Chapter 287

    Lu Chen did not think that Chen Feier would actually come to Binhai to meet with one's own.

    This year's Spring Festival, this song is very difficult to get rid of all the invitations, and deliberately return to the hometown for the New Year.

    A big coffee like her, unless it is determined to retreat like Tan Hong, there will not be a lot of rest time in the year, the New Year is to give one's own magnified fake, time can be said to be precious.

    The beauty of the beautiful woman, Lu Chen can not help but feel hot, and quickly drove to the high-speed rail station to pick up.

    When Lu Chen arrived at the station, the high-speed train that Chen Feier took was just at the station. After waiting for a few minutes at the exit, he saw Chen Feier wearing a mask and sunglasses, and the latter’s bodyguard. .

    The female bodyguard is called Auntie. It is said to be a special guard female guard who is retired from the military. She has been with Chen Feier for several years. She looks ordinary and silent, but her performance is very professional.

    She is also Chen Fei's daily driver part-time life assistant, which is one of the most trusted people around Chen Feier.

    Out of the gate, Chen Feier also saw Lu Chen standing in the crowd.

    She immediately walked over.

    Lu Chen opened his arms and held Chen Feier in his arms!

    Sniffing the familiar fragrance, Lu Chenqiang resisted the urge to take off his mask and kiss her, whispered, "How come you?" Don't tell me early! ”

    Chen Feier muttered through the mask: "I miss you, so I will give you a surprise."

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly: "Go!"

    There are so many people here that if you are recognized by others, it is undoubtedly a big trouble.

    Lu Chen drove the two people to the Jinhao Hotel first.

Open the house with the bodyguard's ID card, check in is a large set of luxury business room, settled down. Auntie was very understanding and hid in the suite room, leaving the space to two people.

    Chen Feier wore a regular down jacket. She didn't have any makeup, but she was so beautiful and beautiful that she took off her glasses and masks, so that Lu Chen couldn't hold back her inner impulse and held her a long kiss.

    Chen Feier responded enthusiastically, and struggled until she could barely breathe.

    Lu Chen reluctantly let go of her and said: "You must be hungry, let's go eat first."

    Chen Feier nodded softly and smiled. "You are the landlord and you are the master."

    Lu Chen smiled and took her willow waist and said: "I will solve it here at noon, go to my house at night." My mom must be very happy to see you! ”

    Chen Feier was a pretty face, and hesitated and asked: "Is that not very good?"

    "What's wrong!"

    Lu Chen said arrogantly: "Sooner or later, it is so decided. I will call and talk to her first."

    Chen Feier took the initiative to run the sea to find him, he still wants to keep hiding and not let the family know, what kind of man is that?

    After that, Lu Chen called the party to take a call.

    He told his mother. The first is not to go home for dinner at noon, and another friend came over to be a guest at night.

    Lu Chen did not say that he was a girlfriend, and Fang Hao naturally agreed.

    When Lu Chen talked to Fang Hao, Chen Feier hid behind him and hugged his waist, his face sweet.

    The time they met was not very long, so I came to this step so quickly, which she did not expect.

    But the feeling is like this. Once caught in love. I want to let people all over the world know.

    Due to the special status of the two, it is not good to open the relationship for the time being. However, Lu Chen took Chen Feier to see her parents. It was undoubtedly a serious and responsible attitude towards her feelings. She did not pay attention to her intentions.

    Lunch was eaten in the hotel's restaurant. Chen Feier took a four-hour high-speed train to the coast and was tired. So she didn't go out to rest in the room in the afternoon, and got up until three o'clock.

    The first time I saw Lu Chen’s parents, she certainly wouldn’t be sloppy and spent more than an hour dressing up.

    Until five o'clock, the two talents rushed to Lujia.

    "mom! I am back! ”

    After carrying the big bag of things into the door, Lu Chen snorted with a scorpion.

    Fang Yizheng and Lu Xi were busy in the kitchen. When they heard Voice, she hurriedly said: "You know, you call your friend to sit down and drink tea, and the food will soon be burned."

    Chen Feier quickly greeted: "Hello, aunt, take the liberty."

    Fang Hao suddenly stopped.

    She didn't expect Lu Chen to take home with a girl, and the other person looked familiar.


At this moment, Lu Xue, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, screamed and jumped up.

    She stared at Chen Feier with a sly look, her eyes rounded and a popcorn on her lips.

    "Chen…Chen Feier? ”

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "Hello, you must be Lu Xue?"

    Lu Xue’s face was all unbelievable, as if he had discovered something incredible.

    The next moment, she flew directly to the past, clinging Chen Feier to her death and screaming: "Ah! Am I dreaming? It’s really Chen Feier, really! ”

    Lu Xue has always been Chen Feier's fans, especially after watching "Blue Life and Death Love", it became a crazy powder.

    She also begged Lu Chen, hoping that Lu Chen could take her to see Chen Feier.

    Now I actually see Chen Feier in one's own home. The little girl feels like a dream, very unreal.

    Chen Feier was a little surprised, but the fans she had seen were really too many, so I quickly got used to it and smiled and tapped the girl's shoulder: "It's me, you are not dreaming."

    At this time, Lu Xi ran out of the kitchen and saw Chen Feier stunned.

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier was the earliest known, and she also knew that they did not want to open their love immediately.

    Therefore, Chen Feier suddenly came to the door and really surprised Lu Xi.

    These two people want to open?

    "Lu Xue!"

    Fang Hao took off the apron and put it in Lu Xi’s hand. He walked out of the kitchen and yelled at the little daughter who was entangled in Chen Fei’s like an octopus: “I’m not letting go of the guests, you see what you look like!”

    She turned her face and smiled at Chen Feier: "Sit down, don't ignore this crazy girl."

    Chen Feier is pretty red: "Thank you, Auntie."

    Fang Wei looked at Chen Feier, how to look is very satisfied.

    Chen Feier's body is impeccable. With Lu Chen, it is definitely a golden boy and a girl. What are the shortcomings? Chen Feier is a few years older than Lu Chen.

    However, in Fang Wei’s view, this is not a problem at all. Women are more likely to hurt men and be more understanding.

    Lu Xue finally let go of Chen Feier, but still took her hand, a look of the soul: "Feier sister, then I can call you a scorpion?"

    Chen Feier’s face is even more red!


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