The twenty-second chapter of the heavy weight

    Professor Yin added a cute little sister to his family. The three-year-old Junxi and his father went to the nursery to see his sister Enxi. When the nurse did not pay attention, the mischievous Junxi changed the neighboring small born on the same day. The child's plate, so the two children in the wrong place were transferred.

    After more than a decade, Junxi has grown into a handsome boy, and the wonderful pen Dan Qing has made him a man of the school, and the 14-year-old Enxi is smart and cute, and has won the family's love.

    His brother Junxi loved his sister Enxi, and his brothers and sisters were very affectionate.

    Mother Jinghe’s concern for the only daughter is no longer a problem. A generous family environment, a gentle and caring mother and a good brother all make Enxi the envy of friends in school.


    Paper is ordinary A4 paper, the normal price is 5 cents, the laser prints the Chinese character dpi is very high, the stroke is very clear, the layout is very regular and rigorous, making people feel comfortable.

    The script outline is almost 5,000 words, filled with 5 sheets of paper, printed on paper or printing fees, and the cost is completely negligible relative to the story itself.

    As the business manager of Gande Brothers Film Company, there are not a few scripts that have passed the hands of Lu Yi.

    He deeply understands the value of a good script.

    Lu Yi is one of the veterans of the Gande Brothers Film Company. He first followed the two brothers Zhang Qian and Zhang De to fight the world. In Beijing, this dragon and tiger’s land, the road to the blue sky all the way to the present, experience and eyesight are not Short.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||The name given to him by Lu Chen is called “Blue Life and Death Love”. If you look at the name, you will know that it is an urban romance drama. Since Lu Chen is preparing one’s own to star in the actor, it must be the route of youth idols.
< Br> The beginning of the story is very interesting. The two girls were dropped when they were born. Their fate trajectory will inevitably arouse the audience’s strong interest.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    Lu Yi, the business manager, knows the company's business naturally. For the needs of his work, he has seen at least a thousand movies and TV dramas. The same plot has not been taken.

    As a weekend show, there is an attractive selling point in the opening.

    At present, the development of Domestic's film and television industry is extremely rapid, the IP fever is not high, and the market is extremely prosperous. It also brings many problems, such as the old-fashioned repetition of the theme, the imitation of plagiarism and so on.

    If a drama series is broadcast, then the imitators will flock to it until the similar story routine is completely photographed, and the national intellectual property law has no strict rules on the follow-up behavior, and there is no means to restrict it. Let the market self-mediation.

    So having a good story idea is half the battle.

    Lu Chen’s story, Lu Yi is still very optimistic.

    But as I continued to look at it, he quickly understood why Zhu Minghe was not interested in the script.

    Abuse and sadness!

    This style can be said to be against the trend, too challenging the audience to appreciate the taste.

    Generally speaking, if this kind of countercurrent work is guaranteed to be taken out, it is either hot or big!

    The probability of the latter is much higher than the former.

    The dead film company and Director are not without, basically they can't find the North.

    After so many years of development, the location division of the drama series market has been very clear.

    The current youth idol drama is the comedy, farce and thunder drama route.

    If you want to take a crush, then take a middle-aged drama!

    If you want to cross the border, you must have the consciousness of bearing the failure and losing your blood.

    After carefully reading the outline, Lu Yi felt a toothache.

    The risk is too great. It is like gambling to make this drama. If you win, you can make a big profit. If you lose money…

    There is no reason for Lu Yi to give up immediately. First of all, this is a weekend drama. The cost is very easy to control, and the way of shooting while shooting is not to appear in the situation where no one has collected dozens of results.

    It's like writing a web novel, the subscription is too bad, you can get out of the end in advance – of course, the eunuch must not.

    The other is Lu Chen, the actor, still very selling.

    Lu’s manager’s entanglement, Lu Chen saw clearly and plainly, and smiled bitterly: “I know that this subject is not good.”

    He also regretted a bit. Before writing the script, he did not have a deep understanding of the domestic TV drama market.

    I knew that there would be such a situation. It is better to write "You from the Stars". The production cost perhaps will be much higher, but at least it is easy to find a collaborator.

    However, the thought of regret is just flashing in Lu Chen’s mind. If no one wants to shoot, it’s a big deal for him’s own investment. Of course, this will lead to a significant increase in costs and risks. It is a last resort. .

    Lu Yi smiled: "The subject matter is an alternative point. The story is really good. I think girls should like it."

    After a pause, he asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, if our company cooperates with you, what are your requirements?"

    Lu Yi just heard some conversations between Lu Chen and Zhu Minghe, but it was not very real.

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied: "The requirement is to invest together. I can convert the script and the remuneration into the shares. I don't ask for extra payment. In addition, the heroine has already confirmed, and I hope to recommend a Director. Of course, the candidates for Director can be discussed again."

    Multi-party shares in the film and television drama is the most common way, Lu Yi will certainly not have objections, and Lu Chen will convert the script and the film into an investment, which is also beneficial to the film production company, reducing the investment risk.

    It’s just that Lu Chen wants the actor to say no, but also the heroine, and the Director…

    He couldn't help but frown like Zhu Minghe and asked: "Mr. Lu Chen, which director do you want to recommend?"

    Lu Chen said calmly: "Do you know Fang Hui Director? I want to recommend her. ”

    Fang Hui is a well-known Director of Domestic. She is famous for her dramas that are good at shooting women's delicate emotions. She has also taken many MVs and has a wealth of experience.

    Compared to the real big coffee, she did not sell big red, but the reputation has always been very good.

    Last time Lu Chen and MSN took the MV of "Lover's Unsatisfied", Director is Fang Hui.

    The last shot of this MV was very good. It was taken to the major media by Fei Shi Records, so the album will be so popular on the Music Music. At present, the CD and surrounding crowdfunding are in full swing.

    It is through this cooperation that Lu Chen’s impression of Hui is very good, and the two have had a lot of exchanges. He believes that the latter can fully control the story and can also produce the effect that one's own wants.

    Otherwise, why should Lu Chen insist on this condition?

    "Fang Hui Director!"

    Lu Yi stunned: "I know, although I have not cooperated, but she took the drama series I have seen."

    Lu Yi thinks carefully, Lu Chen's recommendation is not unreasonable, it is reliable.

    Because Fang Hui's shooting style is very suitable for this "Blue Life and Death".

    Lu Chen explained: "In fact, I haven't mentioned this to the Director. I don't know if she has time, so I just recommend it. If you have a better candidate, you can discuss it."

    He originally wanted to discuss with Zhu Minghe of Baolong Film, but the other party did not give the opportunity.

    Lu Yi seems more sincere.

    Lu Yi smiled and said: "Well, let's put aside this question. Who do you choose the heroine?"

    There is a rule in the film and television circle, that is, the big investment in Tianda is the biggest, and the one who pays is the grandfather. Whoever has the most money is Uncle, which must occupy the biggest voice.

    Lu Chen wants the hero to be the heroine. The first thing is that he wants to invest. Otherwise, who will ignore the script alone?

    Lu Yi is very curious about this heroine candidate.

    Lu Chen, who is this person who wants to take it?

    After reading the outline, the heroine in the play is undoubtedly the most colorful and core figure.

    Artists like Lu Chen, who are famous for their young age, also have money. If you want to ask a girl to like it, what can be more romantic and more touching than letting her be the heroine of the drama series?

    Lu Chen hesitated and said: "It is Chen Feier."

    "Chen Feier…"

    Lu Yi read the name subconsciously.

    The next moment, he suddenly widened his eyes, his face showed an unbelievable look: "Which Chen Feier?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The one you can think of."

    Lu Yi was directly paralyzed.

    He is also an old-fashioned character, and there are very few times when he is so rude.

    It is really the news that Lu Chen revealed that it was too shocking.

    Who is Chen Feier? That is the tens of millions of fans in the circle, and the debut of the opera for more than ten years!

    However, Lu Yi soon woke up, and he smiled and became a chrysanthemum.

    If he had only two or three points of grasp on this drama series, it would now jump to seven or eight points.

    A drama series or a movie, there is no two things to join Celebrity, Chen Feier is not an actor, but also guest appearances in several large movies.

    If Lu Chen said that it is true, then this drama will be Chen Feier’s first act as the heroine. The hype of the speculation will be there. At least it is 100% problem-free to sell. It is nothing but high prices. problem.

    With the addition of Chen Feier, the biggest problem of this "Blue Life and Death" has been weakened. As long as it can be seen by her fans, Viewership Ratings has a basic guarantee.

    She is equivalent to a heavy weight, enough to be the key to success.

    If the Gande Brothers Film Company can take over the production of this play, there are too many benefits.

    Even if you lose money, you can't think about it!

    How can Zhu Minghe of Baolong Films miss this opportunity?

    The only answer is that the other party did not give up when talking about Lu Chen.

    Nagande Pictures must not be missed!

    He really wants to laugh, no doubt fortunate that one's own has enough patience and sincerity.

    Lu Yiqiang said that he couldn’t wait to say: "Mr. Lu Chen, I represent Gande Film, and I hope to have a formal negotiation with you on the cooperation of "Blue Life and Death"!"

    Lu Chen indulged for a moment, still nodded: "Good."

    He found that one's own really underestimated Chen Fei's influence. If he talked with Baolong Film, he said that the attitude of Zhu Minghe is different.

    Of course, Lu Chen is just thinking about it.

    Gande Brothers Pictures, perhaps is a good choice.


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