The twenty-sixth chapter Zhang Liwei


Suddenly, the sound of vibration caused Zhang Liwei to wake up from her sleep.

    She stumbled from the bed and took action, grabbed the cell phone resting on the bedside table, touched the power button and pressed it hard to turn off the preset boot alarm.

    The room with the curtains closed was dim, but there was a hint of light from the gap in the curtain. Zhang Liwei lay quietly on the bed for a few minutes until the mind and body were fully adapted to the awake state. Turned over and got dressed.

    She is already in her 20s, although it is the time of youthful beauty, but the old age is easy to be old. If it is not at this time, it will be well maintained. After 30 years of age, it will be half the effort.

    Zhang Liwei cherishes one's own, learns the way of health early, and always faces one's own work with the fullest spirit and physical state.

    And precisely this is what made her stand out among the many competitors and got a precious opportunity.

    The drama series she is shooting is called "Blue Life and Death" and plays Cui Xinai.

    A character that is extremely hateful.

    After washing and cleaning in the bathroom, Zhang Liwei took a full hour to complete the morning maintenance, apply mask, nourish the eye, deep clean pores and oil…

    As a professional actor, makeup before shooting is essential, and various cosmetics will accelerate the aging of the skin. If you do not protect and maintain in advance, it is irresponsible for one's own.

    Only a few people like Zhang Liwei get up and do maintenance work one hour in advance.

    After the maintenance was completed, she changed into a sportswear to leave the room and ran to the gym downstairs.

    When Zhang Liwei appeared in the restaurant, it was already 7:30 in the morning.

    Most of the actors and staff of the drama crew have already had breakfast in the restaurant. Before 8 o'clock, they will depart to the studio and start today's shooting mission.

    And inside the restaurant. Not only the "drama crew", but also other teams, it is very lively.

    Here is the group art village of Jinling Film and Television City. It is an apartment-style hotel for all the people of the drama crew. Although the specifications are not as good as the real hotel, it is very convenient and convenient.

    Since the official opening of Jinling Film and Television City, there have never been fewer than three drama crews stationed in the group art village, even if it is the New Year, and more than a dozen.

    "Miss Zhang, you are early!"Li Wei sister early! ""Good morning, Wei sister! ”

    I saw Zhang Liwei coming over. Many people have greeted her, and some are not the "drama crew".

    But they all know her, and some people want to help her get breakfast.

    From the eyes of these people, Zhang Liwei saw the look of envy and jealousy.

    This kind of treatment is something she has never had before.

    Zhang Liwei is 25 years old and graduated from the Huhai Film Academy. She started filming when she was 19 years old. I have also received a few small advertisements, but they have always been unknown and have not played any important roles.

    After graduating, she came to Beijing to work hard with her friends. She signed a manager company of the second and third tiers. The best role she had mixed in a few years was just a match, and few people on the street could recognize it.

    Come to Beijing friends. Some can't hold back. Some simply married, and only she insisted on her teeth. Work hard and diligently to work and study.

    Then the dawn of life, suddenly appeared!

    Even now, Zhang Liwei still has a little real feeling – she is red.

    It’s like a storm in the summer, it’s too fast to be caught off guard.

    Strictly speaking, her "Blue Life and Death" is red, and the recent episode of Viewership Ratings has reached 0.55%. It is a hot topic on the Internet.

    Before the filming, Zhang Liwei’s V-fans in the Inspur blog was 500,000+.

    The number of fans seems to be ok, and it can be considered a small V, but Zhang Liwei one's own is very clear, most of the fans are bought by Manager Corporation, which is called zombie powder.

    Every day, she has a blog post, and the number of comments is usually tens of dozens, up to several hundred.

    But now, her blog fans have surged to 1.2 million, but there is still no real powder with water.

    Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Liwei made a photo of the film in the gap of the filming. I praised tens of thousands of people last night, and the number of reposts and comments was over 10,000. It was not the same as before!

    To be honest, Zhang Liwei never dreamed of dreaming before the game. The drama series has not been finished yet, and she has already begun to redden, and her position in the circle has risen sharply.

    The only thing that is a little depressed is that there are so many people in the blog commentary area.

    Of course, it’s not that Zhang Liwei’s character is not good or bad, but the role she plays is too tempting.

    Everyone is hurting by Cui Xinai, played by Zhang Liwei.

    Even Zhang Liwei one's own is very speechless after watching the full script.

    But as an actor, Zhang Liwei not only has to perform the characteristics of the characters, but also to dig out the hearts of the characters.

    Although Cui Xinai is bad, she is also a girl who lacks love and longs for love. Most of her behavior is due to psychological imbalance. She is not bad. The spirit that is still struggling in the lonely situation is also worthy of recognition. of.

    It is not easy to grasp the measurement, and there are high requirements for acting.

    Zhang Liwei has repeatedly watched the script for more than a dozen times. Luck's is that she can often discuss with the author, understand the characters' thoughts, and then play the characters in flesh and blood, rather than programmatic performance robots.

    It is this kind of hard work and dedication that has earned her the recognition of Director and colleagues, and many fans!

    At the buffet table, two eggs, a glass of milk and a few slices of bread were selected. Zhang Liwei found an empty seat to sit down.

    Just half eaten, half-Old Xu's middle-aged woman rushed over.

    She hurriedly said hello: "Li Wei!"

    Zhang Liwei looked up and saw each other smile: "Dai Jie, have you eaten breakfast?"

    The drama crew at the side of Zhang Liwei just ate just enough, so she took the initiative.

    The middle-aged woman, Dai Jie, thanked her and sat down and whispered with Zhang Liwei.

    Dai Jie is Zhang Liwei's manager.

    Zhang Liwei has changed two managers, and Dai is the third, which was assigned to her by the Manager Corporation.

    Zhang Liwei does not really like Dai Jie.

    Dai Jie is the old official of the Manager Corporation signed by Zhang Liwei. She is savvy and snobbish. Her men carry four artists. She used to ask Zhang Liwei very little, because Zhang Liwei did not say the name in the four people, but she did not deliberately she was.

    Zhang Liwei got the role of Cui Xinai, is one's own effort and Luck, and has nothing to do with Dai.

    Zhang Liwei even knows that when Gande came to choose someone, what Dai Dai really wanted to recommend was another.

    But finally is that she won.

    It is said that Dai Jie is also pissed off, and said something in the company that is not nice.

    When Zhang Liwei first came to Jinling, Dai did not follow her. She did not even have an assistant.

    Everything changed after the premiere of "Blue Life and Death".

    When the Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" broke through 0.3%, Dai Jie personally rushed to Jinling, and also brought a life assistant.

    The most important thing is that Dai's attitude has changed a lot. It is no longer the high-profile appearance. Especially after the Viewership Ratings breaks 0.5%, it is almost the same as before. It is kind and kind.

    Zhang Liwei secretly feels funny and has a bitter taste.

    However, she did not feel obsessed with this, and she was arrogant to revenge the revenge suffered before.

    In the circle, the root red top white is the most normal phenomenon, Dai Jie's performance is understandable, at least when she took the role, Dai sister won her a fairly good contract.

    Even if the other party can get a draw in this contract.

    Zhang Liwei knows that Dai Jie is sure to change the manager after she is worried about one's own.

    At least for now, she has no idea of ​​substitution.

    Of course, Zhang Liwei will not tell Dai Jie one's own idea, so that the latter is calm and steady.

    She feels that one's own is really a bit of a temperament of Cui Xin's love.

    Dai sister ran in the morning and told Zhang Liwei that a well-known clothing brand intended to sign a contract with her.

    The other party took a fancy to her potential and appearance temperament, and intended to sign a two-year contract.

    The conditions are quite good.

    Zhang Liwei, while eating breakfast, quietly listened to Dai Jie, and then she said: "Dai Jie, this one put it in advance, I think the "Blue Life and Death" Viewership Ratings can go up!"

    If she stayed half a month ago, even if she had only half or even lower price, she would not wait to sign it.

    But now, the other party is "missing."

    Dai Jie is speechless.

    She did not think that Zhang Liwei would be so cool in performance, originally intended to give the latter a surprise.

    Dai Jie found that one's own's understanding of Zhang Liwei is really too little.

    Zhang Liwei is far more mature and rational than she thinks, and she has one's own opinion and will not be at the mercy of others.

    She has a fear of losing her treasure!

    Zhang Liwei didn't care about Dai's thoughts. After eating breakfast slowly, she called one's own assistant and rushed to the studio on a taxi hired by the crew crew.

    Today's shooting task is very heavy, to continue to catch multiple venues.

    After getting out of the car, Zhang Liwei soon found two familiar figures, her face suddenly burst into a charming smile, and rushed to say hello in two steps and two steps.

    "Philippine sister, Lu Teacher, how are you!"

    In the drama crew of "Blue Life and Death", in addition to Director, Zhang Liwei's most respected are the two in front of them – Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Especially for Lu Chen, her gratitude comes from the sincerity of the heart!


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