Chapter 251 looks at your eyes

    This was a feast until the end of 9:00.

    Zhong Yuezhong's director has a very large amount of alcohol. He and the assistants joined forces to resist the turn of Zhang De and Lu Chen. The red wine drank four or five bottles, but in the end it was only seven or eight minutes of drunkenness.

    Gande has already booked a room and lives in this hotel.

    Lu Xi followed Lu Chen to the business suite where he lived, and Chen Feier.

    Both sisters drank a lot of wine, their faces were red, and they were sitting on the sofa with their eyes blurred and talking about whispers.

    Although Lu Chen also drank a lot, but now his amount of exercise is exercised, so the consciousness is very clear, and they burned the boiled tea to sober up.

    Busy, Lu Xi suddenly said: "Lu Chen, you sit down first, I have something to ask you!"

    Her look is very serious.

    Lu Chen was amazed, still sat down: "How come sister?"

    "what's wrong?"

    Lu Xi’s face sneered a sneer. She looked at Chen Feier, who was drunk and awkward, and asked: “You honestly, are you in love with Feier’s sister?”


    Chen Feier was still not drunk to listen to the words, and suddenly her face was blushing to the point where she was bleeding.

    Although there are a few friends who know the true relationship between the two, Lu Xi is Lu Chen’s sister, the closest relative.

    This is totally different.

    Lu Chen was silent for a moment, and suddenly took Chen Fei's hand and replied earnestly: "Yes."

    "it is as expected!"

    Lu Xi suddenly felt discouraged.

    She had long suspected the relationship between the two, and now it has finally been confirmed.

    It feels a bit strange.

    In Lu Xi's heart, Lu Chen is always the troublesome who likes to run behind one's own ass. She needs family care and care. This is the most important reason why she came to Beijing to help Lu Chen.

    And now my sister suddenly found out. The one brother of one's own has really grown up, not only has one's own career. And also found his life partner.

    Why is Chen Feier?

    Lu Xi’s feeling is very untrue – one’s own must have a younger brother?

    Really want to say, she is still Chen Feier's fans!

    Lu Xi is proud of Lu Chen, because her brother is good enough, but also has a touch of loss and sorrow.

    When Lu Chen holds Chen Fei's hand and admits Lu Xi to the relationship between the two, the sweetness of Chen Fei's heart is exploding, and the eyes will overflow with water, and the soft and soft can't be said.

    As a day in the popular Musical World, she never felt inferior, but after establishing a relationship with Lu Chen. However, it is inevitable that I am suffering from a loss of thoughts, for fear of emotional ups and downs.

    Now those unreasonable minds are gone!

    Lu Chen felt the intention of Chen Feier at this moment, and couldn't help but clench her little hand.

    Lu Xi looked in his eyes and said: "Fei Erjie, then you have to look at Lu Chen in the future, he will provoke girls." When I was in college…"


    Lu Chen throat itching: "Sister!"

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "Lu Xijie, I will."

    She smugly glanced at Lu Chen, as if to say, "This is the way to grab your handle!"

    Chen Feier is a few years older than Lu Xi, but because of Lu Chen’s relationship, in order to reflect her closeness, she also followed Lu Chen’s sister, and she did not need to care about her identity.

    She broke away from Lu Chen’s hand. Holding Lu Xi’s arm said: "Lu Xijie. In the evening, you sleep on my side, tell me about him. How are you? ”

    Lu Xi finally smiled: "Good!"

    So the two got up and went away, leaving the dumbfounded Lu Chen.

    The next morning, everyone gathered again in the hotel and took the vehicles provided by Gande to the film and television city.

    Accompanied by many parties, Zhong Yue first visited the drama crew of "Blue Life and Death", and then carefully watched the top three episodes that had been filmed.

    Although the original video provided by the drama crew is not post-edited and dubbed, but Zhong Yue is the director of the program of Haijin Satellite TV. The audit series he reviewed does not know how many sets, and he has already refining a pair of sharp eyes. .

    The script of "Blue Life and Death" includes the chapter of the same name novel that Lu Chen updated on the blog every day. Zhong Yue has already seen it, but the script novel and the drama series are two different things.

    Very good scripts and stories, bad things are done by bad directors and actors, abound!

    Although Haijin Satellite TV has decided to introduce this drama series, Zhong Yue still comes with a cautious look – he is responsible for one's own work.

    The result of the review made Zhong Yue really surprised.

    This drama series has the potential of red!

    The story of the top three episodes is quite attractive. The beginning of the wrong baby brings suspense, and the emotional story of exchanging life has a strong desire to continue watching.

    Most importantly, Lu Chen’s performance after the third episode is amazing!

    That's right, it's amazing!

    Since Lu Chen launched "Blue Life and Death Love", since writing the script and starting the protagonist, the Voice that has been questioned outside the circle has disappeared. As a young Singer who just debuted, can he also act?

    It is widely believed that Lu Chen’s drama series should be a face-to-face show. Like many so-called youth idol dramas, the protagonist and supporting role are all new emerging artists, not relying on acting to brush the face and show the body to suck powder. .

    He is better than others, nothing more than catching up with Chen Feier!

    Now Zhong Yue discovers that this statement is ridiculous. Lu Chen’s acting is no less inferior to the famous actors from the class, and even one of the biggest highlights in this drama series.

    In contrast, Chen Feier’s acting skills are a bit worse, and they rely on styling to make up for it.

    In addition, Director Fang Hui's grasp of "Blue Life and Death" is undoubtedly in place. The picture has the delicate and pure beauty of the female Director, which reflects the atmosphere of the story.

    To say that the shortcomings are not without, it is possible to do this step enough to make Zhong Yue look at each other.

    This also made him more determined to win the first broadcast right!

    After seeing the original film, everyone had dinner together at noon, and came to a music production company in Jinling in the afternoon.

    According to the scheduled plan, Lu Chen and Chen Feier will cooperate to record the theme song of "Blue Life and Death Love".

    This theme song will be used as a material for the drama series publicity along with the makeup photo and the trailer.

    The local music production company in Jinling has a high-standard recording studio. It is a relationship with Fei Shi records. It has been devoted to a half-day time to record this song.

    The arrangement and accompaniment of the theme song is also the help of Lu Chen, Lin Zhijie, and the overtime work on the Fei Shi record.

    When Lu Chen and other squads rushed past, the studio of the company was already ready, and waiting for the two to enter the shed to record.

    Although this shed is the largest and the best equipment in Jinling, it has not received such a big coffee as Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier debuted for more than ten years and didn't know how many recording studios she ran. This has no effect on her.

    Lu Chen has also exercised.

    The two men brought the monitor headphones into the shed and started the first recording under the scene of the camera.

    The theme song of "Blue Life and Death" was carefully selected by Lu Chen and took care of Chen Feier's request.

    This song will also be included in her new album.

    The men and women in Lu Chen’s memory sang Love Song a lot, but it’s not easy to find a piece that fits this story. The final choice can’t be said to be perfect, at least in terms of style and feeling.

    The name of this song is called "Your Eyes."

    Under the accompaniment of Music, Lu Chen first voiced: "Love you forgot to wake up, I would rather close my eyes…"

    "Without this life, this world will not sleep,

You are my future life.

    Love is desperate,

Happy people don’t travel far,

Broke the spring and go to the autumn to search hard,

I would rather drift with you.

    Don't let your eyes,

See the sadness of the world again,

In the wind and rain, they live together.

Kiss your heart with my pain!

    Look at your eyes,

There are too many tears,

Distressed the hardships of your every step of love,

The dream of suffering is especially true! ”

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier, you have a period of me, and then sing together, with a very tacit understanding.

    Lu Chen's Voice, as clear and clean as crystal, does not stain a little bit of dust.

    Chen Feier’s voice is like a scorpio, affectionate and affectionate, with a touch of sadness and embarrassment, and a firm determination to no regrets.

    Although it was the first recording, although it was only practiced a few times before, it seems to have sung thousands of times, and the feelings accumulated in the heart burst out and completely integrated into the song.

    Naturally, there is a striking Strength!

    This "Your Eyes" does not have the sweet singing of ordinary Love Song, nor the struggles of those bitter songs. Some of them are just a little pampered and full of emotions.

    The artistic conception expressed in the song has the same soul as the story, that is, you saw me, I found you, there is only you and me in the world, all the scenery is in your eyes, this is enough!

    "Don't let your eyes see the sadness of the world, and invest in the wind and rain."

    The most sincere feelings are nothing more than this.

    In the listening room outside the studio, everyone held their breath.

    Zhang De, Zhong Yue, Lu Xi, Fang Hui, Li Jie, Li Feiyu…There are at least a dozen managers of the Music Production Company, and they all listen to this song, fearing that even a note is missed.

    In the studio, Lu Chen and Chen Feier stared at each other, and they all saw deep feelings from each other's eyes.

    At this moment, the two people's minds are connected.

    No need for words, singing is enough to express everything, maybe the feelings of the two will be as full of frustrations as the story, but at least it is happy, warm, sweet!


Note: "Your Eyes" lyrics: Xu Changde / Composer: Xiong Tianping

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