The 228th chapter of the feeling of going home

    After leaving the Star Art Museum, Li Jie personally sent Lu Chen to the parking lot.

    Lu Chen said: "Li Jie, you don't have to send it anymore, my car will stop in front and see you again after the end of the year."

    Looking at the training scene of Xiaohu Group at the Xingyuan Art Museum is the last thing he left in Beijing. After that, he will drive back to Binhai with Lu Xi and have a reunion with his family.

    Li sister smiled and said: "Let you bother, Jun smart has your Teacher, it is his Luck!"

    She hesitated and said: "Lu Chen, the Jennifer grew up abroad, her character is a bit…How do you say it, I think she can be an ordinary friend, other…Don't blame the sister of Li. ”

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Li Jie, you think too much, I don't feel much about this Director He."

    He is now in a busy career, and he has no time to fall in love with Chen Feier. There is nothing to think about, and Lu Chen itself is not the kind of person.

    In the Entertainment Circle, where the beauty is like a cloud, there are so many temptations. If there is no rich experience of the years of life in the memory of the dream world, the young Luchen perhaps will be lost.

    But now, he can look at the beauties who are constantly appearing around one's own, and keep his heart.

    As for Jennifer, the other party is warm and beautiful, but it is not the type that Lu Chen likes.

    The reason why Li Jie specifically reminded her is because she had a good relationship with Chen Feier, and she invited Lu Chen to come to the Star Art Museum. If Lu Chen was taken away, she would not blame!

    Now that Lu Chen really didn't feel tempted, Li Jie also let go of her heart and smiled: "Jenifer is still good. The background is complicated…Ok, I wish you a good trip! ”

    Lu Chen smiled. Jennifer’s background is simple and complicated, and has nothing to do with him.

    The Star Art Museum may not come back.

    Waving goodbye to Mr. Li, Lu Chen drove to the studio.

    Studio has been on holiday, Li Feiyu and Chen Xin left Beijing yesterday.

    Lu Xi has been waiting for him there, and the baggage of big bags is basically a New Year gift for family and friends, not to mention how valuable it is. The picture is a festive Geely.

    Carrying luggage and sister, Lu Chen drove to the coastal high-speed.

    The highway is more than 1,000 kilometers long and can be reached directly from Beijing. Lu Chen and Lu Xi were both Luffy Chi and returned to Binhai at 9 o'clock in the evening.

    I returned to my home in Kingstown District.


    Lu Xue was watching TV in the living room. When he saw the brother and sister who came in to open the door, he suddenly got up from the sofa and screamed: "Mother, my brother and sister are back!"

    When the voice just fell, she jumped off the sofa and didn't even wear the slippers. Flying to the Lu Chen.

    Directly into the arms of Lu Chen, almost threw the latter down.

    Lu Chen hugged her sister and couldn't help but shook her head – it was such a big girl, and it was like a child.

    But his heart is still full of happiness, and the joy of going home.

    Lu Xi put down the big bag of things in his hand and squinted his eyes: "It’s eighteen years old after the end of the year, and it’s still rough. Give me down quickly. Like what it looks like! ”

    Compared with Lu Chen’s love, Lu Xi is more strict with her sister.

    Lu Xue snorted. Or obediently came down from Lu Chen and took the paper bag he had in his hand.

    "Brother, what gift did you buy for me?"

    "Brother, you know, you don't know, you are now a big celebrity in our school. Many people are looking for me to sign!"

    "Haha, I can make a fortune when I sell my signature. You sign me five hundred, I keep it."

    "Hee Hee, wait a minute to let you see the love letters that others have sent me to you."

    "The girls from the outside school also ran over…"

    Lu Xueyan took Lu Chen and said it all the time, as if he had to smash it for a long time.

    A "Blue Life and Death Love" that has not yet been broadcasted makes Lu Chen a household name in Binhai. His reputation is quite different from when he came back last time.

    Even Lu Xue has become the focus of the school – Lu Chen's sister!

    She said that she was very annoyed, but she was proud of her, like a child who wanted to show off her big toy.

    Lu Chen heard a big head, but fortunately, the mother who had a sound a sound saved his life.

    "Lu Xue, don't bother your brother…"

    Fang Wei said with concern: "You must be very hungry? I went to the kitchen to cook some nightingales for you. ”

    Lu Xi said: "Mom, I will help you together."

    The mother and the daughter entered the kitchen and could hear the Voice coming from inside the glass door.

    "I just heard the car ringing, are you driving back?"


    "It's not safe to drive too much. The next time I take the high-speed train, it's fast and safe. Do you know?"

    "The main time is not well arranged, you can't book tickets in advance, you don't have a ticket when you want to buy it, you have to bring something…"

    "There is no need to buy things, there are some in Beijing…"

    Lu Chen sat on the sofa in the living room, enjoying Lu Xue's family massage, listening to the dialogue voice from the kitchen, and the joy of peace in his heart, feeling that for this moment, all the hard work is worth it.

    It’s a pity that such a beautiful state of mind, the blink of an eye was broken by Lu Xue, who couldn’t keep his mouth open.

    "Brother, my classmates and I have seen the blue love between you and Chen Feier. They all said it was so good."

    "They want to ask what is the final outcome. Is Enshi's disease cured?" Are you together? ”

    “Even the school’s Teacher is watching, and our Teacher Zhang has asked you!”

    "If my sisters know that you are back, sure…"

    "OK OK!"

    Lu Chen was really defeated by her, surrendered: "I will write you a signature, one hundred!"

    Lu Xuehe Hee Hee: "One hundred is not enough, at least three hundred, right brother, are you really with Chen Feier?"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "What is true?"

    Lu Xue was curious: "Is it really falling in love, they all say that you guys are fake!"

    Lu Chen sighed: "Children don't care about the adult's business, you don't want to talk around, sign two hundred for you."

    Lu Xue was angry: "Everyone is almost 18 years old. It is already an adult, at least three hundred!"

    The two brothers and sisters are fighting, and Fang Wei and Lu Xi will make the nightingales come out.

    That is, the simple tomato egg noodles, Lu Chen is really hungry, a large bowl of food is clean and very fragrant.

    Shanzhen Seafood has eaten a lot, but this kind of home taste is not made by any hotel.

    The feeling of going home for the New Year is really good!


The first one is sent first, ready to go home, and there should be one more in the evening. (To be continued~^~)

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