The second hundred and fifty-three chapters cover the show

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    Inspur blog.

    The novel version of "Blue Life and Death" has been updated on Lu Chen's blog for 20 days, with a daily update of 3,000 words. It has now reached 60,000 words, which is exactly the content of 4 episodes.

    There are not a few bloggers who update novels on Inspur blogs. Whether it's a personal hobby or want to attract fans through blogs, blog novels have become part of the network.

    Domestic's network Literic has been developed since 2000, and has grown into a large industry. There are dozens of large-scale Literal websites, especially in recent years, IP has created a lot of bubbles, which further pushed up the popularity of the network. Top online writers can reach tens of millions of dollars each year.

    But precisely because the value of IP is getting bigger and bigger, most of the Literale websites are very tight on copyright. Contracts signed with the authors often include all copyrights, so many authors who are not willing to be restricted transfer the platform to More open and free blogs, forums or Fetion circles.

    Of course, losing the support of a mature platform and trying to make money by selling copyright is also very difficult.

    Lu Chen updated "Blue Life and Death" on the Inspur blog, mainly for the drama series publicity and momentum that was being filmed, and secondly paving the way for publishing solid novels.

    Domestic's physical novels are a real big market. Compared to the piracy on the Internet, the publishing market is in a good position, and the physical authors who are over a hundred million are worthy of their own.

    "Blue Life and Death" was updated on the Inspur blog, mainly attracting Lu Chen's fans, especially those who like this urban emotional theme.

    This part of the fans. In fact, not many.

    So at the beginning, Lu Chen’s novel blog posts were not high in clicks, forwards, and comments. But gradually, the popularity is getting higher and higher.

    The main reason is that the story of this novel is very strong, especially for the girls, the fate and entanglement of the mismatch between the protagonists will be deeply attracted to them, and they will be read and commented every day.

    Many female fans have started the free troll army, and they spontaneously distributed the collated chapters to various forums and established the novel "Blue Life and Death".

    Under the situation that Lu Chen and Lu Chen studio did not deliberately pay attention, the number of members of the "Blue Life and Death" novels actually exceeded 50,000, and the number of posts reached hundreds of thousands. It is no weaker than many popular online novels.

    The spread of the novel has in turn attracted a lot of road powder, which in turn has boosted the public's expectation for the drama series "Blue Life and Death".

    On December 1st, Lu Chen, Chen Feier, Gande Brothers Films and Haijin Satellite TV also posted news on their respective blogs, saying that "Blue Life and Death" officially signed Haijin TV and will be on Saturday, December 12th. 8:30 at the Satellite TV set first broadcast!

    This news, for many Lu Chen fans and "Blue Life and Death" novel fans, really has a long-awaited meaning. "Blue Life and Death Love quickly landed on the hot search list of the Inspur blog home page.

    On December 2nd, the two big Vs and two official Vs also released the "Blue Life and Death Love" first trailer.

    In this 3-minute trailer, "Your Eyes" is officially lit as the theme song!

    The publicity offensive of the drama series "Blue Life and Death" has been fully launched.

    Domestic's film and television industry has never been more prosperous, and a lot of money has poured into it. The competition can be said to be fierce.

    A drama series, even a large Director, superstar, big IP. It is also unthinkable if there is no publicity hype. No one will do this stupid thing.

    The wine is not afraid of the deep alley, it is already in the past. Twenty or thirty years ago, the days of a drama series with dozens of Viewership Ratings have long since become history, and now is a new era of national marketing!

    In the past, Lu Chen updated the novel on the blog, and the news that Chen Feier joined the actress in advance was actually part of the drama series marketing.

    But these are all small and small.

    Want to compete for Viewership Ratings, this level of publicity is not enough!

    So Lu Chen studio, Chen Feier studio, Gande Brothers Films and Haijin Satellite TV representatives sat down again and held consultations on publicity matters.

    Although the publicity channels of investors and broadcasters are different, it is very important to coordinate and unify, so as to avoid the occurrence of publicity misplacement or conflicting situations, and save money to maximize the publicity effect.

    The exchange meeting was held in the hotel of Jinling Film and Television City. Lu Chen and Chen Feier, who were in the intense shooting, took time to participate.

    The focus of the discussion, in addition to the publicity funds and scale of investment, is mainly the publicity strategy.

    The publicity strategy is really important. A good publicity scheme can generate 10 or even 100 publicity effects for a single dollar investment, and vice versa.

    Especially in today's Internet era, the public has been accustomed to all kinds of indiscriminate bombardment of the media, and it is not surprising that the hype is endless. The online pusher's job is getting more and more difficult.

    So you need to brainstorm and think about new ideas.

    After all, the previous publicity time is very short.

    Zhang Jie proposed: "Would we just speculate about Lu Chen and Feier's scandal?"

    Zhang Jie’s real name is Zhang Wei. She is Chen Fei’s assistant and has been with Chen Fei’s time for more than ten years.

    She is not Chen Feier's first assistant, but is undoubtedly the most trusted person around.

    The 40-year-old middle-aged woman has a plain appearance, speaks whisperingly, and usually has few words, but her support and help to Chen Feier is beyond the reach of others. Therefore, Chen Feier attaches great importance to her opinions. .

    Zhang Jie also attended the meeting and put a bomb at the opening.

    Everyone's eyes were instantly focused on Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Mostly agree and expect.

    Whether it is film and television or Entertainment Circle, using public opinion to hype publicity movies or albums is entirely a routine means, and often it is a hundred tries to attract eyeballs.

    Some Celebrity artists are even happy, and whenever the new drama is about to be released, let's get a sneak peek.

    Although the vast majority of netizens have been fatigued, but every time they see this kind of gossip Eight Trigrams, they always have a habit of taking a look and then sneer at it.

    The beggars don’t care at all because the effect of publicity is achieved and the cost is very low.

    Many entertainment media are very happy to hype, even if it is free.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen and Chen Feier have the basis of hype. One talented person, one after another, has had an affair before. Now, working with a drama series, it is normal to make a new anecdote.

    And the most money.

    You don't need to stuff a red envelope for the reporter. As long as you reveal the wind, there is definitely a lot of paparazzi to hear the news. If you give up the advertising fee, the headline is proper!

    In fact, there are many paparazzi haunts at the scene of "Blue Life and Death".

    But the premise is that Chen Feier is willing.

    Among the people present, Chen Feier has the highest coffee position. She has a natural right to speak, so that everyone must listen carefully. No one can ignore her opinion.

    As a person around Chen Feier, Zhang Jie made such a suggestion because she knew that Chen Feier would not be disgusted with it – the object of the scandal was Lu Chen!

    In fact, her proposal is also in the wind, and smart people will naturally understand the meaning contained in it.

    The presence is basically smart people.

    Chen Feier hesitated for a moment and turned to look at Lu Chen.

    As Zhang Jie thought, Chen Feier was not disgusted with the scandal and wanted to listen to Lu Chen’s opinion.

    Under the gaze of everyone, Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Don't hype the scandal."

    Lu Chen certainly understands the benefits of hype, but he doesn't like this kind of hype, and he doesn't like it.

    Chen Feier’s eyes flashed with a smile and asked: “Do you have any good ideas?”

    She understands Lu Chen’s mind.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "We have a publicity activity on the blog."

    that's it?

    Everyone is looking at each other in dismay and they are very disappointed.

    With blogs to publicity, it's a routine in the routine, and there's a lot of activity on blogs, especially Lottery.

    It should be attractive to engage in Lottery, but it is very general when it comes to results.

    Most of the netizens are running for prizes.

    Lu Chen continued: "My idea is to engage a couple to cover Show!"

    "The song of the cover is the theme song "Your Eyes" of "Blue Life and Death". You can enter the cover video through your personal blog. The prize can be a high bonus, or a romantic romantic couple in Europe, even in "Blue Life and Death" is a guest character.

    Couples cover Show?

    Chen Feier’s eyes slammed brightly – this idea is really fresh!

    Bonus prizes are second, the key is to closely follow the publicity theme of the drama series, there are also selling points and connotations.

    Such activities are not kitsch and vulgar, warm and romantic, and certainly attract many people to participate.

    That publicity effect will be there!

    And the cost is not high, even if it is a romantic couple in Europe, it is only tens of thousands of dollars.

    Lu Chen continued: "As for the judges, I am working with Feier, and I can also participate in the registration of Fei Shi records. It is also a publicity for the new record of Fei's sister!"

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "I can ask Lin to help out and let him be a judges."

    Zhang Jie smiled and said: "Then it will soon become half of "Singing China"."

    Lin Bige in Chen Feier’s mouth is of course Music Director Lin Zhijie of Fei Shi Records. She and Lin Zhijie are both judges of “Singing China”, and Lu Chen is the champion of singing.

    It is said that it is half a game of "Singing China", and there is really nothing wrong with it!

    Lu Chen proposed that Chen Feier support, and this idea is really good, and immediately decided on the decision!


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