Chapter 247 celebration session

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    Lu Chen and Liao did not go much further.

    The reason why they want to leave the scene is mainly because the identity of the two people is too sensitive. Even if it is just a defense, it is easy to be deprived of a drunken hat by the unscrupulous media. The image in the eyes of the public is broken.

    After Liao Jia’s waking up, he took several calls from the take action machine.

    At the end, he said to Lu Chen: "It’s basically okay. The guys are a security company. They are not hurt. They are all detained by the police. Little Li is already dealing with it.

    "If you have a photo video on the Internet, you can't admit it!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I know this, Liao Ge, you can rest assured."

    Liao Jia reached out and took a heavy shot on Lu Chen’s shoulder and said, “Your skill is really amazing!”

    He is sincerely admired Lu Chen.

    When Liao Jia graduated from junior high school, he came out to mix with the society. Therefore, Jiang Hu, who had been dyed, was accustomed to it. If he did not meet Gao Yi’s teacher, it is estimated that he is not buried in a prison.

    When the trace was on the bottom, Liao Jia and the challenge PK were not two times, so the previous encounter with others did not scare the soul, but grabbed the bottle to fight.

    The experience of the past allowed him to see how strong Lu Chen’s skills were. The latter almost collapsed the other side’s main strength in the blink of an eye. Although it was a sneak attack, the strength was undoubted.

    Lu Chen is tall and handsome, Liao Jia is stunned, Lu Chen is talented, and Liao Jia wants to look at it. Lu Chen’s ability to fight is to make him really admire and convinced.

    This is due to his character and life experience.

    With the wine on the top, Liao Jia’s head is hot. Said: "Lu Chen, we are brothers in the future, if you encounter something that can't be solved in Beijing, just come to me this big brother!"

    He slammed his chest.

    Lu Chen is dumbfounded, and finally understand why there is such an evaluation of Liao Jia in the circle.

    But such a person's perhaps has a bad temper, but his heart is not bad. Unlike someone who has Hee Hee on the surface, he has a knife behind him.

    Lu Chen said: "Liao Ge…"

    叮 铃铃~

He just opened his mouth and the cell phone rang: "…I will pick up the phone first. ”

    Calling Lu Chen to call, actually Chen Feier.

    This day seems to be very pissed off. Asked straightforwardly: "Is Liao Jia with you?"

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    Chen Feier said: "You give him the phone, I have something to say to him!"

    Lu Chen had to hand the cell phone to Liao Jia: "Your."

    Liao Jia surprised: "Who?"

    How can someone call Lu Chen to find one's own? He can't figure it out.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Intuition tells Lu Chen that Chen Feier must have known what has just happened, and come to the teacher to ask for a crime!

    This news is also too fast, too?

    Liao Jia is not a fool. Seeing Lu Chen’s look suddenly understands: "Sister?"

    Yes, Chen Feier became a "brother" in his mouth!

    His face changed, and he waved his hand again and again: "I don't pick it up. You told my brother and sister that I knew it was wrong and that I would never have such a thing in the future! ”

    Lu Chen was taken out by Liao A, and such a thing happened. If it affects Lu Chen, Liao Jia’s responsibility is undoubtedly the biggest.

    He is one's own is an old cannon, even if the church thing is shaken out, in fact, don't care too much.

    Lu Chen will not work. His original reputation was very good. Moreover, it is the time when the career rises, and it is the time to accumulate popularity. Any flaw in the character may have a very bad influence.

    Chen Feier pissed off is normal.

    Liao Jia not only did not pick up Chen Fei's phone, but also walked away: "I am looking for Little Li to go, you are one's own to take a taxi back, after the fare is over, find me to reimburse, so safe."

    Lu Chen is completely speechless – this is an old rogue!

    In desperation, he can only say to Chen Feier: "Have you heard it? Liao Ge ran away. ”

    "Running a monk can't run the temple!"

    Chen Feier said with anger: "I will count this debt with him. After you see him, I will go around…"

    After the day, my sister talked a lot with Lu Chen on the phone.

    She is obviously not very flustered about Liao Jia. She said that she was afraid that Lu Chen would be badly damaged by the latter, so that he should be careful.

    Chen Feier even blames Lu Chen, why is it so impulsive?

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    In fact, Lu Chen thinks that Liao Jia is not a bad person and can be a friend.

    Of course, he will not say this to Chen Feier, who is on the spur of the moment.

    To be honest, Lu Chen was the first to see Chen Feier so pissed off, although it was across the phone.

    Also feel very fresh.

    After Chen Fei’s number was over, she probably felt that one’s own was too much pressure on Lu Chen, and asked softly: “Where are you now? I will pick you up. ”

    Lu Chen said quickly: "No need to worry, I will go home one's own."

    Chen Feier thought for a moment and said: "Then you go back to rest early, I will help you with this matter."

    Lu Chen said: "Thank you."

    Chen Feier said softly: "You don't need to be so polite, I…I miss you a little. ”

    Lu Chen couldn’t help but feel a warmth, and suddenly the blood rushed up: "So I am looking for you now?"

    I knew that she had just been picked up.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Let's rest early, hehe."

    She kissed her on the phone.

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    Out of Siming Street, he stopped a taxi one's own back to the apartment.

    The conflict that occurred at the entrance of the old Zhuchuan restaurant that night did not cause a slight wave outside the circle.

    Some people posted photos on the blog, mainly suspected of Liao Jia.

    However, because there is no behind-the-scenes push and the public relations of Liao Jia, several blog posts disappeared silently.

    There is usually a strong public relations team behind the big Celebrity Celebrity, which has a great influence on the media. It is very simple to control such an insignificant small thing. For example, the account of the blog post is quickly blocked. The hacker sends a bad advertisement.

    And from beginning to end. Lu Chen’s name has not appeared.

    But on the fifth day of returning to Beijing, on the evening of November 21. He appeared in the banquet hall of the Regent Hotel.

    Regent Hotel is a very famous five-star hotel in Beijing. Lu Chen has been here more than once. Last time he came to this hotel to attend the wedding of Chen Jianhao and Na.

    This time, he came to participate in the flying stone record MSN Platinum Celebration and Fans Meetup!

    On November 5th, the MSN girl group of Fei Shi Records officially released its debut album "Unloved Lovers".

    The album was sold simultaneously on the Fetion Music network and crowdfunding network.

    So far, 17 days, the total sales of "Lover's Not Full" can exceed 500,000!

    The number of downloads for the Fetion Music network is 350,000+, and the crowdfunding network is 140,000+.

    This kind of achievement is simply amazing!

    Stayed a dozen or twenty years ago, A-list and even B-list's Singer Celebrity. As long as the publicity is in place, it is normal to sell hundreds of thousands of tape CDs in more than half a month. The total sales of those real superstar albums are several million.

    But now it is no longer possible, and the great development of online media and entertainment industry has led to the proliferation of piracy.

    Even if it is a big coffee like Chen Feier, the number of albums released in recent years has not exceeded one million.

    In fact, it is not easy to get the [Platinum Record] certification.

    As for the three D-lists of Singer, an album tops a hundred thousand. Also have to use the means outside the disk.

    Tens or even thousands are normal!

    The MSN Beauty Girl Group is a female group that Fei Shi records just launched this year. It is a card played by the old record company after changing the entertainment company to compete for the young people's market.

    Because there have been several failed experiences, for the creation of MSN, Fei Shi Records has invested a lot of resources and funds. The cost of the album "Lonely Man is not full" is more than 10 million!

    Such a handwriting, even in Beijing, where entertainment companies are so numerous, is rare.

    So in the eyes of the industry. "It is normal for the lover to be young. A bad grade is not normal.

    However, no one thought that MSN was so hot.

    Let’s not say that the "Lover is not full". Just on the crowdfunding online pre-funding, the maximum price of 1888 limited peripheral package combination, 688 all sold out!

    With this pen, Fei Shi Records can earn a million back!

    Therefore, although many people in the circle questioned the amazing sales of "Lover's Unsatisfied", Fei Shi records still held a Platinum Memorial Grand Conference, and invited the peers and MSN fans to congratulate.

    As the creator and producer of the title song of "Lover's Unsatisfied", Lu Chen is of course also invited.

    Lin Zhijie personally came to Lu Chen studio to send invitations.

    The Music Director of Fei Shi Records told Lu Chen that the results of "Lover's Unsatisfied" were true. The original company was prepared to buy the funds, and later found that it did not need to be used.

    The sales of the first day shocked the eye, and even the people inside the company were unbelievable.

    This platinum is full of gold and can withstand any investigation, so the celebration is completely upright!

    Lin Zhijie also told Lu Chen that the price of the MSN commercial performance has exceeded 300,000, and the brand endorsement fee is at least one million. In time, it will become the pillar of the Fei Shi record.

    Or more accurately, a cash cow.

    Therefore, in the case of Fei Shi Records, I hope to establish a deeper cooperation with Lu Chen Studio.

    The next album, Lu Chen even took the split, and it is the sales share!

    This celebration is of course a VIP.

    When I arrived at the banquet hall of the Regent Hotel, it was already full of people, and dozens of wine tables were filled with people.

    The front stage is decorated with flowers, and the LED screen is playing the footage of MSN shooting MV and their life record. The top of the flying stone record is standing on the red carpet.

    Everyone's face is filled with a warm smile.

    "Lu Teacher!"

    Lu Chen had just come in and someone immediately greeted him.


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