Chapter 263 Error

    This dinner, the host and the host are happy.

    Dong Yu and Su Liangmei not only got what they wanted, but also restored good cooperation with Lu Chen.

    The three newcomers under Light Rain Media are even more grateful, because they are almost scheduled to play the role of Lu Chen's new drama series, even if it is an ordinary supporting role, it is also a precious opportunity.

    Qin Hanyang completed the task and had a face.

    Lu Chen did not suffer, so that the two beautiful women owe a big favor.

    If it is an ordinary beauty, this person is not worth the money. Although Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei have just begun to gain a foothold in the circle, the background of the two is very unusual.

    Like Li Mubai and Li Mushi's Li family, Lu Chen gave up most of the shares of the crowdfunding network and got the friendship and support of the former.

    There is a relationship between this level, and the small people who are outside the circle are not afraid to deceive Lu Chen’s head easily.

    Want to mix well in the Entertainment Circle, no point background will only become a stepping stone for others.

    However, Lu Chen can't always rely on Li's family. When the human condition is always used up, the friendship between him and Li Mubai is not a bargaining chip. It is the right choice to continuously save more and wider contacts.

    Therefore, Lu Chen was very happy to let Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei owe one person's own feelings. He did not pay much.


    After dinner, it is already 10 o'clock in the evening.

    When the red-faced Qin Hanyang walked out of the restaurant, he reached out and patted Lu Chen’s shoulder and said, “Lu Chen, I will take you to a very interesting place, will it be fine at night?”

    He drank a lot of wine at night and was obviously a little drunk.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Nothing, Qin Ge, you said it is interesting, it must be very interesting."

    Qin Hanyang laughed. Waved: "Let's go!"

    Lu Chen said goodbye to Light Rain Media, and then with Li Feiyu. Followed by Qin Hanyang.

    The place where Qin Hanyang took Lu Chen to go is called 1912 Block, which is the bar street of Jinling.

    There is only one wall from the presidential palace. The surrounding buildings are full of historical charm. Entering the night lights, you can walk into the years and make people feel like they are dreaming.

    Qin Hanyang was obviously not the first time to come to 1912. He was very familiar with the streets here. After the taxi, he and Lu Chen went on for a hundred meters and then turned into a rather quiet alley.

    The alley is short, only a few tens of meters long. It is a dead end.

    At the end of the hutong, LED light boxes are placed, and the style of the signboard design is very different. The four English letters of Crow are very eye-catching and can be seen from far away.

    Along the way, Qin Hanyang wine woke up a lot, pointing to the light card and said: "This is the black crow bar, when the black crow band used to sing here. It was also after they came, they changed their names until now. ”

    "The few guys in my life are there. There are a lot of friends who are interested in Fellow Daoist, singing rock and roll!"

    Lu Chen suddenly understood.

    This black crow bar is undoubtedly one of the gathering places of Jinling Music people, and similar bars are also available in Beijing.

    This kind of bar is deeply hidden, and usually does not welcome ordinary guests. It is often the insiders or senior fans. Relatively speaking, the business atmosphere is very weak. The art is very strong, similar to the Literature and Art salon.

    He remembered one thing. Asked: "Jinling School?"

    Qin Hanyang nodded: "Yes!"

    Lu Chen is amazed.

    The so-called Jinling School is one of the three major schools of the Romantic Rock and Roll circle. The other two groups are the Guangdong-Hong Kong School and the Beijing School. They belong to the National Shake but have different creative styles.

    The style of the three major schools is inseparable from the regional environment.

    The rock and roll of the Beijing School often have a lot of content related to political and social forms, full of anger.

    The Guangdong and Hong Kong factions are most affected by the European and American rock and roll. They like to explore the humanity under the social changes, decadent and degenerate.

    As for the Jinling School, the Spirit and Art atmosphere is thick, not so extreme and crazy, and it is light and rock.

    Since entering the new century, the country has rapidly declined. The old generation of rock and roll has died or retired, or the three major schools have gradually withered, and now have little influence on the popular Musical World.

    Many young people simply don't know these things.

    Due to style, the Jinling School has a slightly stronger presence than the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Beijing factions. Several local bands are still active in Musical World.

    The Black Raven Bar is obviously the den of the Jinling School, so Qin Hanyang will say that it is very interesting.

    Lu Chen also came to interest.

    The place where the Black Raven Bar is located is also an old house. It seems to have a history of hundreds of years. If there is no light signboard, it is not easy to see that it is a Music Bar, more like an ordinary big family.

    There are no waiters or security guards at the door, one's own pushes the door open, and the unique taste of a bar suddenly comes to the surface, accompanied by the sound of Music.

    This bar is bigger than Lu Chen’s imagination. There are many guests. Men and women are chatting around the wine table with a chic wine table. They are more noisy than Houhai’s bar, but there is no chaos in Sanlitun.

    On the stage, a five-person rock and roll band is performing, singing the "Old Clock Tower" of the Black Crow.

    The singer holding Bass's head screamed and whispered into the microphone, as if to pull out the entire strength of the whole body, there was a kind of hysterical madness.

    In fact, the song "The Ancient Bell Tower" is a rare nostalgic work of the Black Raven Band. The melody is not very high-spirited, with a taste of folk songs.

    The band apparently re-arranged this classic, using one's own style to interpret it.

    As for the effect, it is a matter of opinion.

    Probably their singing attracted the attention of most of the guests, so few people noticed the arrival of Qin Hanyang and Lu Chen.

    Qin Hanyang took Lu Chen to find the position on the corner.

    The four members of the band are all there. There is also a man and a woman who Lu Chen did not know. They sat behind two long tables made up of tables, filled with all kinds of food and beer bottles, which was very messy.

    "Qin Ge!"Morning brother! ”

    The people of the band were drinking happily. When they saw Qin Hanyang and Lu Chen, they quickly stood up and said hello.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Long time no see."

    He hasn't seen the band for a few months, everyone is busy, and it's not an online one.

    Qin Hanyang introduced Lu Chen: "This is the boss of the black crow, ginger, ginger ginger."

    Ginger is a black and thin middle-aged man. He wears jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt. The look of a vicissitude is not like a bar owner, but a farmer's migrant worker on the construction site, rough and real.

    Lu Chen smiled: "Hello ginger, hello, I am very happy to meet you."

    Qin Hanyang introduced Lu Chen: "This is Lu Chen, don't you introduce me?"


    Ginger took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen, with a color of joy in his eyes: "I have long wanted to know you, but unfortunately I have never had a chance. I missed it last time I went to Beijing. I finally got it today!"

    Qin Hanyang said: "Ginger used to sing rock and roll before. He sang more skill than opening a bar!"

    Lu Chen smiled and shook hands with each other: "Lucky!"

    "Sit down…"

    Ginger greeted everyone to sit down, and the woman around him smacked the empty bottle.

    Da Jiang recruited customer service personnel to help, quickly cleaned up, and let a new beer.

    Lu Chen took a beer and took a sip, not drinking too much.

    He has already drunk a lot of wine at night.

    Da Jiang was quite excited. He first talked with everyone and drank a few drinks. After the live band sang the song, he hurriedly ran to the stage and passed the microphone.

    "Good friends, good evening…"

    The bar owner said with a smile: "I am very happy to tell you one thing here, that is, the famous band and Qin Hanyang, our Daqin visits the Black Crow Bar, everyone welcomes!"

    Applause and whistle sounded, and the guests looked around and looked for Qin Hanyang.

    Qin Hanyang quickly stood up and waved to everyone to express his gratitude.

    The applause is even louder.

    Da Jiang continued: "There is another friend who came with Daqin, and everyone can’t think of it…"

    "He is the original author of "In the Spring", "Blue Lotus" and "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", Lu Chen!"

    Lu Chen?

    The scene was awkward and the applause was a lot weaker, but the arguments were mixed and there were a few screams.

    Screams belonging to girls.

    Lu Chen also stood up and waved.

    Many people saw him and his voice was even louder.

    Mostly, "Is this Lu Chen?"How did he come to the black crow? ""Ha ha! ”Words like that.

    The Black Raven Bar is a small-sized Music Bar. Its customer base is very narrow. It is basically a circle of people and rock and roll fans, but also a small number of ordinary fans, or being led by friends to see a fresh and lively people.

    In this Xiaoxiao circle, the reputation of Qin Hanyang and the band is undoubtedly louder than Lu Chen.

    The guests of the Black Raven Bar have a higher sense of identity with him.

    But no one knows the name Lu Chen, even those who disdain his young or creative style, have heard of "In the Spring", "Blue Lotus", "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", "Flying More high"…

    In fact, these songs are often taken to the stage to sing.

    Normal situation There is no intersection between Lu Chen and the Black Raven Bar. No one would have thought that he would appear here, or surprise, accident, curiosity, or disdain. It is very complicated.

    Not everyone welcomes him.

    Lu Chen felt the strange atmosphere inside the bar and sat down again quietly.

    He feels that one's own is a bit out of place here.

    Qin Hanyang frowned, and suddenly found one's own to bring Lu Chen to the Black Raven Bar to play, it seems to be a mistake.

    There aren't many fans in Luchen here, even if he wrote a work like "In the Spring."


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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