The 250th chapter is full of sincerity

    It has been said that taking a makeup photo is just like taking a wedding dress. It is very painful to look at it.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fixed makeup photos took a full two days before they were taken.

    But the two did not feel any pain, Chen Feier was more happy, and finally picked up a batch of original photos without post-modification, said to be placed on one's own blog on publicity.

    After taking a set of makeup photos, Lu Chen and Chen Feier officially went on stage in the third episode of "Blue Life and Death".

    The two people will be photographed for a period of two months.

    What Lu Chen didn't think was that his sister Lu Xi came to Jinling that afternoon.

    Also accompanied by Zhang De, the general manager of Gande Brothers Films, and Program Director of Haijin Satellite TV!

    In the evening, Lu Chen and Chen Feier made the East and hosted a banquet in the hotel where they lived.

    In fact, strictly speaking, the real guests are only representatives of Haijin Satellite TV.

    Because "Blue Life and Death" was shot by the joint investment of Gande Brothers Films, Chen Feier Studio and Lu Chen Studio, and Haijin Satellite TV sent personnel to negotiate for the purpose of the first broadcast rights of this drama series. !

    In this regard, both Gande Films and Lu Chen Studios attached great importance to it. The two general managers accompanied Jinling to negotiate with Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Zhang De, the general manager of Gande Brothers Films, is in his forties, and his short face is thin and frown. His face is full of savvy colors. He talks a little bit about Jiang Hu, but he is very good for Chen Feier or Lu Chen. Polite and polite.

    When I met, Zhang De and Chen Feier just shook hands gently and touched them.

    But he and Lu Chen were very strong, and smiled heartily: "I have heard about Mr. Lu Chen's name. The first time I met today, it really is a well-deserved reputation. Thank you very much for giving us a chance to cooperate with Gande Films! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Zhang Zong is too polite!"

    Zhang De said: "Politeness is right, this does not lead to the Golden Phoenix, I will introduce you to…"

    He introduced the program director of the Haijin Satellite TV, Zhong Yue.

    Zhongyue is in his thirties. He has the burly figure of the northerners, the standard national character face, and the thick eyebrows and big eyes are clearly defined. It is a positive role in the drama series.

    Sitting in this position in his thirties, Zhong Yue is undoubtedly not an ordinary person.

    He was also very polite to Lu Chen, and he praised a few words.

    Here Lu Chen and the two are in the cold, and Chen Feier chatted with Lu Xi.

    Chen Feier came to Lu Chen studio. Of course, I know Lu Xi’s. Although the two of them can’t say the same sister, there are also common topics to meet.

    It was only this time that I met Lu Xi again. Chen Feier, who has always been generous, was a bit inseparable. She had a faint blush on her pretty face and she was very cautious in speaking.

    After the introduction, everyone sat down together. Inevitably talked about business.

    Domestic TV stations have a large number of Xiaoxiao, there are three or four thousand, but there are only more than forty Satellite TV stations. Haijin Satellite TV is one of them, and the scale strength is definitely not bad.

    However, in more than forty Satellite TV stations, Haijin Satellite TV's presence is very low.

    In other words, the average Viewership Ratings is not high.

    Don't say that compared with the popular fried chickens like Shonan Satellite TV, even the PK of many southwestern and northwestern inland provinces does not have much advantage. There has been no ace program to take action.

    Haijin Satellite TV, one of the four municipalities in Domestic. Really a bit of a share.

    Someone has analyzed it. It is said that such a situation arises, in addition to the problems of Haijin Satellite TV itself. The main reason is that it is too close to Beijing, there are two big signs of CCTV and Jingshi, and excellent talents are often easily lost.

    Regardless of whether this statement is correct or not, Haijin Satellite TV's weakness is obvious. There is no high-level Viewerships' fist variety program, and the big-selling drama series can't be their first broadcast, only to eat some leftovers.

    Of course, Haijin Satellite TV will not be willing to fall. Last year, it launched a draft program vigorously. As a result, Viewership Ratings went down all the way, and finally ended up with sloppy revenues.

    Now, the director of the program of the Haijin Satellite TV Program, for a drama series to come and talk about it, is unexpected, but it is not an incredible thing.

    At present, there are big TV stations such as Beijing TV Station and Zhedong TV Station that are interested in the right to broadcast "Blue Life and Death". However, the conditions for the two companies are not very high, at least not meeting the expectations of the three parties.

    This is normal. If there isn't Chen Feier's gold sign as a gimmick, even if Lu Chen and Gande Films take the initiative to go to the door, the two TV stations may not care, and the willingness to talk will only be a very demanding contract.

    Domestic The number of episodes produced each year is very impressive, and most of them can only be played in small TV stations in the three D-list cities. The fierce competition is not what ordinary people can imagine.

    Large TV stations that have high-quality resources naturally need to carefully select and wait for the price. Unless it is a hot topic of superstar or Direct IP, it is rarely used to chase the Off shelf.

    "Blue Life and Death" is currently hot on the Inspur blog. In addition to Lu Chen's efforts to promote it, the most important thing is that it is Chen Feier's first drama series.

    Now that the large-scale publicity has not yet begun, Haijin Satellite TV has come to the door and has no idea of ​​missing it.

    The good wine was quickly brought up, and everyone chatted and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

    The habit of the Chinese is to talk about business at the wine table, three glasses of wine, and the original stranger has become a friend. Many of the bad things can be opened by wine, which is a unique business culture.

    In the intertwined, Lu Chen learned about the first offer from Haijin Satellite TV.

    Haijin Satellite TV, represented by Zhong Yue, proposed the exclusive purchase price of 300,000 episodes for the "Blue Life and Death Love".

    All 20 episodes totaled 6 million.

    As an exclusive buyout, this price is undoubtedly not high, even a bit low.

    Because nothing else, I can only say that Chen Feier’s pay is a few million. With Lu Chen and other actors, 6 million is barely enough to pay the actor’s pay.

    Of course, this exclusive first broadcast right is limited to TV stations, and the network solo rights can be sold again.

    In addition, if the first broadcast is successful, the replay rights can sell for a better price.

    Many drama series are profitable by selling replay rights.

    Just such a price, compared to Beijing TV Station and Zhedong TV, there is no advantage.

    But since Zhong Yue came in person, it must come with sincerity.

    In addition to the 300,000/set buyout price, Haijin Satellite TV also gives a condition that neither Beijing TV Station nor Zhejiang East TV can get it.

    That's the gambling agreement to increase prices based on Viewership Ratings.

    Based on the national average Viewership Ratings of 0.25%, each increase of 0.10%, the buyout price of 1 episode plus 100,000!

    That is to say, "Blue Life and Death" is placed on Haijin Satellite TV. If the national average Viewership Ratings of 20 episodes is below 0.25%, the buyout price paid by Haijin Satellite TV is 300,000/set.

    But if it reaches 0.35%, it is 400,000/set, and it is not capped!

    In addition, regardless of the level of Viewership Ratings, Haijin Satellite TV has given a guaranteed purchase price of 6 million.

    It was because Haijin Satellite TV proposed such a sincere and full-fledged condition that Zhang De and Lu Xi, general managers of Gande Brothers Films, accompanied Jin Yue to Jinling.

    Because of this price increase agreement, Beijing TV Station or Zhejiang East TV will not give.

    Perhaps it is a bit difficult for outsiders to understand. Such a gambling agreement is clearly a win-win agreement. The higher the Viewership Ratings, the more the advertisement will be sold. Why does Beijing TV Station and Zhedong TV station disagree?

    The reason is very simple, whether it is Gande Film, Lu Chen or even Chen Feier are not qualified to mention such conditions.

    The rules can't be messed up.

    What Haijin Satellite TV said is that the number of coffee stations in the circle is not enough, and it is naturally willing to let go of the body.

    The purchase price of 6 million guarantees is already sincere. For the price increase, I want to fight!

    For a weekend drama, it is really not easy to achieve a national average of Viewership Ratings of 0.25%. The 0.1% improvement is a big improvement, and the promotion of advertisement is very obvious.

    Understand the initial price of Haijin Satellite TV, Lu Chen and Chen Feier looked at each other.

    Chen Feier told Lu Chen with her eyes – this price can be talked about!

    Lu Chen also thinks the same, but even if he is very satisfied with his heart, he is still on the surface, and toasts Zhongyue: "Clock Director, I will give you a cup, thank you for your love for our drama series! ”

    "Just I am still very young. I don't know much about these things. Why don't you talk about the samples after seeing them tomorrow?"

    Commercial negotiations are not good for Lu Chen. Professional matters should be handled by professional people. If he reveals the bottom, it will bring trouble to the later negotiations, and then put his own side in an unfavorable situation.

    Whether it is the reserve price or the gambling agreement, you can talk about it again.

    That is the case of Zhang De and Lu Xi.

    Zhong Yue’s eyes flashed, and the toast touched Lu Chen. He smiled and said: “Mr. Lu is very polite, of course, no problem!”

    He did not have the slightest dissatisfaction, and his heart even secretly lamented that he was awesome.

    Not only Zhong Yue, even Zhang De is very impressed with Lu Chen. Just now he was worried that Lu Chen was young and impulsive, and he was overwhelmed by the conditions of the other party. He was passive on the spot.

    It seems that Lu Chen is much more sophisticated than he imagined.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "In addition, I will record the theme song with Philippine sister tomorrow, and also welcome the director of the clock director to provide valuable advice!"

    Zhong Yue moved: "Then I must go to listen, the opportunity is too rare."

    In addition to the negotiations, he came to Jinling to have a real understanding of the shooting situation, which happened to be hit.

    Everyone laughed, and the atmosphere at the banquet was more and more warm and harmonious.


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