Chapter 280, Jennifer

    The performance of a "Butterfly Flying Yeah" ended, and the three teenagers were all tired and ready to collapse.

    But they still stood upright, even if the body could not control the trembling, and worked hard to straighten the waist, as if waiting for the soldiers to be reviewed, the eyes are all concentrated on Lu Chen's face.

    Without rigorous training, it is undoubted that this cannot be done.

    Jin Anguo and another 闵Teacher also looked at Lu Chen, waiting for his evaluation.

    Under the gaze of everyone, Lu Chen nodded and said: "Very good!"

    In just two months of time, it is really not easy to train to such a degree. The choreography of "Butterfly Flying Yeah" is quite level, taking into account the age characteristics of the members of the Tiger Group, and the action arrangement is not Exaggerated, the rhythm Feeling and sporty.

    The three teenagers sing and dance, and in such a tired situation, they can still behave in a regular and tacit understanding. Singing does not run the tone, which is really commendable.

    Therefore, Lu Chen’s phrase “very good” is not a hypocritical guise, but a tribute from the heart.

    Jin Anguo’s slender face showed a smile. When he saw that the three teenagers did not respond, he could not help but frown and shouted: “What are you doing?”

    Zhang Junzhi and others wake up and come to the morning ceremony: "Thank you Lu Teacher!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are welcome, Zhang Junzhi I know, and the other two introduce one's own."

    The two teenagers looked at each other. The one who stood on the left side of Zhang Junzhi first introduced himself: "Lu Teacher Hello, I am Xiaofeihu Hu Yiran, please advise!"

    After that, he was deeply envious to Lu Chen, and the action of salute was obviously trained. Very standard one.

    "Lu Teacher Hello, I am Xiao Yuhu Yueyang. Please advise! ”

    The members of the two tiger groups are undoubtedly carefully selected. They are different from Zhang Junzhi in terms of height, size and age. The appearance of Xiaofeihu Hu Yiran is slightly resolute, the face is sharp and angular, and Zhang Junzhi’s facial lines are biased. Soft, giving people a feeling of "乖".

    Xiaoshuaihu, Xiaofeihu, Xiaoyuhu, and the three tigers are a combination, but members must have one's own personality and characteristics, so that they can have their own fans. Even if it is a good fight between each other, it is a good thing to improve the topic and attention.

    The three teenagers each have their own temperament, and the small tiger group is quite pleasing to the eye. I believe that once I debut, I will be able to circle a large number of young fans, especially female fans.

    In fact, Zhang Junzhi has a high popularity on the Internet because of his appearance in "Blue Life and Death". At present, his wave of blog fans has reached 500,000+. Undoubtedly paved the way for the official debut next year.

    Lu Chen nodded.

    This time he came to the Star Art Museum, mainly to see the training situation of the Xiaohu Group.

    According to Mr. Li’s statement, if several of their children have met the requirements, it is not unreasonable to debut in advance. If they are not satisfied with Lu Chen, then it will be reasonable to continue training for a year and a half.

    Of course, Lu Chen is not free to help, even if Li Jie and Chen Feier have a good relationship. He is in possession of shares.

    The establishment of the Xiaohu group came from Lu Chen’s suggestion. And Li Jie intends to make it an entertainment brand, and it is one aspect to form a member to send to the Star Art Museum. In addition, she took the names of “Little Tiger Group”, “Little Shuaihu”, “Xiaofeihu”, “Xiaoyihu” and so on, and entrusted a professional design company to design the cartoon logo.

    According to Mr. Li’s plan, Xiaohu’s plate will be authorized to go out after becoming famous, and it is suitable for clothing, sporting goods, stationery, toys, electronic products, etc.

    At that time, Mrs. Li will form an independent company responsible for the management and operation of the brand.

    The so-called drinking water source, the company that Li Jie will register, has reserved a lot of shares for Lu Chen.

    You don't need him to pay a penny, and he doesn't need him to participate in management. Just wait for the money!

    Front section time After seeing Mr. Li's proposal, Lu Chen also had to admire the business mind of the big sister, and the success of others was not fortunate.

    Of course, there is no white lunch in the world. Just one idea and creativity is not enough to take such a rich stock. Lu Chen needs to be responsible for creating songs and providing guidance to Xiaohu.

    In fact, Lu Chen is now taking the road not only to the peak of the artist, but also to the "Music Godfather", such as MSN, such as the Xiaohu group, there will be more in the future!

    Since the situation of Xiaohu Group is good, Lu Chen does not want to continue to disturb these hard-working teenagers. After talking with Jin Anguo and others, he plans to leave.

    "What are you doing here?"

    At this time, a tall woman in her twenties appeared at the door of the training room. She yelled at the boys and girls who were watching: "Go back to the room of one's own, and you can't run around during the break!"

    A group of teenagers suddenly turned into birds and beasts.

    After reprimanding, she smiled and said hello to Li Jie: "Lie, you see Junzhi?"

    Li sister smiled and said: "Yeah, Jennifer, let me introduce you, this is Lu Chenlu Teacher!"

    "Yin Junxi!"

    The woman named Jennifer saw Lu Chen’s eyes bright and smiled. “It’s really you!”

    She is wearing a tight-fitting body-building suit, and the bumpy figure is perfect. Especially a pair of long legs is just eye-catching. It is not beautiful, but the high nose is obviously exotic. It should be a mixed-race.

    Li Jie introduced Lu Chen to this beautiful and beautiful woman: "This is the art director of the Star Art Museum, Jennifer, Chinese name He Junjun, from Australia."

    Lu Chen shook hands with her: "Hello, Director He."

    Jennifer stared at Lu Chen with her burning eyes and smiled. "Call me Jennifer is good. I like the blue life and death that you starred. You played so well. Can you take a picture with you?"

    After the name, Lu Chen heard more of the signature photo of the group, I did not expect this is his fans.

    He smiled: "Of course no problem."

    Jennifer immediately hugged Lu Chen’s arm and placed his arm between one's own abundant peaks. She turned to Li and smiled very happy: "Li Jie, please trouble you."

    Li Jie smiled and took a few photos with one's own cell phone.

    After taking the photo, Jennifer reluctantly loosened Lu Chen’s hand and said, “Lie, are you ready to leave now? Then I will send you out! ”

    She is very direct.

    What people didn't expect was that Lu Chen and others had just left the training room and came to the corridor. Suddenly a figure flew over and stopped his way!


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