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The second hundred and twenty-four chapter big sale

    On November 5th, the MSN girl group of Fei Shi Records officially released its debut album "Unloved Lovers".

    The production and publicity cost of this album is more than tens of millions. It is the annual heavyweight of Fei Shi Records. The online sales are exclusively licensed to the partner Feixin Music, and the CD and peripheral product crowdfunding is launched on the crowdfunding website!

    The sales model of "Lover's Unsatisfied" can be said to be exactly the same as Lu Chen's "You at the same table", but Fei Shi Records is very confident to advance the crowdfunding project to the online sales, and to pay a heavy publicity.

    "You at the same table" can be said to have created a new marketing model for the Music album. Lu Chen Studio has not only earned an enviable "Platinum Record" certification, but also made a very profitable profit.

    Today's popular Musical World, it is already very difficult to make money by selling albums alone. The hot sale and big sale of "The Same Table" is an odd number. You must know that Lu Chen has no money at publicity.

    The outside world has estimated the profit of his album, at least 3 million+!

    This makes people very jealous, and also makes crowdfunding network become the scent of many entertainment Manager Corporation. After "The Same Table," the album and the surrounding area are pre-funded on crowdfunding network. Not a few.

    "Lover is not full" is not the second album pre-funded in crowdfunding network, but it showed a rainbow-like momentum at the beginning of the project.

    After the front section time, the strong publicity of the flying stone record, the wide-ranging promotion of the main song MV, three beautiful and beautiful young girls, a fascinating "lover is not full", making this woman group in the rapidly Be popular, circle a lot of fans in advance.

    So at 7:00 on the 5th, when the album "Lover's Unsatisfied" began to be sold at Fetion Music, the number of purchases was simply explosive. The madness of the momentum made the insiders stunned.


Time has passed midnight, and the small conference room of Fei Shi records is still brightly lit.

    More than a dozen middle and high-level personnel including Music Director Lin Zhijie, the public relations department, manager department, marketing department and other leaders gathered together, as well as Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu were all present.

    Everyone's eyes are all staring at the large projection screen hanging from the wall.

    When the time displayed by the computer jumped to zero, and the sales volume of the Fetion Music network was fixed at 31525, the conference room suddenly burst into a long and warm applause!

    From 7 o'clock to 12 o'clock in the evening, just 5 hours, "Lover's not full" sales exceeded 30,000 +!

    According to this growth momentum, the first day sales exceeded 50,000 without any problems, and if the word of mouth is excellent, the sales data for the next two days is worth looking forward to, and it is reasonable to say that you are more than "the same table."

    Although it is not possible to break the record of the first day sales of Fetion Music's album, the sale of "Lover's Unsatisfied" has become a foregone conclusion, and there is no pressure in the hearts of people in the place.

    Lu Chen’s "You at the Same Table" makes more money, and everyone looks at it in his eyes.

    The sales on Fetion Music can surpass this miraculous folk song album, not only representing a large profit, but also a real popularity of influence.

    Fei Shi Records never expects to earn the cost by selling the album. The key is that the MSN brand, once it starts, represents the money, it is the golden money tree!

    The opening is so perfect.

    Lin Zhijie leaned back into the soft chair with a tight body and a smile on his face.

    He made a gesture to the assistant not far away.

    The latter eagerly mentions the champagne that is already ready to be placed in the ice bucket.

    Not many people know how much pressure the Music Director of the Flying Stone record has recently suffered. On the MSN, the Celebrity brand he founded and led, he can bet on one's own career and reputation.

    MSN Cheng, Lin Zhijie's position in Fei Shi Records is as stable as Taishan, and there is even further possibility.

    MSN defeated, Lin Zhijie only had the result of retreat.

    This gamble, he has seized a flush, it is worth celebrating!

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu three girls hugged each other, they laughed, and all of them were red eyes.

    During this time, they also made unparalleled efforts for this album.

    The three girls are also very clear about how much resources and funds the company has invested in one's own.

    Now I can finally enjoy the joy of victory!


A cork stopper was sprayed into the air with a white foam, and the smell of champagne was flowing.

    A glass of wine was handed over to everyone, and the executives of these flying stone records whispered and the atmosphere was harmonious.

    Lin Zhijie was not stunned by the temporary victory. He drank his drink and said to the assistant: "Open the comment area and see how the fans evaluate the album!"

    Sales data is of great importance, and evaluation of word of mouth is also indispensable. If the evaluation is not high, it is normal to have a large dip in sales.

    The assistant quickly held the wireless mouse and clicked on the comment area of ​​the album "Lover's Unhappy".

    Although the sales time is only 5 hours, the comments in the comment area have reached 20,000+.

The most striking thing is the score of this album – 9.1 points.

    Absolutely high score!

    Those who are eligible to rate and comment are all members of the album, and their opinions are important to MSN.

    This high score, instantly cleaned the last trace of Lin Zhijie's heart!

    "This album didn't disappoint me. I gave 7 points and three girls gave +1 points. The total score is 10 points!"

    "Very nice, especially the main song is just a hundred!"

    "Hundreds of listeners don't get tired of +1, this single "Lover's not full" is worth 8 yuan to buy a lossless sound version."

    "Like MSN, like "Lover is not full" and like "Love"!"

    "My favorite is "He still doesn't understand", it's written very well, and it sings very well."

    ""Lady is not full", "Love" and "He still doesn't understand", this album has three songs nice."

    When this comment was selected by Lin Zhijie's assistant, the two flying stone records of the authors present at the scene, can not help but look a bit awkward, revealing a bit shy.

    "Lover's not full", "Love" and "He still doesn't understand" three songs, it is Lu Chen's work for MSN tailored, "Lover's not full" as the main character needless to say, the other two songs are also fine The work.

    At the beginning of this album, Fei Shi records inside Lin Zhijie insisted on the invitation to Lu Chen. The main objection is that Lu Chen’s price is too high. A song of 300,000 is simply a slaughter.

    Especially for the signing authors of Fei Shi Records, the complaints and dislikes are the most.

    However, Lu Chen used a "lover is not full" to reflect his value and suppressed all opposition.

    In the end, Lu Chen not only wrote three songs to MSN, but also joined the ranks of producers.

    Just paying him a reward, it is more than 1 million!

    It seems that this money is too expensive.

    It's not that the other authors' works on this album are very bad, but compared with Lu Chen's songs, they are undoubtedly inferior to the quality, but the quality is not good.

    At this point, paid listeners have the highest judging power.

    "Did you notice? These three songs are all written by Lu Chen to MSN! ”

    "Yes, I saw it in the lyrics. The songs are Lu Chen's works, and they are worthy of the Prince of Music!"

    "Lu Chen + MSN, Perfect!"

    "The flying stone record is too dark, there is no single download, otherwise you can only buy three songs."

    Seeing this comment, Lin Zhijie was dumbfounded.

    And many company executives looked at Lin Zhijie with admiration, because it was Lin Zhijie who decided to sell only the entire album, not single retail, and had a foresight!

    Single retail can increase profits, so that some members who do not spend more money to buy, but single sales will not be counted in the gold record certification, how to choose, then there are different opinions.

    Lin Zhijie's decision undoubtedly guarantees the sales of the entire album, and the word-of-mouth is so good. [Platinum Records] has already fallen into the bag, and can also compete for the best new album of the year or the best female group!

    For a newcomer combination, such a start can no longer be higher.

    At the same time, Lin Zhijie also regrets.

    Originally, he invited Lu Chen to come over at night. Unfortunately, Lu Chen’s work was too busy to give up the rumors.

    Another regret is that Lu Chen did not write two more songs at the beginning, so it was really perfect!

    "The lover is not full", "love" and "he still does not understand" three songs on the original sound list is not a problem, but a little bit too much sound, add five to see it.

    However, Lin Zhijie was quickly amused by the idea of ​​one's own. To know the situation at the time, he was under tremendous pressure to invite three songs to Lu Chen. The five songs were approved by the company in any case.

    But the previous regret can make up for it.

    He can't wait to get out of the cell phone, ready to call the already familiar number.

    But thinking about it, Lin Zhijie called all the MSN girls.

    He handed the cell phone to Mu Xiaochu and said: "Xiaochu, you will call Lu Chen Teacher now, first report the results to Lu Chen Teacher, and then all three of you should thank Lu Chen Teacher!"


    Mu Xiaochu did not think too much, happily took the cell phone, and skillfully typed Lu Chen's cell phone number.

    This is Lu Chen's private number, and the call filter is set, only the friends in his address book can get through.

    Su Jiajia and Ning Yu are not among them.

    Including MSN's manager, senior officials of several companies watched Mu Xiaochu, who was calling Lu Chen, and they all showed a smile.

    Everyone knows that the relationship between Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen is the best.

    By this relationship, then the second and third of MSN in the future…More albums are still a problem?


First, send it, request subscription support! ! ! (To be continued~^~. )

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