The 261th chapter of the unexpected news

    When Lu Chen negotiated with Gande Films, he proposed the requirements for Director and male and female protagonists.

    According to the rules in the film and television circle, he has to cut away the biggest cake in a series.

    Therefore, in front of the discussion with Baolong Films, Zhu Minghe thinks that Lu Chen’s appetite is too big, and I don’t know Immense World, and he did not hesitate to reject “Blue Life and Death Love”. It’s really not a big mistake.

    Zhu Minghe just had less patience. I didn't expect the heroine's candidate to be Chen Feier.

    The development of Gande Films is different. It is the business manager Lu Yi who took the initiative to find Lu Chen. In addition, he understood the specific situation and his own strength is not strong enough, naturally it is in a weak position.

    Therefore, despite the fact that Lu Chen did not ask for it, Gande Films still fully respected Lu Chen’s opinions in the selection of several important supporting actors.

    In the play, Cui Xinai is the first female match. The drama is very heavy. There are a lot of opponent plays with the male lead. Therefore, when the film was selected, Gande Films specially sent the VCRs of the seven selected actors to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen selected Zhang Liwei among seven people.

    Of course, he does not know Zhang Liwei, but he feels that the appearance of each other's appearance is very satisfactory, and the interview is satisfactory.

    After the official signing of the contract, Zhang Liwei knew the situation through the company and was very grateful to Lu Chen.

    The film and television circle is a very complicated place. Here, it is not that you have the talent and strength to be able to make a difference. The people who are buried do not know how many. There are countless rules in the dark.

    A drama series, even if it is a famous new drama, it is not easy to choose an actor. It is really rare for her to be selected as the first female partner on her own condition.

    Zhang Liwei is not famous. There are no works that really take the take action, and there is no “dedication to art”.

    And after the official start of the shoot. Her cooperation with Lu Chen was very pleasant. Lu Chen did not have the slightest shelf. She always patiently and meticulously explained the characters to her and helped her to smoothly integrate into the drama crew.

    What surprised Zhang Liwei was that Lu Chen was very young. She had already filmed advertisements and MVs before, but he was very solid in both acting and theoretical knowledge, and he had a bit of old-fashioned taste.

    She was born in this class, and she has taken a lot of drama series, but she has to be worse!

    the most important is. Lu Chen has no "ambition" for her.

    Zhang Liwei has been in the circle for several years and deeply understands the importance of the opportunity. If Lu Chen, who has a high status in the drama crew, has any thoughts on her, she does not mind sacrificing it.

    At least Lu Chen is handsome, isn't it?

    But Lu Chen did not have that meaning at all, and he was always polite.

    A "Land Teacher" is her true respect.

    Even Lu Chen is a few years younger than her.

    Lu Chen was helpless and said: "Li Wei sister. You call me Lu Teacher, call her Philippine sister, intentionally 膈 我 me? ”

    He has corrected the other party several times, but he has not changed.

    Zhang Liwei and Chen Feier both laughed.

    Zhang Liwei smiled and said: "Well, I will call you the morning."

    "Dra Dream" is the best in Zhang Liwei's atmosphere. There is no such intriguing tearing. Chen Feier has the highest coffee. But never played big names. Even the most ordinary staff are polite.

    Lu Chen is a screenwriter, actor and investor, and his position in the drama crew is also important. He treats people with enthusiasm and talent, and cooperates with Chen Feier very well. The two are more like sisters and brothers.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier are very supportive of Director Fang Hui. The Gande film industry that manages the drama crew is not strong. Therefore, there is no factional struggle in the drama crew. Other actors cherish the opportunity. Everyone works together, so the shooting is very The smooth, very promising can shoot 20 episodes in full.

    Now that the Viewership Ratings has climbed, it has become a dark horse in the drama series at the end of the year. Everyone is following the light, and the atmosphere of the drama crew is even better.

    Zhang Liwei knows that even if one's own and Lu Chen open a harmless little joke, the latter will never mind.

    She even liked the big boy in front of her.

    Lu Chen didn't think too much. He called other actors together and started the shooting task today.

    From morning to evening, until the dark, Director Fang Hui was announced to end.

    In the temporary lounge, Chen Fei’s tired strength to speak was gone.

    She has the most dramas today, and several scenes have been repeated many times, and it has been passed.

    Fang Hui is more and more sensational, and the requirements for actors are getting higher and higher. In the eyes of others who are completely qualified, she always asks for the best to pass.

    Chen Feier’s pressure is quite large.

    Left and right, no one, she leaned on Lu Chen’s shoulder and said: "I have to take a few days off after the filming."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It will be a New Year after the filming, just after the annual holiday!"

    Chen Feier adjusted her posture and leaned directly into his arms. She said with a half-closed eyes: "I was most looking forward to the New Year when I was a child. I have new clothes to wear in the New Year, and I can eat a lot of delicious food…"

    "But now there is nothing to feel about the New Year, and New Year's Eve is on the TV station."

    As a singer, Chen Feier’s invitation during the Chinese New Year is really not too much. Some invitations cannot be pushed.

    For example, the Spring Festival of CCTV, this year has a solo program of Chen Feier, others can not ask for it.

    But she won't participate in the Spring Festival in February next year.

    Lu Chen held her hand and asked, "Would you like to go to my home for the New Year?"


    Chen Feier's body is fiercely tightened, and a pretty blush appears on the pretty face: "Go to your home?"

    Of course, she knows what Lu Chen’s invitation means.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, my Mother and the younger sister will definitely welcome you."

    Chen Feier re-relaxed and said with a red face: "It's too fast, I am not ready yet."

    According to the traditional concept, she went to Lu Chen’s mother to see Lu Chen’s mother in the Chinese New Year. She basically saw her mother-in-law.

    Lu Chen is somewhat disappointed, but can understand.

    Chen Feier felt guilty and reached out to hold Lu Chen’s neck and took the initiative to send a hot kiss.

    叮 铃铃~

As a result, the lips of the two men just stuck together, and Lu’s cell phone suddenly rang.

    Lu Chen had no intention of ignoring, but the bell ringing continued, and he had no choice but to let go of the beautiful woman.

    What Lu Chen didn't think of was that Qin Hanyang was the one who opened the phone to him.

    "Qin Ge?"

    Inside the cell phone came Qin Hanyang's familiar Voice: "Lu Chen, are you busy?"

    Lu Chen made a gesture to Chen Feier and smiled: "I just finished the movie, Qin Ge, do you have anything?"

    Qin Hanyang said: "I am in Jinling, I haven't seen you for a long time, have a meal together at night!"

    Lu Chen surprise: "Qin brother, you also came to Jinling?" Where are you now, I am coming to pick you up. ”

    Qin Hanyang smiled and said: "No need to worry, I have set a position with Mr. Dong and Manager Su in Qinhuai Restaurant, or do you come directly? we will wait for you! ”

    "no problem!"

    Lu Chen readily agreed: "I will arrive in an hour."

    He continued to talk to Qin Hanyang. He ended the call and said to Chen Feier: "You can't accompany you at night, Qin Hanyang has come, and there are people from Light Rain Media."

    If Qin Hanyang alone, Lu Chen can bring Chen Feier together, it is inconvenient for the people of Light Rain Media.

    Chen Feier understands: "Well, remember not to drink too much alcohol, come back early to rest."

    Like a gentle wife who is embarrassed to go out to socialize with her husband.

    Lu Chen’s heart was filled with warmth, and he couldn’t help but bow his head, but Chen Fei’s smile was blocked.

    "The sweaty smell of a body, you go to take a bath and change clothes, otherwise it will be too late."

    Lu Chen grabbed her hand and kissed it, then laughed and left.

    He called Li Feiyu and went back to the hotel.

    I rushed into a hot bath and changed a clean set of clothes. The two took a taxi to Qinhuai Restaurant.

    The Qinhuai Restaurant was on the Qinhuai River. When Lu Chen and Li Feiyu arrived, it was almost 8:00 pm.

    I found the box that Qin Hanyang said, and there are six people in it.

    In addition to Qin Hanyang, Dong Yu and Su Liangmei, there are two men and one woman, but Lu Chen does not know.

    "Qin Ge, Dong Zong, Su Manager…"

    After entering the door, he was very embarrassed to apologize: "I am really sorry to be late, let everyone wait!"

    There were six plates of cold dishes and drinks on the table. They didn't move, obviously waiting for him to come.

    Including Dong Yu, everyone in the box stood up, Dong Yu said with a smile: "We are embarrassed to be right, and temporarily take the trouble to bother."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Dong Dong is too polite."

    The general manager of the Light Rain Media is exquisite and beautiful, and the temperament is full of mature charm. It is a first-class beauty.

    Lu Chen had dealt with her before, but she hadn't seen it for a long time.

    Su Guangmei, standing next to Dong Yu, is still a charming look in memory. A Chanel suit sets off the perfect figure. The eyes are full of smiles and smiles: "Lu Teacher, since it is late, you have to drink three cups of fine wine. !"

    Listening to her called one's own "Lu Teacher", Lu Chen feels that one's own goose bumps are all up and numb.

    Lu Chen said, "It should be…"

    He quickly turned to Qin Hanyang, and opened his arms to give each other a solid hug.

    "Qin Ge, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    Now Lu Chen, you can not give Su Xiaomei or even Dong Yu face, but does not include Qin Hanyang.

    Qin Hanyang first smashed, and immediately laughed, and patted the back of Lu Chen: "Long time no see!"

    Everyone is very busy, and the chances of meeting are really few and far between.

    But the relationship between the two has not changed.

    Lu Chen let go and asked: "Is the band not coming?" What about Na? ”

    Qin Hanyang explained: "They are in other places, there are activities in Jinling today, and Na is pregnant."


    Lu Chen was stunned: "Is Na pregnant pregnant?"

    Qin Hanyang nodded: "Yes, I just knew that she is staying at home to raise a baby."

    This is really an unexpected news!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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