The second hundred and eighty-five chapter leaves Teacher

    Whether it is toasting or taking a group photo, Lu Chen will not refuse.

    They are all students who have known for many years, or their relatives and friends. Whether it is a real fan or not, Lu Chen does not need to maintain a distance, because they are basically not utilitarian.

    In a few years, I will open a class meeting again. The situation will be different, but at least the current Lu Chen does not need to think too much.

    In the classmates, the male students hold their points, the female students are much more bold, some hold Lu Chen’s arms, some hold his waist, the photo is the left one and the right one, photographed Lu Chen’s The face is laughing and stiff.

    At the end of the group photo, a middle-aged woman in a hotel uniform was led by the customer service personnel to the rose hall. She walked to Lu Chen and smiled and said: "Mr. Lu Chen, hello, I am honored that you can To our Jinhao Hotel, I am the customer manager of Jinhao Hotel."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Hello."

    The middle-aged woman respectfully said: "We have an arrogant request. Can you please sign a word and leave a shadow on the wall of the celebrity? If you agree, the hotel at the Rose Hall in the evening will be free of charge. ”

    Lu Chen suddenly smiled.

    Large or well-known consumer places, often set up celebrity walls to enhance the force, the visiting celebrities take photos to make a photo frame hanging on the wall, of course, as the use of commercial portrait rights, it is necessary to obtain consent.

    This evening's high school classmates will open four tables. According to the consumption level of Jinhao Hotel, it is almost 20,000 to 30,000. The amount is not too small.

    Of course, for the current Lu Chen, this money is nothing, he will not deliberately take advantage of this point, not to mention the cost of the Alumni Association is AA.

    But it is precisely because of the relationship between the Alumni Association and the hotel that has been visited many times before. Lu Chen agreed to it when he thought about it: "Yes, but only photos." Cannot be used in other aspects of publicity. ”

    The middle-aged woman suddenly rejoiced: "Of course, no problem, thank you very much!"

    The coastal economy is rich and the consumer market is very large. In recent years, a number of five-star hotels have been opened. Jinhao Hotel is facing fierce competition and is trying to attract customers.

    Can hold Lu Chen this hometown local superstar signboard, even if it is not a true advertising endorsement, it is also an unexpected joy for Jinhao Hotel, compared to the Xiaoxiao paying for the single is really cost-effective.

    Lu Chen’s classmates witnessed this incident and really felt the power of Celebrity.

    Just sign a name and leave a shadow. The consumption of tens of thousands of dollars will be exempted!

    Of course, the students are very happy – save money!

    What Lu Chen wants is actually this effect. Everyone is happy to be the most important.

    Someone smiled and said: "Oh, Lu Chen, you have to sign more names for me, and you will definitely add value!"

    Everyone Hee Hee laughed haha.

    The class reunion ended at 9 o'clock, and there was a program for KTV singing, but Lu Chen would not go.

    Although they are all familiar students, the distance between them cannot be smoothed out. The location of Lu Chen is already the height that everyone needs to look up. It is difficult for everyone to be really happy when he is present.

    Lu Chen knew in his heart that he also cherished the friendship of his classmates, so he chose to go home early.

    Before leaving, everyone stood on the small stage of the Rose Hall and asked the customer service personnel to take a group photo.

    At the end, a female student said reluctantly: "Lu Chen. Sing a song for everyone! ”

    Everyone has started to say: "Yes. Sing a song and go! ”

    Even the customer service personnel who are present are showing the look of expectation – this is the original singer!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Well, what song do you want to listen to?"

    The female student bit her lip. Say loudly: "Those flowers!"

    This song Lu Chen was first sung at the university graduation night, and later sang in "Singing China". The influence among the students is very great, and it is known as the graduation divine song.

    Lu Chen is good at everything: "Let's sing this song."

    There are audio-visual equipment in the rose hall for performances, and there are "The Flowers" in the karaoke music library.

    Lu Chen didn't care about the simple MV that the pirates made on the projection screen. He held the microphone, listened to the familiar accompaniment, and sang the song again.

    "The laughter reminds me of my flowers, quietly driving for me in every corner of my life…"

    "I thought I would always be by her side. Today we are gone and we are leaving."

    All the classmates stood in front of the small stage and listened quietly to him singing.

    Many female students cuddled each other, holding hands and humming with the song.

    "La……I miss her, come on…Is she still open?La……Go!"

    "They have been blown away by the wind and scattered in the horizon!"

    I shed tears as I groaned.


    On the second day of the end of the academic year, the third day of the first month.

    In the morning, Lu Chen drove to the Municipal People's Hospital to visit the Class Teacher Teacher in the ward.

    Lu Chen High School's Class Teacher Teacher is Ye Xiaolian, almost reaching retirement age. Although it is not a famous teacher, decades of educational career is also a world of Tao Li.

    When Lu Chen was in high school at Binhai No. 2 Middle School, it was not a master who could make Teacher worry. However, Ye Teacher’s education for him has always been patient and meticulous. Without the careful teaching of this Class Teacher Teacher, he Finally, it is impossible to get admitted to Jianghai University.

    The teacher is unforgettable, knowing that Ye Teacher is hospitalized due to illness, and she will visit her in the morning.

    From Huangshan, Lu Chen already knew the ward number where Ye Teacher lived, so he took the elevator directly and found the room very smoothly.

    Ye Teacher lives in a general ward with three beds, all living with patients.

    Lu Chen, who was lying on the door and in the middle of the two beds, didn't know. The innermost bed was surrounded by five or six people. Some men and women were arguing fiercely.

    Although their Voice deliberately depressed, but all of them are emotional, the nurses who are present are frequently concerned, and a pair of vigilant expressions.

    Through the gap between the crowds, Lu Chen saw the familiar face of Ye Teacher.

    She is obviously a lot older, her face is full of tired wrinkles, her hair is white and her eyes are closed, as if she is sleeping.

    But the sad color on her face indicates that her heart is not calm at this moment.

    Lu Chen did not pass immediately, but stood at the door for a moment.

    From the mouths of those around the bed, he heard words such as "cost", "care", "assessment" and "evaluation".

    Lu Chen couldn't help but think of some rumors about Ye's family that he had heard before.

    Inexplicable anger, rising in my heart!


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    PS: There are always readers who say that why not use this song or the song, originally did not want to explain, because the author has one's own idea, but now the reader response is a bit big, I have to explain two sentences.

    First of all, the author's selection of songs is not a cat catching a mouse. One is a catch, but it is not a catch to catch a nest, but a gradual, first style uniform, such as the previous selection of folk rock and roll works, and then Slowly turn to Love Song, China Wind and so on.

    It is precisely because of the need for a unified style, so the songs like Wang Feng have been chosen a lot. As a result, some people say that the author is Wang Feng, and it is helpless.

    There are also classic songs recommended by readers in Cantonese. The Cantonese protagonist will definitely sing in the future, but it is not suitable now. The plot does not reach this step. It is a joke to insert it in a random way. There is a copy of Xiangjiang in the back.

    The author must admit that this book is not cool enough, the plot is not fast enough, and the writing habits are really difficult to change. I hope everyone understands that all the chapter texts are written by the author, please also like this book. Reader genuine subscription.

    In order to ensure the reader's reading experience, the author has never engaged in anti-theft measures, otherwise the results and income will at least double, please support us!

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