Chapter 281 You are a good person

    Lu Chen’s reaction was very quick. He stopped his foot and stabilized his body shape, and he did not hit the roadblocker who suddenly came out.

    The other person realized how inappropriate the one's own squatting behavior was. He shook his face and took a step back. He said: "Lu Chen, I am your loyal fans, and here is the trainee. Can you give me? A little point?"

    The young girl who is 15 or 6 years old is stopped by Lu Chen. The individual is not tall and beautiful. She cuts short hair with bangs and her eyes are very long. It is a bit like a Large-sized doll.

    I don't know if it is because of excitement or shyness. The little girl's face is red and even her ears are red.

    When she was saluting, her hands and fingers were twisted together, exposing her inner guilt.

    And when the waist bends down, there is no up, waiting for Lu Chen’s answer.

    Seeing this in the scene, everyone is ashamed.

    Jennifer, who was next to Lu Chen, frowned. It was very unpleasant to say: "Zhou Xiaojia, who made you so rude? Don't give me back to the practice room right away! ”

    There were several rooms on both sides of the aisle corridor, and many of the trainees looked around and saw that Zhou Xiaojia was severely reprimanded by Jennifer, and most of them showed the gloating effect.

    For most artists, their competition begins at the trainee stage.

    Zhou Xiaojia was reddened by Jennifer. She resisted not falling out of the tears and bowed her head and said, "Sorry Director He, Lu Chen Teacher is sorry…"

    While apologizing, she is ready to turn and leave.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter. Which Manager Corporation are you?"

    The little girl was so painful that he couldn’t help but think of the baby sister at one's own home.

    Lu Xue is not as old as Zhou Xiaojia, and he should have been enjoying the age of pets around the parents, because he has embarked on the road of artists. I have to train hard here even after the New Year.

    Zhou Xiaojia suddenly showed a pleasant look and quickly replied: "Lu Chen Teacher. I signed up at Wanshi Media. ”

    Wanshi Media? Lu Chen has no impression, certainly not a big company in the industry.

    Beijing's entertainment managers and film companies, plus a variety of studios can be described as arrogant, the competition is too fierce, so many small and medium-sized companies are quite hard, and even the signing artists follow hard.

    Many small companies signing artists have no chance to make a come. Even if they officially debut, the notices will not be able to pick up a few. They can only sing a singer or dance, and struggle at the bottom of the Entertainment Circle.

    Such a Beijing drift artist. Countless!

    Zhou Xiaojia's appearance conditions are still ok, but if there is no strong support, her chances of being in the first place are almost the same as those in the lottery, and 99% may be silently annihilating the tide in the entertainment industry.

    Maybe the little girl realized this, so she took all the courage to stop Lu Chen’s way.

    Seeking guidance, seeking attention, seeking packages…

    Now Lu Chen, really qualified to be named "Teacher."

    He asked: "Which route do you take, sing? dancing? Is acting still a variety show? ”

    Today's entertainers. There are a lot more ways to go than Senior. If you can't play the same thing, you can't sell your face. If you don't even have a face, you can only sell it.

    Zhou Xiaojia replied: "I want to be Singer, Singer like Chen Feier Teacher!"

    Chen Feier…

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile and said, "Then I will give you a chance. You sing a song to me. ”

    He turned to ask Jennifer: "Director He. May I? ”

    "Call me Jennifer…"

    Jennifer smiled: "You can guide our students, that is our pleasure. I will arrange it. ”

    She looked at Zhou Xiaojia, who had a look of surprise, and said sincerely: "Zhou Xiaojia, you are very Luck!"

    The Xingyuan Art Museum is very famous in the circle. There are many trainees entrusted to Dai Pei, and there are often Celebrity idols to guide and encourage their new artists, and even the big-name characters have come.

    Lu Chen was not the first famous artist to be stopped by the trainees, but basically did not succeed. The reason is actually very simple. The big coffee Celebrity is harassed by people, and if you just casually agree, It was really annoying after that.

    In addition, the target of the target may be a competitor of the family, who will do such a stupid thing?

    Therefore, Jennifer said that Zhou Xiaojia’s luck was very good, and Lu Chen was hit.

    The trainees who were peeking heard all the stunned, and no one thought that Zhou Xiaojia actually said that Lu Chen’s guidance was simply enviable and hateful!

    Who is Lu Chen? That is the famous singer of the popular Musical World. He is famous for one's own, and he has also used the work to win two combinations. Now he is building a small tiger group.

    The background of the Xiaohu group is something they can't match, they can only envy and can't be embarrassed, but what is Zhou Xiaojia? In a group of trainees, it is only a general generation.

    She actually had the chance to get Lu Chen's favor, and really made everyone red.

    Some people are beginning to wonder, is one's own also learning?

    There is a recording studio in the Star Art Museum. Although the scale and equipment are not comparable to the professional studio, it is far better than the level of karaoke. It is enough to try the sound.

    In this studio, Zhou Xiaojia sang a song "Love is a bubble heart" to Lu Chen and others.

    The original singer of this song is Chen Feier, the sad song of the sweet song that is rare in the days. It has been popular for a while.

    Lu Chen didn't know why Zhou Xiaojia chose this song to sing. She obviously couldn't sing the emotions and moods in the song. Although the tone is no problem, she can't give the audience the unique feeling of the original.

    After singing, Zhou Xiaojia realized the problem of one's own and apologized: "I'm sorry Lu Teacher, I didn't…"

    Lu Chen waved his hand to interrupt Zhou Xiaojia’s apology and signaled her to come out.

    "Let your Manager Corporation contact my studio after the end of the year, let's talk about it later."

    He said to Zhou Xiaojia: "You work hard."

    Zhou Xiaojia, who thought that one's own had no play, was stunned, and immediately fell into tears of crystal.

    She repeatedly thanked Lu Chenxi: "Thank you Lu Teacher, thank you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You go."

    After Zhou Xiaojia left with great gratitude, Jennifer looked at Lu Chen with a strange look.

    Lu Chen knew that she had misunderstood, but did not explain.

    Lu Chen gave Zhou Xiaojia the opportunity. It was Zhou Xiaojia’s own traits that impressed him, not what else. Jennifer estimated that he wanted to marry.

    When leaving the Star Art Museum, Jennifer sent Lu Chen out and suddenly said to him very seriously: "Lu Chen, I know that you are a good person."

    This is a bit of a headless, Lu Chen did understand.

    He laughed and laughed.


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