The 288th chapter of the gift in advance

    Lujia on the third day of the New Year is exceptionally festive.

    Chen Feier’s sudden visit has added countless joys to this family, especially Lu Xue’s indulging in the idol’s side, and letting Fang’s swearing and swearing.

    This dinner was a good time to eat, and Fang Yi took the opportunity to give Chen Fei children a dish, taking care of everything.

    Let Lu Chen three people are almost smashed.

    Chen Feier was very embarrassed, and could not refuse it. The dishes in the rice bowl were piled up.

    Lu Chen stunned the flowers, quietly helping to eliminate a lot, and the result was a few words.

    Lu Chen was helpless, Chen Feier grinned.

    After dinner, she wanted to help clean up the tableware and let Fang Hao firmly block it.

    Lu Xue was entangled with Chen Feier and asked Dong to the West. There were countless problems.

    Chen Feier loves the house and Wu, she is very fond of her, and also gave a gift to her.

    Lu Xue opened his beautifully-packed box with a surprise, and found that it was a diamond-studded princess crown placed inside, which was very beautiful and shiny.

    She was so happy that she fainted: "Thank you, Feier sister!"

    Of course, Chen Feier will not only bring a gift to her door. She also gave Lu Xi a set of brand-name cosmetics, and Fang Wei’s is a mink coat.

    Fang Hao complained: "You are very happy to come to the aunt, what are you doing to buy such a valuable gift?"

    She is acquainted with the goods, this mink coat must be at least tens of thousands.

    Chen Feier said with a good voice: "It's just a little bit of a gift, not very expensive."

    Fang Wei is more satisfied with Chen Feier, the appearance is handsome and beautiful, the character temper is also very good, and the number of rituals such as everyone is so good, they are beginning to worry a little about one's own son is not worthy of Chen Feier.

    I thought for a moment. Fang Wei went back upstairs to one's own room.

    She returned soon and took Chen Fei's hand. Bring Chen Feier with a turquoise jade bracelet.

    Fang Wei said: "Fei Er, the first time I met, the aunt did not have anything to send you. This bracelet was left to me by Lu Chen Grandma. Now I will transfer it to you, I hope you will like it."

    Although this jade bracelet is not the top goods of millions of tens of millions, it is also the old object of the former Qing Dynasty. It is the heirloom of the Lujia dynasty that is not passed down to the woman. It is to be reserved for Lu Chen’s wife.

    Therefore, when Lujia was the most difficult time, Fang Wei did not think about selling this bracelet.

    She gave the jade bracelet to Chen Feier. It means formal recognition of the latter.

    How could Chen Feier not understand Fang Fang’s mind, and stunned and said: "Thank you, Auntie."

    With her net worth, tens of millions of jadeites can also be enjoyed, but there will be no more precious than this one!

    When Fang Feier accepted the jade bracelet, Fang Hao was even more happy.

    She held Chen Fei's hand and began to inquire about the situation in Chen Fei's home.

    Chen Feier’s hometown is in Xiamen Island. When they were very young, they split up and set up a new family. My mother immigrated to Canada in her early years. My father is currently teaching at a university in Beijing, and she was raised by a grandmother.

    Her parents also gave birth to two younger brothers and two younger sisters, but basically nothing to do.

    Fang Wei is very sighed, Chen Feier's family situation, it is really not easy for her to get the achievements of today.

    The two talked and talked as if they were the most intimate mother-in-law.

    As a result, Lu Chen and Lu Xue and others were left out to the side.

    Chen Feier was a little worried when he came over. I don't know if Lu Chen's mother is good at getting along.

    For China people. The relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is always the most complicated.

    Now it seems that her fears are completely redundant. Fang Hao’s character is strong and generous and gently. Her love for her is entirely from the heart. The two get along with each other unexpectedly, and even have a kind of look and hate.

    Time passed quickly, and it was almost ten o'clock.

    Fang Hao was very reluctant to end the "talking meeting" with Chen Feier, and told Lu Xidao: "Xiao Xi, you sort out the rooms upstairs."

    She said to Chen Feier: "It's too late, you live here, rest early."

    In fact, Chen Feier originally did not intend to live in Lujia, but now she has said this, then she is not in violation of Fang Hao’s kindness, and she is shy.

    Chen Feier followed Lu Xi to the room, and Lu Xue was naturally a follower.

    Lu Chen also wants to keep up, and is reserved by Fang Wei.

    Fang Hao complained: "You are also true. My girlfriend didn't tell me earlier, I was not prepared."

    Lu Chen licked his nose and smiled bitterly: "I didn't know it before!"

    "That doesn't say this…"

    Fang Wei said: "The Filipinos are really good. You have to cherish this girlfriend…"

    "The most important thing for two people to get along with is tolerance and understanding. As a boy, you should take on more responsibility and not be as capricious as before."

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "I know."

    Fang Wei said: "When you were young, Grandma gave you life in Baiyunguan, saying that when you grow up, you will be guilty of peach blossoms."

    "I don't believe in fortune telling, but now that you have a girlfriend and develop in the Entertainment Circle, you will definitely have access to a lot of girls. You remember to hold one's own, you can't be lucky enough to live up to Mayfair. ”

    Lu Chen scratched his head: "I know."

    Fang Yan glanced at him and said: "Don't let the girl who likes you cry."

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    He feels that his own Mother is like the top NPC in the game, and then publishes a Legendary-level difficulty task for one's own, or the kind that must be done.

    Fang Hao rushed: "Go, you should rest early."

    It was only Lu Chen who had a little sleepiness. After sitting in one's own room for more than half an hour, I couldn't help but think of it and sneaked into the room.

    He knocked on the door gently.

    After a while, the door was quietly opened, and the beautiful girl laughed and stunned. Obviously, it was expected.

    Lu Chen’s heart was hot, and he got into the room and closed Chen Fang’s arms in his arms.

    Chen Feier had just bathed, wearing a long-sleeved pajamas, the room was air-conditioned and warm, and her scented, let Lu Chen have the impulse to incarnate the beast, eyes are red.

    She bowed her lips and kissed her lips.

    Chen Feier was very soft and ruthless, but when his big hand penetrated into the pajamas, he was blushing and blocking, and he was not allowed to go further into the restricted area.

    In this regard, Chen Feier is very conservative.

    Lu Chenqiang resisted the urge, reluctantly let her go, took her and sat on the bed.

    "This is a gift for you…"

    Chen Feier took out a small silver-white box from under the pillow and handed it to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen surprise: "I have it too?"

    He opened the box with joy and found that Chen Feier gave one's own a silver metal pendant, which was well-made and well-made, but it was definitely not a valuable item.

    Chen Feier explained: "This is the Luck talisman. It is said that wearing it on the body can bring you good luck."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "My luck is very good!"

    He is telling the truth.

    Thanks to fate, he gave him an incredible miracle when he was most lonely.

    Thanks also for the fate, so that he can meet the woman who is in front of the clock, and knows each other.

    Even so, he still wears the Luck charm on one's own.

    Looking at Lu Chen wearing a talisman, Chen Feier asked him with a sigh of relief: "Do you know what day is it?"

    In a few days?

    Lu Chen stunned, but he quickly reacted: "Valentine's Day?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Yes, I have endorsement activities that day, so I will come over with you in advance…"

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen suddenly realized that today is February 10, and a few days is Valentine's Day. Chen Feier obviously has important work arrangements, so he specially came to Binhai to go ahead with him.

    This Luck talisman is a Valentine's Day gift!

    Lu Chen annoyed: "You don't remind me, I haven't prepared gifts for you!"

    Chen Feier laughed: "It will not be late to make up later."

    Lu Chen’s eyes turned and suddenly she threw her on the bed and smirked at her crystal-clear ear: “It’s better to give one’s own to you as a gift now, how about getting along?”

    Chen Feier’s pretty face is once again shy, and her eyes are full of beauty, and it’s really beautiful.

    Lu Chen couldn't stand it, holding her is a lingering kiss.

    This time, Chen Feier was also very emotional. Finally, Lu Chen was released from the upper body, allowing him to enjoy the amazingly gentle and smooth, uncontrollable touch.

    It is a pity that even when she was most fascinated, she also clung to the bottom line and did not let Lu Chen complete the final breakthrough.

    The two have been lingering for a long time.

    The next morning, Chen Feier, who was already Lu Jiaxun’s wife, said goodbye to Lu Chen and Lu’s family back to Beijing.

    On February 12th, the first half of the first month, Lu Chen and Lu Xi also returned to Beijing.

    When leaving, Lu Chen left the one's own Mercedes to Mother, making it easy for her to go to work.

    Fang Wei didn't want it. He thought that this Mercedes-Benz SUV was too swaying, but couldn't stand Lu Chen's persuasion with Lu Xi, and he barely stayed.

    In fact, in the coastal area, all kinds of luxury cars are like a lot of horses, and the super-running on the street is not uncommon. A Mercedes-Benz SUV is nothing at all. The most important thing is that its safety factor is high enough to make the two people feel at ease.

    At the end, Lu Xi has not forgotten Lu Xue, let her not tell others about Chen Feier.

    The relationship between the two is still not exposed.

    Lu Xue finally got acquainted with it, swearing that the swearing should close one's own mouth and never reveal the secret.

    Lu Chen is deeply suspicious of this.

    However, other things he can't take care of for the time being. After returning to Beijing, busy work is like a mountain!

    It is also a coincidence that Lu Chen also has an important endorsement activity on Valentine's Day.

    Then he just returned to Beijing, and everyone in the area came to the door. There were friends in the circle, there were entertainment Manager Corporation, there were also record and film companies, as well as reporters from TV stations and newspapers and magazines.

    In addition, Lu Chen also received an invitation letter.

    72H Grass Music Festival.


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