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The second hundred and twenty-sixth chapter Lu Chen sang to Chen Feier’s song

    Lu Chen never thought about it. One day, one's own can hold this goddess that is loved by thousands of people in his arms.

    Chen Feier's body is very good, the long legs are thin and the flesh and bones are even, and the beauty is like a jade.

    Holding her is like holding the whole world.

    Greatly satisfied.

    Chen Feier did not resist the indecent assault of Lu Chen, but instead leaned her face against the broad chest of the latter, and a sweet smile appeared on her lips, her hands gently covering his waist.

    Xiaoxiao's work room was shrouded in a faint ambience.

    it is more than words.

    After a long time, Chen Feier looked up and slammed Lu Chenjiao and said: "Is there enough?"

    Lu Chen smiled and suddenly lowered her head to kiss her on the forehead.

    Chen Feier’s pretty face is full of redness, and the slender jade fingers are twisted at the waist of Lu Chen, and the strength is not small.

    Lu Chen knows that this is the limit she can bear, and she is reluctant to let go.

    After all, Chen Feier was not a teenage girl, and she quickly recovered from her shame.

    She licked the scattered blue silk hair and asked: "When can you write this script all?"

    Lu Chen took her hand and sat down again and said, "It’s about two weeks or so."

    This "Blue Life and Death" has a total of 20 episodes, which is calculated according to the average number of words of 15,000/set, which is the number of 300,000 words, equivalent to a novel.

    Subtracting the previous one, the average speed of 20,000+ per day is undoubtedly very amazing, but Lu Chen has a memory of the dream world, and there is not much difficulty in writing. It is nothing more than an appropriate changing adjustment in the plot.

    After all, this drama is a Korean drama.

    Chen Feier was surprised: "This is too fast, right. Why are the characters in the drama biased towards the Korean name?"

    Although she is a singer, she is no stranger to the film and television industry. It is not a simple matter to write a script.

    Lu Chen actually wrote a series of episodes in ten days, and it was original content!

    Chen Feier is of course surprised.

    There are also male and female protagonists and supporting roles in the play, Yin Junxi, Yin Enxi, Han Taixi, Cui Xinai, etc., all with Korean style.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's very simple. If this drama is filmed, I want to go back to Republic of Korea."

    Return to Republic of Korea!

    Chen Feier’s look suddenly became a bit odd – she didn’t expect Lu Chen’s ambition to be so big!

    Domestic's fashion culture, popular Musical World and drama series are influenced by the Republic of Korea. For example, the popular idol dramas of the giants and the prostitutes who are popular nowadays are the influence of Korean dramas.

    In recent years, many popular Korean dramas have been introduced to Domestic, which have created high Viewership Ratings.

    The so-called backflow, that is, the drama series taken by Domestic ran to the Japanese and Korean to compete for the market.

    The returning dramas that can be successful in Japanese and Korean are basically well-made and hugely invested historical dramas, as well as dramas such as the Xianxia drama.

    Domestic has a large number of youth idol dramas, and there are precedents for returning to Japanese and Korean, but there is no way to watch the streets.

    The reason is very simple. These routines are left by others. How can there be a market?

    Therefore, in Chen Feier's view, Lu Chen is a bit whimsical, not to mention that he wrote a rare sadistic drama.

    The youth idol dramas that are now selling are all happy reunions!

    Chen Feier likes this story very much. She has accumulated and precipitated life, and she understands the tragedy of Strength.

    The mainstream audience of youth idol dramas is the young man of "glass heart"!

    Seeing that the protagonist is being abused a little bit, it is possible to be overwhelmed. Like popular online novels, not many authors write tragic tragedies – so the guys who write are so poor to have dinner.

    Most of the family-loving women who like to abuse the drama are watching urban emotional dramas such as the middle-aged crisis, disagreement between the mother and the child, urban-rural conflicts, and so on.

    As a youth idol drama, "Blue Life and Death" is really too abused!

    Chen Feier believes that this story is very good, willing to support Lu Chen to shoot out, but also one's own as the heroine.

    But she doesn't have much expectations for Viewership Ratings – it can be successful if it is broadcast on TV.

    Of course, Chen Feier didn't want to fight Lu Chen's enthusiasm and confidence. She knew the grievances suffered by Lu Chen's audition last time. So what is the relationship now, even if it is a wayward one?

    So the queen said earnestly: "I know the President of the Republic of Korea KGS TV station and can help."

    Chen Feier has participated in China-South Korea and China-Japan Song Festival many times. The Republic of Korea's third-largest TV station, KGS, is the organizer of the China-South Korea song club. She also has a lot of fans and popularity in the Republic of Korea.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I just think about it. First of all, I have to shoot the drama, and I should exercise one's own."

    "In fact, I didn't have much confidence, but now there is Meier, you are willing to be the heroine. I think how can I add one or two National Viewership Ratings?"

    Chen Feier was suddenly teased by him, and couldn’t help but glance at him: "talkative!"

    One or two national Viewership Ratings, that is the very red drama series, now it is not in the 80s and 90s.

    She said: "I will contact you with a powerful film and television company first. Since it is a weekend drama, the script is not so fast, you can write it while you shoot."

    The biggest feature of the weekend drama is that the production flexibility is very high. After the first few episodes are finished playing, you can change the story and characters behind the audience according to the response.

    Now, the weekend drama of Domestic is very mature. The experienced film and television companies have a complete production process, and the high-tech post-production editing, in addition to the cost of the film, the cost is much lower than before.

    What is really not easy is how to push the finished product into the market – first there must be a buyer.

    Beijing's film and television drama companies are a lot of people. The practitioners who eat this bowl of rice don't know how many, and the resources of each David TV station are very limited. There are not enough connections. It is undoubtedly a dream to play on the hot channel.

    Even for online dramas, big websites with high click-through rates are also very picky.

    Of course, Chen Feier is the heroine. "Blue Life and Death" is even a dramatist, and it will never fall to the point where nobody cares, but one or two national Viewership Ratings really dare not think about it!

    Lu Chen nodded by holding her hand, although she did not say thank you, but her eyes were enough to explain everything.

    If there is no Chen Feier to help, then it is really not easy for him to find a reliable partner. After all, he is just a Singer instead of a famous actor. There is no one's own network in the film and television circle.

    If you don’t understand the rules and trades, you will get into it. It’s too easy to be brought to the ditch, and it will be the result of the gray face.

    Lu Chen is not afraid of difficulties, but will not refuse Chen Feier's help.

    Because he has the ability to repay the human condition.

    This "Blue Life and Death" is the beginning of his march into the film and television circle.

    Being looked at by Lu Chenyin with deep affection, Chen Feier suddenly felt shy, she said softly: "Lu Chen, you sing a song to me, I will go back after listening."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Good."

    Chen Feier’s eyes are bright and bright: “I want new song, I have never heard of it.”

    She knows that Lu Chen has a short time, but the feeling of Lu Chen has always been mysterious.

    Lu Chen seems to be like a huge treasure house. No one knows how much wealth is buried inside.

    It is this mystery that attracts her, so she can't help but want to be close, want to explore the secret!

    Lu Chen nodded: "Good!"

    He took the guitar placed next to him and hugged it in his arms.

    Although it is not easy to play the level just after a full meal, this song does not require too much skill.

    "The name of this song is called…"

    He looked at Chen Feier and said: "Lu Chen sang to Chen Feier's song."

    Lu Chen sang to Chen Feier's song?

    Chen Feier couldn't help but smile. She leaned over and supported her elbows on the table. The right hand held the toon, and the long blue silk hair inadvertently fell down the 10,000 kinds of styles!

    Lu Chen was almost confused.

    Fortunately, he was a bit resistant to the sister and coughed a prelude.

    "I want to take you everywhere to fly,

Travel around the world to watch,

No troubles, no sadness,

Freedom and freedom of mind and body.

    Forget the pain and forget about the place,

Let’s go together to wander,

Although there is no Huaxia beauty clothes,

But my heart is full of hope.

    We have to fly to that distant place to have a look,

The world is not so bleak.

    We have to fly to the distant place to look at it.

This world is still a piece of light!


    This song is in the memory of Lu Chen, and the name is "The Song of Zhang San".

    It has been sung by many famous Singer and has different styles, but the ordinary and simple tunes that touch the deepest part of the heart of the people are unchanged.

    Lu Chen gave this Singing to Chen Feier and sang the passion of his heart.

    Simple accompaniment, soothing melody, no gorgeous performances, no deliberate skills, clean and pure!

    Chen Feier was infatuated.

    Although she has not experienced the vicissitudes of life, she has already seen the prosperity and embarrassment of the world, but she never knows that there is such a pure and warm Voice in this complicated world.

    This is a kind of voice that people can't help but stop and want to travel freely like a dandelion.

    Perhaps after many, many years, at that time her perhaps did not join hands with Lu Chen, but she will never forget this late night, heard here, such a song!

    The name of the song is: Lu Chen sang to Chen Feier's song.


I want to take you everywhere to fly,

Travel around the world to watch,

No troubles, no sadness,

Freedom and freedom of mind and body.

    Forget the pain, forget the sadness,

Let’s go together to wander,

Although there is no Huaxia beauty clothes,

But my heart is full of hope.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||We have to fly to the distant place to have a look,

The world is not so bleak,

We have to fly to the distant place to look at it,

The world is still a piece bright!



Note: “The Song of Zhang San” lyrics: Zhang Zishi / Composer :Li Shouquan

PS: I attended the class reunion today and was filled with too much wine. I really couldn’t figure out the second chapter. I owe everyone a bit more, I am sorry, please forgive me.(|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||To be continued~^~. )

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