The second hundred and fifty-seventh chapter shelling

    Huangpu District, Huhai, Dongzhu Department Store.

    Dongzhu Department Store is a famous shopping mall in Shanghai, which is located in a prime location in the city center. It is only a few hundred meters away from the Huangpu River. It is one of the most popular places for Shanghai and Shanghai citizens.

    Especially on the weekend night, the mall is particularly lively, with men and women carrying big bags and small bags traveling between the stores, and spending credit cards to contribute GDP.

    Even at seven or eight o'clock, the restaurants on the 4th and 5th floors are still filled with customers in other locations.

    In the central courtyard of the mall, the performance stage is crowded around, and dozens of mall security guards are sweating to maintain order, a pair of enemies.

    In the evening, the "Dame of the Sweetheart" drama crew held a publicity event, and the hero and heroine, Director and the original author of the novel Qi Qi Liang, interacted with the enthusiastic fans.

    "President of Sweetheart" is part of the plan to build a big IP for Fetion Video. This homemade drama started shooting two months ago, and gathered many Domestic Movies Celebrity, including the actor Tao Sicheng and the heroine Jing Yao. As an artist of the quasi-A-list, there are currently many popular fans.

    The filming center of "The President of Sweetheart" is in Shanghai, and Dongzhu Department Store is one of the sponsors. Many scenes in the drama are filmed here.

    The evening publicity event is also part of the sponsorship contract.

    In the cheering calls of the fans, Tao Sicheng and Jing Yao, who just played a Love Song, stepped off the stage and prepared to take a break in the temporary background.

    At this time, a reporter with a nameplate on his chest, along with a cameraman with a handheld camera, came over and stopped the two men's way, and the microphone came out at the same time.

    The Logo card fixed on the microphone is displayed. This is a reporter for Yiwang Entertainment.

    Then, two other media reporters followed. Take a ride and mix entertainment news.

    Seeing such a situation, the two stopped at the same time, revealing a professional smile.

    Such publicity activities must be indispensable for journalists to participate. The organizers also squandered the money and stuffed the red envelopes. Regardless of tiredness and mood, it is their duty to cooperate with the interview.

    Yi Net reporter first asked a few unrelated questions, and suddenly asked Tao Sicheng: "The "Sweet Hearts President" drama premiered on the Fetion video this evening, as the actor, what are your expectations for the number of on-demand?"

    "Dream President" This drama series belongs to the online drama and only plays on the video of the Fetion. The most important measure of performance is the number of on-demand broadcasts, which is equivalent to the viewer's Viewership Ratings.

    Compared to the highly authoritative Viewership Ratings survey, the number of video site-on-demand sessions is really much worse, especially for this kind of self-made drama, which makes it easy to create a big data.

    However, the big video sites like UTV and Fetion are even more competitive than the competitors of small and medium-sized websites.

    Of course, the number of on-demand is not the only measure.

    For the reporter's question, Tao Sicheng replied with ease: "I Believe's drama series can get good results. I am very confident about its quality, I believe I can definitely get the audience's favorite! ”

    This kind of routine question and answer is obviously not the need of journalists. He once again asked: "As far as I know, there is a drama series "Blue Life and Death" flying video premiere this evening. What do you think of this competitor? ”

    Such a problem is a hidden trap. If the answer is not good, it is easy to be made a fuss by the media.

    Entertainment news wants to catch the eye. First of all, there must be a burst. The reporter who tears what is the favorite!

    But Tao Sicheng is not a newcomer who has just debuted. Where will he step on this trap?

    He glanced at the reporter quietly. Said: "Blue Life and Death" is a very good work, this drama series and "President of Sweetheart" premiered on the same day, is a spur and encouragement for us, I also wish "Blue Love and Death" here. Can be successful!"

    Tao Sicheng’s answer can be said to be dripping.

    In fact, he did not even read the trailer of "Blue Life and Death", but he only knew that there was such a drama, which was starred by Chen Feier, the queen of the songs, and nothing more.

    But this does not prevent Tao Sicheng from pretending to be very familiar, not touting or demeaning, and very sophisticated.

    Yi Net reporter saw no words from his mouth, so the handheld microphone turned to Jing Yao: "Well, Miss Jing Yao, what do you think of "Blue Life and Death"?"

    Jing Yao smiled.

    Her smile seemed a little indifferent, saying: "I don't think "Blue Life and Death" will be our opponent. There is no comparable in the two dramas!"


    Tao Sicheng turned to look at Jing Yao with amazement – you are taking the wrong medicine?

    Or intentionally hype topic?

    Jing Yao is not a newcomer who has just debuted. Her words and deeds should be measured, and her answer is obviously overheated.

    The reporter was immediately excited and quickly asked: "How is it not comparable?"

    Jingyao ignored the suggestion of Tao Sicheng and said bluntly: "There is no comparability in all aspects. Whether it is story, investment or cast, "Sweetheart President" is much stronger!"

    The reporter seized the question: ""Blue Life and Death Love" is starring Chen Feier."

    Jing Yao said faintly: "Her Singing is very good."

    After that, the heroine turned away and did not give the opportunity to continue to ask the reporters!

    But the Yi network reporter has been satisfied, and can't wait to go back and prepare to send script.

    This is definitely an excellent topic!

    At 12 o'clock that evening, the Yiwang Entertainment Channel published relevant news content.

    The title is quite sensational.

    "Jing Yao shelled Chen Feier – her Singing is very good! 》

    The entertainment record is wonderful, and the interview with Jing Yao’s process is vividly described. The final answer is Jingyao’s final answer. It refers to Jing Yao’s bombardment that Chen Feier can only sing and not understand acting, so the latter starred in the latter. Blue Life and Death Love can't be compared with "Sweetheart President".

    Strictly speaking, this entertainment record does not mean to distort Jingyao. The attitude of Jingyao in the interview video is very obvious.

    In addition to the Internet entertainment, the other two media also released news later, focusing on the competition of the two drama series, describing the two as the enemy of life and death, irresponsible speculation.

    Then the wind and waves were suddenly picked up!

    On the coffee table in the circle, the distance between Jingyao and Chen Feier is a bit large.

    However, in the film and television circle, the situation is a bit different. Jing Yao is a professional actor and has appeared in many TV dramas.

    Chen Feier has only been a guest in a few movies. It belongs to the nature of playing tickets. Jing Yao uses acting techniques to ridicule Chen Feier. It really can't be said that she is open-minded – people are professional.

    The key point is that last night, "The President of Sweetheart" and "Blue Life and Death" were simultaneously broadcasted on the Fetion video. The former had a number of on-demands of 7 million+, and the latter was only 1.4 million. The gap was really a bit big.

    Jing Yao as the heroine in the first episode on the go on stage debut, and Chen Feier will wait until next Saturday to appear in the play, just hit a bad time.

    Lu Chen saw this news only at noon the next day.

    At this time, in the Inspur blog, Jing Yao's Eight Trigrams bombarded Chen Feier has been rumored.

    In Jing Yao’s blog, countless Chen Fei’s fans sprayed her out of the skin, and many Jingya fans ran to Chen Fei’s blog to ridicule the two sides, and the two sides fought fiercely!

    "How could this be?"

    Lu Chen was very puzzled and couldn't help but ask Chen Fei, who was sitting opposite one's own: "Do you have a hatred with her?"

    Both of them are on the set. Now it is the time to have a rest at noon, or the entertainment news that Li Feiyu brought to him by the cell phone, so he is puzzled.

    Be aware that unless you want to intentionally hype, if there is no hate, but the Celebrity artist who is a little bit of coffee, will not easily tear open, let others show jokes.

    Chen Feier certainly knew this thing long ago, but did not tell Lu Chen.

    Now Lu Chen asked, she smiled faintly: "Probably it was once once, someone else originally asked her to play a role, and later found me."

    "I didn't know at the time, but I didn't know what to do. I realized that there was such a thing."

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen stunned, he couldn't help but ask: "If you knew it at the time?"

    Chen Feier proudly said: "I give friends a face, there is no relationship with her, she likes to be passionate, that is her one's own!"

    Lu Chen smiled and gave her a thumbs up: "Fisher sister formidable might!"

    Chen Feier photographed Lu Chen’s hand and said, “I hate it!”

    Lu Chen smiled and asked: "Would you like to post a blog post to counter her?"

    For this kind of person who has nothing to do with, his heart is very resentful, thinking about using the palm of the hand to go back.

    Chen Feier shook her head and said: "No need, I let Zhang Jie temporarily reject all interviews. Everything is to let the facts speak. It is useless to say nothing."

    Lu Chen nodded. He knew that Chen Feier was disdainful to paying attention to Jing Yao. The two people had different coffee positions. If they were treated seriously, they would make the other party proud.

    As long as the achievements of "Blue Life and Death" are outstanding, Jing Yao's shelling naturally becomes a joke.

    Chen Feier, like him, will play in the second half of the third episode and will play next Saturday night.

    So now it’s noisy, it’s only very low.

    "Great morning!"

    At this time, Li Feiyu rushed over.

    He said with a little excitement: "The National Viewership Ratings of "Blue Death" came out!"

    Lu Chen suddenly got a spirit and asked: "How much?"

    Chen Feier is also very concerned.

    Li Feiyu smiled and said: "0.22%!"


    This Viewership Ratings is quite high, and the start of the drama series is perfect.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. The previous Xiaoxiao was so depressed that it was gone!


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