Chapter 256 Collision

    Binhai City, Jingsheng District.

    It is already 8 o'clock in the evening, and a bright moon is hovering in the night sky. The bright moonlight and the bonfires of the world are shining, the breeze blows through, and the artificial lake on the District has a ray of sunshine, a quiet and serene scene.

    The gate of Lujia Villa opened and Fang Hao sent the two guests out.

    She said to a fat middle-aged woman: "Wang big sister, you go slowly, be careful on the road."

    "Okay, you don't have to send it, we're one's own."

    The middle-aged woman's face was rich and her eyes were smashed into two seams, and the middle-aged man dressed in a suit with her elbows on top of her.

    The middle-aged man was in his forties, and his face was thick and eye-catching. It was obvious that the dyed hair was neatly sounded. It was also smeared with oil. It seemed to be waxed under the light.

    He stared at Fang Fang, and there was a glimpse of the blazing heat in his eyelids.

    When Fang Wei was young, he was famous for his beauty. Lu Xi, Lu Xue and Lu Chen, who were born with Lu Da, were better than one. The genes were naturally excellent.

    Although Fang Hao was a lot older because of family changes in the past two years, since Lu Chen had cleared the heavy debts of her family and bought the villas from her home, she no longer worked day and night, mentally. Restored to its original level, with its own superior temperament.

    Especially now she is standing at the door, smiling and sending a look, with a special style.

    The Chinese character face was unconsciously attracted, but it was reflected by Wang’s big sister’s reminder. He quickly said: “Ms. Fang, I am really disturbed this evening. I want to have dinner for you tomorrow night…”

    "no need!"

    His words have not spoken yet. I was interrupted by Fang Wei: "Thank you for your kindness, but I have to supervise my daughter's homework at night. So sorry. ”

    Although I said sorry in my mouth, there was no slightest apology on Fang’s face, and even a bit cold and indifferent.

    The Chinese character face man touched a gray nose and couldn't help but look pale.

    Wang big sister sees the situation is not good, and quickly want to say two rounds.

    As a result, Fang Hao did not give her a chance, turned and walked back to the living room, and closed the door.

    The two people outside the door had to leave blankly.

    Fang Hao sat down on the sofa and sighed in a secluded sigh. He couldn't help but reach out and touch his eyebrows.

    The king big sister was a colleague of her unit. Usually I like to give people a red line as a matchmaker. The national character face is her distant cousin. She is the deputy mayor of a township below Binhai.

    Wang big sister wants to introduce her cousin, who is said to have divorced in the past few years, to Fang Wei. After being rejected by Fang Fang, she actually went to the door directly, so that Fang Hao had to confess and entertain.

    They are all colleagues in the unit. They don’t look up and see, and Fang Wei is not good at giving face.

    But the other party wants to take the opportunity to close. Then she did not have any scruples, and refused directly.

    Otherwise, if it is really wrapped up, it is definitely a problem.

    And I haven’t seen Wang Big Sister so enthusiastically before. Now I’m so close, who knows what to think?

    Since the death of Lu Qingsheng, even in the most difficult time of the day, she never thought about finding someone to rely on. It is enough for her to have three obedient children.

    The days are getting better and better. Lu Chen and Lu Xi are very promising, and Fang Yi has no idea.

    She does not want to marry again. I don't want to.

    After two years, Lu Xue went to college. She wants to consider the life events of Lu Xi and Lu Chen. In the future, she will have to bring her children…

    In this life, Fang Hao is very satisfied.

    Lu Chen is now a Celebrity. I heard that Celebrity will be married very late, otherwise it will affect the cause.

    As for the birth of a child, I really don't know it is the Year of the Monkey!

    Lu Xi is in Beijing to help his younger brother manage the studio. He is too busy to make a phone call for a few minutes. How can he find a suitable boyfriend?

    The more Fang Fang thinks, the more I feel that one's own has a heart that can't be finished.


    Fang Wei was thinking of God, and Lu Xueqi jumped upstairs and ran downstairs.

    She stood on the stairs and looked around in the living room. When she saw that there was only one person, she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: "Is the two nasty guys gone?"

    Fang said: "No big or no small, is it a small butt and itchy?"

    Lu Xue ran down to sit next to her, hippie smiling and holding her own Mother's arm and said: "I hate it very much, especially the man, who is so sick and dead that I have not eaten enough!"

    She is a naive look, and it really makes people feel uncomfortable.

    Fang Hao shook his head helplessly.

    The cousin of Wang Big Sister can't say how bad, but Fang Hao doesn't like the other's eyes very much.

    She also did not want to mention the person again, saying: "Don't you want to watch TV? One's own Go and open it! ”


    Lu Xue is three feet high: "All are starting!"

    At 8:30 this evening, Lu Chen created and starred in the drama series "Blue Life and Death" in Haijin Satellite TV's first broadcast, she must be watching at the first time, to support her own brother to keep it up.

    Ding~dong~ ~

Her voice just fell, and the doorbell of the villa suddenly rang.

    Lu Xue and Fang Yi could not help but look at each other in dismay – did the two people just come back?

    That would be too disappointing!

    "Little Xue ~"

There was a clear shout outside the door.

    "It's a light rain!"

    Lu Xue heard the visitor's Voice, and suddenly he was overjoyed and ran to open the door.

    When the door opened, Lu Xue was immediately surrounded by three young girls: "Light rain! Little Fang! Wen Wen! ”

    "How did you come?"

    The three girls are Lu Xue’s friends, three are her junior high school students, one is a high school classmate, and three of them are in Jingsheng District. The previous relationship is very close.

    Later, Lu Xue moved to the local tax bureau dormitory with Fang Wei, and there was a lot less communication between them, but the friendship remained.

    Now that I have moved back again, everyone is in the same District, and it is inevitable that they will often be slammed.

    A girl with a ponytail smiled and said: "We are here to accompany you to watch the drama series of your brother, and your TV is so big and comfortable to watch!"

    "Right, is your brother still filming in Jinling?"

    When the original villa was re-arranged, considering that Fang Hao liked to watch the drama series, Lu Chen simply bought a new home theater in the living room, and the LCD TVs were all 4K Ultra HD 70-inch.

    Lu Xue said with a smile: "Ma Xiao Fang, to be honest, you care about my brother so much, is there any attempt to my brother, want to be my nephew? Then you have to bribe me! ”

    Among her friends, Ma Xiaofang is most concerned about Lu Chen's situation, and often pulls her to ask Dong.

    The ponytail girl is shy: "Where is it!"

    Another girl who was next to her smiled and said: "It must be like this. She is pulling us over."

    "You still said!"

    The ponytail girl was ashamed to scratch the other side's itch, and several girls suddenly laughed.

    It has added countless vitality and vitality to this large villa.

    When Fang Hao saw several gimmicks making it too crazy, he couldn’t help but say: "Little Xue, it’s not so fast for Xiao Yu to come in."

    Lu Xue, who was holding the horse Little Fang, spit out his tongue: "You are coming in, you are about to start!"

    The three girls found the square on the sofa and were embarrassed to blush.

    They quickly said: "Auntie is good!"

    "How are you…"

    Fang Xiao smiled and got up and said: "Let's come over, I will give you some snacks."

    "Auntie doesn't have to worry!"Thank you, Auntie! ""Mother, I am coming…"

    The girls said with a sigh of relief, they sat down on the sofa, and Lu Xue went to turn on the TV.

    After the TV was started, she took the remote control and adjusted the channel to Haijin Satellite TV.

    The high-definition screen appears instantly and the advertisement is being played.

    After the advertisement, the first episode of "Blue Death" was officially broadcast!

    Lu Xue quickly shouted and shouted: "Mother, you are coming, TV is starting!"

    Her three friends were already sitting side by side, with six eyes firmly on the screen.

    Let's get started!

    Sitting in front of the TV and watching the first episode of "Blue Life and Death", not only Lu Xue and her friends, but also thousands of Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s fans, as well as being attracted by the advertising publicity. Audience.

    Because of the copyright, "Blue Life and Death" can not be live broadcast in [Whale TV], so a large number of Lu Jiajun fans swarmed to the Fetion video to watch the premiere of this drama series.

    Fetion video has the ability to send a barrage, so fans can also interact with comments here.

    The number of online viewers of "Blue Life and Death" has increased.

    But 30 minutes ago, at 8 o'clock, the self-produced drama "The President of Sweetheart" of FeiXin Video Network was first broadcasted before "Blue Life and Death", and a competitive collision between the two sides was formed.

    "President of Sweetheart" is the year-end drama of Fetion Video. The total investment is 50 million Gundam. Many famous actor actors have joined, and a large number of youth idols have appeared.

    Fetion video network has placed great hopes on this self-made drama, and its publicity offensive started two months ago.

    Originally, the first broadcast of the two drama series should not be placed on the same day. Although "Blue Life and Death" is a foreign drama, Fetion video also cost a lot of money to buy the first broadcast right.

    However, the first broadcast of "The President of Sweetheart" has long confirmed that "Blue Life and Death" signed a contract with Haijin Satellite TV. The time cannot be changed, and the former can never give way to the latter, so it hit the same day.

    Due to the vigorous publicity and the strong cast, the "President of Sweetheart" was adapted from popular online novels, so it showed a hot trend when it started.

    In contrast, the "Blue Life and Death Love", which relies mainly on fans strength, is undoubtedly dwarfed!


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