Chapter 242

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    At the celebration meeting of the Fei Shi record, people who don't know Lu Chen must be rare.

    It was normal for someone to see him say hello.

    Now Lu Chen is also qualified to be called "Teacher" – he produced MSN's debut album.

    The so-called coffee position is accumulated in layers.

    But Lu Chen didn't know the guy who greeted one's own.

    The other side was short and chunky, with a small eyebrow and a small nose, his head slid, and shimmered under the illumination of the indoor lights. He looked like a smiling star who said Crosstalk, but the gap was a little bigger.

    I saw him hurried to Lu Chen, and reached out and smiled Hee Hee and said, "I am so happy to see you!"

    An authentic Beijing!

    Lu Chen shook hands with him subconsciously, and said a little blankly: "Hello, are you?"

    The chunky man immediately introduced himself: "I am Hong Peng Media…"

    "Old Wu !"

    He was interrupted by people before he finished speaking.

    And it wasn't someone who interrupted him. It was Lin Zhijie, who was followed by three beautiful girls like Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu!

    Lu Chen’s attention was suddenly dispersed.

    Lin Zhijie came over and smiled and said: "Lu Chen, this is Wu Peng of Wu Peng Media, Leader Wu, Leader Wu, I have something to discuss with Lu Chen, don't you mind?"

    In the last two sentences, Lin Zhijie said to the pudgy man.

    His face is smiling. But there wasn’t much smile in the eyes, and it was a bit cold.

    Strictly speaking. Lin Zhijie's approach is contrary to social etiquette, even if there are any grievances, it should not be so in the face of their own celebration session.

    Everyone is coming!

    But Lu Chen believes that Lin Zhijie must have a reason.

    He quietly pulled back one's own hand.

    Wu Sheng is still laughing at Hee Hee, as if he didn't care at all, saying: "Of course I don't mind, you talk."

    He turned his head and said to Lu Chen: "Lu Teacher, let's talk back."

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

    Maintaining basic courtesy is the most appropriate option for situations where the truth is not known.

    After Wu Sheng left, Lin Zhijie looked at the other's back and snorted. He pulled Lu Chen to the side and reminded him: "This person is very uncomfortable in doing things. The people who cooperate with him rarely have any disadvantages. The reputation in the circle is broken, so it is best not to deal with him."

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen nodded and said that he understood.

    He knows that Lin Zhijie will not talk badly about other people's bad things behind him, reminding one's own that it is in good faith.

    However, Lu Chen is also very curious: "How come you invited him to come over?"

    Lin Zhijie is helpless: "Someone in our company is very familiar with him, so I gave a invitation…"

    The bigger the company's situation, the more complex it is. The water in the Entertainment Circle is even deeper.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are not afraid of offending him?"

    Lin Zhijie said disdainfully: "What am I afraid of him?" By the way, his relationship with Jin Hongwei is very good. ”

    Jin Hongwei?

    Lu Chen hasn't heard of this name for a long time, but I will never forget it.

    The grievances between him and Jin Hongwei are very deep.

    This is enough to make Lu Chen far away from Wu Sheng, and does not want to involve anything.

    But this person has already remembered it.

    Lin Zhijie saw Lu Chen understand the goodness of one's own, and he was happy. He waved: "Xiao Mu, come here…"

    He recruited three beautiful girls.

    In fact, Mu Xiaochu has been following. I saw Lin Zhijie’s gesture. They immediately went to the front of Lu Chen and said, "Thank you Lu Teacher!"

    They are really grateful to Lu Chen.

    Whether it is Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia or Ning Yu. A few months ago they were unknown students or newcomers.

    And now MSN has become a rapidly popular female group.

    If you don’t say anything about it, just walking down the street, the probability that they are recognized is 100%!

    Lin Zhijie said that they most need to thank Lu Chen.

    In the pop music world, there has always been a "fame", a classic good song can hold a new person, although it still needs publicity and packaging, but there is no hard work, the hype can only be a success.

    Domestic There are quite a few female groups that follow the youth idol route like MSN. The Fei Shi record has formed two. However, most of the women's groups are either disbanded or half-deadly struggling, and there are very few successful winners.

    The quality of some of these women's groups is not worse than that of MSN, but they have not achieved the success of MSN. The reason is not only the resources, the timing of luck, etc. The most important thing is that there is no good song that can be sung in the streets.

    Good songs and good Singer are complementary!

    The reason why the album "Lover's Unsatisfied" was sold, Fei Shi's record of pushing publicity was indispensable, but more importantly, Lu Chen tailored and supervised 3 songs to MSN, including the title song.

    Judging from the evaluations of the fans, it is the "Lover's Unhappy", "Love" and "He still doesn't understand" that this album has the quality and potential of Platinum, and has been loved by countless people.

    In the latest ranking of the original sound list, all three songs ranked in the top 20!

    Only one of the other works on the same album was barely squeezed into the leaderboard, still at the end.

    Lu Chen’s skill in holding the stars is evident.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What are you so polite? I can't bring a red envelope. ”

    At this celebration meeting, Lu Xi sent the pair of flower baskets in the name of Lu Chen studio, and it was at the door.

    He is already familiar with the three beautiful girls, and the relationship is very good.

    I really don't need to see it like this.

    Mu Xiaochu three straight up, look a little embarrassed, you see me, I see you, want to say and stop.

    Lu Chen curious: "What is it?"

    Lin Zhijie coughed and said: "This is the case. Some of their children just had an idea, that is, through this celebration. Formally worship you as a teacher, how do you see it? ”

    Lu Chen suddenly stopped.

    The time he entered the Entertainment Circle was not long, but he still had a good understanding of the various rules in the circle.

    Whether it is a pop music or a showbiz, apprenticeship is a very serious matter. It is definitely not a Hee Hee joke, both parties have corresponding responsibilities and obligations.

    If MSN worships Lu Chen as a teacher, then his involvement with the three girls in front of him is very deep.

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia, and Ning Yu bit their lips, and their eyes looked at Lu Chen without hesitation. Their eyes were all showing their hopes, and some of them had a faint sorrow.

    to be frank. The temptation is really big!

    Lu Chen shook his head and smiled and said: "Zhi Jie, I am a younger sister when I was a child. I will be a formal teacher."

    He knows that the idea of ​​the teacher is in all likelihood. Lin Zhijie came out and estimated that he would think of it temporarily.

    Otherwise, Lin Zhijie will definitely communicate with one's own in advance.

    This idea is actually very good and good for both parties.

    With the relationship between mentor and apprentice, then MSN's next album, Lu Chen does not want to take action. And you have to guarantee quality and sales, otherwise one's own face can't be hanged.

    In turn, there are apprentices like MSN. Lu Chen’s coffee position in the circle will undoubtedly increase greatly.

    The redder MSN, the higher his coffee position!

    For example, if someone wants to invite songs to Lu Chen, they don't need him to open their mouths. One's own must first put a price tag.

    The reference of the price code is inevitably indispensable to MSN.

    The most important thing is to make an album for MSN next time. Ability to be confident and demanding to divide.

    Of course, corresponding. Lu Chen and Fei Shi records were tied deeper.

    It was precisely this point that made him reject Lin Zhijie’s proposal. Did not fall into the temptation of beautiful girls.

    From the beginning to the end, Lu Chen has to go is an independent and free superstar road.

    He didn't want to be tied up.

    Lu Chen’s refusal did not surprise Lin Zhijie. The Music Director of Fei Shi’s record was somewhat disappointed, because he really wanted to pull Lu Chen into the camp of one’s own.

    However, Lin Zhijie did not care too much. He just tried it. Success is a good thing. If you fail, you don't need to be discouraged. It will not affect the relationship between the two parties.

    Lin Zhijie even admired Lu Chen.

    The young man like him, who is able to withstand the demands of MSN, is really determined.

    Lin Zhijie retired: "Well, then you have to take care of a few sisters in the future!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Zhi Jie, you don't want to make a hard pit, I will do it."

    None of the old birds mixed in the Entertainment Circle is simple. Lin Zhijie’s character is very good, and he still has his calculations, but he will not do anything that harms others.

    Lin Zhijie laughed: "What are you talking about? I am a good friend with Mayfair. How can I hang you?"

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier can win outside the circle, but it is not a secret to the people in the circle.

    Everyone is unaware of it.

    If anyone deliberately pulls it out, there will be more offended people. This is one of the rules in the circle.

    Lin Zhijie has a good relationship with Lu Chen and Chen Feier, so it is no problem to make jokes.

    It’s just that Mu Xiaochu listened, and there was a faint look in his eyes.

    Lu Chen’s love for her is entirely the kind of brother’s sister, and does not involve anything else.

    She likes Lu Chen, it is not that simple.

    Lin Zhijie can see that he let MSN and Lu Chen apprentice, in fact, has the meaning of letting her die.

    This cannot be said.

    Of course, the protagonist tonight is MSN, time is 7:30, and the celebration will officially begin.

    In accordance with established practice, the first is the high-level representative of the flying stone record to go on stage speech.

    Fortunately, there is not much nonsense.

    The ceremony was quite grand and filled with a happy and festive atmosphere. The three beautiful girls of MSN went on stage with the enthusiastic Music accompaniment, and they sang "The Lover is not full" to the guests on the scene.

    Compared with the youth who just formed, they have made great progress in singing and dancing.

    After singing a song, the audience applauded!


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