The 248th chapter of the classmates

    The Qing'an River, which originated in the Dashanli of the east and west of Zhejiang, stretches for hundreds of kilometers and heads east. It crosses the coastal city and divides the southeast coastal D-list county-level city into two large blocks—the north old city and the south. New district.

    Jinhao Hotel is located on the riverside of Nanxin District. This 37-storey building is the first five-star hotel in Binhai. After two renovations, it is still the representative of the high-end consumption places in Binhai.

    Lu Chen is no stranger to Jinhao Hotel, and is even familiar with it.

    When his father's business was doing the best, he had a banquet for five or six times a month to entertain important guests at Jinhao Hotel, and rented a long-term suite. Lu Chen did not go to eat and drink.

    Lu Chen and the three sisters, only he has such treatment, because Lu Qingsheng intends to train him into a career successor, let him contact the business field early, but who can think of the fate is so unpredictable.

    Once again, I came to the Jinhao Hotel and looked at the magnificent building on the Qing’an River. Lu Chen’s heart was in utter disappointment.

    Parked the car in the underground car park. He took the elevator to the third floor and led the customer service staff to the Rose Hall.

    Pushing open the door, a hot air accompanied by the sound of the waves suddenly come!

    The Rose Hall is one of the best banquet halls in Jinhao Hotel. It has four self-rotating dining tables that can accommodate up to 60 guests at the same time. When Lu Chen comes in, the four large tables are filled with people.

    The large-screen TV hanging on the east side wall is playing the MV, and a banner with the words “Binhai No. 2 Middle School 08 Grade One (5) Class Alumni Association” is hung on it, which is eye-catching.

    So lively!

    Lu Chen was really surprised. He had a total of 58 students in the class he attended that year.

    But even if it is a class meeting in the Spring Festival, it is impossible to make up all the people.

    Because of traffic jams on the road. It was already six o'clock when Lu Chen arrived, and the banquet has not yet begun. There were cold plates and drinks on the table, and the men and women’s classmates were talking hot and the atmosphere was warm and embarrassing.

    When he walked into the Rose Hall, several students noticed it, showing a curious or doubtful look.

    "who is this?"

    Now Lu Chen is about ten centimeters taller than when he was in high school. After more than half a year of martial arts training, his physique is far more sturdy than before, plus with sunglasses, several classmates a time I really can't recognize it.

    Lu Chen took two steps. I took off my sunglasses and smiled at the classmate who looked at one's own.

    It is not his intentionally pretentious, but it is not easy to go out without wearing sunglasses, and it is easy to be recognized.

    "Lu Chen!"

    At this time, a strong buzzing sound suddenly overwhelmed all the noise of the Rose Hall.

    This grand ballroom is quiet in an instant!

    Everyone's gaze,simultaneously fell on Lu Chen's body, surprise, surprise…

    A man with a tiger-backed waist jumped up. Three steps and two steps to his face, grabbed his shoulder and laughed: "superstar, you are finally here, everyone is looking forward to you!"

    Lu Chenhan Yan: "I am really embarrassed, traffic jam on the road."

    The man of Gao Manda is the squad leader Huang Shan. His character is very straightforward and heroic. The popularity in the classmates is excellent. So although the study was not very good that year. I was still selected as the squad leader and sports committee.

    Huangshan smiled and said: "Now the coastal is more and more blocked, especially this time point. The car is the most. ”

    He and Lu Chenhan squatted, and many male and female students gathered around to say hello: "Lu Chen, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    "Hello there!""Zhang Xiaoqiang! ""Lin Qiao! ""Wang Fang! "…

    Lu Chen responded with a smile and said hello, four years apart, most of the students here are the first time to see you again, a familiar face makes countless memories in my heart.

    Some of the classmates did not come around, taking the cell phone across the distance to shoot Lu Chen like a star.

    There are four or five female customer service personnel in the rose hall. When they recognize Lu Chen, all of them are staring at the stars. If it is not because of their identity, I am afraid to ask for signature and photo.

    There are also customer service personnel running outside the door, using the walkie-talkie to inform the main station over there – superstar Lu Chen is coming!

    Very difficult, Lu Chen sat down in the position.

    There is a table with a name on the table. He is sitting next to Huangshan, but the girl in the yellow dress next to Huangshan is strange, and there seems to be no other person in the memory.

    He couldn't help but ask: "Is this one?"

    Huangshan opened his mouth and said: "Lu Chen, this is my girlfriend Chen Jingjing!"

    Lu Chen greeted: "Hello."

    Chen Jingjing looks petite and exquisite. Sitting with the burly Huangshan is really a bit uncomfortable. She looks pretty and looks good. She asked with a small face: "Lu Chen, I like your song very much, and You play the blue life and death, can…Can you sign me a name? ”

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Of course, no problem, I will sign you after the meal."

    Huangshan quickly added: "There are still photos!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No problem."

    Chen Jingjing is obviously very happy, holding Huangshan’s thick arm and saying: “Thank you!”

    Huangshan exclaimed: "Or your superstar Charm is big, today our classmates have come to forty, and the family members have come to the small twenty. They all know that you are coming."

    Lu Chen is amazed, it is no wonder that so many people have come, and some people are born very well, and their feelings are "family"!

    He looked around and wondered, "What about Leaf Teacher?"

    Ye Teacher is a Class Teacher. Huang Shan previously said that she will come. I have not seen it yet.

    Huangshan explained: "Leaf Teacher was originally coming, but her old stomach was guilty and was hospitalized yesterday."

    Lu Chen looks dignified: "The hospitalization of stomach disease should be very serious. I will go see her tomorrow."

    The two chatted, and the delicious food that was hot was quickly brought up.

    The atmosphere in the banquet hall has become more and more lively, and the students who have reunited for a long time eat, drink, talk and laugh.

    There are also more than a dozen classmates at the same table as Lu Chen. The topics that everyone talks about are basically different from their respective situations.

    Some of my classmates returned to Binhai after graduating from college, or went to work in the enterprise or prepared to test civil servants. Some ones opened their own business, and some stayed in graduation to seek development, and continued to study.

    Huangshan one's own did not go to college after graduating from high school, but to do business with one's own daddy, four years down without saying how successful, at least mixed very moist.

    He is very satisfied with the current life of one's own. According to him, how much money is earned, and it is most important to have fun. I am going to marry and have children next year.

    "Lu Chen, if you have time, be sure to come to my wedding with Jingjing!"

    Chen Jingjing's eyes are sparkling, and it is obviously very much anticipated.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you have time, you must come, but my work is too busy. There is really no way to guarantee it."

    In the half year time from last year to the present, his main achievement was to make an album and shoot a drama series. Without much notice and endorsement, it was not too busy.

    But this year's situation is different, new albums, new drama series and even movies, as well as Chen Feier's new album, as well as MSN, Xiaohu group, etc. With the improvement of his coffee position, various endorsements and invitations are inevitable. Constantly, work is definitely getting busy.

    "But the red envelope is guaranteed to be delivered!"

    Huangshan Hahaha: "That's it, right. Do you have a girlfriend now?"

    This problem is actually a bit sensitive. After all, Lu Chen is different from ordinary people. It is also a bit of heartlessness in Huangshan. If you want to ask, you can ask directly: "Everyone said that you are a pair with Chen Feier. ?"

    The classmates in the room all raised their ears and looked very curious.

    Lu Chen coughed twice and explained: "Entertainment Circle is quite complicated. Some entertainment reporters like to sneak in order to grab news. They are also one's own intentionally hyped, so they can't be taken seriously…"

    He stunned the anecdote in the circle and said it to everyone, cleverly avoiding the problem of Huangshan.

    As a Celebrity artist, talking about one's own feelings in public, unless it is hype, it is stupid.

    Even the classmates will.

    The other tables of students looked at this place and they were very happy and hot, and they came to toast.

    Lu Chen got up and smiled and said: "Thank you all, but I can't drink alcohol when I drive at night, and when Singer wants to protect the scorpion, I am really sorry, I will replace it with a drink!"

    So many people come to toast, one can kill him, and he really drinks very little now.

    The students can understand, but ask for a separate photo.

    Last year, when Lu Chen quickly rose in the popular Musical World and won the title of "Singing China", he became a celebrity in his hometown. Now, with "Blue Life and Death" in Haijin TV, it is even more popular. I brushed my face and it was already a household name in Binhai.

    Many of Lu Chen’s classmates are proud of them and often mention them when chatting with others.

    "Are you looking at the blue life and death? The male lead is my classmate! ”

    "Have you heard the same table?" That was what my classmates sang. I used to play basketball with him! ”

    "Do you know Lu Chen?…"

    Binhai is a small city along the coast of eastern Zhejiang. It has a large number of economically developed populations. There are many private enterprises. The place is very rich but there is no deep cultural history. There are not many celebrities.

    Celebrity, which is so popular throughout the country like Lu Chen, is truly unique in one's own hometown!

    Huangshan Shu Road: "Photos can be, everyone queues, one person charges five, I collect money, thank you!"

    Lu Chen suddenly became angry: "Five? How is that going? At least six, one more rebate for you! ”

    Everyone was teased by the jokes of the two, and the atmosphere between the banquets became more harmonious.

    Just a teenager, high school graduation for four years, for most people, they have not been infected with the city's market, and the young people's spirit and sincerity.


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