The 255th scandal and the first broadcast

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    Oh! Oh!

    The shutter sound of the shutter suddenly sounded in the restaurant, accompanied by the appearance of dazzling flash.

    I saw a young, stout young man standing behind the buffet table, holding a black SLR with both hands, bending over I'm free, licking his butt, and pressing the shutters desperately, ignoring the one's own behavior and disturbing the guests who ate. .

    A few of the nearby customer service personnel were stunned, then reacted and angered toward him!

    This Marriott hotel belongs to the international chain five-star hotel. Because it is adjacent to Jinling Film and Television City, it has become the first choice for many Celebrity big names to come to film.

    The security of the hotel is very strong. Like the suite above, the idlers are simply not able to mix in, but the restaurant is open to the public, so it is common to have paparazzi to sneak in.

    To ensure privacy, it is best to eat in the box, but the object of this paparazzi shot tonight, just did not go to the box, so attracted a Xiaoxiao storm.

    Before the customer service personnel blocked one's own, paparazzi ran with the camera turning around, and Agility was enough to go to the games, and disappeared at the gate in the blink of an eye.

    Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen shook his head helplessly.

    He is finally really feeling the trouble of being a Celebrity.

    Chen Feier, who is sitting opposite Lu Chen, chuckled: "It’s good to get used to it, who will let you not go to the box!"

    It’s very late to take the film back today. Lu Chen and Chen Feier have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Considering that they are filling their stomachs, there are only four people. So I just found a place in the lobby.

    I didn't expect to have paparazzi to follow it, and went to the restaurant to sneak a sneak shot.

    It is estimated that the photos taken will appear in the entertainment version of a website at night. Then with a sensational title, hype about his anecdote with Chen Feier.

    The entertainment reporters who appeared around the scene of "Blue Life and Death" in the past few days suddenly increased. The main reason is that the publicity of this drama series is hot, especially the couples cover show contest initiated by Haijin Satellite TV in the Inspur blog organization. There was a selfie boom on the Internet.

    It is said that the number of entries has reached tens of thousands, which is really shocking!

    The idea that Lu Chen came up with was unanimously recognized by everyone. It took 100 yuan to get the publicity effect worth 1000, and the number of blog fans with Haijin Satellite TV official V increased greatly.

    It was just this craze that brought him and Chen Feier a lot of trouble.

    The public has a strong interest in the relationship between the two.

    Tracing the source. The last time they were eating at Jinling, they were photographed by paparazzi, causing a great storm. Although they succeeded in quelling the storm, they also buried the roots.

    Now the two together starred in the drama series, and sang the theme song Love Song, others do not doubt it is a strange thing!

    Zhang Jie at the same table was very calm and said: "Don't worry about them. It will be fine to make a statement at that time. ”

    The fact that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are in love is a conclusive fact. The concealment of blindness is also unstoppable, but it is not a wise choice to open up now. It is best to let the nature go smoothly and wait until the future.

    As for the rumors, no matter what others say, they both say that they are good friends and good sisters. Neither fully denied nor admitted. Let everyone get used to it.

    In fact, many male and female couples of Entertainment Circle are like this, as long as they are not caught by the intimate scene. Adopting this fuzzification strategy is the best way to both let the media talk about topics and not let some fanatics make trouble.

    And if you break up in the future, if someone asks, then you will laugh and say, "We were all good friends. We didn't talk about where to fall in love?"

    The points in the Entertainment Circle are too common, and anyone who knows how to protect one's own will wear a mask.

    Those who do not have a city can't be mixed in this circle.

    Even if there are such people, they are all loaded.

    Therefore, photos like Lu Chen and Chen Feier who were eating together with paparazzi are nothing at all. The two assistants are there, and the explanation is rounded down.

    What Lu Chen really troubles is not one's own but a family.

    Although Lu Xi knew the relationship between the two, he did not tell Mother, but he couldn’t help but rumored that many acquaintances in the coastal area asked Fang Fang and even Lu Xue.

    "Your family Lu Chen is really in love with Chen Feier?"

    Yesterday and today, Fang Hao and Lu Xue called each other, so that Lu Chen was a little bit uncomfortable.

    A big mouth like Lu Xue, if he tells the truth, he is guaranteed to be spread all over the circle of friends.

    My nephew is Chen Feier!

    Lu Chen can fully imagine the appearance of the old girl proudly showing off.

    It’s not easy to talk about love in Celebrity!

    After eating in a hurry, Lu Chen returned to the room where one's own lived.

    He just took a cup of tea and sat down on the sofa. He only heard the door slamming and then was pushed away.

    Chen Feier flashed in with lightness.

    Lu Chen’s business suite was equipped with two access cards, one for his one’s own, and one for Chen Fei, who lived next door. The reason is naturally needless to say.

    Closing the door, Chen Feier went to Lu Chen to sit down and whispered: "Are you not happy?"

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly: "How come!"

    He reached out and took the beautiful woman into his arms, sniffing the familiar fragrance, only feeling happy in his heart.

    It feels good to be with someone!

    Chen Feier leaned softly into his arms and said, "Would we simply open up the relationship?"

    Lu Chen bowed her face and said, "Don't worry, come slowly."

    Lu Chen’s attitude towards feelings has always been very serious, especially since his profile with Chen Feier is special, so he can’t act arbitrarily. If he hurts each other, then he regrets it.

    In Lu Chen’s heart, I hope that it will be one day. His achievements and honors are enough to match Chen Feier, then he can marry her in front of everyone in an upright manner.

    Maybe this idea is a bit machismo. But it comes from his heart.

    Lu Chen also believes that the coming of this day will not be too far!

    Chen Feier nodded.

    She understands the mind of the "little man" she relies on now.

    She didn't feel that there was anything wrong with it.

    It is happy.

    A man who does not pursue and is motivated is not worthy of her true love.

    Chen Feier raised her head and took the initiative to send a kiss, enjoying the warm Era belonging to the two people.

    The gas is like a fragrant scent, and the lips are entangled like glue.

    Kissing can't help feeling, Chen Feier, who is full of blushing color, grabbed Lu Chen's strange hand into one's own dress, and gave him a glance at him. He straightened up and said: "Let's take a look at the video of the competition. Let's go!"

    Lu Chen reluctantly retracted his hand. Reminiscent of the infinitely beautiful feeling of fingertips.

    Looking at the stunned color on his face, Chen Feier smiled and kissed him again in comfort, and got up and said, "I am going to get the computer!"

    She flew away with a fragrant wind like a butterfly, and immediately returned.

    Brought back the laptop that was originally in the study.

    The two people watched together, of course, the couple’s cover video of the Show contest.

    At the moment, the ID of the uploading cover video in Inspur blog has exceeded 50,000+. Considering that this is Love Song singing, the actual number of participants has undoubtedly reached 100,000+.

    This is quite an amazing number. It is necessary to know that there is still a five-day time from the deadline for submission. The total number will inevitably increase. Although there are lucrative factors for the prizes, the enthusiasm of the masses of the people can not be erased.

    With so many videos, Lu Chen and Chen Feier must not be able to see it.

    The two looked. In fact, it was selected by Haijin Satellite TV. Relatively excellent and distinctive works.

    The number of these works is only less than 1%!

    Although the primary election used a blog voting system. But the organizer also has the power to recommend works.

    Many of these carefully selected works have made Lu Chen and Chen Feier admire them.

    Sitting on the sofa, they looked at each other and watched a pair of lovers singing Love Song on the computer screen. This feeling is really wonderful, it is difficult to describe it in words.

    It must be described, that perhaps is warm, beautiful, happy, sweet…

    Just warm, beautiful, happy, sweet…Era, it’s always going so fast.

    In a blink of an eye, it was December 12.

    At 8:30 in the evening, Lu Chen created and starred, and the singer Chen Feier took the leading actress's urban emotional drama "Blue Life and Death", which was premiered on Haijin Satellite TV!

    At the same time, the first broadcast, there is the Fetion video network.

    Domestic's video website is booming with the popularity of high-speed networks. The speed of development is extremely rapid, and large-scale video websites such as Vision Video, Tomato Video, and Fetion Video have emerged. Initial formation of scale.

    Unlike movies, the first broadcast of the drama series basically consists of two parts: the TV station and the network. In other words, it is the price that can be sold at the same time. It is nothing more than the price.

    "Blue Life and Death" is a drama series, which is good for video, tomato video and video. But the interest of the first two is not very strong. The price is low, so finally it is won by the rich video of the news. .

    At present, the video site of Domestic, the video of UTV is the well-deserved leader and has the largest market share.

    However, with the advantage of the background, Fetion video has fiercely competed with the video of UTV, and it has a tendency to come to the forefront. The funds paid for the purchase of "Blue Life and Death" are not too much for them.

    Similarly, Fetion video did not regard the show as a publicity. It only played a three-day trailer on the homepage, and promoted it to its own self-made drama "The President of Sweetheart."

    I don't know if it is a coincidence. I once refused Lu Chen's "City Love" second season first episode, and the same day was broadcast on the Beijing Film Channel on the same day!


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