Chapter 265 Youth and Children

    Qin Hanyang is not a simple person.

    He can't be simple, mixed in the circle for so many years, has already tasted the bitterness of the world.

    But his heart still has blood, that is the love of rock and roll.

    Only in the face of helpless reality, he can only bury this love in his heart and work hard for life.

    Today's Qin Hanyang, already has enough ability to do one's own what he wants to do. His support for Lu Chen is not only because he owes the Luchen, but also sees the national shake in Lu Chen. Hope.

    Even in most of the eyes, Lu Chen is a singer who is good at folk songs.

    His youth, his handsomeness, is often easy to ignore the amazing talent that Lu Chen has.

    Lu Chen one's own does not say, Qin Hanyang also shouted for him.

    I just hope that Lu Chen can create more and better rock and roll works. It doesn't matter to anyone singing, as long as rock and roll music can return to the public's sight!

    In the eyes of Qin Hanyang, Lu Chen saw his sincerity and saw through his mind.

    I also understand that he brought one's own to the real purpose of the Black Raven Bar.

    Qin Hanyang wants Lu Chen to erect a flag of one's own in this circle!

    To be honest, Lu Chen didn't really care, but he was impressed by Qin Hanyang's sincerity and his love for rock and roll.

    After thinking about it, he said: "I still sing new song."

    Qin Hanyang's eyes lit up, and he put the electric guitar in his hand into Lu Chen's arms without thinking.

    This is Qin Hanyang's most cherished electric guitar. It has cost more than 100,000 to be customized from abroad, and has never been loaned to others, except Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen took the guitar and stood in front of the microphone.

    Qin Hanyang helped him adjust the height of the microphone. Then back to the teammates.

    The stage was completely given to Lu Chen.

    He used the action of one's own to express his respect for Lu Chen.

    The black crow bar is quiet inside. Even the ignorant guests closed their mouths and even held their breath.

    Several girls excitedly held the cell phone with both hands and shot against Lu Chen.

    The Black Raven Bar is different from the Worrying Bar. It is not prohibited to record and take photos here, just turn off the flash.

    Lu Chen took a breath and smiled at the microphone: "Thank you Qin Ge, and thank you for the hospitality of the boss of Ginger. If you don't think it is good, then sing a song."

    A light laughter sounded in the crowd and disappeared.

    Lu Chen continued: "I am going to sing a new work. The name is "Youth", I gave it to one's own, gave it to the band behind me, and gave it to everyone here! ”

    "I hope everyone likes it!"

    The applause sounded warm and lasting, even those who didn't like Lu Chen, and patted the palm of their hand.

    Lu Chen bowed his head. The strings are very light and light, and the touch of the fingers and the steel wire feels.

    The heart has moved.

    "I plan to leave at dusk,

Take a car to afar,

There is a feast of my friends tonight.

    I hurriedly put on my clothes and pushed the door out.

Head-on is the sultry desire on the street.

I leaped gently,

Jump into the river of people.

    It was raining outside.

    The raindrops flutter like my young years.

    I have rain on my face.

It is like being covered with happiness.

    I have nothing in my heart.

    Just like no pain,

Everything in this world,

Just like everyone has it!


    At the beginning, the accompaniment of the electric guitar was weak to near no, basically it could be regarded as a cappella. Lu Chen told the story of one's own in the ,, not making no anger, like the first inadvertent recall of the past years, calm and calm Calm and unhurried.

    This style is very rare, the lyrics and melody are unpretentious, with obvious folk characteristics.

    But in the back, no matter the singing, the accompaniment and the emotions are strengthening, the gradual paving in front, the emotions are slowly accumulating, let all the listeners' hearts follow, as if something is coming out!

    Until Lu Chen sang.


Continue to go,

Continue to lose,

I didn't realize it,


    Continue to go,

Continue to lose,

I didn't realize it,

youth! ”

    The rhythm of the climax is so sudden, but it is so logical, like the smashing lightning and the downpour after the thunder, it will inevitably appear, hitting everyone's heart heavily.

    "Continue to go, continue to lose, in what I didn't realize, youth!"

    There is no screaming exhaustion, but the scream of the passion of the explosion, accompanied by the heavy guitar sound, in the black crow bar shocked, echoed, trembled eardrum!

    Many people's faces have changed.

    Some people involuntarily clenched their fists, and some people could not help but tremble. Some people clenched their teeth, and some people were stunned, as if they didn't believe the song that one's own had just heard.

    Lu Chen’s "Youth", if the front part is still like a folk song, to the chorus and climax part of the back, it is the real rock and roll blood, passionate, bloody, people feel the heart is almost ready Jumped out of the throat and moved with the rhythm of the rhythm.

    Such a song, such a work, who else can question?


    Even if you are proud of your own arrogance, you have to bow.

    It sings people who have lost or are in youth, the kind of nowhere to put in love!

    Lu Chen sang twice.

    When he played the last note, the black crow bar was still quiet.

    After a while, Ginger stood up for the first time, slamming his palms hard, and then went on.

    Then everyone stood up and greeted Lu Chen with applause.

    Pay tribute to an extraordinary singer!

    Qin Hanyang strode forward and slammed Lu Chen’s shoulder.

    He is honored with him.

    As mentioned above, the Jinling School's rock and roll Singer, Literature and Art have a strong atmosphere, not so extreme and crazy, and the style of singing and writing is light and rock.

    Youth and life. It is one of their creative themes.

    This "Youth" is not poetic and romantic, it tells everyone. There is no beginning of youth, no end of youth, no loneliness in youth, and no half in youth.

    In the same way, just as everyone has youth, you and I will not be reluctant, you and I will inevitably be lonely, you and I will inevitably stay in the middle of the road, and it is inevitable to be sentimental.

    But no matter what, we must move forward. Must continue to lose and continue to forget!

    As the song is sung, isn't it a lot of rock and roll Singer's life portrayal?

    This song, conquer them!

    Someone rushed over quickly and rushed to the stage, trying to pick up the toes and take the action arm to Lu Chen.

    He has a bottle of unopened beer in his hand.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen returned the electric guitar to Qin Hanyang, and walked over to take over the beer handed over by the other party.

    He straightened up. Unscrew the cap and lift it up and say, "Greeting everyone, there is Music!"


    Many people have raised bottles or glasses, including several girls.

    They have seen Lu Chen’s affectionate side on TV or on the website, and have never seen him so arrogant.

    Also infected.

    Lu Chen drunk a beer.

    The applause and screams sounded again, full of identity.

    After drinking the wine, Lu Chen stepped down with Qin Hanyang. Go back to the original location.

    But people are coming over. Toast to the two to pay tribute.

    If it wasn't for someone who had a band, Lu Chen was really hard to come over.

    It was hard to cope with the past. Lu Chen drank at least 7 beers, but fortunately they were all in small bottles.

    Ginger drank more and his tongue was a little bigger: "This song is really good, really good!"

    He gave a thumbs up to Lu Chen, and he was sincerely appreciative.

    Qin Hanyang is even more curious: "When did you create this song?"

    He felt that Lu Chen was written specifically for the trip to the Black Raven Bar tonight, which is incredible.

    Lu Chen explained: "I wrote it before, I feel it right to sing it, happy."

    Qin Hanyang is speechless.

    You can make a good story by just taking out a piece of work that you have accumulated before.

    Have you seen such a character in the popular Musical World of Domestic for decades? Qin Hanyang can't think of it.

    He can only admire the strength of Lu Chen.

    The latter's inspiration and the source of music are always as if they are never exhausted. This is the popular Luck of Domestic Popular Music!

    Everyone continues to talk and continue to drink.

    Until 12 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen and Qin Hanyang had almost finished drinking.

    Qin Hanyang lived in the dormitory of the Black Raven Bar, and then Li Feiyu accompanied Lu Chen back to the Marriott Hotel.

    Li Feiyu helped Lu Chen with one hand and opened the door with Lu Chen’s room card in one hand.

    As a result, he was shocked.

    The lights in the living room of the suite are on, and Chen Fei is in the room.

    Seeing the drunken Lu Chen, she hurried forward and shouted: "How do you drink this?"

    Li Feiyu is very guilty in the face of the day: "Da Chen, he chatted with Qin brother, so…"

    Chen Feier did not really blame Li Feiyu for not fulfilling her duties as an assistant. She took Lu Chen and whispered, "Give it to me, you should rest early."

    Li Feiyu was a big man: "Thank you, Fei Jie!"

    He quickly closed the door and opened his heart, secretly envious of Lu Chen's Yan Fu.

    Although Chen Feier is a woman, she often has a little effort to exercise, and Lu Chen is not drunk to the point of being unconscious, so she lay down on the bed in the bedroom with her help.

    Chen Feier helped Lu Chen take off his shoes and brought a hot towel to clean his face.

    When she was about to cover Lu Chen with a quilt, Lu Chen suddenly took action to pull her to one's own arms.

    Chen Feier, who was caught off guard, fell on Lu Chen’s body and was tightly held by Lu Chen.

    Chen Feier struggled for no effect, simply relaxed and put his face on his chest.

    Lu Chen smiled and adjusted his posture to make one's own more comfortable.

    Chen Feier is also by him.

    After a long time, Chen Feier said softly: "You drink less alcohol and drink more."

    But did not get a response from Lu Chen.

    This time she discovered that Lu Chen had fallen asleep.

    Like a child holding a big toy.


Note: "Youth" lyrics / song: Wang Feng (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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