Chapter 267 cannot be blocked

    Shonan Satellite TV is the leader in all local satellite TV stations, and its success is not fortunate.

    It is also the TV station that does most focus on marketing publicity. Any major program or drama series will be heavily squandered and promoted before the broadcast, which will attract the public's attention.

    And the investment in publicity is in exchange for higher Viewership Ratings than peers, and an amazing advertising revenue.

    In this way, a virtuous circle is formed, which makes it difficult for Shennan Satellite TV to be shaken in the industry. This marketing method has also been played by them and is a model of the industry.

    As the opening drama of 2016, Shonan Satellite TV certainly invested a lot of publicity funds in "My Heart Flying" without exception. It was fired on the Internet half a month ago.

    In particular, the Inspur blog, many network promoters and big V are all contributing to "My Heart Flying", and "Blue Life and Death" is halfway through the dark horse's potential, and inevitably caused some people's vigilance.

    So in the blog, there is a blog post that clearly holds "My Heart Flying" and secretly "Blue Life and Death Love", and the so-called market analysts believe that the rise of "Blue Life and Death" only accounted for the End of 2015 Domestic drama series There is no big drama in the market, but there is no Old Hu monkey in the mountains.

    "Blue Life and Death" met "My Heart Flying", it must be the original shape!

    This kind of argument is very marketable and even caused controversy among fans.

    However, when the new issue of Viewership Ratings came out, the analysis of those who died in "Blue Life and Death" all became jokes. Those who swear that this drama series Viewership Ratings will fall are even more swollen!

    On the evening of January 3, 2016, "Blue Life and Death" aired the eighth episode.

    The second day of the rankings update, "Blue Life and Death" 1.21%. Firmly occupied the throne of the ratings champion!

    This time, the words of doubt on the Internet disappeared. No one can deny that "Blue Life and Death" has become a hot new drama, and the impact phenomenon is not impossible.

    On the same day, "The Heart of My Heart" third episode's Viewership Ratings was 0.54%, which was 0.03% lower than the previous episode!

    Network promoters, so-called analysts, including Shonan Satellite TV one's own are silent.

    The market for film and television dramas is always cruel, not to say that you have a lot of money and legs as thick as an elephant. Under the billions of dollars, Celebrity can make a big movie or drama series, and the small cost drama is against the big production. Not an incredible thing.

    Of course, under most situations, big productions are crushing dramas.

    The amount of investment and publicity investment is only one-tenth of "My Heart Flying", "Blue Life and Death". Undoubtedly a miracle!

    When this issue of Viewership Ratings came out, there was an authoritarian statement in the blog.

    That is Lu Chen is the Nemesis of Shonan Satellite TV.

    The relationship between the two parties dates back to the time when Lu Chengang debuted. Shonan Satellite TV’s "The Strongest Singer" excluded Lu Chen. As a result, Lu Chen joined "Singing China" and also let Shonan Satellite TV lose face.

    At that time, Viewership Ratings of "Singing China" overwhelmed "The Strongest Singer".

    Now Xiangnan Satellite TV's annual drama has hit Lu Chen's own self-edited "Blue Life and Death Love", not only did not knock over the latter, but was crushed by the latter. I really lost my face.

    Although this kind of statement appeared, with the intention of speculation, but did not deviate from the facts.

    In another battlefield related to the drama series Viewership Ratings, "Blue Life and Death" also won a big victory.

    That is the video of Fetion.

    "Blue Life and Death" is broadcast simultaneously on Haijin Satellite TV and Fetion video network.

    Synchronous playback of TV and network is the usual mode of operation of many drama series, although the latter has greatly reduced the former Viewership Ratings, but it is an inevitable result.

    With the rise of the Internet age. More and more young people have abandoned the TV set. Used to access information and entertainment through computers and the Internet, this huge market cannot be ignored by any capital.

    "Blue Life and Death" sold the network broadcast rights to Fetion video. On the one hand, it is to quickly withdraw funds, on the other hand, it is also necessary to seize this market and expand its influence.

    Otherwise, it is only limited to TV broadcasting. It is absolutely impossible to have such a heat now, and the phenomenon of piracy of online film and television dramas has been repeatedly banned. The film is still better. There are very few pirated copies during the screening.

    The drama series is simply the hardest hit, so now more and more drama series will be broadcast simultaneously, with the aim of reducing the impact of loss.

    The competition between "Blue Life and Death" in the video of the Fetion video is the latter's homemade drama "The President of Sweetheart".

    The investment of "President of Sweetheart" is also much higher than "Blue Life and Death", and as the pro-son of Feixun's own video, it is definitely better than the "Blue Life and Death Love" bought, and the intensity of resource tilt is completely different.

    At the beginning, the number of on-demand broadcasts of "The President of Sweetheart" steadily passed the "Blue Love and Death".

    However, as "Blue Life and Death" was broadcast on the TV screen, the situation rapidly changed. The number of "Day of Life and Death" was on the rise, and soon caught up with the "Sweetheart President" .

    This makes the Fetion video very embarrassing, and has to use the "technique means" to control the competition between the two sides.

    But netizens are not fools, and viewers watching online dramas are not idiots.

    "The President of Sweetheart" was approved, and the score of Fetion video actually fell below 5 points, while the score of "Blue Life and Death" has been smashed by 9 points.

    Compared with TV stations, the biggest advantage of video websites is that they are interactive. Netizens' comments on online dramas are very positive. Especially what they like, they tend to discuss on the Internet and form a strong fan group.

    The fans circle of "Blue Life and Death" is like a snowball.

    They don't simply judge the quality of a drama series with boring data. It is enough to feel.

    So seeing the rave reviews of "Blue Life and Death" was half-dead, "The President of Sweetheart" was pressed under the on-demand list, and countless people were indignant, and the video of the news in the comment area was shameless.

    "Feedun video is too funny, obviously only 10 million points of broadcast, and wake up to over 100 million!"

    "The President of Sweetheart" is rubbish, and the video of Fetion is shameless!"

    "Sisters, let's put together "Blue Life and Death Love" and victory belongs to us!"

    "Oh, why am I not surprised at all? Because this is too normal. ”

    "I will say one, I hope Lu Chen will not put the next work on the video of FeiXin!"

    "Yes, let the flight one's own play one's own, brush a tens of billions of broadcasts!"

    In addition to the painful video, the fans also expressed their feelings.

    Many fans said that they were crying and watching while they were screaming, and they were so excited that they were so eager to continue to watch. They were so reluctant to give up.

    Especially female fans, it accounts for a large proportion.

    They replaced one's own into Enxi, deeply loved Junxi, and was touched by Taixi's infatuation and sincerity, and then hated the core love and hatred teeth, and the emotions were dominated by the story in the drama.

    In the eyes of many people, the story of this four-point emotional entanglement is very bloody. I can't figure out why there is such a high Viewership Ratings, but the audience's preferences are like this. Once you are moved, you can't talk about it.

    The most important point is that the main characters are very good. Chen Fei's acting Yin Enxi has a large number of male powder and female powder. Her acting perhaps is not the best, and the appearance and temperament are perfect.

    Lu Junxi’s Yin Junxi’s appearance and acting skills are impeccable. From the number of fans in the Inspur blog, you can see how popular he is now.

    There are Zhang Liwei, Hu Yang, Zhang Junzhi, Ye Qing…All night fame!

    Under such a situation, Fetion video could not withstand the pressure, and the fans of "Blue Life and Death" were half dead, and they could only give up and continue to suppress.

    Otherwise, it would be too biased to annoy Lu Chen, Chen Feier, how to cooperate next time?

    It is said that because of the missed drama, UTV video regrets that the intestines are green, and it is impossible to fly.

    In fact, Big Fire of "Blue Life and Death" is also a good thing for Fetion video, nothing more than a face can not hold.

    But now it is as strong as flying news, but also have to bow in front of "Blue Life and Death".

    Without the cheating of the website side, the momentum of "Blue Life and Death" is unstoppable. Since the online drama can be played repeatedly during the contract period, the number of on-demand broadcasts of "Blue Life and Death" has quickly surpassed the "President of Sweetheart". .

    By January 4th, the total number of on-demand broadcasts of "Blue Life and Death" exceeded 500 million, and the "President of Sweetheart" was nearly 100 million!

    This data was ridiculed by Chen Fei's fans in Jing Yao's blog.

    Jing Yao is the heroine of "The President of Sweetheart". When she was interviewed by reporters, she insinuated that Chen Feier did not understand acting skills and thought that "The President of Sweetheart" could burst "Blue Love and Death".

    As a result, the face is now being beaten and no longer dare to suffocate.

    In the face of the cynicism of countless fans, she simply closed the comment and put up a dead dog.

    As a result, the personal post was immediately exploded!

    In fact, not only Jingyao by face-smacking, but also Ou Chuang Film and Baolong Film, which refused Lu Chen, both of them were laughing at the inside of the circle, and they were regarded as examples of the invisible gold inlaid jade.

    Screen Viewership Ratings is hot, and the network is on demand. "Blue Life and Death" can be said to be flying.

    Many people can no longer sit still and have started their actions.

    Beijing TV Station and Zhedong TV station once again came to the door, as well as many of the Domestic Satellite TV stations, vying for the replay rights of "Blue Life and Death".

    The TV channel of Beijing TV Station belongs to the ranks of retired intestines. They were most likely to take this drama series, and the result was wrong.

    At the same time find the door, there are investors, advertiser, Manager Corporation …


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~)

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