The second chapter of the sixty-two chapter Lu Chen’s philosophy

    Sister Na went to the hospital yesterday to confirm the pregnancy.

    This news is a great surprise for her and Chen Jianhao, something that is completely unexpected.

    After all, the age of the two is not small, and successful pregnancy is not easy.

    Under such a situation, it is naturally impossible for Najie to continue to cooperate with the band. In addition to the contract, the announcement of the performance and so on will inevitably end.

    For her elderly mother, raising a baby is the most important priority.

    Upon hearing the news, Lu Chen immediately called her.

    The result was Chen Jianhao.

    Anyway, they are all the same, Lu Chen said with a smile: "Jian Hao Ge, Congratulations, you have to be a father!"

    Chen Jianhao’s response was very quick: “Have you seen Daqin?”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, what about Na?"

    Chen Jianhao said: "You have something to say to me, don't let her use cell phone."

    Lu Chen is very speechless – need to be so careful?

    Of course, he can understand each other's feelings, and he talked with Chen Jianhao a few words, saying that he would go to see Nina after returning to Beijing.

    At the end of the call, Chen Jianhao hesitated and said: "Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei are also there?The two of them are not easy. When they come to Daqin, they are looking for help. If they are not embarrassed, they can help, and there will always be rewards in the future. ”

    Lu Chen said: "Jian Hao Ge, I understand, you can rest assured, please accompany Na."

    Chen Jianhao smiled and hung up the phone.

    After chatting with Chen Jianhao, Lu Chen and Dong Yu chilled a few words.

    For the general manager of Light Rain Media, Lu Chen’s impression is not bad, and the beautiful and generous temperament is outstanding.

    There is no such little girl's popularity, it is an elite who can do things.

    Dong Yu took the opportunity to introduce him to the two men and one woman.

    The three are very young. The handsome and handsome man is tall and has a Celebrity idol.

    They are all new artists signed by Light Rain Media. Just debuted.

    Speaking, the dishes were delivered one by one.

    At this time point, everyone has long been hungry, no longer crap directly to eat, fill the stomach and say.

    After Dong Yu ate the half-cage shrimp dumplings, wiped the oil stains on the lips with a napkin. He raised the glass and said to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, I will respect you."

    Lu Chen put down the chopsticks and also picked up the glass, laughing: "Dong Dong does not have to be so polite, everyone knows. I drink this glass of wine, if you have something to say, I will help you. ”

    Dong Yu was quite impressed.

    Six months ago, Lu Chen was just a small Singer and waiter in the grass bar.

    Half a year later, he is already a well-known singer in the circle, one's own opened a studio, the album sold to fly. There is also the ability to help others build stars, and now they are self-produced and drama series, and they are fully developed.

    Lu Chen’s talent in Music is already enviable and hateful. Whoever thought that he could write a script, the first drama series that starred in the drama series has been climbing since the first broadcast, it’s really speechless!

    If he knew that he had such a great ability, Light Rain Media should sign him at any cost.

    Unfortunately, no one knows the future.

    Missed it and missed it. Now Lu Chen is gradually full of wings. Instead, it was her turn to ask for help.

    It’s really unpredictable!

    Dong Yu also knows that it is definitely what Chen Jianhao said to Lu Chen just now. The latter is so straightforward.

    Otherwise, her face of one's own may not be enough – Lu Chen did not need to ask for her place.

    "You want to help is very simple…"

    Dong Yu still hasn't opened his mouth. Su light eyebrows rushed and said: "You give Little Yang a role!"

    The three newcomers listened to their bodies. They stared at Lu Chen in unison, and the eyes were filled with excitement, excitement, expectation and embarrassment, as if they were waiting for the fate.

    Lu Chen’s "Blue Life and Death Love" is already red. The topic of this drama series has been smashed in the wave blog. He opened his one's own and the heroine Chen Feier did not talk about it. The supporting roles are up-and-coming and have won a lot of popularity.

    In the Entertainment Circle, compared to Music and variety, the film's fame is the fastest, a hot drama series or movie, can make an actor become popular overnight, in the blink of an eye among the top ranks.

    The drama series of "Blue Life and Death" was not optimistic at the beginning. Now it has become a dark horse of Viewership Ratings. It is famous and beneficial. Who is not looking at it?

    If a few of them can get a little light and play even a small role in it, they are all topics that can be hyped.

    To this end, Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei did not hesitate to go out in person, but also brought Qin Hanyang.

    Lu Chen is dumbfounded: "Su manager, if you are talking about "Blue Life and Death", then I am really sorry, I can't help."

    A radish pit, "Blue Life and Death" before the start of shooting, the main role has been fully determined.

    Now that I have shot more than a dozen episodes, there aren’t many episodes in the back. Where can I give them three characters?

    Unless it is an extra actor.

    But how can a passerby character take a take action? It is better not to give.

    In fact, Light Rain Media is not the first to come to the door. Since the "Blue Life and Death" Viewership Ratings has gone all the way, the Gande brothers have been harassed by people. Even the passers-by with only one or two lines in the later stage. All are full, there is no free place at all.

    This is also a feature of the weekend drama broadcasted while shooting. In addition to the main characters, the supporting role of the later stage can be freely adjusted or even increased. Extremely even the main characters can be changed – the script can be changed.

    Regular dramas are all shot and then broadcast, so there is no such possibility.

    Su light eyebrows frowning: "Is there a small supporting role?"

    She didn't expect to get any important role, because it wasn't realistic. What I wanted was to let the newcomers exercise and save the popularity and qualifications.

    "Blue Life and Death" is hot, and the artist who has played the role in it, and then picks up other plays, others must have a high look.

    Dong Yu gave her a look: "Brow!"

    Ask people to have a attitude of asking for help, even if they don't need to whisper, they can't help.

    Miss Su Xiaomei’s temper, so Dong Yu has always had a headache.

    Su light eyebrows licked his mouth.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "There is only twenty episodes of "Blue Life and Death". Now the character is really late, but next year I am going to invest in a new drama…"

    Dong Yu’s eyes lit up: “What new drama?”

    If Lu Chen told her to invest in the drama series before taking "Blue Life and Death", then she was a joke to listen to – can you shoot the drama series?

    The film and television dramas are very large, the water is very deep, and there is not enough strength and ability to play.

    Many amateur people who don't understand the rules see the market hot, and they come in with a lot of money. They want to make a fortune to engage in unspoken rules. The result is often lost.

    Even if it is a person in a circle, there are not too many examples of smashing sand.

    However, a "Blue Life and Death Love" that was not finished, let Lu Chen steadily insert a flag in this circle.

    With the current Viewership Ratings trend of "Blue Life and Death", it is unlikely that the phenomenon-level drama perhaps will be possible, but there is no suspense in the popularity of the popular broadcast.

    With this strong qualification, his next new drama is bound to attract attention.

    It’s a pity to miss the “Blue Life and Death Love”, and it’s a great reward to be able to mix characters in the new drama.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "For the time being, I have already prepared for the script. Let them audition by the time, and choose the same under the same conditions!"

    Dong Yuxi smiled and opened: "Thank you so much!"

    Lu Chen said everything about this, if she is not satisfied, then it is not right.

    Opportunities are given by others, and the face is earned by one's own.

    Lu Chen really wants to pat his chest and say, you all come, the character picks casually, then he is stupid.

    Under Dong Yu’s instructions, the three newcomers expressed their gratitude to Lu Chen’s toast.

    If you don’t talk about the opportunity you get, it’s good for them to know people like Lu Chen.

    There is a saying in the circle that Lu Chen has a stone to become a golden hand, and whoever he can be red.

    彷徨 band, MSN…Both are the best examples.

    If these examples are from the popular Musical World, then Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang, who are now increasing in popularity, are two rising stars in the film and television circle.

    Zhang Liwei plays the first woman with Cui Xinai in "Blue Life and Death", and Hu Yang plays Han Taixi.

    Especially the latter's popularity in the play, second only to Chen Feier and Lu Chen.

    It is said that Lu Chen was the first to find the Baolong film industry with the script, and the result was rejected.

    Baolong’s film industry now regrets that the intestines are green!

    All of this, all of which indicates the amount of strong Expert that Lu Chen has, he can be red and can also bring people red.

    Such characters are undoubtedly the most popular in the circle.

    Lu Chen smiled and accepted their thanks.

    He is willing to give light rain media opportunities to Dong Yu face, in addition to Chen Jianhao, Qin Hanyang's human relationship, but also the need to expand their network.

    Since entering the Entertainment Circle, Lu Chen has implemented an independent + win-win development strategy.

    Independence is not to sign any entertainment Manager Corporation, one's own can master the fate of one's own.

    A win-win situation is that he is on the way forward, and he continues to grow by choosing reliable partners.

    Lu Chen studio does not sign artists, nor does it operate manager media or film production companies. Even the promising crowdfunding network is rushing to retain only a few shares, and has always shared benefits with partners.

    Lu Chen is now able to develop so smoothly, and is inseparable from such a strategy.

    For example, flying stone records, such as Gande film, such as the rainbow manager, and now the light rain media.

    Letting out the benefits brings more and more partners, more and more friends, and more and more contacts…

    The foundation he has set in the Entertainment Circle is getting deeper and deeper!

    Without a solid foundation, all the glory is like a castle on the beach, and a storm can collapse.

    This is the concept of Lu Chen.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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