Chapter 264 is well-intentioned

    There was a pattering rain outside.

    The Black Raven Bar has a lot of guests, and the location is full, and it is more and more lively.

    The boss, Ginger, returned to the place where the band was, and gave the stage back to the band and Singer.

    Some people are shouting Qin Hanyang's name, hoping that he can go to stage performance.

    Although it is not the path of pure rock and roll, the band led by Qin Hanyang has a high reputation in this circle. It is also because of having a friend relationship with Ginger, so he was invited.

    Ginger unscrewed a bottle of beer and handed it to Qin Hanyang. He smiled and said, "Go and play?"

    He has known Qin Hanyang for many years, and he is very clear about the latter's temperament, so he does not say anything polite.

    Qin Hanyang does not want to sing but also does not matter, is to play.

    "Late later…"

    Qin Hanyang took the bottle and touched the belly and said: "The stomach is still full, first digest and digest."

    Everyone laughed.

    Da Jiang also talked to Lu Chen, and he did not forget to call Li Feiyu, even if the latter was only Lu Chen’s assistant.

    Lu Chen felt that the owner of the Black Raven Bar was quite interesting, so he chatted with each other.

    Ginger is a native of Jinling, and has opened a bar for many years. It is said that the atmosphere is very good, so the atmosphere is very harmonious, and even a few members of the band have been released to join the ranks of the chat.

    "Lu Chenge…"

    I was very happy, and suddenly there was a sly Voice: "Can you sign a name?"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look at it. I saw two 18-year-old girls appearing on his side, holding the cell phone tightly in his hand, looking at one's own with his hopeful look. A shy and uneasy look.

    These two are obviously not rock and roll Singer or fans. Most of them were brought to see the fun by friends.

    The Black Raven Bar is very similar to some Music Bars in Houhai, and the customers are more people in the circle. Very concentrated in a group of underground Singer, the consumption is not high, the atmosphere is unique, and it is quite mysterious in the eyes of ordinary people.

    It’s also very new to bring a girl to run here, and it’s a very new thing.

    The people in this small circle don't see much about Lu Chen, but the guests who come to see the bustle are different. For example, the two girls in front of us are not the real powder of Lu Chen, and that is also the star chasing family.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Well, where are you signing?"

    Whether it is real powder or road powder. He has always been friendly and sympathetic to fans, never playing big faces.

    Like encountering a fan asking for a sign, Lu Chen can satisfy as much as possible.

    The two girls were a bit surprised, but more of them were surprises. They quickly found a customer service personnel to borrow paper and pencil.

    Very successful to get the signature, one of the girls is more courageous, said: "Lu Chen brother. I like to watch "Blue Life and Death Love" most, and you played Yin Junxi very well! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you."

    The girl took the opportunity to ask: "Lu Chen, can I take a photo with you?"

    Lu Chen nodded and stood up.

    The girl suddenly overjoyed and quickly handed the cell phone to her companion and then grabbed his arm.

    He will also lean his head against Lu Chen’s shoulder.

    After taking the photo, her companion is very hot and has to take a picture.

    Lu Chen had to be back to Item. Take a group photo with two girls. Let them be very satisfied.

    The road powder should be turned into real powder!

    When Lu Chen re-sit, Qin Hanyang sighed at the big ginger and sighed angrily sAI d: "Ginger. We are really old now, and we want to lie to the little girl and we can’t fool it.Ugh! ”

    The two girls only took photos with Lu Chen and completely ignored the band sitting next to them.

    Qin Hanyang’s self-deprecation made everyone laugh.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    When the country was in full swing, it was a very hard thing to be a rock and roll Singer. Wearing long hair and T-shirts and ragged jeans can easily confuse ignorant girls, especially the kind of Literature and Art. Young women.

    Now almost the attire, basically classified into hip hop style, with a variety of shiny jewelry.

    The era of rock and roll is long gone, and places like the Black Raven Bar are still clinging to small circles, reminiscing about the past years.

    Like Qin Hanyang, those who have already come out can no longer be counted as people in this circle.

    It is estimated that the two girls have played a good demonstration role. Then several girls ran to sign and take photos, which made them become the focus of the scene.

    The whispering arguments have increased, mostly for Lu Chen.

    In the Black Raven Bar, young and pure girls are scarce resources, and they are rushing to get close to Lu Chen.

    How can other Singer hearts be happy?

    The atmosphere naturally began to get different.

    Qin Hanyang noticed the gaze from the surrounding, he thought a little, immediately said to the members of the band: "Go, let's go play two!"

    In fact, this time Lu Chen is going to leave, there is no need to let one's own be pointed.

    However, Qin Hanyang had to sing on the stage. He could not run now, so he had to stay.

    And as the band took to the stage, everyone’s attention was diverted.

    Whether in Houhai in Beijing or 1912 in Jinling, the band belongs to Legendary. From obscurity to overnight, the story of this band is widely circulated.

    Everyone has heard the songs of the band, but there are not many people who have actually heard the scene.

    So they just made their debut, they got warm applause and cheers, and screams.

    Qin Hanyang sat down on the stool with an electric guitar. He tried the sound first, then reached out and re-adjusted the height of the microphone. He cleared his throat and said: "I am very happy to return to the Black Raven Bar today. I was from here. Going to Beijing, it’s been more than ten years!”

    "Some friends are still there, some friends have already traveled far, but no matter what, to be here tonight, it is our fate, just sing two songs, like everyone can like."

    His voice just fell, and the good voice and applause exploded, and many people even stood up and applauded.

    Qin Hanyang raised his hand to indicate that everyone was quiet, and continued: "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and thank Lu Chen for creating such a good work."

    "One in "In the Spring", for everyone!"

    When I came up, I sang into a famous work. The atmosphere inside the bar was instantly ignited, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.

    "I still remember the spring many years ago, when I didn't cut my long hair…"

    "I was so happy at the beginning, although there was only a broken acoustic guitar…"

    "In the street under the bridge in the field, singing the songs that nobody cares about!"

    A song "In the Spring", Qin Hanyang has already sung and does not know how many times, singing is absolutely superb, and his understanding of this work has reached a very deep degree.

    Some people don't know, even thinking that "In the Spring" is Qin Hanyang's life experience, he created.

    A lot of Singer has sung this classic, and few people can sing the vicissitudes of the song.

    This is a vicissitude to the extreme.

    Return to Jinling again, return to the Black Raven Bar and return to where this one's own dream begins…

    The emotions that Qin Hanyang blended into the songs became more and more intense, as if it were a wine of the old age.

    There were so many people present, singing or singing in a low voice, like a pilgrimage.

    When Qin Hanyang sang, almost everyone stood up, applauded and applauded!

    Including Lu Chen.

    At the beginning, he gave this song to the band to sing, which is undoubtedly the right choice.

    After "In the Spring", Qin Hanyang sang "Flying Higher".

    The song was first sung by Lu Chen in "Singing China". Later, the right to cover was granted to the band. The latter came out as a single and became one of the band's signature works.

    It is also loved by everyone.

    Qin Hanyang also uses these two works to tell everyone, what good talent Lu Yu has!

    When the applause in the bar subsided, Qin Hanyang said: "Thanks again to Lu Chen for creating this "Flying Higher". He is an amazing singer. Please ask him to sing a song for us! ”

    This time, the applause sounded again, sincere and warm.

    Regardless of any prejudice, no one can deny Lu Chen’s talent, no longer like the folk Singer, nor can he ignore the influence that Lu Chen has in the popular Musical World.

    Even in the circle of rock and roll, Lu Chen's name is still loud, but some people choose to ignore it.

    They even think that "In the Spring" is not really rock and roll.

    At this moment in the Black Raven Bar, there are also people who are so proud and self-confident, watching Lu Chen on the stage with complex eyes, wanting to hear what song he will sing.

    "You at the same table"? "the brightest star in the night sky"?

    They are all jokes, and at most, "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" is barely qualified.

    To what mountain to sing songs, even Qin Hanyang thought that Lu Chen would sing "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" and whispered: "We have practiced "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", and the accompaniment is no problem!"

    Returning to this once-familiar and proud circle, Qin Hanyang suddenly found that one's own is a bit out of place with this circle. The old rock and roll Singer is still immersed in the past glory, not young, young. Rock and roll Singer can't find a way out, and is generally impetuous.

    Some people say that rock and roll are already dead. Qin Hanyang is not completely hot. But he always believes that when the country shakes and resurrects, there are only a few more excellent writers like Lu Chen.

    The irony is that this small circle actually confuses Lu Chen.

    Out of the love of rock and roll, and the belief that once adhered to it, Qin Hanyang stood here to support Lu Chen, and he wanted these people to understand how ridiculous their stubborn pride is.

    Do not seek new, do not seek change, do not follow the pulse of the times to beat, the country shakes that really want to die.

    The so-called Jinling School is nothing more than a lingering death.


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