The second hundred and sixty-sixth chapter is hot!

    This night, I slept very well and was very comfortable and comfortable.

    In the dream, he seems to have the whole world, the incomparable satisfaction and ease, only wishing to sleep long and not want to wake up.

    However, the biological clock formed by long-term fixed living habits stubbornly awakened him.

    Lu Chen opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Chen Feier lying in one's own arms.

    The beauty is still asleep, her eyes closed, her long eyelashes tilted up, her breathing long and even, very light and lightly sprayed on his chin and neck, a little itchy.

    The faint morning light casts through her thin gauze and casts on her almost flawless face, making people fascinated.

    What makes Lu Chen stunned is that Chen Fei's graceful body is close to one's own, although through the long skirt, he still feels the amazing elasticity and softness.

    That is the beauty that cannot be described in words!

    How can this be?

    Lu Chen used one's own and a little hangover and dizzy mind to think about it, and finally remembered one's own. They had a lot of wine with Qin Hanyang in the Black Raven Bar last night. It was Li Feiyu who sent him back.

    Then I went back to the hotel and opened the door, as if Chen Feier was in his room…

    Until now.

    Lu Chen’s lips, which were thoroughly awake, evoked Xiaoxiao’s curvature. It was like a thief. He secretly leaned over and kissed her lips, two or three times…

    Chen Feier woke up, and was stunned by Lu Chen under his body.

    She struggled to resist a few times, and reluctantly gave up the resistance until she was provoked by the fire, responded enthusiastically, and enjoyed the intimacy of two people.

    It’s just that Lu Chen will throw a big hand into the dress. When trying to go further, it was defensively defended.

    Chen Feier bit her lip biting Lu Chen. Jiao said: "No more."

    Her eyes were so fascinating that she was about to drop water, and her face was red and faint, and there was not much strength in resisting it.

    However, Lu Chen could feel her determination and had to resist the action.

    Chen Feier smiled softly and kissed him with a sigh of relief. "This is the child!"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Chen Feier suddenly frowned, his nose pumped, and he dismissed: "Oh, your alcohol is too heavy, go take a shower." I want to go back! ”

    She said that she was more shy and pushed her chest to say: "It's all you!"

    Yesterday evening, Chen Feier stayed with Lu Chen because the latter was very drunk and worried about his accident.

    The self-protection ability of drunken people is very weak. Even if they are lying in bed, there are dangers. For example, vomiting causes suffocation to become a tragedy. It is not uncommon for others to take care of others.

    Chen Feier has some understanding of this. Where can I let go of one's own back.

    Lu Chen was moved in the heart, and she smiled and hugged her. She said, "Let's go wash it together…Oh! ”

    The soft meat at the waist was smashed, reminding him to pay attention to harmony, not to exceed the scale!

    After lingering in bed for a while, Lu Chen reluctantly let go of Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier sneaked back to the room of one's own.

    Fortunately, the two rooms are adjacent.

    Lu Chen went to the bathroom and took a hot bath and washed away the alcohol and hangover.

    Put on sportswear. He is energetic and goes to the morning exercise.

    A new day has begun. The scenes shot today are more and more important.

    Everyone is working hard!

    Busy, everyone bid farewell to 2015. Era's pointer points to 2016.

    A new year begins.

    The drama crew of "Blue Life and Death" has not even celebrated the New Year's Day, and nervously filmed the remaining episodes.

    Because this urban emotional drama series is really hot, not only on the Internet, but also in the drama series market, stirring up the storm, so that countless people outside the circle are stunned, exclaiming incredible!

    Haijin Satellite TV is even preparing to change the two episodes of the weekend into three episodes.

    Weekend dramas are broadcast on weekends, usually in two episodes, a few episodes or three episodes.

    Three sets of Friday, Saturday and Sunday are connected, or the Viewership Ratings are too bad to speed up the purchased episodes, free up valuable time to replace the new drama, and often adjust the broadcast time.

    There is also a situation in which Viewership Ratings are too good, and the requirements of the audience and the advertiser are extremely strong.

    The two episodes are not enough to watch!

    Under such a situation, the three episodes of broadcast will not only satisfy the audience, but also bring the money to the TV station.

    After the "Blue Life and Death" fires up, the most direct beneficiary is undoubtedly Haijin Satellite TV, which has a weak sense of the TV station.

    Originally, Haijin TV's TV advertisement during the prime time of the weekend from 8:30 to 9:30, the external offer was 3000/second, and the price of 15 seconds was 45,000.

    But this is only a public offer. The price that the agent can actually get is at least 50% off, basically between 1200-1500/sec. If it is a long-term customized package, the price is even lower.

    This kind of price does not say that compared with the Big Mac CCTV, compared with the Beijing Satellite TV, it will be slag.

    Uncertainly, Beijing TV Station's several non-star programs, advertising fees are also higher than Haijin Satellite TV.

    Of course, Haijin Satellite TV does not want to eat the rest of the wreckage of others. It is helpless to find a fist program. It can only grab the popular drama series and grab others. It can only watch the big meat in the same direction.

    "Blue Life and Death" is undoubtedly a leak of Haijin Satellite TV. I thought it was a small leak. I didn't expect it to be a big leak. I directly earned it.

    On December 26th and 27th, "Blue Life and Death" broadcasted the fifth and sixth episodes, and Viewership Ratings directly broke through the 0.50% mark, reaching 0.51% and 0.55% respectively.

    Relevant people of Haijin Satellite TV, etc., directly to Smecta!

    The fastest response is the advertisement department. Faced with the swarming advertisements, the bloody butcher knife will be raised without thinking, and the price of the next week's introductory advertisement will be doubled, especially the title advertisement, which will be sold directly to the plate.

    In fact, I have already mentioned the price before, but everyone underestimated the power of "Blue Life and Death".

    On January 2nd, 2016, "Blue Life and Death" broadcasted the seventh episode.

    On the previous day, the annual drama "My Heart Flying", the home of the Domestic Satellite TV station, was launched.

    This drama series was jointly filmed by Shonan Satellite TV and Xiangjiang Satellite TV in the Mainland. It has gathered a number of Celebrity artists from across the Taiwan Straits and the Republic of Korea. The first 35 episodes have invested over 100 million and have been fully filmed.

    Shonan Satellite TV was once the master of the variety and drama series in the local TV station. Its homemade drama and introduction drama were popular in the Domestic, which created a large number of idols Celebrity. The high level of Viewership Ratings made CCTV look.

    In recent years, Shonan Satellite TV has encountered fierce competition that has never been seen before. The variety and drama series are facing serious market squeeze, and they have lost the wireless scenery of the TV screen.

    Of course, Shonan Satellite TV will not be willing to be beaten down. "My Heart is Flying" is exactly what they are doing to reinvent their ambitions, and they are ready to open the door in 2016!

    With its strong strength and strong marketing channels, this Celebrity's well-crafted "My Heart Flying" premiere is in full swing, with the first episode Viewership Ratings reaching 0.52%, which is unmatched.

    The producers even said that "My Heart Flying" broke through the 1% Viewership Ratings mark and there is no problem. Shonan Satellite TV's goal for this drama series is 1.5% – 2%!

    In today's market landscape, any TV station includes the drama series played by CCTV. The national average Viewership Ratings' drama series can be regarded as a popular drama by more than 0.5%, 1% is a big drama, and 2% is a drama. It can be called a national drama.

    The ambition of Shonan Satellite TV is to make "My Heart Flying" into a big drama, and the sword refers to the phenomenon level!

    On the same day of January 2nd, in the same time period, "My Heart Flying" and "Blue Life and Death" collided.

    Mars hits Earth!

    On the morning of January 3, the traffic on the official website of the new line of sight increased significantly.

    Many, many people, including a large number of ordinary netizens, are anxiously waiting for the latest Viewership Ratings rankings to see how the results of the confrontation between "My Heart Flying" and "Blue Life and Death" are positive.

    Prior to this, the industry inside the circle generally believed that "Blue Life and Death" is a well-deserved dark horse, but it hit the Shonan Satellite TV's annual drama, and the momentum of the charge must be curbed and suppressed.

    Shonan Satellite TV has smashed tens of millions in the publicity of "My Heart Flying", and various marketing activities have been vigorously carried out, and the investment in this drama series is all industry predators, plus so many Celebrity to join, " "Blue Life and Death" is such a small cost of torture drama how is itopent?

    Some people even gloat, if "Blue Life and Death" can be broadcasted one month earlier, avoiding "My Heart Flying", the final result must be a lot higher, maybe there is a chance to achieve a big drama.

    Now the limelight is overwhelmed by "My Heart Flying", which will inevitably affect Viewership Ratings.

    By 12 o'clock, the number of visits to the official website of the new line of sight reached its peak.

    The latest issue of Viewership Ratings is updated on time.

    "My Heart Flying": 0.57%/0.52%/002/003.

    "Blue Life and Death": 1.01%/0.55%/001/001!

    "My heart is flying" second episode nationwide 0.57%, "Blue Life and Death" seventh episode nationwide 1.01%, and ascend the summit drama series Viewership Ratings double champion, compared to the previous episode of Viewership Ratings nearly doubled!

    How is this possible?

    The circle suddenly became awkward, many people felt unbelievable, and even suspected that the new line of sight official website went wrong.

    "My heart flying" first episode 0.52% to second episode 0.57% of the results is normal, an increase of 0.05 is considered the success of Xiaoxiao, perhaps can not meet the expectations of Shonan Satellite TV, but also has great potential to dig.

    But what is the difference between the 0.55% to 1.01% jump in "Blue Life and Death"?

    Break through 1% directly, a proper big drama!

    Many people in the industry who predicted that "Blue Life and Death Love" would face strong resistance, their faces were swollen.

    And it’s too embarrassing to play, it’s too embarrassing!


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