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The 258th chapter of the konjac

    After entering the new century, Domestic's film and television industry has developed extremely rapidly, forming a large-scale industry.

    By 2014, the domestically produced drama series, which produced more than 20,000 episodes, ranked first in the world, and the market competition was fierce, which is unimaginable to most people.

    Whether the TV station is self-made or purchases the drama series program, the cost is realized through the end of the film and the intervening advertisement. The Viewership Ratings is the most important standard to reflect the value of the advertisement. The Viewership Ratings survey naturally becomes an indispensable process.

    In the past when television advertising benefits doubled, Domestic's TV Program Viewership Ratings survey agencies used to have more than a dozen. Because there were no fixed standards, and black-box operations and insider trading emerged in an endless stream, it was chaotic and disorderly. .

    Some organizations don't even have any qualifications, and they dare to create a Viewership Ratings list.

    The chaos in the market has forced the country to intervene, and SARFT led the relevant departments to form a new line of sight company, relying on its own powerful platform advantages, specifically responsible for the Viewership Ratings survey of TV Program.

    At present, the new line of sight company is the only state-owned third-party investigation agency, and its survey data is the target of the domestic television media industry, and the authority and authenticity are beyond doubt.

    "Blue Life and Death" was first broadcasted on Haijin Satellite TV and Fetion Video. The number of on-demand videos of the first episode in Fetion was 1.4 million+, which was far behind the 7 million+ of Fetion's homemade drama "President of Sweetheart".

    However, such data comparison, the influence of the industry in the circle is actually very small.

    The reason is very simple. This platform is the home of Fetion video. As long as it is willing, don't say 7 million. Even 70 million on-demand numbers can be easily handled.

    Even if the platform is still relatively high, it is normal to add data to one's own.

    It’s really a low-cost introduction of self-produced dramas that are over-invested in over-the-counter. That is really a joke!

    Therefore, the data of the number of on-demand can be seen, but it cannot be completely taken seriously.

    Whether it is Chen Feier or Lu Chen, including Gande Brothers Pictures, it will not be taken seriously.

    The copyright of the webcast has already been sold. The number of on-demand broadcasts has nothing to do with the income of the three parties. Fetion video and Gande Films have no signing gambling agreement, even if it is the first day, it will not earn more than a penny. .

    If you want to say it, the results will have an impact on the next new series.

    The new Viewfinder's Viewership Ratings rankings are completely different. The impact of this Viewership Ratings is enormous. It is related to the interests of all.


    Since Lu Chen decided to get involved in the film and television circle, and started with "Blue Life and Death" as the cornerstone, he has already had a very deep understanding of the meaning of the drama series Viewership Ratings, and has consulted a lot of information.

    Generally speaking, a new drama without Celebrity and no huge speculation, the first-ever Viewership Ratings can reach 0.1%, even if it is successful. Have the capital to continue to survive.

    The drama series of "Blue Life and Death", the only big name is Chen Feier, her sign really saves a lot of publicity fees for "Blue Life and Death".

    But Chen Feier is after all, the movie queen, not Movie Queen, her popularity on the Internet is extremely high, and the appeal in the traditional TV screen is undoubtedly dwarfed.

    Therefore, whether it was Beijing TV Station or Zhejiang East TV station, the price for "Blue Life and Death" was not high – the newcomer could be on the big platform. How much do you want?

    Including Haijin Satellite TV, which was later discussed. The price of the single volume is also not high, but the gambling agreement is added.

    And this agreement. The reward is the Domestic Average Viewership Ratings 0.25%!

    It is impolite to say that Haijin Satellite TV does not believe that "Blue Life and Death" can meet such requirements.

    Not only Haijin Satellite TV, Gande Film has an estimate for the Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death", the first broadcast is 0.15%-0.18%, and the total average Viewership Ratings of all 20 episodes can reach 0.18%-0.20%. victory.

    The first episode of Viewership Ratings, which was just released, really missed most people's expectations.

    According to the latest data released by the new line of sight company, "Blue Life and Death" relies on 0.22% of Viewership Ratings, ranking 6th in the same type of drama series, and ranking 11th in all domestic drama series broadcast on the same day.

    Quite bright!

    Lu Chen is naturally very happy, very happy to feel out.

    Seriously, his recent pressure is not small.

    This drama series can be born, Lu Chen has put a lot of effort into it, and it is also an important basis for him to enter the film and television circle. If the teacher is unfavorable, then the blow is undoubtedly very heavy.

    Lu Chen is not afraid of setbacks. He is young enough and has capital, but he never wants to be jokes.

    Unfortunately, this is the first episode's Viewership Ratings, and Chen Feier is going to play in the third episode, otherwise it can be used to play Jingyao's face – on-demand counting? Bibi Viewership Ratings and cocky again!

    In the industry, the movie box office and TV Viewership Ratings are important indicators for the artist's evaluation of the coffee.

    What is the number of on-demand?

    Chen Feier saw him happy and couldn't help but splashed the cold water: "You don't want to be too early, let's talk about it next week!"

    The early publicity of "Blue Life and Death" is not a lot of money, and the effect is still very good. In particular, Haijin Satellite TV's love story in the blog is very vigorous and attracts a lot of eyeballs.

    So it is not a strange thing for first episode and second episode to have good Viewership Ratings. The curiosity of the audience has already been raised. Whether the episode is wonderful or not, it will definitely hold the idea of ​​taking a look.

    After these two episodes, the third episode and the fourth episode will continue to be broadcast next week to reflect the true Viewership Ratings.

    Lu Chen understood this truth and nodded.

    The next day, on the evening of December 13, "Blue Life and Death" broadcasted second episode on Haijin Satellite TV.

    The Fetion video network is broadcast simultaneously.

    At noon on the 14th, the new page of the company's official website home page list refreshed again.

    "Blue Life and Death" jumped to the third place in the same type of drama series, Viewership Ratings 0.26%!

    As of 12 o'clock on the same day, the total number of on-demand broadcasts of Fetion Video Network was 8 million+, although it still lags far behind the number of "20 million+" on the "President of Sweetheart", but in fact the gap between the two has shortened a lot.

    This achievement has also surprised many people, shocked, and embarrassed…Even dare not believe!

    Beijing, New Age Art Park.

    In an office of Baolong Film and Film Production Department, deputy manager Zhu Minghe looked at the computer screen.

    His face is cloudy and uncertain.

    "Blue Life and Death": 0.26%/0.24%/003/009

A row of red data stabbed his eyes.

    This is the Viewership Ratings data of "Blue Life and Death" in the new line of sight, the first is the latest Viewership Ratings, the second is the average Viewership Ratings, the third is the same type of ranking, the fourth is the domestic drama ranking!

    In plain language, that is the viewership Ratings of this drama series.

    The mood of Zhu Minghe is terrible.

    Zhu Minghe still remembers clearly, when Lu Chen came to him with the script, how was he rejected.

    Rejecting a script is a normal job for Zhu Minghe. Lu Chen’s request is too high. He refuses to be justified. No one can say that he is doing something wrong.

    Lu Chen provides a script, requires participation in the investment and serves as the leading actor, and has to specify the heroine and Director…

    No one can promise it!

    However, Zhu Minghe did not think that the heroine appointed by Lu Chen was actually Chen Feier.

    This inevitably made him a little passive. At that time, he refused to leave room for Lu Chen. Otherwise, as long as there is more exchange, the situation will be different. Maybe this drama series will be won by Baolong Film.

    Zhu Minghe can comfort one's own. Even if the heroine is Chen Feier, there is not much market for this urban sadism film. Viewership Ratings cannot guarantee that there is a huge risk of investment.

    He also said this to his colleagues.

    This matter was quickly left behind by Zhu Minghe.

    However, "Blue Life and Death" has stubbornly jumped into his sight, one of the hot topics on the wave blog, the hottest "Your Eyes" theme song, and the cover show…

    Let Zhu Minghe want to ignore it!

    So in a hustle and bustle, he began to pay attention to the viewing series of this drama series.

    The first episode is 0.22%, second episode 0.26%!

    This kind of achievement makes Zhu Minghe very speechless, feeling that one's own face is ignited.

    Although I don't want to admit it, my professional experience tells him that "Blue Life and Death" is very likely to be a fire.

    The mystery lies in the 0.04% improvement of the second episode relative to the first episode.

    Don't underestimate the increase of four thousandths. The significance of this is that this drama series has successfully retained a large part of the audience, making them willing to continue watching, which is a precursor to the broadcast.

    Otherwise, as a pure new drama, the second episode Viewership Ratings decline is a common phenomenon!

    What makes Zhu Minghe feel the most heartfelt is that the first episode and second episode of "Blue Life and Death", the real male and female protagonists have not yet go on stage, as the biggest selling point of the drama, the post-mortem Chen Feier, in the third episode Debut!

    He is well aware that if there are no surprises, the Viewership Ratings of the third episode will increase.

    Maybe it will break 0.3% directly!

    Thinking of this, Zhu Minghe could not help but feel the irritability in his heart.

    He pulled the tie around his neck and controlled the mouse to turn off the new line of sight.

    Out of sight out of mind!

    But after only a few minutes, Zhu Minghe reopened the browser.

    This time he did not log in to the new line of sight, but entered the URL of the video.

    Zhu Minghe knows that "Blue Life and Death" is also broadcast on Fetion video, so he wants to see how the on-demand audience evaluates "Blue Life and Death" and predicts the future Viewership Ratings of this drama series.

    At this moment, Zhu Minghe, forgot a little.

    That is, since the moment he refused Lu Chen, this drama series has nothing to do with him.

    He does not really need to care so much.

    Can only be said to be a konjac!


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