The 227th chapter is definitely no play!

    Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years, and she is no longer a naive girl.

    As a singer, her talent is excellent, and the voice of the sky does not know how many fans have been conquered.

    In addition to the unique sound lines that countless Singer dreams of, Chen Feier's appearance is also excellent. The beauty is never born on one's own face, and is regarded as the jade girl Sect Master of pop music.

    But as an artist, her luck is better.

    Since the 15th year of debut, Chen Feier’s star journey can be described as a frankness. Although there are twists and turns in life, there are not many people in the music world.

    Such a beautiful girl, it is extremely difficult to impress her.

    First of all, Chen Feier is not short of money. In the circle, she once said that she said how many wallets of a certain rich man would raise her, but it turned out to be completely malicious and sinister, because she had a long-term endorsement fee of nearly 100 million years ago, and Since the studio does not need to be divided into Manager Corporation, there is no shortage of money.

    Moreover, Chen Feier also has a private investment team, which is quite successful in terms of investment. It is a real rich woman.

    It’s a joke to use money to swear Chen Feier!

    As for the fame, it is not necessary to say more, there are only a handful of people in the circle than her coffee.

    Perhaps is a place where people can make Chen Feier truly open and accept, and the so-called anecdote that is preached is nothing more than the hype of others or the media.

    However, Lu Chen used a song to knock on her closed heart and remind her of the original pure Era.

    "I want to take you everywhere to fly, travel around the world to watch, no troubles, no sorrow, free and happy." Forget the pain and forget about the place, let's set off to wander…"

    The simple but sincere lyrics, under the play of Lu Chen, resonate with her soul.

    There is also a hint of envy.

    After Lu Chen sang, Chen Feier came over and leaned her head on his shoulder and closed his eyes.

    After a long time, she said: "This song is for you, and I can only sing it to me later, can I?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You like it."

    Chen Feier smiled and turned her head and kissed Lu Chen’s face: "Thank you."

    Lu Chen said: "It's too late, I will send you back."

    He was afraid to be teased by the sister of the day, one's own can't help but want to be a big animal.

    When it is time to be a beast, or a beast, it is hard to say!

    Chen Feier said: "What? So I want to drive me away? ”

    Lu Chen suddenly became angry and opened her arms to her: "I will stay with me that night!"

    Who is afraid of who!

    Chen Feier Hee Hee smiled and shrank back and said: "Zhang Jie, they are waiting for me downstairs, you can go home."

    After the play, Lu Chen sent her downstairs.

    After watching Chen Feier get out of the car, he also returned to the home of one's own.

    Tonight is undoubtedly wonderful for Lu Chen, and his relationship with Chen Feier has undoubtedly greatly advanced.

    Chen Feier’s work efficiency is also extremely high, and soon introduced a film and television production company for Lu Chen.

    This film and television production company is called Baolong Film. It is very famous in Domestic. It has shot excellent works of film and television such as "Jinghua Fengyun", "Clear Sky Miles" and "Da Shang", and has won many artists.

    In contact with Lu Chen, Zhu Minghe, deputy manager of Baolong Film and Television Production Department.

    The meeting where the two met, is in the avant-garde cafe of the Beijing New Era Art Park.

    Beijing's New Era Art Park is home to a large number of well-known films, music, lectures, and art production units. There are thousands of companies and studios in Xiaoxiao, which is a place of humanity.

    The headquarters of Fei Shi Records is in the New Age Art Park, as is Baolong Film.

    The avant-garde cafe is the most popular among art parks, with cheap but delicious coffee and snacks, free wifi, and a cup of coffee to sit all day long. There are waiters coming over to catch people.

    Because the atmosphere is very good, many people in the park like to negotiate business with customers here.

    Zhu Minghe is a middle-aged man with a petty bourgeoisie. He is responsible for the script in Baolong Film. Although his position is not high, his authority is not small.

    Under normal situation, even if Lu Chen is famous in the circle, it is not easy to hand the script directly to him, because the popular Musical World and the film circle are two relatively independent circles.

    Zhu Minghe does not need to sell Lu Chen’s account.

    Under normal situation, the general author sent the script, which was reviewed by his editor.

    Only through the script of the first trial will he be in his hands.

    I was able to invite Zhu Minghe out, and Chen Feier invited a friend to help out.

    Chen Feier has nothing to do with Baolong Film, purely because of the strength of the latter.

    Zhu Minghe is about 40 years old, wearing glasses and handsome, and comes with a female secretary.

    "Hello there!""Hello there! ”

    The two sides met and shook hands with each other and said a few words, saying that they did not hurt and itch.

    For Lu Chen, Zhu Minghe’s attitude is a little bit of politeness in courtesy.

    Sitting in his position, Celebrity's big-name celebrity has gone more, Lu Chen is just a newcomer singer, not to the extent that he is solemnly waiting.

    In contrast, his female secretary’s interest in Lu Chen has come a lot.

    After sitting down, the deputy manager of the Baolong Film Company opened the door and asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, do you have a script to cooperate with our company to shoot and make it?"


    Lu Chen nodded and handed over the one's own script list that had already been prepared: "I wish the manager, this is the script I wrote by one's own. Please give me a lot of advice."

    In addition to the outline, he has already completed the first four episodes of "Blue Life and Death", and all of them have been brought over today, but the official scripts don't need to be sent to the past.

    First of all, I wish Zhu Minghe to look at this story, and I will talk about it later.

    After all, this is not a commissioned production. It requires an in-depth cooperation with the other party and joint investment.

    Just relying on Lu Chen’s own, you can’t play at all.

    Therefore, in front of Zhu Minghe, Lu Chen puts a one's own posture very positive, not humble and not arrogant.

    He is still a newcomer to the newcomer in this circle.

    The water in the film and television circle is much deeper than the popular Musical World.

    Zhu Minghe took the script and said with a smile: "Okay, let me see first."

    He was very satisfied with Lu Chen's attitude. The former had enough respect for performance. There weren't many newcomers who had just become famous, and they knew how to deal with people.

    This gave Zhu Minghe some interest in this script.

    At present, Baolong Pictures is also looking for a good book. The front section time also bought a high-priced movie copyright of two popular online novels. It is ready to attack in the next two years, in the increasingly hot movie market. Strive to grab more shares and profits.

    As the deputy manager of the film and television production department, Zhu Minghe, who is responsible for reviewing the script, is under a lot of pressure.

    Although he is not a finalist, but missed a good script, or passed a bad script, it is a joint responsibility.

    Zhu Minghe began to read Lu Chen’s story outline.

    Whether it is a novel or a film and television script, the outline of the story is very important.

    Experienced people can judge the strength of the author through the outline, and can see whether the story has the potential to sell, and even how much budget it takes to shoot.

    He is very serious.

    But looking at it, Zhu Minghe frowned, and the more wrinkled and deeper, they were screwed into the word "chuan".

    His heart is obviously very tangled.

    Lu Chen’s mood was a little nervous, and it felt that the coffee in his mouth became very bitter.

    The expression of the other party is not a optimistic look!

    Zhu Minghe read the outline in almost 10 minutes. He put down the manuscript paper and asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, how are you going to cooperate with our company for this drama series?"

    This Lu Chen had already thought about it, and replied without hesitation: "I wish the manager, I hope that we can invest in both parties. If we can introduce third-party investment, the specific investment terms can be discussed in detail."

    "As far as production is concerned, I am the one who leads the hero, and the heroine and Director also have suitable candidates. Other supporting roles can be recommended by your company or auditioned publicly!"

    As he said before, Zhu Minghe still listened to his voice, but he was slightly discolored after hearing it.

    Joint venture shooting production sharing risk sharing profit is normal, Lu Chen is not an ordinary script writer after all, plus the human relationship, please let him mix a share does not matter.

    But he is not only going to star in the actor, even the Director and the heroine are given…

    What is the Baolong film industry?

    Grass platform team?

    Zhu Minghe’s heart was secretly resentful, and the previous feelings about Lu Chen suddenly vanished.

    I don't know Immense World anymore!

    Of course, the city of Zhu Minghe is very deep, even if the stomach is not good, it will not turn directly.

    He thought for a moment, and the rumor said: "Mr. Lu Chen, you are recommended by Li Jie, everyone is a friend, then I will openly say it, I hope you don't mind."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You said that I can accept any opinions."

    "That's good!"

    Zhu Minghe smiled and said: "In fact, the story of the drama you wrote is ok, but the plot, especially the ending is not in line with the trend, the audience will not like it, and must be changed."

    "In terms of Director and male and female protagonists, we have our considerations and cannot make unilateral decisions."

    "In terms of investment, our company's investment ratio will not be very high, I hope you can find a third party."

    "There is…"

    Lu Chen listened, his face always smiled, but his heart sighed secretly.

    Baolong Films is definitely not a play!


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