Chapter NO. 220 Phase

    Forget the grass in the bar of Houhai, no matter the scale or fame is not the biggest.

    But the business has always been good, with a fixed number of old customers.

    Before the opening of the bar, the boss Chen Jianhao was considered to be a good person in the circle. The network and reputation were quite good. Therefore, several Celebrity artists could be invited to come over and raise the reputation and style of the unforgettable grass.

    However, what he can invite is basically two C-lists and even lower-level Singer, which is undoubtedly an extra surprise for the guests, because Chen Jianhao never relies on the invited insiders to be the advertised gimmicks. Naturally, there will be no increase in fares and charges, and even the sale of tickets.

    This is quite different from other peers who use Celebrity artists as cash cows.

    So it’s not unusual to see the celebrity Singer playing in the Forgetting Grass, but the evening's situation is completely different!

    Because on the stage, it is Chen Feier, it is a very high day in the circle!

    Under normal situation, she would not appear in such a small place as forgetting the grass, the whole sea after the sunhaps is also blue lotus is reluctant to invite her to visit, but also have to take a look at luck.

    Now Chen Feier was invited not only by Lu Chen, but also sang a fascinating work.

    Sing so beautiful, emotional!

    "Since this river is just a legend, the world melts the stars and engulfs it!"

    When Chen Feier sang the last two lyrics, when Lu Chen’s piano accompaniment only left the remnant, more than two hundred guests in the forgetful grass could no longer restrain the excitement and excitement, and Simultaneously applauded in unison!

    Their warm and enthusiastic applause seemed to be to overturn the roof and pass through the glass window to the pedestrian street outside.

    Many pedestrians stopped and turned to look at it.

    Such a lively scene is very rare in the bar of Houhai.

    Lu Chen stood up and smiled at Chen Feier.

    Although there is no dialogue, everything is in the air.

    Chen Feier said with a slight restraint, said softly: "Thank you…"

    "Sing another song!"

    There are guests begging, even pleading: "Too nice!"

    This opportunity is too rare!

    His words have been resonated by many people, and the applause is enduring.

    However, Chen Feier had already enjoyed herself. She smiled and shook her head and waved at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen knows that she is leaving, saying goodbye to one's own.

    He nodded.

    Chen Feier blinked, her face smiled softly, then turned around and walked at a light pace, as if the elves in the dream disappeared into people's sights, leaving a graceful figure.

    Lu Chen did not send Chen Feier and did not leave with her.

    Because her identity is exposed, it is not appropriate to stay here again. It is to avoid the boring anecdote happening again. After all, there are so many people on the scene who have taken out the cell phone.

    The customers in the grass are considered to be of good quality. Under the excitement, they still violate the regulations of the bar.

    It is not allowed to take pictures and photographs here, but the waiters are unable to persuade so many violators.

    Chen Feier’s Charm is too powerful!

    Lu Chen does not need to worry about her departure, assistants and bodyguards are there, and there is a small sect leaving the bar in the background.

    Although there is a little regret, but tonight, for him, it is already perfect.

    Lu Chen turned around and said to the disappointed customers: "Fei sister is gone, then I will sing a few more songs."

    The feeling of loss of everyone was instantly reversed.

    Self-conduct can't be too greedy, can hear Chen Fei's live singing and is still a new work, it is already a big Luck, can't force too much.

    Soon Lu Chen is still there, and I will continue to sing, enough to have a good fortune!

    Therefore, the commotion in the bar subsided in the blink of an eye, and the guests returned to their seats.

    Some people are secretly speculating that the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is so good…

    Is the anecdote between the two really true?


    "Is this true?"

    At the same time, in the Jinhui Building, a dozen kilometers away from the Houhai Forgetting Grass Bar, in an office of the Austrian Film and Television Production Company, Yan Chengyi stared at the video screen on the computer display, revealing an unbelievable look.

    Aochuang Film & TV is a medium-sized film and television production company. It has been established for 15 years, and it is a small name in the industry. It has invested in shooting a lot of Viewership Ratings.

    Qi Chengyi is one of the drama series Directors signed by Altron Films.

    The middle-aged man who is about to reach the end of his life is full of burly Voice, with a big eyebrow and a big face, and a black-haired hair combed perfectly and perfectly, with a bit of majestic atmosphere.

    Anyone familiar with 阎Director knows that he is very personal, and there are very few times when he is out of tragic.

    But now I just watched a video. It’s like seeing a ghost, and I’m asking, “Isn’t it really a stunt?”

    He just finished the filming work this morning and returned from the location. In the evening, he went to the company to work overtime to handle the work accumulated during this time. At the same time, he also selected several actors from the database.

    As a result, his assistant recommended him to the newcomer who was very popular recently.

    The name of the other party is Lu Chen.

    Yu Chengyi did not have any impression of Lu Chen. For the past six months, he was busy with the shooting of the drama series “Urban Love”, and he usually did not pay attention to the Eight Trigrams news in the circle.

    But the video that the assistant gave him gave him the most profound impact on Lu Chen’s moment.

    In the video, Lu Chen's undressing and flying, and then hitting the kicker is really shocking, making people feel unreal, like shooting a movie.

    Qi Chengyi is not skeptical about the authenticity of the video. The things happening in Hangzhou are so sensational, even if he is busy with work, he has heard it, but he only saw the live video until today.

    Suddenly shocked.

    Yan Chengyi’s assistant smiled and said: “The boss, of course, this is true. I’ve got a lot of newspaper headlines, and I’ve been brushed to the hot list in the wave blog. It’s still very red now!”

    Yan Chengyi smiled and reached out and combed one's own hair. He sighed: "According to your young people's words, I really want to OUT. I really want to pay more attention to the network."

    He also has a V number in the Inspur blog, but it is basically not used, and the assistants are taking care of it.

    The assistant complimented: "Boss, you are not outdated, still young!"

    Yan Chengyi smiled and waved his hand. He didn't eat the assistant and flattered. He asked with temptation: "Guo Zi, then you want him to try Chen Yaoyang's role?"

    The assistant replied calmly: "Yes, I think Lu Chen is very suitable for the role of Chen Yaoyang."

    As the most effective and trusted assistant of Qi Chengyi, Guo Ziping is often not asked by some small D-lists or even small Celebrity artists of the 5,680-line line. He wants to take a role in the drama series of Yu Chengyi. .

    If the timing is right and the role is right, Guo Zi does not mind recommending to the guide. He can get a lot of benefits and even extra enjoyment, which is the biggest source of extra money.

    Qi Chengyi is actually well-informed, but Guo Zi knows how to score, and he never makes a self-proclaimed decision for him. He does not exceed the authority of the assistant, so he is happy to be confused.

    Don't give the sweetheart the benefits of the people, who is willing to do things with loyalty?

    However, the role of Chen Yaoyang is different. It is an important supporting role for the second season of "Urban Love". It affects the Viewership Ratings of this series to a certain extent. It is impossible for him to carelessly!

    "Urban Love" is the key weekend drama of this year, and the investment is huge.

    The so-called weekend drama refers to episodes that are played on Saturday and Sunday nights, usually one night.

    After entering the new century, Domestic's film and television drama industry has been greatly impacted by foreign cultures. The popularity of Japanese and Korean in Europe and the United States has been popular in the domestic market, which has brought great changes to the whole industry.

    The appearance of the weekend drama is a good example. It combines the characteristics of American drama and Korean drama. It is produced in the form of side-by-side broadcast, and Viewership Ratings is used to determine the number of shots.

    If the viewer rating is high, then you will take more shots. In the first season, there will be the second and third seasons…

    As long as the TV station is selling well, it will be fine for the ten seasons!

    But if the Viewership Ratings are not good, then it might be a tenth episode to break it, and it’s not a bad deal.

    For film and television production companies, shooting weekend dramas has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    Yu Chengyi is the director of "City Love". So far, he has finished all 24 episodes of the first season and played 18 episodes on TV. Viewership Ratings is OK, at least worthy of investors.

    Affected by American dramas, weekend dramas require high and short-term capital investment. In order to control risks, film and television production companies such as Aochuang will introduce investors to share the pressure.

    "Urban Love" has been determined to start shooting, the company has put forward higher requirements, and the screenwriter has added more new characters in the new book. Therefore, the selection of actors has become the most important task of Yu Chengyi.

    What he is worried about is that Guo Zi is out of order and brings trouble to one's own work.

    This is what the guide can't stand!

    "Boss, I don't know this Lu Chen…"

    Guo Zi quickly shouted: "Is Chen Yaoyang's location not a young and handsome policeman? You see Lu Chen’s skill is very good, right? He is 100% martial, taekwondo or free to fight anything, and…"

    He controlled the mouse and opened another video: "You look at his personal image again!"

    Guo Zi opened the MV "Lover's Unsatisfied" by Lu Chen and MSN.

    In this MV, Lu Chen plays the male god student who plays the opponent drama with Mu Xiao, which is a true performance.

    His sunshine is handsome, and there is a natural interpretation, so that Yan Chengyi can't help but brighten his eyes.

    The Director made a film on the spot: "That would contact Lu Chen and ask him to participate in the audition of the day after tomorrow!"

    Yan Chengyi feels that Lu Chen has a kind of temperament that meets the requirements of one's own.

    Chen Yaoyang is him!


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