The second hundred and sixty-nine chapter

    "Fairy sister, beg you…"

    Tian Tian clung to Chen Fei's arm and placed her arm between one's own towering twin peaks. The sagging neckline inadvertently exposed the spring light enough to make people nosebleed, plus her soft and mournful Seeking Ken is really hard to deny.

    If she asks for Lu Chen, Lu Chen may have surrendered.

    Chen Feier reached out and squeezed the sweet nose of Tian Tian, ​​and smiled: "You ask me for useless, or you ask him!"

    She pointed to Lu Chen, laughing like a fox who had just stolen the hen, and his eyes were full of awkward look: "As long as he promised, this thing is basically no problem."

    Tian sweet said with a bitter face: "I don't want Lu Chen, I still owe him the help of his life!"

    "That simple…"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "If you can't get it, you can let it go, so what can you pay off?"

    "With your body?"

    Tian Tian looked at Lu Chen softly and smiled. He said, "I have no problem. What do you do with Feier's sister?"

    "I can't always grab the sister's man?"

    The former Host of Zhedong Satellite TV is also a beauty of the first-class, the bright-skinned white muscles are like snow, and the drunkenness floats on the face. It has a different charm in the illumination of the indoor lights, which makes people feel excited. .

    And it is so embarrassing to say.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but cough twice – you two attention points!

    Chen Feier also drank a lot at night. She did not swear by Lu Chen’s suggestion. She reached out and pinned Tian Tian’s chin and said, “I’m looking for a man who wants to grab my sister? Well, I can barely make you a little bit of it! ”

    Xiao Yan…

    Lu Chen is speechless, and she dares to drink too much, and she talks about crazy words!

    Tian Tian leaned her head on Chen Feier’s shoulder: "Small?" It is not impossible to consider…"

    Lu Chen finally couldn't help it. Said: "Tian Host, "Blue Life and Death" is a multi-party investment. At present, there are a lot of units that want to buy replay rights. ”

    "There are some inextricable relationships, and I am also very embarrassed with Mayfair."

    This Evildoer still has to let him do it.

    When it comes to business, Tian Tian is no longer joking and seriously: "Is it Beijing TV Station?"

    In this matter, the most important opponent of Zhejiang East TV station she represents is undoubtedly Beijing TV Station.

    In addition to its own strength, the biggest advantage of Beijing TV Station is that it is a local TV station in Beijing, a typical local snake, and everyone who mixes in Beijing has to give a little face.

    Tian Tian is not the kind of woman with big brains. I have learned it before I came to Jinling.

    So she can speak in one sentence.

    Lu Chen nodded: "My relationship with Feier and Beijing Satellite TV is good."

    Tian sweet said with a bitter face: "I know that is the case, this time there is really no way…"

    Tian Tian went to the back of the scene from Zhedong TV station in front of the station, and the work was not very smooth.

    The first is the professional relationship. She is learning the Broadcast Host. When Host is comfortable, it is necessary to start again after the curtain, and it will be very hard and tired.

    Hard and sweet is not afraid. The problem is that the intrigue inside the TV station is very powerful. Her current position is quite a lot of people, and there are quite a few gossips in the back.

    This time, I was sent to negotiate to purchase the right to replay the "Blue Life and Death Love". It is a good success. But if it fails, the people who support her in that station are not good at talking, and it will inevitably fall into a passive state.

    Speaking of these. Tian Tian’s eyes are red.

    She entered the Zhejiang East TV station with the efforts and qualifications of one's own. There is not much background, although there are people in the audience who appreciate her. The strength of support is not too great.

    Unless she can make a dazzling achievement, or squat on a real big tree.

    The latter is never the choice of Tian Tian.

    Chen Feier took a look at Lu Chen, as if everything was his fault.

    Lu Chen knows that he can't talk to a woman, especially a woman who drinks alcohol. He thought about it: "In fact, this matter is also easy to solve. You two have bought it together, you don't need to fight for you."


    After a pause, Lu Chen continued: "If this cooperation is successful, then my next broadcast of the drama series will be given priority to both of you under the same conditions!"

    The rights to the first broadcast can be bought out exclusively, or multiple licenses, as well as the right to replay.

    However, big Taiwanese like Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV prefer exclusive buyouts, but it is not absolute.

    Lu Chen’s proposal is undoubtedly a good solution to the problem. Under the situation that does not harm his own interests, he fully takes care of the faces and human feelings of the two TV stations.

    Before the "Blue Life and Death" was aired, his promise was not worth a point, but now it is of great significance.

    Tian Tian suddenly brightened his eyes: "Really?"

    Her IQ is not low, but she is not familiar with this kind of negotiation. She was relieved when she was dialed by Lu Chen, and her heart suddenly became brighter!

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Of course it is true. When you say it to yourself, he will certainly agree. Who makes our Tian Tian Charm big?"

    "Fairy sister!"

    Tian Tian couldn't help but blushing her face and screaming Chen Fei's itch to cover up one's own.

    She is now awakened a lot, and it is embarrassing to think of the crazy words that one's own has just said.

    The two women were laughing and joking on the sofa, and forgot that Lu Chen was still sitting next to him.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and had to cough a few times.

    He feels that one's own is getting sore throat.

    Tian Tian first responded, and embarrassedly said: "Lu Chen, thank you, then we will talk about this matter in detail tomorrow, I will go back first."

    Chen Feier took her and said: "You don't have to go back, stay with me at night."

    Tian Tianyu’s eyes widened: “How do three people sleep?”

    Chen Feier first stunned, and immediately understood, pretty face fainting to screw her: "You color girl…"

    Tian Tian hurryed for mercy: "Fei Er sister, I know it is wrong."

    "I go first!"

    Lu Chen really couldn't sit still, and quickly got up and left, and he stayed worried that he couldn't stand the heart of one's own.

    He only discovered that the beauty of the beauty of the Host is a crazy girl.

    At the time of closing the door, Lu Chen also heard the voice of Tian Tian weak and weak behind him: "Fei Er sister, if I am alone, sleep here, you used to…"

    Lu Chen was completely speechless.

    This morning, Lu Chen had a dream. In the dream, he and a beautiful girl went to Wushan. When he was lingering, he tried to see the other person’s face. The result was like Chen Feier, and sometimes it was like Tian Tian.

    The next morning, ridiculously awakened, Lu Chen found that one's own actually shamelessly ran.

    The depression in his heart really can't be described in words.

    Depressed is depressed, but Lu Chen will do the same for others. He will let one's own sister Lu Xi match the line, together with Chen Feier's manager and Gande Films, invite the representatives of the two TV stations to sit down and talk.

    The three parties decided to resell the rights to "Blue Life and Death" and sell them to Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV. The specific contract terms will be discussed in detail.

    At the same time, Lu Chen Studio promised that the first broadcast of the second new drama will be sold to the two TV stations in the future.

    Tian Tian naturally needless to say, this result is the best for her.

    Although Zhu Shaotai is a bit regrettable, it is clear that one's own party does not have too many chips. If Lu Chen is dissatisfied with the chicken flying eggs, the position under his ass will be unstable.

    The most important thing is that there is also the advantage of equalization with Zhejiang Dongwei TV, at least sharing the high cost.

    After another month, the New Year is over. If you can replay this drama series in the New Year, especially Valentine's Day, then Viewership Ratings will not be bad, making profitability easy.

    Not to mention the promise of the lower new drama.

    Zhu Shaotai will not push the money tree of Lu Chen to the opponent unless he has eaten the brain fragments.

    So after just thinking for a few minutes, he agreed to the proposal of cooperation between the two parties.

    As for Gande Films, I was thinking about taking a slice of the next new drama. Where would I object to Lu Chen’s suggestion and Chen Feier’s support? What they insist on is nothing more than a price issue.

    After preliminary negotiations, the two TV stations gave the price tag, Gundam 1 million/set.

    The total price of all 20 episodes is 20 million!

    This price is absolutely top-notch, but for the drama series of "Blue Life and Death", the redemption of the drama series, even if the resale rights are not too high.

    Lu Chen studio, Chen Feier studio and Gande Films will naturally not be completely satisfied, and there are still some wranglings on both sides.

    On January 9th and 10th, "Blue Life and Death" continued to broadcast the ninth and tenth episodes on Haijin Satellite TV.

    Domestic Viewership Ratings are 1.47% and 1.59% respectively!

    The 1.50% barrier was easily broken through, and it was possible to impact the 2% phenomenon level standard.

    At the same time, "Blue Life and Death" in the number of on-demand video of the Fetion video, officially broke through the 1 billion mark, compared to all the film and television dramas of Feixun video in 2015, ranking in the top five.

    "Blue Life and Death" is only broadcast halfway, and there are 10 episodes of content behind it. There must be new breakthroughs in Viewership Ratings and on-demand numbers. Creating new records is not impossible.

    With the red and purple of this drama series, more and more media reporters have appeared in Jinling Film and Television City, especially in the shooting scene of "Blue Life and Death". As long as it is not completely closed, you can always see those handhelds. The appearance of long guns and short guns, related reports continue to appear in the entertainment film and television section.

    Although the advertisement was made free of charge, the consequence was that Lu Chen and Chen Feier had to be careful outside the hotel, and they had to bring their assistants to dinner, and sneaky dating would not work.

    On January 17th, during the twelfth episode of "Blue Life and Death", after two months of intense shooting, the filming work of this urban emotional drama entered the final end.


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