The 243th chapter is not lucky

    The first female group of Domestic was established in 2000.

    After more than a decade of development, there are more than 20 women's groups active in the Entertainment Circle. Of course, only a little fame and strength are calculated. Those who are casually pulling a few newcomers are not in the ranks.

    Although the entertainment industry of Domestic is developing rapidly, the cake in the market is getting bigger and bigger, but the more so, the more intense the competition, especially in the field where the market location is very clear, it has already become the Red Sea.

    There are as many as three or five members of a female group, and there are dozens of them. For entertainment record companies, the resources and strength they need to pay for a female group will definitely exceed the single Singer.

    Fei Shi Records has made a big bet on MSN in order to take a big cake in this market.

    Unlike most women's groups, especially Japanese and Korean women's groups, in the industry's view, the timing of the launch of MSN by Fei Shi records is not very suitable. If you are not fully prepared, you will be in a hurry and be too eager to achieve.

    Like the women's group of the Republic of Korea, most of the members were carefully selected from the trainees of Manager Corporation. They worked hard for a few years, and the basic skills were very solid.

    Even so, it may not be able to get the market's approval, and the elimination rate is very high.

    Among the members of MSN, Su Jiajia is still normal. It was originally a trainee. There is no problem in the foundation.

    Ning Yu graduated from the Music College, but what he learned is different.

    As for Mu Xiaochu, it is even worse. The students of Beijing Foreign Languages ​​College have gained fame through "Singing China", and others are not worth mentioning.

    Such a team should have been tempered for at least a year and a half. Only qualified to appear.

    The flying stone record violated this rule, and MSN just released its first album. And it will cost a lot of money to package publicity, but it has also achieved great success.

    Therefore, many of the peers who were invited to join the audience were all admired and hated to appreciate the performances of three beautiful girls on the stage.

    It is undeniable that after the front section time in the publicity activities around the country, three girls have been trained, their dance can not be said to be perfect, at least enough to please!

    The cheers of the fans sitting in the banquet hall can almost overturn the ceiling.

    At the Platinum Celebration Grand Conference, Fei Shi Records was very eager to invite 280 members of the MSN Support Group. That is to say, the real iron rice came to participate, and many members of the field even reimbursed travel expenses and accommodation expenses.

    It is worth mentioning that there are 70 other places to participate in the Lu Chen’s fans group Lu Jiajun.

    The reason is very simple. Since Lu Chen and MSN started cooperation, Lu Jiajun has established a good relationship with the MSN support group. Lu Jiajun used Mu Xiaochu as the sister of Lu Chen. Kindly called her a younger sister.

    With this layer of origin and natural love for the beautiful girls, Lu Jiajun contributed a considerable percentage of MSN's album sales.

    If [Platinum Records] is a sly medal, then Lu Jiajun is indispensable!

    For this, Fei Shi's record is not only happy, but even promoted. If it is not the reception capacity of the Regent Grand Ballroom, it is limited. The number of places must definitely increase a lot.

    After the first "Lover's Not Full" sang, Ning Yu smiled and asked: "Thank you all. So which song do you want to listen to below? ”

    In MSN, Ning Hao is the oldest, 20 years old from the Northern Music College, which is considered to be a real class.

    Her body is the best and the most beautiful. She has been identified as the Captain of MSN. The fans like her eyes most. When they smile, they seem to be talking, and people are attracted to it.

    Ning Yu’s voice just fell, and immediately the fans shouted loudly: “Love it!”

    "He still doesn't understand!"

    In addition to "lovers are not full", basically these two songs, almost no other people in the album.

    And this again reminded the colleagues who were present – all three were created by Lu Chen!

    Many people also looked at Lu Chen, who was sitting at the front, and his eyes were very complicated.

    Although some people have attributed MSN's debut album "Lover's Unsatisfied" to the packaging hype of Fei Shi Records at any cost, and even said that the sales results are fake, it is a false prosperity, and sooner or later it will be dew.

    However, for the industry professionals who are truly knowledgeable, this kind of sour grape is not worth mentioning. The flying stone record is of great investment. If there are no three good songs that Lu Chen has created for MSN, it is impossible to have such excellent performance. Results.

    Lu Chen’s talent in creation is beyond doubt!

    What people are worried about is how far he can go on the original road. After all, in the past history of popular Musical World, there are many examples of sudden outbursts and then rapid silence.

    Insufficient inspiration, self-sufficiency, and unpredictable eating…

    Not many singers can maintain a long-term creative state, as well as professional authors.

    After a lot of songwriters, after creating a good song or a few good songs, they basically disappeared from the crowd, and there was no music that flashed in the light, relying on the past word of mouth and basic skills to mix the days.

    Lu Chen and they should be different, but in the works of Lu Chen for half a year, everyone was surprised to find that his creative desire and rich inspiration have reached an incredible point.

    It is no exaggeration to say that Lu Chen is the best singer of Domestic Popular Musical World in the past ten years!

    Even if the time of his debut is still very short, the accumulation in the circle is not enough, and there is a big gap between the real big coffee, but there are not many people who can compete with it.

    An "In the Spring", a "You at the Same Table", and a "Lover's Unsatisfied" are Lu Chen's flagpoles inserted in the popular Musical World, hunting in the wind, letting everyone do it. Side view!

    And he is still involved in the production of Chen Feier's new album, the transformation of the day.

    Once Chen Feier’s album is successful, Lu Chen’s status in the circle will be unshakable.

    Everyone admires Lu Chen’s talents. What is embarrassing is the cooperation relationship between Fei Shi Records and him. He hates one's own. Why don’t you start early, otherwise you may have a female group similar to MSN.

    There are performers who come to participate in this celebration. It is said that the price of commercial performances for MSN is over 300,000!

    Fei Shi records actually did not agree, and the price has to rise again.

    This is sour. It’s just that people’s teeth are sore.

    Also have a mentally alert, think about it after looking for a chance to talk to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen did not sign any entertainment Manager Corporation, he is one's own to open the studio, as long as the price is enough, even if you don't get the same treatment as the flying stone record, there is no problem buying the first good song.

    Unconsciously, Lu Chen’s word of mouth has been built.

    On the stage, Ning Wei and other fans shouted and said: "Since everyone likes "Love" and "He still doesn't understand", can we sing both songs?"

    All the fans are satisfied with this: "Good!"

    In fact, I didn’t have to say that these songs were all sung. But Ning Hao has other ideas: "Everyone knows that some of your favorite songs are written by Lu Chen, so the following song, he will come to us to accompany us, you say ok?"

    "it is good!"

    The fans are boiling, they shouted Lu Chen’s name: "Lu Chen!"

    In the local dialects, "big" has different meanings such as "brother", "old man" and "uncle". However, the popular "big" on the Internet refers to the use of Expert, Niu Ren, and Daren to express reverence and worship for someone.

    Ning Yu called Lu Chen "big" rather than "Teacher". On the one hand, he expressed this kind of respect and worship, and on the other hand, he was close to the fans.

    The fans who came to participate in this celebration meeting, whether it is the MSN support group or Lu Jiajun. Basically all young people. They are precisely the main force in the netizens, so hearing this title feels extraordinarily friendly.

    The so-called grandeur is difficult. Lu Chen had to stand up and wave to everyone.

    Ning Wei walked up to the edge of the stage in the first two steps, and the beautiful face burst into a charming smile, leaning over to take a take action.

    This is the gesture of the invitation.

    Fortunately, MSN is taking the pure and pure route of youth, rather than being sexy and petite. Ning's dress is very conservative. Otherwise, it will inevitably shed a lot of spring, so that everyone can feast their eyes.

    The fans shouted and cried and applauded.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile, and did not refuse to hold Ning's little hand.

    The stage of the banquet hall is not high. With his skill, it is easy to be pulled up by the beautiful girl.

    At this time, the staff pushed out the piano that had already been prepared.

    A beautiful white grand piano.

    Lu Chen took the microphone and said to everyone: "I am very happy to be able to attend the platinum celebration meeting of MSN this evening. I have met so many friends, um, things are delicious."

    Everyone laughed.

    Lu Chen continued: "And what makes me most happy is that MSN has won the success they deserve, because in the process of cooperation, I have seen how hard and serious they are!"

    "I have seen Ning Yu in order to practice the song, singing until 12 o'clock in the evening without rest…"

    "I saw Mu Xiaochu, the younger sister practiced the dance, and the blood of the soles of the feet was still sticking to the teeth…"

    "And Su Jiajia…"

    The banquet hall became very quiet. Whether it was the top of the Fei Shi record or the invited counterparts, whether it was MSN's support group or Lu Jiajun fans, they listened carefully to Lu Chen telling the story he knew.

    Real story.

    It is precisely because of the lack of foundation, so in the production process of "Lover's Unsatisfied", the three girls really made great efforts, sweating and tears are commonplace, and injuries are common during practice.

    Not only is Lin Zhijie, Lu Chen’s requirements for them are also very strict.

    But the three charming girls have persisted and have not delayed the scheduled release time of the album.

    Others see the success of "Lover's Unsatisfied", either to say that it is the power of Fei Shi records, or that they have a good impression on Lu Chen, and that they are young and beautiful.

    No one mentioned the effort they have made.

    So at this moment, Lu Chen wants to tell everyone that their success is not a fluke!


The first one is sent, continue to buy the bottom moon ticket! (To be continued~^~)

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