Chapter 286, don’t forget the original heart

    "who are you looking for?"

    The nurse who changed the medicine in the ward saw Lu Chen standing at the door, and asked very curiously.

    This handsome guy is very type!

    The tall and tall figure is completely model, and the sunglasses worn on the face can't hide the handsome. The way of holding the flowers makes the little nurse feel uncomfortable, and there are some episodes in the idol drama.

    Lu Chen smiled at her and said, "I am visiting the Leaf Teacher."

    His Voice is not too light, but the people in the ward can hear clearly. The men and women who are surrounded by the blushing neck around the bed can't help but turn around and finally stop the noise.

    Ye Xiaolian, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes.

    Lu Chen took off the sunglasses and walked straight.

    His 1.80+ man is handsome and handsome, and with his own powerful gas field, the two middle-aged men in front of him involuntarily removed their vacancies.

    The little nurse holding her medical record suddenly sharpened her eyes – the one in front of her with her memory…

    Lu Chen went to the front of the hospital bed and placed the flowers on the bedside table. He smiled and asked the face of the surprised face. Teacher: "Ye Teacher, is your health better?"

    Ye Xiaolian groped and took out the glasses from under the pillow, and stared at the morning.

    After a moment, she showed a pleasant look: "Lu Chen, you are Lu Chen!"

    I haven't seen it for four or five years, and Lu Chen's appearance has changed a lot, but she quickly recognized it.

    "it's me…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I attended the class meeting last night, or Huangshan told me that you are sick. Today, I will come to see you on behalf of all the students, and they will come over."

    Ye Xiaolian struggled to sit up, and Lu Chen quickly hugged her. Helping her sit comfortably on the cushion.

    Leaf Teacher grabbed Lu Chen’s hand and said with emotion: “It’s really you. I can't recognize it anymore. Now I am more handsome than before, and I have grown up! ”

    Lu Chen nodded and gently held Teacher's rough and cold hand.

    He grew up mature, but the Leaf Teacher is much older and thinner, and the years are hurried too ruthless.

    Recalling that Teacher's care and concern for one's own in the past, Lu Chen's heart was really sour, feeling that one's own seems to have done something wrong, and has not greeted Teacher for several years.

    The middle-aged men and women around the bed look at each other in dismay.


An unstoppable scream suddenly sounded, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

    I saw that the little nurse was flushing his mouth to one's own mouth. Seeing everyone seeing it, he quickly pushed the door open and left the ward. When he was running, he did not forget to look back and look at Lu Chen.

    Ye Xiaolian smiled and said: "I heard that you are now a Celebrity. I have read your news online. It is really very good. Teacher is very happy."

    Probably because of the joy of her mood, her face recovered a bit of blood. Shows a little spirit.

    "Is things in your family solved?"

    Lu Chen listened to his heart and he knew that after high school graduation, Ye Teacher always cared about one's own.

    "All solved, the debts of the family were all paid off, and the house was redeemed."

    Ye Xiaolian is pleased: "That's good, you can make money now, you must be more filial to your mother. She is really not easy. ”

    Lu Chen’s nose is sour. Said: "She is very good now, you have to take care of one's own. If you have any questions, please call us. We are all children who have grown up, not ungrateful people! ”

    The middle-aged men and women around me were stunned, and Lu Chen’s words were like a slap in the face.

    Ye Xiaolian has a total of three sons and one daughter. Today, all of them are there, plus two daughter-in-laws. They just argued about the issue of medical expenses and the employment of nannies, that is, money.

    In fact, Teacher like Ye Xiaolian has medical insurance, and the salary income is not low. However, medical expenses are very high now. If you are seriously ill, then the burden of one's own is not light.

    It is not cheap to ask for a care worker. Thousands and thousands of people are normal. It is really difficult for ordinary people to bear.

    But then again, if the four children share it, it will not be a large number. Ye Xiaolian will not let them all pay for it, but it will still be red-faced.

    Lu Chen just listened to the score, and I was very disgusted.

    His Mother Fang knew Ye Xiaolian, who had told Lu Chen that the children of the latter had no conscience.

    Ye Xiaolian has been engaged in education for decades. She never received a red envelope gift from her parents. Her husband died very early. It is not easy for a person to raise four children with great pains.

    However, after these children became married, they had no filial piety.

    See you now!

    A middle-aged man couldn’t stand his face and blinked and said: "Boy, what are you talking about?"

    Lu Chen's face sank, and Huo Ran stood up and stared at the other side, his eyes were extremely fierce.

    The wife of the middle-aged man changed his face and cringed at the husband’s sleeve and whispered a few words.

    She heard about Lu Chen, knowing what identity Lu Chen is, and consciously timid.


    Ye Xiaolian coughed twice in a hurry and waved and said: "I talk to the students, you give me away, go!"

    Her children looked at each other and hesitated to move.

    Lu Chen sat down again and apologized: "Ye Teacher, sorry…"

    Ye Xiaolian resolutely said: "You are all gone, medical expenses are not for you, and I don't need a babysitter."

    "that…Mom, let's see you later. ”

    A few children and daughter-in-law left in a hurry, and they walked cleanly in the blink of an eye. No one really wanted to stay and take care of them.

    Ye Xiaolian smiled at Lu Chen: "Let you see a joke, I have taught so many students, but I have not educated one's own children, but they…There are also their difficulties. ”

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "It doesn't matter, you still have us, I let the doctor give you the special care unit."

    He reached out and pressed the call bell.

    Ye Xiaolian stopped: "Don't be so troublesome, I live here very well, it's all old."

    "I know you want to help Teacher, but Teacher hasn't reached this point yet. My health insurance and salary are enough. If you have more money, then go to help more people who need help."

    She regained Lu Chen’s hand and had a faint smile on her face: “I know all the things you have to help the girl who has leukemia, and Teacher is really proud of you!”

    "I am most happy, not that you have become a Celebrity celebrity, but that you have a kind heart."

    "Don't forget your heart, then you can go longer on the road of life!"

    Lu Chen nodded hard.

    With Lu Chen saying so many words, coupled with the ups and downs of the mood, Ye Xiaolian showed a bit of fatigue.

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Teacher, let's rest."

    Ye Xiaolian nodded and said: "Well, you go back, don't have to stay with me here, have time to remember to go home."

    Said, she closed her eyes.

    Lu Chen silently helped Teacher to remove the pillow and help her lay down and cover the quilt, watching her fall asleep.

    After confirming that Leaf Teacher had fallen asleep, Lu Chen got up and left the ward.

    As a result, he just walked out of the room and felt a burning gaze focused on one's own.

    These eyes all come from the white angels who work at the nurse station. They obviously already know Lu Chen. If it is not due to work duties, I am afraid that it will be surrounded.

    Lu Chen quickly brought the sunglasses back and walked to the nurse station for help.

    He asked the nurse sitting inside: "Hello, I want to change the patient care room for the patient in the 1870 ward. How can I go through the formalities?"

    "Is Ye Xiaolian Teacher living in the ward 1870?"

    The nurse's face was red, and whispered: "I will help you check if there is any spare room in the intensive care unit…"

    Lu Chen smiled slightly: "Yes, trouble."

    The intensive care unit is a ward with special care. There is a 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of the nurses in the single room. Therefore, there is no need for family members to accompany them. It is safe and effortless to save money – medical insurance is not reimbursed.

    But for Lu Chen, there is no pressure on this money.

    His luck is good, probably because of the Chinese New Year. The ward of the People's Hospital is not so nervous, and there are spare special care units, but it is necessary to transfer the ward according to the regulations to the patient or family.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen’s Celebrity Halo played a role. A deputy Dean, who was on duty at the Municipal People’s Hospital, immediately came over after receiving the news. After learning about Lu Chen’s request, he gave the special task without hesitation.

    Respecting the teacher is always a good thing to carry forward the virtues, not to mention Lu Chen is a big celebrity in Binhai.

    Lu Chen also learned that the leaf Teacher's disease is mainly due to severe stomach bleeding, a precursor to gastric cancer, and her overworked illness, liver and kidney function are not good, so it takes a long time to recuperate.

    He deposited a sum of money in Teacher's medical account and left one's own phone in the hospital.

    In case the treatment fee is not enough, notify him in time.

    Of course, Lu Chen also has to leave a signature of one's own, and a group photo.

    When he left the hospital, it was almost noon.

    Driving in the parking lot, Lu Chen was going to go home to eat, I didn't expect to just take a few steps, the cell phone rang.

    He used the car hands-free phone: "Hello…"

    "Lu Chen…"

    There was a familiar Voice over there: "Where are you?"

    It is Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am in the sea, just went to the hospital to visit Teacher, now I am ready to go home!"

    Chen Feier asked: "Then you can pick me up at the high-speed rail station first, I will soon arrive."


    Lu Chen suddenly was shocked: "You come to the sea?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Yeah, I am still coming to Binhai for the first time. Would you welcome it?"

    Lu Chen can't speak – this is really a surprise!


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