Chapter 223 one’s own as the protagonist

    Review the inner bar!

    Lu Chen has eyes to see, ears to listen to, and not stupid, how could it still not understand?

    Director Yu Chengyi is undoubtedly admiring his support, but the palace manager obviously has another plan.

    And in all likelihood, it is the representative of the investor.

    Otherwise, Yu Chengyi will not be so helpless. It is necessary to know that the power of the TV drama director is usually very high.

    Although before the Austrian film and television production company, Lu Chen was not sure that this role belongs to one's own, and the audition failure was rejected as one of the expected scenarios…

    But he is still a bit uncomfortable.

    Since the role is fixed, why bother to find me? Is this interesting?

    Of course, on the surface, Lu Chen is still quiet, faint smile: "Thank you, thank you Teacher."

    There is no need to lose your temper. Entertainment Circle is never a fairy tale world. It is a very naive idea to expect everything to be fair and just. Only when you are strong enough to look up, can you have the ability to make rules.

    The manager of the palace smiled: "There is still a chance, please let us know."

    She actually had a good impression of Lu Chen, and she understood that Lu Chen was fully qualified for the role of Chen Yaoyang.

    But she knows better, one's own is who eats the meal, and who is doing it.

    So I can only say Sorry.

    Yan Chengyi was very sorry to see Lu Chen turned and walked out of the conference room, could not help but clenched his fist.

    He said with a blank expression: "Next!"

    When Lu Chen came out, the peach-eyed man just stood up.

    The eyes of the two are just right.

    Lu Chen saw a smug and ridiculous look from the other's eyes.

    His heart is bright, and it is estimated that the default candidate is this one.

    Leaving the Austrian company, Lu Chen returned to the studio.

    When I saw Lu Xi, my sister asked with concern: "How about the audition? Passed? ”

    Li Feiyu and Chen Xin and others also erected their ears.

    If Lu Chen can play the drama series, it is really good, the film and television songs are fully developed, the amphibian superstar!

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Being brushed, people have already made a decision."


    My sister seldom slammed a foul mouth and said: "How can they do this?"

    She is really pissed off.

    Now Lu Chen, although not comparable to A-list's top Celebrity, but he won the title of "Singing China", and then the album is hot, the fans of Inspur blogs must be over 10 million, and it is not a general. .

    The result is still not able to withstand the unspoken rules of others, and there is a feeling of being played badly.

    Lu Chen in turn comforted her: "Nothing, there are still many opportunities for filming in the future. Director is actually optimistic about me."

    Lu Xibai gave him a look and asked: "How do you know that they are not singing a double spring?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    He can't be 100% sure, but Yan Chengyi should be very sincere.

    Just saying this now, really doesn't mean anything.

    Lu Xi did not want to continue to crack down on his younger brother and said: "I have good news here…"

    Lu Chen spirited: "What news?"

    Lu Xi said: "The new contract on the whale TV side has been basically finalized!"

    The new contract between Lu Chen and [Whale TV] has been negotiated by Lu Xi, and there is a time.

    Now there is a result.

    The differences between the two sides are actually not very big. The desire to continue cooperation is very strong. The main reason is the signing of gold and the duration of the anchor. Lu Xi is striving to get the most benefit for Lu Chen.

    The final result is to suspend the original contract and re-sign a new one-year contract. Lu Chen will become the Celebrity spokesperson of [Whale TV], and the endorsement fee is 3.8 million after tax!

    In addition, the proportion of the share increased by 5%. Lu Chen also participated in the publicity activities related to the website, as well as live broadcast time and exclusive requirements.

    Both parties are very satisfied with this contract.

    The 3.8 million endorsement fee, if combined with personal income tax, is almost close to 5 million.

    In fact, the endorsement fee for external publicity is 5 million!

    Compared with the current value of Lu Chen, this money is definitely more than a lot, which is conducive to the promotion of the coffee position.

    But [Whale TV] will never suffer.

    Lu Chen miraculously rises in [Whale TV], bringing a lot of popularity resources to the platform, and attracting more excellent anchors to join. The effect of publicity advertisement is completely worth the price.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen's future development is limitless, and late signing is definitely not as good as early signing.

    Be a win-win!

    Hearing that there are millions of accounts, Lu Chen is of course very happy.

    The front section time pays off the debt of the family, and at the same time redeems back to the villa of the house, and sells the shares of the crowdfunding network together with most of the liquidity of the studio.

    And studio's daily expenses are not a small amount, there is no problem with this endorsement fee.

    Lu Chen plans to buy a big house in Beijing before the end of the year.

    He still has to work hard to make money and make more money!

    So Lu Chen soon left the audition behind, it was a joke.

    However, things are not as simple as he thinks.

    The next afternoon, when Lu Chen practiced the piano in the studio, Lu Xi came over with a laptop.

    She was annoyed to point the web page opened on the screen to Lu Chen.

    The screen shows the entertainment news of a website. The content is that the second season of the recently launched drama series “City Love” is about to start. The popular new emerging artist artist Jiang Dongjun will star in an important new supporting role.

    Originally, this soft text publicity is very common, and it is everywhere in the major entertainment media and websites. However, this news also specifically mentions Lu Chen, saying that Lu Chen also participated in the audition. As a result, Director was still in the same position as Jiang Dongjun.

    My sister is simply angry and filled with indignation: "They are taking you as a stepping stone and stepping on you to hype!"

    The same entertainment Eight Trigrams news is not only on this website, there are many searched out, including blogs and posts, forums and other places, obviously premeditated speculation.

    Really fucking!

    The clay figurine still has three points of fire, Lu Chen is not an animal without feelings, so that he is stepped on his head like this, how can he not pissed off annoyed?

    Lu Xi asked: "Would we like to make a statement to counterattack?"

    She is really mad.

    Lu Chen suppressed his inner anger and shook his head calmly and said: "No need."

    how to say? He did participate in the audition and was indeed brushed down. Can he say that the other party is playing the unspoken rules?

    This way, there is no dry mouth, but people feel that they can't afford to lose.

    And also gave the other party more opportunities for speculation!

    Lu Xi should understand the truth, but he was only confused.

    Even if it is a counterattack, you need to use a higher and more powerful way!

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "I don't have to pay attention to them for a while, I changed the new drama series and took it!"

    "New drama series?"

    Lu Xi was embarrassed and asked: "Is there another drama crew looking for you?"

    "Of course not…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Sister, we are one's own investment to shoot a weekend drama, how do you see it?"

    Lu Xi suddenly widened his eyes: "One's own investment shot?"

    She feels that one's own brain is a bit messy, or is Lu Chen's brain confused?

    One's own shoot drama series? There is such a simple thing!

    Lu Chen explained: "Of course, I am looking for a strong company to cooperate. I will write the script. I will come to the protagonist and join a part of the studio investment."

    Lu Xi was surprised: "You still write a script?"

    Lu Chen smiled.

    He experienced 3rd Rank in his dreams, Singer Xu Bo, actor Mo Ran, and freelance writer Fang Mingyi, who once wrote the script.

    Moreover, there are many classic TV dramas and Literalature works in the dream world. Through Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi, the vividness and clarity in his memory can be completely copied!

    At present, with his situation, the film with the highest force is not enough for the time being, but there is no problem with the popular series of the best selling, and there is room for operation.

    In particular, the form of the weekend play while playing, can control the cost very well.

    Originally, Lu Chen was planning to accumulate accumulation in the performing arts, and then consider one's own to shoot the drama series or even the movie, but now that he encounters such a situation, he simply plays big.

    Try to support the supporting role, then one's own is the protagonist!

    Lu Xi is more and more unable to understand one's own brother, and the expression is a bit strange.

    Lu Chen couldn't explain too much, so he said, "You can rest assured, I won't mess around."

    叮 铃铃~

His voice just fell, and the cell phone resting on the phono rang.

    Lu Chen picked up the cell phone and watched the call. He made a one's own gesture to answer the sister.

    Lu Xi gave him a look and left the room.

    Calling Lu Chen is his other sister, Fei Jie.

    On the phone, Chen Feier asked straightforwardly: "Are you going to participate in the audition on the side of Austria?"

    Lu Chen didn't think that she even knew about it. She smiled bitterly: "Yes."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Do you know the complexity of the circle now? That Jiang Dongjun is the default, and the investment reputation of Aochuang is not very good. If you really want to shoot a TV drama, I can help you recommend a few reliable friends. ”

    Lu Chen’s heart could not help but have a warmth.

    Chen Feier is obviously concerned about his situation, not only knowing things at the first time, but also inquiring about the inside story.

    He said sincerely: "Thank you, Feijie, I may really need your help. I have a script in my hand that I want to shoot, I want to find a partner."

    Chen Feier curiously asked: "What script?"

    Lu Chen said: "The script I wrote by one's own has not been written yet."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Then you write it first to show me, if the story is ok, I will help you introduce it."

    She obviously does not believe that Lu Chen can write a good script, but the intention of helping is the same.

    Lu Chen said: "That's great, I will invite you to dinner at night!"

    Chen Feier insisted: "There are more people who want to invite me to dinner. You have to come up with sincerity, but not tonight."

    Lu Chen is not discouraged: "Then tomorrow night…"

    He is very sincere.


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