Chapter 222 is speechless

    Countless memories have emerged in Lu Chen’s mind.

    All are memories of Moran.

    The powerful actor in this dream world is deeply reserved, determined, and has outstanding talents.

    But his luck has always been bad, and he has never been a real protagonist.

    Although Mo Ran is very open-minded, Lu Chen knows that it is one of the biggest regrets in his life.

    Is an actor, who doesn't want to be the protagonist?

    Lu Chen once made a vow in his heart to help Mo Yuan achieve his wish in a world of one's own.

    So today's interview is undoubtedly an excellent start!

    His mind is imaginative, but his expression is calm and steady, and his pace is stable and powerful.

    Because Lu Chen knows that as an actor to audition, the first impression left to the Director is very important.

    He does not want to deduct points in this regard.

    The meeting room of the company was not large. In order to audition, the conference table was re-adjusted, leaving enough room for the actors to come to the interview.

    Behind the long table were three men, one woman and four women. They had paper and pens in front of them, and a digital video camera was next to them. Two young men and women stood side by side.

    Lu Chen stood in front of the judges, first gave them a bow, and then said: "Hey, good, everyone is good, I am Lu Chen, please advise!"

    The four judges recognized the director of the "Urban Love".

    After receiving the audition notice, the studio side sorted out the corresponding information for Lu Chen, and there was a photo of Yu Chengyi on the Internet, so he would not admit his mistake.

    When Lu Chen came in, the people present were all bright.

    Compared with the former three guys who were quickly eliminated, Lu Chen's appearance conditions will undoubtedly be stronger. He is tall and handsome, and he is wearing a police uniform and wearing a kind of bloody man.

    In jargon, as for his fan, playing anti-war film or spy war film, wearing the national/military uniforms is the head of my underground workers, the sun is full of anger!

    Most importantly, Lu Chen’s performance is calm and polite, not at all like a newcomer.

    Yu Chengyi was very satisfied. He came to Host today for the audition work, mainly to interview Lu Chen.

    Other people are just a foil, which is a necessary procedure.

    After all, both the company and the investor have requirements.

    For example, the middle-aged woman sitting on the far right with gold glasses is the representative of the largest investor.

    Yan Chengyi didn't have much affection for this. She was a bit worried that she would add one's own.

    Similar things have been done several times.

    But Lu Chen is so good, I believe she has nothing to say!

    "Hello, Lu Chen."

    The Director showed a kind smile and nodded and asked, "Have you seen the script for you?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Yes, I have seen it."

    The contents of the two thin A4 papers are not only seen, but also kept in mind.

    There are several scenes involved, which are part of the audition.

    "That's good…"

    Qi Chengyi pointed to the young men and women standing next to the camera and said, "Then you will try it. They play the heroine and the thief respectively."

    The company has clearly attached great importance to this interview, not only preparing uniforms, but also the people who accompany them.

    In this way, the interviewer does not need air-to-air during the performance, which is conducive to his own level of play.

    Lu Chen nodded: "Okay!"

    The script was in his mind and he tried to figure it out many times. There was no problem in the live performance.

    The assistant sitting next to Yu Chengyi pressed the play button of a digital recorder placed on the table.

    The traffic in the city is immediately ringing in the conference room.

    The men and women who accompanied the men stood apart, and the man was behind the woman’s side, staring at the latter’s bag.

    He slowly extended his hand to the bag.

    The scene of the play is in the subway, the heroine is stared by the thief, and the male is equipped with the police to take action.

    The two became attached to each other and produced emotional entanglements.

    At the moment when the "thief" took action, the look of Lu Chen, standing in a few steps outside, gave a glimpse of the cold eyes, as if the eagle had stared at the fox, and the muscles of the whole body were suddenly tight. !

    "it is good!"

    Yan Chengyi couldn't help but give Lu Chen a compliment in his heart.

    As the so-called expert take action, I know if there is any, Director Cheng has been working for Director for so many years, and the vision of watching people is definitely more profound than the skill of his Director.

    What he was most worried about was Lu Chen’s acting skills, because the latter was not from the class, and even the real actors were not – Lu Chen was the newcomer Singer who just debuted.

    Although Lu Chen has already filmed the advertisement and the MV, it seems that it is not worth mentioning.

    Although "City Love" is a youth idol film, this guide has high requirements for the actors' acting.

    Lu Chen’s demeanor and gaze just seemed to be a subconscious movement, which made him realize that one’s own is afraid to have a treasure today – it feels so good!

    Next, Lu Chen side came over, a dagger I'm free approaching the "thief", his right hand lightning-exposed, grabbed the thief hand that the latter had just retracted, and firmly held it.

    Before the other party reacted, Lu Chen’s left hand had already grabbed his shoulder, and while he was forced to squat back, his right leg swept the knee joint.

    The "thief" was caught off guard and instantly lost his balance. He was put down on the ground by Lu Chen's standard picking action, and his hands were firmly locked!


    Four reviewers were vividly exclaimed.

    Because the script did not require the actor to do such a degree, after grasping, the "thief" would be twisted and pressed to the ground with great cooperation. Where it is completely involuntarily like this, it is controlled by Lu Chen as a puppet.

    "The thief" classmates will not really hurt?

    In fact, their fears were superfluous. Lu Chen controlled the intensity very well. Although the accompanying people were restrained, they did not hurt the points, but they instinctively screamed.

    Lu Chen did not pay attention to the box lunch, took the wallet that had just been stolen from the other hand, and handed it to the woman.

    He smiled: "Miss, is this your wallet?"

    The woman owner was completely stunned, and she did not know how to deal with it. After a while, she was awakened as a dream.

    She blushes through the wallet handed by Lu Chen and whispers: "Thank you."

    Lu Chen did not continue to play, but helped the "thief" who had been forced to help, and helped the other side to pat a few dusty stains on his body. He apologized: "I am sorry, you didn't hurt it?"

    The boxed rice shook his head and his face showed an admirable look: "You are too powerful!"

    Lu Chen smiled and turned to the judges.

    Qi Chengyi raised his hand first, slammed his palm and shot it hard.

    Lu Chen not only satisfied his location requirements for the role of Chen Yaoyang, but also extraordinary excellence!

    Lu Chen’s skill is not a stunt, but a real Kungfu.

    Young and handsome, the first-class acting, and martial arts, is simply the perfect idol Celebrity!

    Ruan Chengyi identified that Lu Chen was Chen Yaoyang.

    The Director even got excited. According to Lu Chen's level, the drama related to him can stretch a few episodes.

    Others followed the applause.

    This has not happened in the previous interview.

    Yu Chengyi let go and smiled: "Very good, I think…"

    "I think…"

    When he did not think of it, he just wanted to express his approval of Lu Chen. The investor who sat on the far right interrupted: "You are not very suitable for the role of Chen Yaoyang!"

    As soon as this statement came out, everyone present was stunned.

    Including Lu Chen.

    Everyone looked at the middle-aged woman with an incredulous look.

    The latter reached out and helped the gold glasses, and smiled at Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, your appearance and acting skills are very good, I also like it very much, but your body is too high, not enough with the female host. and…"

    After a pause, she continued: "The pressure on the actor is too great for the actor, which is not conducive to the overall style of our drama, so it is really regrettable."

    It turned out to be rejected, and it is still the reason…

    Lu Chen was speechless.

    This is not to deny his strength, but to think that his strength is too strong, so he won the game!

    Such a strong reason makes him speechless.

    And Cheng Chengyi’s face is green.

    What is the reason for shit, he chose Lu Chen, what is the effect!

    Viewership Ratings for the first season of "City Love" is normal. Although the second season is renewed and then taken, but to improve Viewership Ratings, there must be highlights or even explosions.

    The role of Chen Yaoyang is the breakthrough point, and it is necessary for actors like Lu Chen to make a splash.

    And Lu Chen's reputation is not small, there are nearly 10 million fans in the Inspur blog.

    This is the guarantee of Viewership Ratings!

    The investor’s representative actually thought that Lu Chen’s wife had taken over.

    It’s just that the brain is in the water!

    If this is a movie, the supporting role is stronger than the protagonist, but as a fast-paced weekend drama, a good supporting role will undoubtedly bring fresh feeling to the audience. Controversy and conflict are good things.

    He categorically said: "The palace manager, I think these are not problems."

    The middle-aged woman still smiles: "Hey, let's put it aside and let the people behind it try it out. If there is no more suitable, then consider Mr. Lu Chen?"

    Yu Chengyi finally understood that what shit pressure is too big, it is clear that the investor has already been selected.

    One hundred percent is waiting for the audition!

    Too much is that the other party has not discussed with him beforehand, and put him at a crucial moment.

    As for the reasons, it is very complicated.

    However, Tianda's big investment is the biggest, annoying investors, and the replacement of Director is simple. The first season of "Urban Love" has been filmed, and his importance to this drama series has not reached an indispensable level.

    Unless the first season's Viewership Ratings are high, it's impossible to ignore his role.

    Yan Chengyi couldn’t help but be disheartened and said with a blank expression: "Just casually."

    This is the biggest protest he can do.


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