The 247th chapter of the mother heart


"Lightly, it hurts a bit~"

"You can now heavier a little more, um."

    "It's so comfortable!"

    There was a strangely sounding voice in the room, and it was so bloody and delicate.

    Chen Feier lay on a soft soft chair, and the star-shaped half-closed face was faint. The crystal clear jade's forehead oozes numerous fine sweats, and it is a little bit of swaying under the illumination of the indoor lights.

    She clenched her red lips, and the slender and graceful body twisted unnaturally, as if she had endured something.

    Lu Chen looked up and smiled and asked: "My Kungfu is not bad?"

    Chen Feier opened her eyes and flashed a hint of shame and sweetness in her eyes. She nodded and said, "You are amazing!"

    Her heartfelt praise from the heart made Lu Chen feel that one's own hard work was not in vain.

    He put down Chen Fei's little feet and said: "There is no problem with your other internal organs, that is, the stomach is a bit bad. It is best to find an old Chinese medicine practitioner to open a stomach to regulate the Chinese medicine, and remember that the diet must be regular."

    When Chen Feier came over, she was a little tired and not very good. She gave her a foot massage out of her hand, and found that her response to the stomach area was very strong.

    In fact, the Celebrity artist's stomach is not normal, don't look at their bright and beautiful surface, the back is often very hard, if you encounter the demanding entertainment Manager Corporation, you need to take the life to fight.

    Irregular diet is really a pediatrics, and continuous running notices are all over the collapsed coma!

    Although Chen Feier is one's own studio, one's own works for one's own, but she is in the Entertainment Circle, and often she is involuntarily tired. It is always inevitable.

    Chen Feier obediently nodded. "I usually do yoga…Go back to Beijing to see Tongrentang. ”

    She moved lazily and moved. Said: "I want to sleep."

    "Then sleep here for me…"

    Lu Chen stood up and held her hands up to hug her. Get ready to send her to one's own bedroom.

    The standard princess hugs.

    Chen Feier showed an intoxicating smile and said softly: "I will go back."

    That is to say, but she shrinks one's own into Lu Chen's arms, as if she is a cat who is eager for mercy, and she is reluctant to abandon it.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but bow down on her pretty face and said, "Let's sleep, I will say to Zhang Jie."


    Chen Feier closed her eyes and her face still smiled.

    Since Beijing rushed to Jinling all the way, dinner was casually eaten, she is really tired now. Just thinking about falling asleep in Lu Chen’s arms, I don’t have to think about anything.

    I didn't even bother to wash in the shower.

    叮 铃铃~

Lu Chengang put Chen Feier on one's own bed, and the phone resting on the bedside table suddenly rang.

    He quickly picked it up: "Hey?"

    It is the hotel reception desk to call.

    Lu Chen said a few words to the other side, and then hanged the phone.

    Chen Feier asked: "What is it?"

    Her confused eyes could not be opened, and she did not hear what Lu Chen was saying to others.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I am Li Jie, she brought Zhang Junzhi over and wanted to see me."

    This five-star hotel, which regularly hosts Celebrity, is very strict. Like the floor where he lives, there is a comprehensive security that visitors need to be allowed to come up to avoid being harassed by people like paparazzi fans.


    Chen Feier suddenly screamed, and suddenly fell asleep and sat up: "Li Jie is here!"

    Li Jie is Li Zhenzhen, the boss of Beijing Rainbow Manager Corporation, Zhang Junzhi is her only son, and the protagonist of the top three episode of "Blue Life and Death" – young Yin Junxi.

    That is her. Otherwise, if someone else comes over. Lu Chen’s rumors refused to be nothing.

    The face of Li Jie must be given.

    Chen Feier has a good relationship with Li Jie, although it is not the kind of intimate bosom friend. Also a true friend.

    So when she heard that Miss Li was running, she subconsciously felt guilty.

    In fact, how could Li Jie not know the relationship between Chen Feier and Lu Chen, but she did not know that Chen Feier was lying on Lu Chen’s bed at this moment, otherwise she would never run over as a light bulb.

    Chen Feier said in a panic: "I will go back first."

    If she is seen by Mr. Li now, it is really shameful!

    Lu Chen shook his head and held Chen Feier into his arms: "Where are you going back?" Li Jie is not an outsider. We don't need to sneak in front of her, just see her together. ”

    Lu Chen’s thoughtfulness made Chen Feier moved and sweet again, saying, “Well then…”

    She fell in love with Lu Chen, and there is always a knot in her heart. That is, the age of one's own is much larger than that of Lu Chen. I am worried that after the feelings are exposed, it will attract criticism from others.

    She is one's own, but there is nothing. Lu Chen's pressure is great.

    Lu Chen’s words just untied her heart, even if she did not announce the feelings of love for the time being, at least in front of an acquaintance like Li Jie, there is really no need to deliberately cover up, completely able to be relative.

    Even so, she pushed Lu Chen out: "You will receive Mrs. Li first, I will wash it."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    He came to the living room outside and soon heard the sound of the doorbell.

    Lu Chen opened the door and saw two visitors warmly greeted: "Li Jie is good at night, Xiaozhi is good."

    Zhang Junzhi is very polite and polite: "Lu Chen is good!"

    Li sister said with a smile: "Lu Chen, really bother you, no rest?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No interruption, Li Jie invited."

    After entering the living room, after the three were seated, Lu Chen asked curiously: "You didn't live in the hotel?"

    Ms. Li replied: "No, I stayed with Xiao Zhi in the drama crew."

    She explained: “The main thing is to let him experience the group life in the drama crew and be one's own independent in the future.”

    Lu Chen nodded.

    It’s a pitiful world of parents, seeing Miss Li, Lu Chen can’t help but think of one’s own mother.

    Take time to go back.

    Ms. Li took the portable incubator from one's own son and handed it to Lu Chen. She said, “I know that you are coming today. I sipped the pot of ginseng and chicken soup in the dormitory. Stewed for hours, very nourishing. ”

    Lu Chen was amazed. I took it and said: "Thank you, Miss Li, you are really…"

    The ceremony is light and affectionate. A pot of ginseng chicken soup is not worth much, but it can fully see her intention and sincerity.

    Li sister smiled and said: "You are very polite, I am a good friend with Mayfair, and she often drinks my soup."

    "Where is there…"

    Her voice just fell, and there was a squeaky voice in the room: "I haven’t tasted the soup of Li Jie for a long time!"

    Miss Li was stunned and turned her head and said in an incredulous tone: "Feier?"

    Not Chen Feier or who?

    I saw this man smiled and appeared in front of the bedroom door, she just washed her face, full of spirit. The long hair is tied with the rubber band and hung behind it. It is still pretty and pretty.

    "Lai sister, you are eccentric, give him soup, don't give it to me!"

    Li Jie was shocked by Xiaoxiao, but after the reaction, her eyes showed a playful color and said: "You two…"

    Chen Feier's appearance in Lu Chen's room, do you still have more to say about the relationship between the two?

    Li Jie is ready to say a few words!

    Unfortunately, she is not alone. There is also a son Zhang Junzhi around!

    Those who are not suitable for children can't say it.

    Zhang Junzhi didn't think too much. When he saw Chen Feier, he jumped up with joy: "Feier sister!"

    Chen Feier came over and touched his head: "Xiao Zhi, have you recently been naughty?"

    Zhang Junzhi said with a bitter face: "Feier sister…"

    "be good…"

    Chen Feier smiled and sat down beside Lu Chen, naturally holding his arm.

    Miss Li is very curious: "You two. Is it going to be officially open? ”

    Chen Feier shook her head and said: "No. You know, Miss Li, we are not very suitable for publicity now. Let's talk about it in the future, of course, you don't have to cover it in front of you. ”

    She looked at Lu Chen, and all her eyes were tender and sweet: "Lu Chen, he just said this."

    Li sister secretly sighed.

    She is the identity of the person who came over, knowing that Chen Feier has completely fallen into it.

    Although she did not know whether the relationship between the two could last for a long time, she also wished in her heart.

    Li Jie said very seriously to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, Feier is a good girl. There is really not much in the Entertainment Circle that can be cleaned up with her. You must cherish it!"

    Lu Chen said: "I understand, Miss Li."

    Zhang Junzhi interjected: "Fei Erjie, if Lu Chen brother bullies you, I will help you marry him!"

    His age is not too small, and many things are understood. When Chen Feier is no different from one's own sister.

    Everyone can't help but laugh.

    Chen Feier teased him: "You Lu Chen brother can play, you can't beat him."

    Zhang Junzhi thought about it and said: "I can learn but I can learn, Lu Chen, can you accept me as an apprentice?"

    Chen Feier smiled and grabbed one's own mouth with her hand.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "I taught you so that you can beat me?"

    Li sister smiled and said: "Don't listen to Xiaozhi, but I really hope that he can learn something from you. He still wants to sing after the filming. Do you give me some advice?"

    Zhang Junzhi said: "Lu Chen, I also want to make a record!"

    Li Jie said: "He likes Music very much when he is young. He can play guitar and piano, and the violin can pull. He wants to be a superstar like his dad, and he is stronger than his father!"

    Zhang Junzhi is annoyed: "Mom, don't mention him!"

    Li sister smiled and said: "Okay, don't mention it."

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen knows a little bit, and he feels very much in his heart.

    The story of Li Jie and Zhang Junzhi is very well known in the circle. Very few people can be as open-minded as she is.

    You are welcome to say that many men do not have the heart and temperament of Li Jie.

    But she is sincerely fond of one's own son.

    Zhang Junzhi wants to act as a play, and he wants to come out with a record. He is not afraid of wronging one's own.


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