Chapter 268

    Most of the drama series produced by the film and television company are sold directly to the TV station. Although the terms of the contract are different, the main reason for selling is the rights to broadcast and replay.

    Superstar, big production, publicity drama, the first broadcast rights will often be fired to the sky-high price, tens of millions of times, sometimes a single TV station can not eat, and a number of TV stations joint venture to buy sharing rights.

    For this type of episode, the price of the replay rights cannot be higher than the first broadcast rights, even if the Viewership Ratings are high.

    But there is also a type of drama. The first broadcast rights are sold very cheaply, and the cost is not earned at all. However, after the broadcast, Viewership Ratings is so high that Big Fire, then the price of the replay right will inevitably rise, even far exceeding the first broadcast.

    "Blue Life and Death" is undoubtedly such a potential series of drama series.

    Aside from the gambling agreement, Haijin Satellite TV's cost of buying the first right of "Blue Life and Death" is not high. The price of 20 sets of 6 million can only make the three investors recover less than half of the total cost.

    Regardless of whether it is Lu Chen, Chen Feier or Gande Film, they are not particularly concerned because there is still the right to replay.

    However, no one thought that "Blue Life and Death" would be so red, and the fire would be staggering!

    Domestic Viewership Ratings 1% breakthrough breakthrough, making this urban emotional drama quickly become a hot topic, exploding blogs and friends circle, the actors in the drama became famous overnight…

    And many TV stations saw a golden cash cow!

    "Blue Life and Death" belongs to the weekend drama broadcasted while shooting. The frequency of playing in two episodes a week is actually not conducive to the promotion of Viewership Ratings.

    Now with such a high Viewership Ratings score, its potential is so great that it can be replayed continuously. Viewership Ratings is not an incredible thing beyond the premiere.

    Because the reputation of a drama series needs to be brewed, especially for mainstream TV viewers. If you missed the previous episode, you will pay special attention to the replay – everyone else says yes, that is definitely good!

    Under such a situation, the replay rights of "Blue Life and Death", which have not been fully photographed, immediately became a fragrant one, and rushed to contact and negotiate more than a dozen TV stations.

    The most urgent and powerful ones are undoubtedly Beijing TV Station and Zhejiang East TV Station.

    On January 7th, a representative from Beijing TV Station came to Jinling to discuss the purchase of replay rights with the three parties.

    One of the representatives is Gu Rui.

    Gu Rui is the Music Producer of Beijing Satellite TV. He used to be the Music Director of "Singing China". He is familiar with Lu Chen and Chen Feier and has a good relationship.

    Originally like this drama series purchase, it is completely out of bounds with Gu Rui, that is the work of Program.

    However, "Blue Life and Death" is too hot and too popular, Beijing TV Station is afraid that the replay rights will be taken away by the opponent, so they sent Gurui to beat the human card.

    Gu Rui's position in Beijing TV Station is not low, and it is appropriate for him to negotiate with Lu Chen.

    Another one who came to know is Lu Chen. That is the Deputy Director Zhu Shaotai of the Variety Channel Program.

    The two middle and high-level executives of Beijing TV Station ran to Jinling, and it was really sincere.

    Otherwise, other small and medium-sized film and television production companies, even with the pig head, can not find the temple door of Beijing TV Station.

    Under normal situation, the latter will actively lower the posture to discuss with the former!

    The so-called buying and selling is not a benevolence, although there was no cooperation success last time, but this time, regardless of Lu Chen, Chen Feier or Gande Film. They are also very warm to welcome them.

    In the evening, Zhang De, the general manager of Gande Films, came forward. Host a Beijing Satellite TV representative at the Marriott Hotel.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier, together with the two managers, were present at the scene.

    "Blue Life and Death" is hot, and the most direct beneficiary is Haijin Satellite TV. The second is Gande Film.

    In the Beijing film and television circle of the predators such as Yun, the Gande Brothers film industry can barely be regarded as a small fish. It has invested in shooting many drama series, and there are very few achievements. There is basically not much voice in the circle.

    This time with the signboard of "Blue Life and Death", Gande Films has figured out the name in the industry. There are so many people who come to the door to seek cooperation or support during this time. It is quite a lot of limelight.

    But the two brothers of Gande did not stunned, and they were very clear about who's own to hold the thigh.

    During the filming of "Blue Life and Death", Zhang De has been stationed in Jinling. According to his words, one's own is the steward, and is responsible for solving the worries of the drama crew.

    It is precisely because of Zhang De's oversee coordination that the filming work of "Blue Life and Death" is very smooth, and has not been affected by any accidental situation. It is hoped that all the shooting work will be completed ahead of time.

    On the wine table, Zhang De, who has a very large amount of alcohol, is an aggressive attacker. The frequent banquet of the old wine Zhu Shaotai can not stand, making the atmosphere between the banquets very warm and harmonious.

    After drinking a bottle of red wine, Zhu Shaotai smiled bitterly: "Zhang Zong, Lu Teacher, Teacher Chen, and secondly, I came here to make a sin, because the last thing was led to death, this time you are anyway. Take priority to take care of it, otherwise I can't go back and explain it!"

    Zhu Shaotai certainly has the meaning of laughing and joking by wine, and it is basically a fact.

    When he first negotiated the rights to the first broadcast of "Blue Life and Death", he did not pay much attention to it. He missed this hopeful level of drama series, which was not discussed in Taiwan.

    In fact, Zhu Shaotai is also very embarrassing. If Haijin Satellite TV suddenly kills and cuts out Hu, "Blue Life and Death" will fall in the hands of Beijing TV Station.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier have a good relationship with Beijing Satellite TV, and the Gande brothers are mixed in Beijing.

    Under the same conditions, Beijing TV Station is full of natural gas.

    Unexpectedly, Haijin Satellite TV, who did not have much sense of existence, actually put them together.

    It’s no problem to be intercepted. Beijing TV Station’s big resources don’t care much, but it’s never been expected. “Blue Life and Death Love” has been everywhere in the country, so how can their faces be hanged?

    If it is lost to CCTV, Shonan Satellite TV and even Zhedong Satellite TV, it is still nothing, so that the younger brother-level Haijin Satellite TV has such a big limelight, it is really embarrassing!

    In particular, Beijing TV Station has vigorously reformed the Viewership Ratings in recent years, and has been very tight on the high-quality Program content. It is an unforgivable mistake to invest a lot of money and lose the "Blue Life and Death".

    The leader above took the table, and the board below hit Zhu Shaotai.

    Who told him to be the main leader?

    Zhu Shaotai really can't say anything, because even if he takes it seriously, he can't come up with the same conditions as Haijin Satellite TV. The result is no different.

    However, he could not argue that he could only use this opportunity to personally rush to talk and bring up Gu Rui.

    Gu Rui laughed: "Zhu Director is not easy…"

    This Music Director is a bit straight, not very popular, and understands what one's own is doing.

    He naturally wants to help Zhu Shaotai speak.

    Zhu Shaotai’s half-truth complaints made Lu Chen and Chen Feier look at each other in dismay.

    The deputy Director of the Program section of the Beijing TV Station Variety Channel, I will talk about this part, how can I give a few faces, otherwise I really want to offend people!

    Or Zhang De’s experience, he said with a smile: “Zhu Director is too serious. I have come to negotiate a lot of units recently. As long as the conditions are similar, we will definitely give Beijing TV Station first, and all of them are Beijingers!”

    Zhang De is not really a Beijing native, but he has already moved his residence to Beijing.

    His answer did not leak, took care of Zhu Shaotai's face, and also held the bottom line of one's own side.

    Facts have proved that Zhang De Shou is very reasonable.

    The next day was January 8, and the negotiators of Zhedong TV Station came to Jinling.

    Interestingly, it is also an acquaintance – Tian Tian!

    Tian Tian was originally the Program Host of Zhedong Satellite TV. Because of the incident of fanatic attacks, she turned to the behind-the-scenes work of the TV station and rarely showed up.

    Tian Tian and Chen Feier were originally friends, and Lu Chen was her savior.

    Zhedong TV station sent her over, playing the same human love card, the weight is not much worse than the opponent.

    Because of the special relationship between the two parties, after the evening banquet, Chen Feier took Tian Tian to go to the room of one's own private chat, and let Lu Chen accompany him.

    At night, Tian Tian drank a lot of wine, and his face was very beautiful.

    Probably because of a little more alcohol, she spoke extraordinarily boldly, and took Chen Fei's hand and asked directly: "Fei Erjie, are you with Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen is laughing at all – what is it?

    Chen Feier said: "Sweet, I think you are drinking too much!"

    Tian Tian smiled and hugged her and said, "I am sober, you just say it!"

    Chen Feier pretended to be ignorant: "Which one do you say?"

    Tian Tian hooked her finger and said, "Let's fall in love, are you engaged in underground love?"

    Chen Feier knew that she couldn’t help but nodded.


    Tian Tian couldn't help but widen his eyes and straight up to look strange: "That's really big news!"

    Chen Feier gave her a blank look: "We have no plans to disclose it."

    Tian Tianyanzhu turned and said: "Then you have to give the sealing fee, the right to replay the "Blue Life and Death" will be given to us, otherwise…Oh! ”

    Chen Feier was completely defeated by her rascal: "I can't do this for the Lord."

    Even if the relationship is very good and involves many interests, she can't agree to it lightly.

    This is a matter of principle.

    The most important thing is to talk about the purchase of Beijing TV Station!

    It’s so popular and not good!


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