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Chapter 228

    Lu Chen is very young, and the time for training experience in society is not long.

    But he has a rich memory of life in 3rd Rank, with a heart and eyesight that is much higher than his peers.

    Therefore, Lu Chen can easily see the deep disdain and impatience in the eyes of Zhu Minghe. Obviously, the other party has no idea of ​​real cooperation, so he puts forward various conditions to make him retreat.

    Unless Lu Chen can fully agree to it.

    But how is this possible?

    The request put forward by Zhu Minghe is controlled by Baolong Film. Director and the main actors are determined by them. Most of the funds will be solved by Lu Chen, and the fat will swallow the bones and spit out.

    Lu Chen is not a fool. Don't say anything else. He will not agree with the ending of the changing story.

    In fact, there is no need to talk about it.

    It is normal to have such a situation. However, despite the human relationship, it is still Lu Chen's initiative to go to the door. Baolong Film is not an ordinary film and television production company.

    If Chen Feier came out personally, it would be much better, but she was also a friend who was transferred to help.

    Just relying on Lu Chen's own, obviously not enough weight.

    If he is an ordinary screenwriter, write a script to vote for Baolong Pictures, don't talk about investment and Director actors, I am afraid that even the face of Zhu Minghe will not be seen.

    Entertainment Circle includes film and television circles, all of which are hierarchical, and the level of coffee sets determines the level.

    In this circle, his coffee position is not at all.

    How can Zhu Minghe be treated with solemnity?

    Lu Chen did not feel pissed off or annoyed. After all, his one's own requirements are also very high. If the other party has no opinion, it is not normal. It is nothing more than a price to pay back.

    But now the bargaining has not been discussed.

    Lu Chen patiently listened to Zhu Minghe's comments on one's own, and then indulged, said: "I wish the manager, it seems that the differences between us are a bit big, I really appreciate you taking time to see me, thank you! ”

    Buying and selling is not a matter of righteousness, hello, I am so good, everyone, even if the opinions are not right, there is no need to make a fuss.

    Politely polite and maintain a respectful attitude, then meet again next time, everyone can talk.

    Many newcomers just don't understand this, and they wake up when they hit their heads.

    Lu Chen will not make such a mistake.

    What kind of characters Zhu Minghe is, I understand it as soon as I hear it.

    He regained a good impression on Lu Chen and said with a smile: "You are welcome, Rainbow's sister Li is familiar with our company CEOs. If you have other good scripts in the future, come directly to me."

    “Li Jie” in the mouth of Zhu Minghe is the general manager of Beijing Rainbow Manager Corporation. She is a friend of Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier introduced Lu Chen to Baolong Film through this sister.

    Baolong Films sent Zhu Minghe.

    However, this person's situation is not important, and the problem that Zhu Minghe can abandon the principle will be Lu Chen.

    He did not know that Chen Feier was the real matchmaker.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen is very sensible, so both sides can decent underground.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen stood up and stretched out the action and held a grip with Zhu Minghe: "I hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation next time."

    Zhu Minghe smiled and said: "Polite, goodbye!"

    The two sides bid farewell to this, Zhu Minghe left with the secretary, and Lu Chen continued to stay.

    He meant to call Chen Feier, but the cell phone address book was not pressed after it was turned over to the name.

    Lu Chen instinctively did not want to trouble Chen Feier again.

    Or the big man's self-esteem, but he does not want to make the relationship between the two complicated.

    He slipped the address book to find Chen Jianhao's number and wanted to ask if Chen Da boss had a familiar film company.

    "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen…"

    Just as Lu Chen found Chen Jianhao’s cell phone number, a greeting came from the side.

    Very strange.

    Lu Chen turned his head and couldn't help but saw a thin middle-aged man appearing on his side with a smile.

    The middle-aged man looks like he is in his forties, his skin is dark and his appearance is not good, his eyes are broken, and there are some fangs. When he smiles, he feels a little joyful, but his eyes are full of shrewd colors.

    "What are you?"

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned, he did not know each other.

    The middle-aged man stepped forward and extended his hands to him: "Hello, I am Lu Yi, business manager of Gande Brothers Film Company. Can we talk a few words?"

    Lu Chen quickly stood up and shook hands with the other party: "Hello manager, please sit down."

    The name of Gande Brothers Pictures is equally strange to him.

    Beijing's film and television production companies and studios and other units are too many, especially in the last decade of the entertainment industry, entertainment managers and film production companies seem to be popping up like mushrooms, fiercely vying more and more Big market cake.

    What Lu Chen is curious about is why the Gande film people should take the initiative to find one's own.

    Lu Yi directly unveiled the answer: "I am really embarrassed. I just sat here and heard a lot of conversations with you, Mr. Zhu Minghe. I want to ask if I can see your script?"

    Seeing Lu Chen still has doubts, he smiled and said: "Look at me urgently…Let me introduce myself first!"

    Of course, Lu Yi introduced his identity as one's own. As I said before, what he explained to Lu Chen is the Gande Brothers Film Company, which is played by one's own.

    Gande Brothers Film Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a very young company in the industry, but has invested in a number of film and television dramas, and it also has dozens of contracted actors and artists.

    On the scale and strength, Gande Brothers Film Company has lost a lot of the old company of Baolong Film, but it is not without its advantage, that is, the film and television drama that is best at urban youth idol theme.

    His youth idol drama "My Heart Is Still", which was shot in 2013, has won the National Viewership Ratings of up to 1.7%, which is also considered a Little Fire.

    It is also a coincidence that Lu Yilai’s avant-garde cafe is waiting for customers.

    As a result, the customer did not wait, but he heard the dialogue between Lu Chen and Zhu Minghe.

    He didn't intentionally eavesdrop, but he was interested in Lu Chen's script, and couldn't help but come over and ask.

    Lu Yi said bluntly: "If it is the ordinary screenwriter, then I am definitely not interested. There are no 100,000 in Beijing that can write scripts, but you are different…"

    He smiled and said: "I have heard your song, and I bought your album at Fetion Music, I believe in your talent!"

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen suddenly feels awkward, this is still one's own fans!

    Most of his songs, especially folk songs, have a strong nostalgic color, so it is a circle of fans who have already entered the society and are in the 30s and 40s.

    These fans usually don't chase after powder, but the economy is independent and free. It is an important part of Lu Chen's "The Same Table" in the sales of the Musical Music album.

    Since there is such a source, Lu Chen is very happy to take the outline again and hand it to Lu Yi.

    The business manager of Gande Brothers Pictures Co., Ltd. said that the position is lower, but it is always a chance to be sent to the door.

    Just when Lu Yi carefully read the outline of "Blue Life and Death", Zhu Minghe returned to the company.

    Baolong Films is located in the art park and is close to the avant-garde cafe, just 5 minutes walk.

    When he returned to the company, he went directly to the office – he just received a notice to meet.

    The conference room has already taken a lot of high-level companies, deputy general manager, art director, manager manager, public relations manager, production manager, etc., but the general manager has not come.

    When I saw Zhu Minghe, the manager who had a good relationship with him smiled and asked: "Old wish, where did you go, just no one in your office, not even the secretary, is it…Oh! ”

    He showed a smile that men knew, and the other executives in the room laughed and the atmosphere became very lively.

    Zhu Minghe dumbfounded: "Old Chen, you can run against me!"

    His female secretary was just recruited. The person was very beautiful, but it was assigned to him by the company. It was not his real honey, but it was inevitable that it would be a little bit in the eyes of others.

    Zhu Minghe had to explain: "It is a newcomer that Wang always asked me to contact, Rainbow manager, Li Jie's relationship, wrote the script to shoot the drama series, I just talked about it."

    Old Chen asked curiously: "Who? What script is it, how is it going to talk? ”

    As the head of the manager department, he is particularly sensitive to the new drama, because once the company starts a new drama, the first thing to consider is the artist who signed the contract – Feishui does not flow outside the field!

    And Baolong Film has a big move recently. The theme of this meeting is related to this.

    Zhu Minghe said: "It is a Singer called Lu Chen. It is very young. It is written on the theme of youth idols. I want to be one's own. When the actor has been addicted to the game."

    He said it was a bit concealed, but everyone understood it.

    The production manager said: "Lu Chen? I know that Singer, who has been very strong recently, has also passed the scandal with Chen Feier. The video of his rescue in Hangzhou is full of blogs! ”


    Zhu Minghe nodded and said: "It is him, I was a bit intent, but the script he wrote is a sadomasochism, the woman is finally dead, and he not only wants the actor, but also one's own director and heroine. ."

    Old Chen suddenly smiled and said: "How is this possible!"

    If Lu Chen is a big coffee in the circle, then he can understand and accept such a request.

    But Lu Chen is not, he is a real newcomer in the film and television circle.

    Even new people don't count.

    Lu Chen wants to enter the film and television circle to understand, but he also has to follow the rules.

    Young people really don't know Immense World.

    Zhu Minghe spread his hands and said helplessly: "Yes, so I refused, there is no way to promise."

    The executives here are all very understanding – if Zhu Minghe agreed, it is a joke!

    Just be a joke.

    Including Zhu Minghe, everyone quickly left this matter behind.


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