The 225th chapter of the sister’s reward

    When receiving a call from Mu Xiaochu, Lu Chen was still in the studio.

    The original live broadcast has been re-engineered to add new equipment and become his exclusive workshop.

    However, Lu Chen did not open the live broadcast at night, nor did he arrange the music, but the code word.

    He is writing a script for the drama series.

    As a graduate of the computer science department of Jianghai University, Lu Chen computer played very slippery, but he did not do anything like writing a book, so he has a fresh feeling, even if he is still full of spirits in the middle of the night.

    Like many of his peers, Lu Chen used to watch online novels online. The online novels of Domestic have developed very rapidly in recent years. No matter the number of authors or the number of readers, they are 100% in the world.

    Fantasy, Xianxia, ​​city, game, military…

    He has seen many popular works, but never thought that one's own also wrote one.

    However, in Lu Chen’s memory, the network of the dream world is equally prosperous. The subject matter is similar, and there are many classics. The inscription is clearly marked in his mind, and there will be no mistakes in one word or one sentence!

    Interestingly, 3rd Rank's memory of life is actually the most fictional online novel.

    Not Fang Mingyi as a freelance writer.

    If Lu Chen did not take the Music route, he would move the works of Dream World to the Internet Heritage website, and it is estimated that he can make a lot of money.

    Art is the same, the same is true for Network Literation!

    The script he is writing now is not a novel that has been made, but the memory of the drama series that has already been seen, the content of the story is rewritten, and the second processing and finishing are carried out.

    As for the experience of writing a script, it comes from Fang Mingyi.

    From yesterday to now, Lu Chen has already coded a 5,000-character syllabus, and there are 30,000 words in the first two episodes!

    At the beginning, his Speed ​​was very slow, and he could complete a thousand words in one hour.

    However, Speed ​​started faster after getting started, and today I knocked out more than 20,000 words on the keyboard.

    According to this Speed, a total of 20 episodes of this drama series will be completed in 10 days.

    He just finished the second episode and the cell phone rang.

    Lin Zhijie?

    As soon as I saw the phone number displayed on the screen, Lu Chen immediately got up and got it up: "What is Lin’s instigation?"

    After the cooperation of the front section time, now he has a good relationship with the Flying Stone Recorder Director, and can make some innocuous jokes between each other, which can be regarded as friends.

    As a result, a shy female voice came from the microphone: "Lu Teacher, I am Xiaochu, are you resting?"

    Mu Xiaochu?

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "Is still working? busy? ”

    Mu Xiaochu obviously breathed a sigh of relief and said: "I am in the company, Lin Director. They are all there. He told me that our album is selling very well, thank you!"

    Lu Chen remembers that this evening is the listing day of MSN's "Lover's Unhappy" album. They and Fei Shi records people are watching the sales results very normal. Yesterday, Lin Zhijie also called.

    It’s just that he is busy writing the script, but he has forgotten it.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are welcome, I am doing money, I really want Congratulations!"

    "Lover's not full" is sold, with the strength of the flying stone record, MSN is bound to fly.

    This is the advantage of having an organization and backstage. Unlike Lu Chen, it is hard to work hard on one's own, trying hard to win the opportunity, and not going to try a mirror is easily brushed down.

    But he won't regret the path chosen by one's own.

    After talking to Mu Xiaochu a few words, Lu Chen hung up the phone.

    He is very clear about why Lin Zhijie asked Mu Xiaochu to call one's own for a good phone call, which is also a good thing for him.

    The better the "Lover's Not Full" is sold, the higher the value of Lu Chen's work.

    In the past, he quoted a dozen, 200,000 or even 300,000 songs. He scared away and did not know how many people.

    Everyone thinks that you are just a small newcomer. Actually, you dare to open a top price. It is a big opening for the lion.

    In addition to the light rain media that tasted the sweetness, basically no one wants to be a big head.

    Therefore, there are very few works that Lu Chen really sells.

    However, the current situation is completely different. With the "The Same Table" as the foundation, plus MSN's hot-selling "Lover's Unsatisfied", there is also a new album of Chen Feier that will be released in a while.

    In the industry, he has erected a high level of force and inserted a flag with one's own name.

    The price can be opened higher, than the big coffee!

    This is not Lu Chen's greed, but the price represents the coffee position, and the coffee position in turn determines the price.

    The two are not commensurate, unless they are other reasons such as human feelings, they will be jokes.

    Ding~dong~ ~

Just when Lu Chen put down the cell phone and prepared to re-engage the third episode script, the outside doorbell rang.


    He was surprised to get up and walked out of the workplace to open the door.

    It’s already past 12 o'clock. At night, in the studio, Lu Chen is alone, and no other employees are there.

    However, in this building, other companies work overtime to midnight, and there are many employees living in the office.

    Maybe which neighbor came to borrow coffee.

    As a result, when Lu Chen opened the door, the person who appeared in front of him made him stunned!

    "Fisher sister?"

    Although the other party had been disguised as a disguise, he still wore sunglasses in the middle of the night, but Lu Chen recognized it at a glance.

    Actually Chen Feier!

    Chen Feier’s hand was carrying a big bag. She took off her glasses with a smile and asked, “Is it not welcome?”

    "Welcome, warm welcome!"

    Lu Chen suddenly felt a spirit, and quickly said: "It's just so late…"

    What did she do in one's own studio?

    Chen Feier shook the bag in her hand and said, "I know you have to stay up late, so I will send you a nightingale."

    Lu Chen’s heart could not help but a warm current.

    From strangeness to familiarity and closeness, the relationship between the two is getting closer and closer, and they are constantly connected.

    The two had just used Feixin to talk, so Chen Feier knew that he worked overtime in studio alone.

    Lu Chen did not expect that she actually sent the nightingale personally.

    Really moved!

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "How silly? Don't you ask me to sit in? ”

    "Come in, come on…"

    Lu Chen quickly took the bag in her hand and led her in and then closed the door.

    Chen Feier came to the workplace with Lu Chen very much.

    Lu Chen studio Chen Feier is not the first time.

    She saw the document displayed on the computer screen at a glance, and she couldn’t help her eyes: "Are you still writing a script?"


    Lu Chen now put the bag down, then moved to the chair and asked her to sit down: "Just write the second episode."

    Chen Feier asked: "Can you print it out and let me see?"

    Of course, this is no problem. The laser printer is equipped in the workplace. Lu Chen printed the completed outline of the story together with the scripts of the first two episodes and showed it to Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier took over the hot paper and said, "You can eat it quickly. If it is cold, it will not taste good."

    Her eyes fell on the black and white words, and her eyes were curious.

    Two days ago, Lu Chen said that he wanted one's own to write the script one's own. When the protagonist, Chen Feier thought that he was annoyed because the audition was brushed, and it was not too serious.

    However, this thick stack of paper shows that Lu Chen is serious!

    This makes Chen Feier very curious, what kind of story will Lu Chen write?

    She never knew that Lu Chen had talent in this area.

    However, his lyrics have been well written.

    Thinking in my mind is a mess, Chen Fei's attention is still concentrated on the manuscript paper.

    The first thing she saw was the play name of the script, called Blue Life and Death.

    This name is a bit special!

    When Chen Feier began to read the outline of the story, Lu Chen was dealing with the nightingale she sent.

    Two McDonald's beef giants, a large cup of fragrant coffee, plus a box of fruit salad, enough for ordinary doubles to share, at this point in the evening if you eat it, it is estimated that it can transform a lot of fat.

    But Lu Chen is different. He has a lot of exercise every day. This calorie can be exhausted tomorrow morning, so there is no need to worry about anything. He eats it quickly and painfully.

    This full-bodied nightingale, Lu Chen only wiped out in 10 minutes, and went to the bathroom to clean the mouth with mouthwash.

    When he returned to the room, he found that Chen Feier’s attitude was wrong.

    Lu Chen asked: "What happened to Fei Jie?"

    Chen Feier’s eyes are red. She shook her manuscript paper and said, “This story is very good…”

    She has finished reading the outline and knows what the story is about.

    "I like it very much!"

    Chen Feier stood up and stared at Lu Chen and said seriously: "If you start shooting, I want to play Yin Enxi!"


    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Yin Enxi?"

    Yin Enxi is the heroine and the sister of the actor!

    Chen Feier said: "How can I not? Is it that I am too old to play this role? ”

    Lu Chen immediately raised his hand and surrendered: "No problem, I can't ask for it!"

    Regardless of the age, Chen Feier's face is young enough, plus proper makeup, playing this role without any problems.

    And if she can join this drama series, then the publicity fee can save tens of millions!

    The most important thing is that you can play the incident with Chen Feier…

    Lu Chen feels one's own. If you don't agree, it will become the big fool of Tianzi No.1.

    When he heard his consent, Chen Feier showed an intoxicating smile. She whispered: "You close your eyes…"

    this is?

    Lu Chen obediently closed his eyes.

    The next moment, he smelled a scent like a blue, and immediately the left cheek was touched by something very soft, slightly wet.

    Then I heard Chen Feier chuckle in one's own ear: "This is what my sister rewards you."

    Lu Chen couldn’t help but feel a hot heart, and immediately opened his eyes and stretched his arms, holding the beautiful woman in his arms tightly in his arms!

    It is unbearable!


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