are the best, otherwise I will be jealous, remember what you said!"

    Lu Chen was dumb and ended the call with Chen Jianhao.

    At this time, a man wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt and short haircut came over and asked: "Lu Chen, let's take a few tricks!"

    The 30-year-old man named Wan Yong is the coach in the Borui Club who fights fighting.

    The Borui Club is the industry of Li Mubai's family. Lu Chen came here for the first time or was brought to Li Mushi. Later, he gave him an Advanced VIP card, which allowed him to use all the fitness equipment for free.

    There is a fight hall in the Borui Club, which is not open to the public except for the members. The coaches and some members of the museum are from the military and work part-time in the security company owned by Li.

    This is equivalent to one of their small training bases.

    Instead of white, with the relationship with Li Mubai and Li Mushi, Lu Chen moved one's own daily exercise to the Borui Club, because it is easy to find the object of martial arts here.

    The people in the Fighting Hall, including Wan Yong, are still very impressed with Lu Chen’s strength.

    Therefore, there is no shortage of people who are humbly asking for advice.

    Lu Chen also brought a little change to the club fight center, such as the wooden piles erected next to the ring.

    This is a special order to practice Wing Chun, he is one's own money, anyone can use.

    Lu Chen has the idea of ​​one's own.

    He is very familiar with Wan Yong and has a good relationship with each other.

    Hearing the latter's invitation, Lu Chen did not talk nonsense and made an "OK" gesture.

    Wan Yong smiled, and the explorer grabbed the rope of the ring and leaped forward.

    He is a veteran of straightforward character, tempered his talents in the army, and likes to learn skills with others.

    Unfortunately, in the Borui Club, there is no such thing as being able to compete with him.

    Li Mushi is very powerful, but Wan Yong has never been serious with her, and has always let the lady.

    Wan Yong is actually very depressed.

    Until the appearance of Lu Chen, let him find the feeling of fighting, you can let go of the contest.

    Therefore, in the morning, the discussion became a reserved program for the two.

    Lu Chen just prepared to go up and his cell phone rang again.

    This is the third call received in the morning.

    Lu Chen shook his head and more or less experienced the helplessness of the Celebrity artist.

    The call to him is the sister Lu Xi.

    Lu Xi told him a good news: "Ao Chuang Film and Television Production Company just called, invite you to participate in the audition of the drama series "Urban Love" tomorrow, saying that there is a role that should suit you!"

    "drama series ?"

    Lu Chen suddenly got a spirit: "What role?"

    "Of course it is a male match, a policeman…"

    Lu Xi said: "There is a weight of about 5 episodes. If it is popular, there is a chance for a sequel."

    Lu Chen said decisively: "No problem, I will go to the audition!"

    So far, Lu Chen has also produced an advertisement and a MV in the performance.

    Although earlier Zhang Wentian Zhang Da Director, promised to give Lu Chen a role in his blockbuster film, but this film has not officially started yet, and maybe there is any change.

    There are so many people staring at Zhang Wentian's blockbuster!

    Lu Chen intends to develop in film and television. He intends to go to the film and television amphibious, but has never found a suitable opportunity to cut in. Now someone has invited the audition, how can I miss it?

    And the role is still the police, it fits his appetite!

    Lu Xi said: "I have already promised you, and the other party has also sent the script. You are better off preparing for the time. This drama series Viewership Ratings is still ok, and there are certainly many people competing."

    Lu Chen said: "Then I will come back soon."

    He apologized to Wan Yong and then drove back to the studio of one's own.

    The script from the Austrian film and television production company has been printed. It is actually a thin two-page A4 paper. The main character involved is Chen Yaoyang. The identity is a young policeman who just graduated from the police school.

    Good and brave, and has a good skill, the role location is very clear.

    In the plot of the script, Chen Yaoyang seized the thief who stole the heroine, and the two met each other. The former was attracted by the latter and launched a passionate pursuit.

    The heroine also has a good impression on Chen Yaoyang, but her heart always remembers the actor who just broke up, so the story of a painful egg is unfolding. Of course, Comrade Chen Yaoyang finally can't mix the Panman.

    Lu Chen carefully read it again, feeling that this character is not much difficult.

    However, he still made careful preparations.

    It is understood that the drama series of "City Love" is currently playing on the Beijing Satellite TV's urban channel. Currently, the National Viewership Ratings is 0.35%, and the Beijing-Tianjin Viewership Ratings is 1.09%.

    The first season of "Urban Love" is almost over, and the role of Lu Chen audition will appear in the first episode of the second season.

    Therefore, it belongs to an important supporting role.

    The Austrian film and television production company that produced this drama series has a good reputation in the industry. Director Yu Chengyi has a good reputation and is definitely not a grass-roots team.

    All in all, it is a rare opportunity!

    To know that in Beijing, there are not only famous universities such as Beiying, Zhongxi and Jingyi, but also a large number of actors and artists. A common drama series is a toon, and the role needs to be revealed. 100% can attract a group of people to break the head.

    Lu Chen knows that one's own is definitely not the only audition candidate, but he did not expect the competition to be so fierce!

    At 9 o'clock the next morning, when Lu Chen came to the Austrian film and television production company in advance, in the small room outside the audition conference room, he had already taken five or six opponent.

    What they have in common with Lu Chen is very young, looks good, handsome and handsome, handsome and handsome, all of them are full of confidence.

    When Lu Chen came in, everyone's eyes were all focused on him.

    Someone apparently recognized him and frowned.

    However, no one opened until Lu Chen sat down and found the position. The atmosphere in the room was very depressed.

    Plus Lu Chen, there are a total of seven people participating in the audition!

    Interestingly, the Austrian film and television production company actually provided Item clothing for all the auditors.

    That is the police uniform, and the size is complete.

    Lu Chen had a fit and put it in the locker room of the company.

    When he came out, the young girl in charge of the clothing item management of the Austrian company was shining.

    Really handsome!

    Lu Chen is the tallest among all the people who participated in the audition, and his physique is very standard. It is a natural clothes rack and a uniform type.

    At 9:30, the interview officially began.

    Lu Chen ranked fourth.

    The first one in front went in, and the result came out only after 5 minutes, and the look was frustrated.

    His audition process was obviously a failure and was given on the spot.

    The second person went in and stayed in it for 7 minutes. It was also ugly.

    The third place is followed.

    Some young people still sitting in the room, some of them were obviously nervous, some were silent, some were staring at the script in their hands, and even Lu Chen could not help but mention the heart.

    But a man with a peach-eyed look relaxed, leaning against the chair and cocking his legs, his face always looked like a smile, as if he were winning.

    Lu Chen could not help but look at him more.

    This peach-eyed look is masculine, age-appropriate and well-dressed in line with the popular new emerging artist. The skin is very white with a hint of femininity.

    Probably noticed Lu Chen's gaze, he turned his head, and the corner of his lips slid a sinuous arc.

    As if to say – if I am there, you should not be delusional!

    Regrettably, Lu Chen can't remember who the other party is, and there are really many people in the circle.

    "Lu Chen…"

    The third one is still faster. In just a few minutes, there is no drama. The whole person is like a frosted eggplant.

    So it was Lu Chen, who was in fourth place.

    Upon hearing the name of one's own, Lu Chen immediately stood up, sorted out the uniform, and walked into the audition conference room.

    At this moment, his mood has become very calm.


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