Chapter 245 You are a song in my heart

    [Whale TV], Lu Chen live broadcast.

    Since Lu Chen re-signed the endorsement contract with [Whale TV], his live broadcast was upgraded synchronously. During the contract period, he had a Celebrity train on the homepage and enjoyed the top treatment of the website.

    MSN's Platinum Celebration will be live live broadcast in Lu Chen live broadcast, [Whale TV] has already made an advertisement early.

    Therefore, after the start of live broadcast, the online number of live broadcasts in Lu Chen quickly broke through to the million mark.

    Although Lu Chen is now far from the big coffee in the circle, he is definitely the biggest Celebrity from the [Whale TV], and the current number of fans has reached 1.5 million+.

    With this popularity, [Whale TV] has the potential to return to its peak!

    This celebration of tonight will be the best proof of live broadcast.

    Especially when Lu Chen went to stage with MSN, the number of live broadcasts was even higher, 1.5 million, 1.7 million, 1.9 million, 2.3 million…

    When Lu Chen was about to start singing with Mu Xiaochu, the online number actually broke through 2.6 million!

    This is the highest online record of personal live broadcast since [Whale TV] started from the station. It is also the highest record of Lu Chen. In just a few minutes, the total number of fish balls under the lap is more than 100T!

    Although Lu Chen now does not rely on live broadcast rewards to make money, in the total income, this part of the income is less and less, but this evening he will undoubtedly share the most daily income.

    This kind of money-making Speed ​​is enough to make a lot of three D-list Celebrity eyes!

    And no one will doubt that this is not the limit that Lu Chen can reach. The existence of the record is broken!

    The emotions of the fans are even more ridiculous.

    The barrage and fish balls seem to be torrential rain.

    Lu Chen, who was at the scene, certainly couldn’t understand the excitement and embarrassment of the live broadcast room, but the enthusiasm of the fans in the banquet hall. It is also enough to make him feel high, and the fingers on the keys are extraordinarily powerful.

    He turned his head. Singing with a shy Mu Xiaochu smile: "You are a song in my heart…"

    "Open a flower in your heart!"

    The name of this song is called "You are a song in my heart"!

    Mu Xiaochu drummed up his courage and held up the microphone in front of Lu Chen’s eyes: "You are a song of my life…"

    "Missing into a river!"

    When the two lyrics were sung, the sparkling look in the girl’s eyes became brave and firm.

    She likes Lu Chen.

    She also knows that Lu Chen likes one's own, but this kind of love has nothing to do with men and women.

    Mu Xiaochu even knows that Lu Chen’s relationship with Chen Feier is not normal and he is likely to be in love.

    However, Mu Xiaochu never thought about giving up.

    She first met Lu Chen, who was in the background of the game “Singing China”. Since the first sight, she has had a good impression. Later, Lu Chen’s care for her made her feel dark.

    It was only at that time that Mu Xiaochu did not have enough courage to take the initiative to express his confession. So it is wrong.

    But she still likes Lu Chen.

    Therefore, she cherished Era with Lu Chen, just like the same party singing tonight.

    This Singing is the voice of Mu Xiaochu.

    The girl’s feelings are always poetry.


a song you have in my heart,

Don't just be a passer.

    Leave a song in my life,

No matter what the outcome will be.

    I really want to ask you,

Is there any temptation to me?

    Silence for too long,

It only makes me accidentally make mistakes.

    You are a song in my heart.

    Don't just be a passer.

    Leave a song in my life,

No matter what the outcome will be.


    This song "You are a song in my heart" melody nice easy to remember, the lyrics are catchy, the style is simple and fresh, the form of male and female sing makes the whole song full of warm taste, not sad or sad, very suitable for land The age of Chen and Mu Xiaochu.

    Although there are content related to love in the lyrics. But Love Song is like this. With the relationship between the two, everyone will not misunderstand. It only feels good outside.

    Especially the cooperation between the two, the tacit understanding is embarrassing.

    Ning Hao and Su Jiajia are really going to be jealous.

    Because they are very clear, this song was temporarily released by Lu Chen, as the night of the celebration will give fans a surprise, and he chose Mu Xiaochu as the heroine.

    Although I know that Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu had friendships like brothers and sisters, but now they have seen the singing scenes of the two people, they still have their envy of the heart – why not accompany me in Lu Chen?


You're a song within my heart,

A flower is opened between the hearts.

    You are a song of my life,

Missing into a river.

    I really want to ask you,

Is there any temptation to me?

    Silence for too long,

It only makes me accidentally make mistakes.

    Carelessly making mistakes,

You are a song in my heart.

    Don't just be a passer.

Leave a song in my life,

No matter what the outcome will be! ”

    After singing the last sentence, Lu Chen raised his hands and smiled at Mu Xiaochu.

    At this time, there is no sound and no sound. At this moment, the two people really have a heart and soul, and they fully understand each other's heart.

    Mu Xiaochu was fond of, admired, and attached to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is pity, love, and care for her!

    The applause rose around and surrounded the two, lasting and warm.

    Lu Chen’s live broadcast room exploded completely, and the barrage brush completely blocked the window, and the layers were densely packed!

    "A very nice song!"

    "It’s so warm and romantic, I really hope that Lu Chen’s Expert is with his younger sister!”

    "My younger sister is mine, no one wants to grab it!"

    "Hahaha, together, together!"

    "Can you sing it again? Still want to hear. ”

    "When is the new album or single, my player is hungry and thirsty!"

    "This is Lu Chen's first male and female chorus work?"

    “Like praise!”

    Lu Chen stood up and extended his hand to Mu Xiaochu.

    Mu Xiaochu first stunned, and soon understood, a pretty blush on the pretty face. Quickly send one's own small hand to Lu Chen's big hand.

    Lu Chen’s hand is very warm.

    The two held hands, and they were very acquainted with the fans in the live broadcast and the live broadcast room.

    The atmosphere in the banquet. Instantly reached the climax of tonight!

    After the compliment, Mu Xiaochu's courage suddenly increased, turned and folded his arms and hugged Lu Chen.

    "Thank you, Lu Chenge!"

    Lu Chen was a bit stunned, and suddenly he laughed and hugged the girl.

    He patted Mu Xiaochu’s shoulder and whispered, “Singing well.”

    Lu Chen always knew the emotion that Mu Xiaochu had for one's own, and said that he was not moved.

    Lu Chen can give her, so much.

    And this incomparable scene was immediately filmed by the photographer on the spot.

    Many years later. When people recall the story between Lu Chen and MSN, this classic photo will always appear!

    The two men embraced for a moment, or Mu Xiaochu took the initiative to let go.

    "Sing another song!"

    There were fans shouting under the stage, and they immediately got a group response: "Sing another song!"

    Lu Chen smiled and waved his hand.

    It’s enough to sing a song. At night, it’s a platinum celebration of MSN. Can’t he win the game?

    In the regrets of many fans, Lu Chen returned to his seat.

    Celebration will continue.

    Lu Chen’s ass just sat down. Lin Zhijie came over and asked: "This song, are you writing specifically for Xiaochu? Or is there a reserve that was originally there? ”

    But if you are a songwriter, even if you don't receive a business order, the inspiration will definitely be created.

    Such a work is a reserve, and it will be released when the right time is reached.

    Therefore, Lin Zhijie has such a problem.

    The relationship is quite big, if Lu Chen wrote specifically to Mu Xiaochu. That flying stone record can be considered for Mu Xiaochu out of the single. Set her as the soul of MSN.

    In the future, if the MSN combination is dissolved, Mu Xiaochu will have a basis for solo flight.

    And if it is only Lu Chen's reserve works. The acquisition of Fei Shi records can no longer be given to MSN – their recent limelight is too strong, it should also give the company's Singer artist opportunities.

    A male and female Love Song sings, can hold two Celebrity!

    This kind of example is not uncommon. Twenty years ago, there was a couple Singer, who was able to get a commercial performance from time to time by relying on a familiar Love Song singer.

    Lu Chen understood the meaning of Lin Zhijie and thought about it: "It is not for Xiaochu. If you promised to give it to your company, then you can arrange it by one's own."

    He feels that it is not appropriate for Mu Xiaochu to pick the slab of MSN now. It is quite reasonable for Fei Shi Records to identify Ning Hao as the Captain of MSN.

    The two have different personalities.

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "Then I know, you are really young…"

    He shook his head and his face showed a fascinating color: "You are not afraid of Mayfair jealous?"

    Lin Zhijie and Chen Feier are very good friends. Now they are also very good friends with Lu Chen. He knows the most about the relationship between the two.

    So you can laugh a few words.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Lin Director, I am a younger sister!"

    Lin Zhijie said nothing.

    It’s not a simple matter to have a younger sister become a sister.

    Mu Xiaochu’s good impression on Lu Chen can be seen by any individual, but Lu Chen has Chen Feier.

    Of course, things between young people, he will not ask too much, just a good reminder.

    MSN is now a cash cow for Flying Stone!

    The next time is the interaction time between the three girls and the fans, as well as the live Lottery and so on.

    The lively celebration will not end until 10pm.

    On the third day of the MSN Platinum Celebration meeting, Lu Chen left Beijing to return to Jinling.

    Because the second episode of "Blue Life and Death" has been filmed, it is about to start the third episode.

    And he will officially go on stage in the second half of the third episode!


Note: "You are a song in my heart" lyrics: Ding Xiaowen / Composer: Wang Lihong

PS: Thanks to the monthly ticket support and reward support friends! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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