The 249th chapter is too good!

    "Butterfly flies, just like childhood running in the wind, feeling the young rainbow, farther than the sea is even higher than the sky!"

    "Butterfly fly, fly to the castle of the future, open the skylight of dreams, let the growth grow faster and better!"

    "Butterfly fly ~"

Lu Chenyi played the last note and asked the three audiences in front of him: "How is this song?"

    Li Jie, Chen Feier and Zhang Junzhi simultaneously slap the palm of their hands!

    Lu Chen smiled and raised his right hand and pressed it on his chest. He said, "Thank you!"

    Li sister couldn't help but ask: "Lu Chen, what is the name of your song?"

    Chen Feier said: "It should be called a butterfly to fly!"

    Lu Chenchong gave her a thumbs up: "Smart!"

    Chen Feier gave him a sigh of relief. This is smart and unwise, and it is normal judgment.

    To her surprise, first of all, the style of this song is very different from that of the works before the morning. It is not a folk song or Love Song, it is closer to the youthful nursery rhyme.

    There have been many works of this type in the past, but the category that is classified as the main melody is basically a product of the national educational institutions. After the full marketization, there are very few new works.

    Chen Feier sang the main melody works, which is very deep.

    Private record companies or entertainment media companies are targeting higher-level markets. Teenage children are not eligible for concert tickets. How can they attract the interest of these companies and specifically cater to them? need?

    The younger children have a lot of Domestic children's songs flooding the market, and they don't need new creations to eat enough.

    Therefore, this age-level market has been ignored by the people intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, several companies have tried water in the past, and they have lost money and have not produced any good works.

    Lu Chen’s "Butterfly Flying". Undoubtedly refreshing!

    The song is light and the lyrics are positive. While maintaining the popular style, it is also very suitable for young boys and girls in the age group to enjoy, and the "Little Tigers" proposed by Tong Luchen is a perfect match.

    At this age, you should listen and sing such songs!

    It is precisely because of this that "Butterfly Flying" is unlikely to be the work of Lu Chen reserve, but if it was created by him temporarily, how could it be so perfect?

    If it is not Li Jie and Zhang Junzhi, Chen Feier really wants to knock on the morning head of the road to see how much whimsy is inside, which makes people feel shocked!

    Lu Chen said to Li Jie: "I will give you the score of this song tomorrow. As one of the album works of Xiaohu Group in the future, what do you think of Li Jie? ”

    Li sister smiled and said: "I am so satisfied, this song can be used as the title song of the album. You will have to work hard to write two more songs in the future, so that you can guarantee the sales of the album!"

    She came with her son tonight. The original intention was just to let Zhang Junzhi have a good relationship with Lu Chen. I hope that the latter can point to Zhang Junzhi on Music. Let him go faster and faster in the future.

    After working in the Entertainment Circle for so many years, Miss Li deeply understands the importance of contacts.

    In fact, Li Jie is not very willing to engage Zhang Junzhi in performing arts, but since her son likes it, she spares no effort to create various opportunities for Zhang Junzhi. For example, she used Chen Feier’s role in "Blue Life and Death". Zhang Junzhi paved the way.

    Zhang Ailing said that fame is early. It’s not very early to start at the age of 15.

    But let Li Jie never think of it. She wanted a glass of water, but Lu Chen gave her a sea.

    The idea of ​​the Little Tigers is really great. If someone else engages in such a small men's group, there are no dramas in all likelihood. If Lu Chen is behind the scenes, the situation is completely different.

    The success of MSN is the best example!

    And forming a team, Zhang Junzhi has a partner, he will not be alone.

    Li Jie’s gratitude to Lu Chen is beyond words!

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "The album doesn't need to be anxious. The first thing is to form a team. Dance, singing, and physical training are all needed. After I finish this drama series, I will come back and consider the album."

    The formation of a men's team or a women's team is not to say that a few people can come out and immediately debut, usually requiring a long time of training and learning, to a considerable extent before they can officially debut.

    Women's groups like MSN are very rare, and they have a good foundation and hard work. With the huge investment and resources of Fei Shi records, they can stand out in a short time.

    Such an example is difficult to copy.

    Zhang Junzhi just turned 15 years old, then there is no need to be so desperate, he has to take care of daily learning.

    Ms. Li understands the truth: "Well, then we are waiting for you in Beijing to come back with Mayfair."

    She reached out and patted the son of one's own: "I don't want to thank you Lu Chenge!"

    Zhang Junzhi laughed at Hee Hee and said, "Thank you Lu Chen, I will rely on you and your Philippine sister in the future!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    Li sister gave her son a look: "The oil chamber slips!"

    She stood up and said, "Then I will not bother you both, and go back with Xiao Zhi."

    Chen Feier’s pretty face suddenly became a shame, and quickly followed up and said: "I have to go, Li Jie, I will send you down, let’s talk."

    Li Jie laughed and laughed: "That's too embarrassing, I blame me, I didn't choose time to come."

    Her smile is very embarrassing. If it is not one's own son, there is no need to ridicule two people.

    Lu Chen was a little depressed, and sent Li Jie, Chen Feier and Zhang Junzhi to leave the room.

    The opportunity tonight is actually very rare. I finally broke through the boundaries. I was thinking about having a warm and romantic night with Chen Feier, but it was destroyed by the uninformed Li Jie.

    Although Chen Feier is a mature woman, she is still very conservative and reserved in this respect. She will not let Lu Chen easily cross the Leichi. After this incident, she will definitely not return to Lu Chen’s room.

    The night passed quietly.

    The next morning, Lu Chen started early in the morning and greeted Li Feiyu to go out for a morning run.

    Little Brother Fei is a typical otaku Attribute. In addition to his daily work, he can sit without standing, can sit without sitting, spend his spare time in front of the computer, and his physical quality is not very good.

    But if you want to be a qualified assistant, you don't have a good body.

    After a period of time, the assistant did it. He understood this truth, so he volunteered to exercise with Lu Chen.

    The result was only a thousand meters, this guy was fishing for breath like a cow, spit his tongue and struggled.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Your body is too bad. It is no wonder that I haven't chased Xiaomei sister yet. I really have to practice."

    Li Feiyu's story of chasing Xiaomei can be written in the drama series. Although Xiaomei has already been in the current stage in Lu Chen studio, Li Feiyu has not really got the moon.

    According to his words, it is currently in the inspection period and there is still a distance from the upper base.

    Li Feiyu said with a bitter face: "Come on, come slowly…"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "Then you will run slowly, I will pass."

    He speeded up Speed ​​and ran along the river bank I'm free, and soon Li Feiyu was left behind.

    Jinling, which entered the autumn, is very beautiful. This ancient millennium has a Charm that is different from Beijing. It has the same heavy history and different styles.

    Running on the long road, through the barrier of the mist, Lu Chen can better feel the beauty of the city!

    After two hours of morning exercise, Lu Chen, who had breakfast, returned to the hotel.

    Together with Chen Feier, he rushed to the film studio with the latter's car and reunited with the drama crew.

    "Blue Life and Death" has already completed the first two episodes. The third episode is currently being filmed in an orderly manner. If everything goes well, the two real protagonists of Lu Chen and Chen Feier will go to stage.

    Come over today, in addition to viewing the progress of the filming, the other two have a makeup photo.

    The so-called fixed makeup photo, also called the modeling photo, is a photo taken by the actor after playing a role in the role of the costume. According to the description of the character and the director's intention, the photographer will cooperate with the art, costume, clothing and lighting departments. The results of exploration and research on character modeling.

    The makeup photo may be completed in one go or it may be repeated many times. The finalized photo is the basis and reference for the costumes of the costumes during the shooting period.

    As the male and female protagonist of this drama series, the makeup photos of the two are naturally important, and will be used in the upcoming drama series publicity.

    Under normal situation, the weekend drama can be broadcasted from 6 to 8 episodes.

    Although the premiere of "Blue Life and Death" has not yet been finalized, publicity hype can not lag behind, because it is related to the most important Viewership Ratings.

    Viewership Ratings are always the most important criterion for measuring the success of a drama series!

    Several costume makeup artists lived around Lu Chen and Chen Feier for an hour before completing the required style in the play.

    Lu Chen's dress is relatively simple, he is handsome and handsome, and the foundation is very good, so the makeup on the face is more inclined to modify rather than cover up, enough to bring out the outline of the face is enough.

    A hand-tailored black-and-blue suit with a white shirt and long trousers, perfectly matched with his trained body, full of ten idol temperament.

    Chen Feier, who is slightly accustomed to powder, wears a cheap white dress with long hair and shoulders with unspeakable touch. The beauty is pure and pure, and people can’t feel that she is nearly 30 years old.

    And when two people stood side by side and looked at each other and laughed, the photographers, make-up artists, and so on, the crew crew of the scene, were amazed at the heart.

    It’s really too good.

    Whether it is height, appearance, temperament, or the tacit understanding between the two, in the Entertainment Circle, it is really difficult to find a more matching pair!


Note: "Butterfly Flying Yeah" lyrics / composition: Li Ziheng.

    PS: Today is really speechless. The computer has a problem. It is probably poisoned. The system has not been fully reloaded three times. The original two thousand words are all abolished, and the hard work can only be one more. Please everyone. Forgive me.

    PS1: Thank you for not winning the 10,000 yuan of friends, congratulations on his promotion to the book elders. (To be continued~^~)

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