Chapter 259 cannot be blocked

    In December, there was no popular drama series premiere in Domestic.

    But by the next month and the Spring Festival, the situation is completely different. Several large productions that are warming up publicity will participate in the fiercely competitive Viewership Ratings competition, and the market will become extremely cruel.

    Therefore, for many small and medium-sized drama series, December is a rare space period. The new drama that was first broadcasted in the same period is not rare, including some weekend dramas.

    "Blue Life and Death" as a new drama for the middle-lower investment, the first episode and the second episode scored 0.22% and 0.26% of the Domestic Viewership Ratings respectively, which undoubtedly makes people's eyes shine, and it is a black horse's posture!

    As for whether it can withstand the offensive of the popular drama that will be aired in January, it is still unknown.

    In terms of network on-demand, the opponent of "Blue Life and Death" is even more powerful. The self-produced drama "President of Sweetheart" of Fetion's video is on the number of on-demand, and the former is crushed to death.

    However, some people will find that, aside from the number of on-demand broadcasts, "Blue Life and Death" may not be lost to "The President of Sweetheart".

    That is the audience evaluation and commentary of the two dramas.

    As of the 15th, the number of on-demand videos of "President of Sweetheart" in Fetion was 27 million+, with a score of 6.4, and the number of comments was 120,000+.

    And the "Blue Life and Death" on-demand number of 11 million +, score 8.9 points, the number of comments is 110,000 +!

    Also in other words "Blue Life and Death" is not more than half of the "President of Sweetheart", the number of comments is very small, the score is more than 2.5 points!

    Although the scores are not directly proportional to the number of on-demand, many of the hot episodes are not rated high. Instead, some high-scoring works are ruined, but combined with the number and content of comments. But I can see the mystery.

    In the "President of Sweetheart" commentary, ridicule content accounts for the majority.

    "It is another boring IP drama. The scriptwriter does not talk about plot logic at all, and the story is a mess! ”

    "Tao Sicheng's acting is good, it is a handsome guy, Jing Yao is too old."

    "Is Jing Yao's face an injection? How do you smile and laugh? ”

    "I was so hard to see this film by my girlfriend, my brother really looked at it, and I couldn’t stand it in one episode. I want to let it go!"

    "I haven't read the novel, but the story is too familiar, and it is the overbearing president Marie Su."

    "It makes sense, how many handsome guys are still very eye-catching?"

    "This is an urban fashion show. It’s enough to see beautiful women changing clothes, the other is not important, Hahaha! ”

    "I also like Tao Sicheng!"

    In contrast, the viewers of "Blue Life and Death" commented that the negative content is very small.

    Some are not ridicule storylines.

    “It’s beautiful!”

    “A very interesting series, first episode can attract me.”

    "Yin Enxi is too poor if she has not been mistaken. The fate of the perhaps is different. ”

    "If I am Yin Enxi, I may commit suicide!"

    "I heard that this is a drama? what! I don't want to watch tragedy, don't like tragedy! ”

    "Little Yin Junxi is very handsome!"

    "Cui Xinai is a slap in the face, very ruthless."

    "In fact, she is also very poor. Living in such a family has a great psychological impact."

    "Weakly ask, when did Lu Chen appear?"

    "Lu Chen and Chen Feier should appear in the third episode. I have read the novel that Lu Chen updated in his blog. ”

    "Looking for third episode!"

    If you talk about the amount of investment and cast. "The President of Sweetheart is absolutely able to kill "Blue Life and Death", the former is expected to shoot 40 episodes. A number of famous actors from Domestic have been gathered, and the script has been adapted from popular online novels.

    However, the big investment and Celebrity do not mean that it will succeed. The best example is the large-scale domestic production. Many big productions with strong lineups have all gone to Grandma's home.

    There is also such a situation in the drama series. The taste of the audience is difficult to grasp accurately. The President of Sweetheart is taking a purely commercial route, and all aspects are trying to please the young audience.

    And "Blue Life and Death" is different from the popular youth idol drama. This story is not so beautiful at first, and it also hints at the tragedy behind.

    But it still has been recognized and liked by many viewers!

    On December 19th, under the expectation of many fans, the third episode of "Blue Death" was broadcast on time.

    On the 20th of December, the fourth episode was aired.

    Cui Xin loves jealousy Yin Enxi, so she managed to make Enxi over one's own with such a miserable life, and Enxi knows that one's own is going to return to her biological mother, and she has to look at one's own favorite foster father and mother immigration United States But it is powerless.

    Time passed, Yin Junxi and Cui Xin loved to return to the birthplace of the two. At this time, Enxi was a wiring student in a hotel. Because Yin Junxi was going to get engaged, he wanted to find this sister, Enxi, who had always worried him, but he was always disappointed.

    On the other hand, Junxi's good friend Han Taixi, because of his illegitimate relationship, was arranged by his father to live in a hotel under the name of one's own. During this period, he met Enxi, and because of this, Junxi also had the opportunity to resurrect Enxi.

    The third episode and the fourth episode of "Blue Life and Death" are two episodes of the story. The hero and the most important supporting role in the play are all unveiled, and the plot really begins to be wonderful.

    0.31% and 0.35%, these are the two sets of Domestic Viewership Ratings!

    "Blue Life and Death" therefore ranks first in the same category of drama series Viewership Ratings, and the dark horse temperament is full!

    This inevitably caused a considerable sensation in the industry, which led many film and television production companies and entertainment economic companies to look at the drama series.

    If the first episode and second episode 0.22% and 0.26% of Viewership Ratings are just a little surprised, then these two episodes are really eye-popping.

    Many people don't understand, and there are reflections.

    Whether it is Lu Chen’s novel of the same name updated on the blog, or the previously released trailer and theme song, it is clear that this drama series is not a kind of joyful reunion youth idol drama.

    So why are there so many viewers who like to watch it?

    Such Viewership Ratings are still some distance away from the heat, but the Speed ​​is faster and reaches the popular standard.

    Is the taste of the audience suddenly changed?

    After reading the contents of the four episodes, people in the industry have published a blog post on the blog, which has analyzed from many aspects, and has highlighted the advantages of the current "Blue Life and Death".

    The first is that the story is very novel and special. It doesn't follow the trend, let it be unique in the same type of film.

    Secondly, Director and scriptwriters use serious intentions. There are no obvious loopholes in the plot. The characters are not exaggerated or artificial. The whole story is coming, and it is very attractive to push the climax slowly.

    The family, friendship and love embodied in the play are full of restrained and restrained tension, showing the profound skill of Director.

    Moreover, the performances of several major actors are remarkable. The biggest highlight is Lu Chen, who is the first to take the drama series. His playing Yin Junxi is not only handsome and handsome, but also a perfect interpretation of the kind of calm and calm temperament.

    It's hard to believe that Lu Chen hadn't filmed a real movie or TV before, and it wasn't a professional.

    In addition, Chen Feier, who was the first to take the drama series, played the graceful and gracefulness of the Enshi in the play. Although there was still a little lack of acting skills, it still left a very deep impression!

    Therefore, combined with various advantages, the industry has asserted that the Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" will be further improved, and the real test will be next month.

    In the last month of 2015, it is destined to belong to "Blue Life and Death"!

    The popularity of "Blue Life and Death" is also reflected in the video of Fetion. With the appearance of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the number of third episodes and the number of on-demand episodes of the fourth episode have greatly improved, and they are approaching the sweetheart. Big President.

    In particular, the number of on-demand broadcasts in the fourth episode reached 10 million+, only a few hundred thousand fewer than the "Sweetheart President"!

    The score of "Blue Life and Death" did not fall because of the increase in the number of viewers, but increased to 9.1 points, and the number of comments exceeded 500,000+.

    The rating of "The President of Sweetheart" fell again, and the number of comments was left behind by "Blue Life and Death".

    This makes the video of FeiXin very embarrassing.

    The homemade drama they pushed on their own site was actually lost to a low-cost introduction drama. Although there was not much difference between the traffic and the advertising benefits, it was still embarrassing – it could not be hanged on the face!

    So on the second day of the latest episode of "The President of Sweetheart", the careful netizens found that the total number of on-demand broadcasts of this online drama has soared a lot, and reopened between "Blue Life and Death". distance.

    And the Fetion video is more public on the home page, "The President of Sweetheart."

    It’s just these moves that simply can’t stop the upward trend of “Blue Life and Death Love”.

    On the 26th and 27th of December, the fifth and sixth episodes continued to air. The Viewership Ratings seemed to be rockets, which broke through the 0.50% mark, reaching 0.51% and 0.55% respectively!

    More than double the first episode!

    0.5% is an important indicator of whether a drama series is popular or not. It is a popular episode.

    There are not many people who doubt this, the name of the dark horse of "Blue Life and Death".

    Some people even began to worry about another large-scale urban drama "My Heart Flying", which was first broadcast on January 1.

    At the same time that "Blue Life and Death" began to heat up, I had to mention another drama series that was broadcast at the same time, which is the second season of "Urban Love."

    The drama series, which was broadcast on the Beijing TV Station film channel, also rejected Lu Chen.

    Its first set of Viewership Ratings was 0.17%, the second episode dropped to 0.15%, and then it went down all the way. The next few episodes were all at 0.1%, and even fell to 0.08%.

    According to the 0.1% weekend drama safety line, the ending of the second season of "Urban Love" is not good.

    But there are not many people who care about its fate.

    Everyone’s eyes are all staring at the “Blue Life and Death Love” that is making a miracle!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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