The second hundred and eighty-three chapters of the New Year

    New Year's Eve, February 7.

    The last day of the Year of the Sheep is also the most important day for the Chinese. A little Xiao Xue inadvertently descends to Binhai, giving everyone an unexpected surprise.

    This is the first snow in the winter. Although the snow is very small, many children have won the treasure, laughing and jumping into the outdoors, setting off fireworks in the falling snow. Jingsheng District is full of hustle and bustle. The sound makes people really feel the arrival of the New Year.

    In the restaurant of Lujia Villa, Fang Hao, Lu Chen, Lu Xi and Lu Xuewei sat at the table to eat New Year's Eve.

    Originally, Lu Chen meant to book a New Year's Eve dinner in the hotel. Now the situation at home is better than ever. It is no problem to spend in any five-star hotel in Binhai, but Fang Hao insists on one's own.

    She thinks that the taste of the New Year's Eve at home is the most authentic!

    The villa is brightly lit and the heated living room is warm and spring, and the family is happy.


I was eating, and suddenly the cell phone ringing sounded.

    Fang Hao's eyes swept, Lu Xue spit out his tongue, and quickly pulled out one's own cell phone from the bag.


After listening to a moment, her look was a bit weird, handing the cell phone to Lu Chen: "Brother, yours."

    Lu Chen screamed: "My?"

    He took Lu Xue's cell phone and said with a puzzled voice: "How are you?"

    "superstar, I am Huangshan!"

    There is a very strong Voice in the phone: "Happy New Year!"

    "Hello, squad leader!"

    Lu Chen suddenly smiled and said: "How do you call me this time? where are you? ”

    Huangshan is his high school classmate and squad leader. Lu Chen gave him a good relationship when he was studying. He only went to Hangzhou to study at university. The connection between them is getting less and less.

    Huangshan ridicule said: "I have never been able to contact you, and Fetion has not responded. Just ask someone to call your sister, think about you should be at the beach now, I am now eating a dinner in the hotel! ”

    Lu Chen is embarrassed: "Sorry, the original cell phone number is useless…"

    When he went to Beijing the year before, he changed the number and only notified a few relatives and friends. Huangshan did not know.

    As for Fetion Feiyin, Lu Chenlian's own's own blog is managed by the studio, and he simply can't watch it.

    In fact, during the Chinese New Year, he also pushed down a few commercial performances, otherwise Lian Family will not come back.

    Huangshan said: "We opened a class meeting on the second day of the second day. At Jinhao Hotel, most of the classmates will come over and everyone wants to see you this superstar. ”

    "Several female classmates said that if you can't get you, then they won't come, then you'll be one's own!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What superstar I am, but it is a mixed meal, since you have said so. Then I am not too embarrassed, which room is Jinhao Hotel? ”

    Jinhao Hotel is one of the best hotels in Binhai. In the past, Lu Chen did not follow his father to eat.

    To put it bluntly, he graduated from high school for more than four years. Because of the family's failure, he also attended a high school class meeting in the second year of graduation.

    When Lu Chen was in high school, he was also a man of the school. There are a lot of friends.

    Huangshan suddenly rejoiced: "Rose Hall. At half past five in the evening, our Class Teacher Ye Teacher will come. And my girlfriend…I told her that it was your classmate, she didn't believe it! ”

    "Later, I gave her a photo to believe that this life and death will come to see the real person!"

    Lu Chenxiao: "I don't have three heads and six arms. I will see you then."

    Huangshan excited: "Well, then I will inform everyone, we will see you the day after tomorrow!"

    Lu Chen hung up the phone and returned the cell phone to Lu Xue.

    Lu Xue asked curiously: "Brother, are you going to attend the high school class meeting?"

    Lu Chen nodded.

    Lu Xue said very seriously: "There must be a lot of female students who admire you? Remember not to get drunk, or you will lose if you are eaten…Oh! ”

    However, Lu Xi was knocked on his head with chopsticks, and his sister’s face was not good: “What are you talking about!”

    Lu Xue stunned his head: "Mom, my sister hit me again, hurt!"

    Fang Hao does not pull the frame: "It is the fight, the children's family should pay attention to the words, do not always learn the things on TV and online, Lu Chen you do not spoil the sister."

    Lu Xue suddenly smashed like an eggplant made of frost.

    Lu Chen smiled and touched the brain that she was knocked on and said, "Come on, eat us and put fireworks."

    The fireworks had already been bought, and after dinner, he took his sister to the small lake in the front yard of the villa.

    In accordance with the usual practice, three sets of sixteen-sounding cannons are placed first, indicating that the new year will flourish and fly, and then the colorful bullets representing the festive and auspicious will be placed.

    A group of beautiful fireworks blooms in the night sky, and the surrounding fireworks are radiant, depicting the splendid scenery of the fire tree and silver flowers. The bright fire illuminates the villa from time to time, and also illuminates the land of fireworks. The family's face.

    Fang Wei stood at the door and quietly wiped away the tears in his eyes. It was a happy tears.

    Ever since she had an accident at home, she never thought about it, so a happy scene would appear in front of one's own!

    After releasing the fireworks, Lu Chen took a red envelope and gave it to Lu Xue. He secretly said: "Give me yours, don't tell Mom, one's own keeps the flowers, but you can't mess around."

    Lu Xue was holding a thick red envelope, happy eyebrows were not eyebrows, eyes were not eyes, she hugged Lu Chen on the latter's face and kissed him: "Thank you brother, my brother is so good!"

    Lu Chen smiled and returned to the room of one's own.

    Closing the door, he lay a phone call to Chen Feier in bed.

    After a while, Chen Fei’s voice was like a scorpio in the cell phone: "Happy New Year."

    Lu Chen: "Happy New Year, have you eaten at the New Year's Eve?"

    Chen Feier: "Well, just finished eating, eating a little full, drinking tea and eating it. It feels so good to go home. I have not spent the Spring Festival at home for several years. This time I am ready to rest for a few days.. ."

    Celebrity like Chen Feier, there is basically no holiday, especially on important festivals, and it is the busiest time.

    She went to the Spring Festival of CCTV last year. Although she didn't go to Program this year, she has been making various invitations.

    Many invitations are difficult to reject, so this time I can return to one's own home for the New Year, which is also a very valuable thing for Chen Feier. This call from Lu Chen gave her the opportunity to talk.

    Lu Chen did not intend to tell her, quietly listening to her, the warmth of the heart filled with enthusiasm, the whole person could not help but completely relax, only hope that time can go slowly.

    In the end, he didn't even know how one's own was sleeping.

    Outside the window, the fireworks are still there.


The second is sent first, this chapter is coded in the airport lounge, sweat. (To be continued~^~)

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